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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  December 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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fourteen people across four southern states. the worst seems to be in northern mississippi where many people are spending their christmas cleaning up and hel ping the newly homeless. brix fowler reports from holly springs, mississippi.
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hit the midsouth today but despite that workers here say, people's generosity has been absolutely amazing. in holly springs, brix fowler. >> authorities are looking for an inmate who walked away from the yankton community work center overnight. minimum-security state prisoner, dustin emery, walked away from the unit just before midnight last night. the 26-year-old is 5-feet-9 inches tall and about 170 pounds. he has brown hair and hazel eyes. emery is serving time for grand theft and possession of a controlled substance out of yankton county. if you know where he is, you're asked to call authorities. > after our little burst of snow across siouxland on christmas eve, christmas day will remain relatively quiet with overcast conditions and temperatures in the 30's. another storm system will move its way out of the four corners region this afternoon which will give us our next chance of wintry weather this evening into the overnight hours tonight. minor accumulations are possible with
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good bet of 1-3" in the central parts of the viewing area with more snow as you head north and west where 3-6" is possible. weather ad-lib
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in president obama's weekly address, he was joined by the first lady. he talked about caring for others and treating one another with love and messag. "that's the spirit that binds us christians, but as americans of all faiths. it's what the holidays are about: coming together as one american family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear," said president barack obama. president obama also talked about honoring our veterans and their families. pope francis prayed for world peace in his annual christmas "to the city and the world" message from the vatican. he asked that the agreement reached by the u-n would succeed in stopping military clashes in syria... and prayed for a solution to the grave humanitarian crisis there. he also mentioned iraq, libya, yemen, sub- saharan africa and the israeli-palestinian conflict. it was a gift of life for one iowa woman.
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husband.... but that's only one part to their decades-long love story. mark carlson has more.
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would need to go on dialysis or get a transplant as the condition worsened. "i never dared count on wayne's kidney, at least my head never did, my heart kind of thought it seemed like it was meant to be," said kristin. after extensive testing doctors deemed wayne a good match and the couple underwent surgery. "that was like a big, nice surprise that we both had the same blood type," said wayne. wayne had tried to donate a year prior, but at the time doctors told him he would need to slightly improve his blood and sugar numbers, which he did over the course of 2015. doctors at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics, where the procedure was performed, said about 10 percent of their living donations happen between spouses. "in the distant past, only people who were genetically related would donate organs, but now it's becoming far more common for people that are not genetically related to do it," said dr. alan reed, director of the ui's organ here in siouxland... we have a
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ringer. donald baumgardner has been outside fareway on war eagle drive singing christmas carols, and greeting customers. in addition to volunteering as a bell ringer for the salvation army, donald hands out teddy bears and other stuffed animals to anyone who wanted one. he says he hopes to make the holiday season a little merrier for others. "it makes you feel so good and wonderful, it's a small thing i do, but some people just enjoy. it's like you gave them a million dollars just for one toy." said donald baumgardner. by early afternoon donald had given away more than four hundred stuffed animals. we have an update on a sioux city woman who goes nuts over nutcrackers. last week, we showed you the nutcracker collection of jacque goettsch in that story, jacque, who is a retired nurse, mentioned that she was only missing one nutcracker. a nurse nutcracker. just a few days later, she received a package in the mail from an anonymous elf. "it was my nurse, a nutcracker" said jacque "it's unbelievable
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said jacque goettsch. "i had tears in my eyes. i thought, 'wow!' i just couldn't believe it." goettsch started her collection back in 1988 and as of last week, it consisted of 243 nutcrackers. now, that number is 244. some elves on the shelfs are spreading christmas cheer with the help of law enforcement. and stay tuned for the forecast from meterologist tj springer coming up next on news four at noon. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, where it's cloudy and 26 degrees
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meterologist ben dorenbach is back. ---------
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the overnight hours tonight. minor accumulations are possible with a good bet of 1-3" in the central parts of the viewing area with more snow as you head north and west where 3-6" is possible. less than an inch will be the scenario for the south eastern parts of the region. we could see some light snow lingering into the day on saturday with the winds increasing as the low pressure begins to move out. we continue our wintry trend to start the work week off with more snow possible, along with highs in the 20s for the rest of the 7-day. >>
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you know elf on the shelf. but in pennsylvania, there's now elf on the force. the police force, that is. melissa nardo explains how the new police recruit is helping to spread some holiday
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captured photos of the itemized pieces of evidence. testing out his skills as a sketch artist... (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) he made use of our leg shackles for that. and even getting into a little trouble. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) i'm able to capture a photo of him when i come in each day at work. sgt. toby wildason makes sure to document his every move on the department's facebook page. sarge is quickly making friends. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) it's been an overwhelming response. it's kind of made it enjoyable. i've actually gotten a lot of good comments on our social media. one of his followers even writing a letter. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) she said what a difference it makes, it's a great concept and we're sure it is reaching our great town of hanover. it's special that one person, or elf, can make such a big difference in life. his fellow officers say he's doing a great job at connecting with the community. showing a different side of law enforcement. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) the goal through the use of sarge our scout elf is to get followers that would maybe not otherwise like a police facebook page. and ultimately helping solve crime. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) and when we need the communities help in a situation,
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that was melissa nardo reporting from pennsylvania. and, the woodbury county sheriff's department has it's own elf on a shelf. elf jerry spent the last 23 days taking part in some shenanigans around the community. he even took over making license plates. you can see his favorite one that he personalized for his own little vehicle. he also helped prepare the woodbury county communicatio ns operators for santa's arrival. and before taking off for the north pole, woodbury county sheriff dave drew and elf jerry wished everyone a "merry christmas and a happy new year". you can check out more of elf jerry's christmas fun on the woodbury county sheriff's office facebook page. you can find a link to it on our
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every day millions of unwanted and abandoned dogs across the country are waiting for a good home. after the break, we'll take you to a unique facility in california that rehabs shelter
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every day millions of unwanted and abandoned dogs across the country are waiting for a good home. but at a one of a kind facility in california, lauren ina learned that the term "lucky dog" takes on a whole new meaning.
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contaminated because she could not get rid of a virus and infections. she had not been out of her cage in 35 days. (nats) "so you're like a santa claus for dogs "all right little girl, we're going home.." (reporter standup: lauren ina) in just six months, trainers can make an unwanted shelter dog a constant companion for someone in need. (nats) (sot: camille jenkins, hearing dog recipient) "without my cochlear implants i am totally deaf. the great thing about having this dog is you have something that engages you back into the world and gives you that confidence to be back out there again." about 20 shelter dogs live and train at the foundation at once - waiting for not just a home, but a job for life. in malibu, lauren ina, nbc news. >> not all shelter dogs will be able to pass all the tests needed to be a service they are placed in pet homes by the foundation. they like to call them "career change" dogs.. still ahead on news four at
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movies in theaters and you've got five new ones to choose from. a few... fans have been waiting for. the friday
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... black friday gets a lot of hype.. but the day after christmas might be the busiest shopping day this year. an american express survey suggests
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will surpass black friday and cyber monday. 66-percent of respondents plan to shop tomorrow. that's compared to 45-percent on black friday and 47-percent on cyber monday. shoppers are looking for post-holiday sales to buy items for themselves. respondents say they will also take advantage of deep discounts to buy presents for next year. and, they are looking to use the gift cards they received. christmas is one of the biggest days of the year for movie fans. this year is no different, with studios releasing films to make you laugh or cry. raphael seth has this week's box office preview.
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rated r. nat jennifer lawrence spreads a little sunshine in "joy." silver linings playmates bradley cooper and robert deniro are also onboard. lawrence plays the real-life inventor of the miracle mop...who leaves behind a lot of messes during her rampage to the top. "joy" is rated pg-13. nat will ferrell plays second banana in "daddy's home." he's a mild-mannered stepdad trying to out-cool deadbeat biological father mark a contest he was born to lose. "daddy's home" is rated pg-13. nat luke bracey rides the crime wave in "point break." this remake of the 1991 action-thriller casts the australian as the athlete-turned- agent...who's on the trail of some bad dudes using x-games methods to commit crimes. "point break" is rated pg-13. nat will smith has his head examined in "concussion." he plays an african doctor who discovers brain trauma in american football. but he soon learns that the best offense is a good defense as the n-f-l resists his calls for change. "concussion" is rated pg-13. that's the box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news. >> are you looking for something to
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year's eve? how about dinner, dancing, and a
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eve, thursday december 31st coming up 7 pm at the howard johnson's in downtown sioux city. britney, before we get people information about the event itself, for those who don't know the goal of sioux city go, what is it? the goal of sioux city go is to track and retain young professionals in the area to inspire them to do good things in the community and to build great networking connections. i don't doubt that a lot of those same goals are going to be accomplished at that event on new years eve. is that the reason you do so many events throughout the year for sioux city go, it that the reason you added an event on new years eve this year? it is one of the reasons we added it. we're looking for a great event to host to bring together a lot of young professionals in the area, to have a great time networking, to enjoy a great night of dinner, dancing and a champagne toast at midnight. sioux city go is something that you've heard a lot about that started in 2002. if people are interested in joining sioux city go, from your perspective, what are the advantages of joining an organization like this? the advantages of sioux city go is networking opportunities for sure, also getting involved in the community. sioux city go gives you the opportunity to get to know other things that are happening in sioux city and also meet people who want to do a great job in the community. if you want more information about either sioux city go or the event coming up on new years eve thursday december 31st 7 pm at
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howard johnson's just go to the website, it's britney thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us around siouxland. >> hundreds of santas took advantage of warm christmas eve weather to ride the waves in florida. "surfing santas" is an annual event to help raise money for local charities. almost 650-santas were out there hanging ten in cocoa beach. that's a guinness world record number of surfing saint nicks. organizers are hoping to raise more than 30- thousand dollars
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>> victor: you know, i still don't understand why daniel had to take parker to chicago. >> maggie: so he could be with his mother on christmas. >> justin: oh. how is parker? >> maggie: oh, he's wonderful. >> philip: here you go, dad. it's for you.
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>> victor: not very heavy.
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