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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  December 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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thanks, tj we'll check in with you shortly. tonight, the doors open for a big premiere at the orpheum theater in sioux tonight, the doors open for a
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the orpheum theater in sioux city. "bago boys," a film about winnebago's journey to their championship title will be playing, but there will be more than the show going on this evening. ktiv's tommie clark is at the orpheum theater with live link 4 now. and tommie, what more is there tonight? well robert, at the door behind me, there's a
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for a siouxland school. all proceeds from the offering will go to the winnebago public school district. those donations will offset the costs of going to the l-n-i and for next year to defend their c-1 championship. there will be a v-i-p section for the players, coaches, staff, administration and family. siouxlanders are filing in the doors now for the big show. tonight at 10, find out more about how this good will offering is helping the school. live in sioux city, tommie clark, ktiv news 4 he's the presidential candidate many didn't think we'd still be talking about, especially so close to the iowa caucuses.. donald trump.. still on top in the latest polls. nbc's kristen welker has more for us tonight.
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for the nomination.. jeb bush.. struggling in the billionaire's shadow: "let me get this off my chest. donald trump is a jerk." it's proven to be the year of the outsider.. candidates like ben carson and bernie sanders -- a self described socialist -- firing up voters who are fed up with washington. "nats of a sanders rally" the question now -- can they turn that passion on the trail...into actual votes.... "nats carson" meanwhile the democratic frontrunner is entering the new year...solidly on top. hillary clinton so far weathering the controversy over her e-mails... "hillary clinton nats" "did you wipe the server?" "like with a cloth?" even getting an unexpected pass from her closest competitor: (nats) "i'm tired of talking about your damn e-mails" and a big boost from vice president biden....who decided to stay out. (nats) "i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination." " nats" and while a number of candidates in both parties have already dropped out... for the ones who remain.. the race for the white
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it's worth noting that the frontrunners have weaknesses heading into the new year. cruz is beating trump in iowa, and bernie sanders is giving clinton a race in new hampshire. speaking of sanders, the vermont senator spoke this morning on meet the press. he commented on recent verbal battles between donald trump and hillary clinton. "the real issues are not donald trump's vulgarity, and he is vulgar, it is the fact that donald trump thinks we should not be raising the minimum wage he believes that wages in america are too high. this guy wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top three-tenths of one percent. and meanwhile, what he wants to do is divide our country between latinos and americans and between muslims and everybody else. that's not the kind of
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an old siouxland church that was converted into a home was completely destroyed in a fire yesterday. the incident happened in the 400 block of north conway street in dixon, nebraska. both people inside escaped without injuries. the red cross was notified to assist the family. at this time, the cause of the fire remains under investigation. two big highway construction projects have gotten the okay to continue in siouxland. the iowa department of transportation has received bids of nearly $127-million- dollars for widening projects on both u-s highway 20 and interstate 29. one will pay for grading and paving of the highway 20 expansion from correctionville to holstein. that's part of an expansion to four lanes from just east of moville to early. the interstate 29 project will
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paving and grading work as part of a $400- million-dollar plan. that will widen the freeway to six lanes near sergeant bluff to the south dakota border. police in turkey used water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters calling for an end to curfews in the southeast of the country. hundreds of protesters took to the streets in the southeastern province of sirnak today. protesters carried a banner accusing the government of murdering women. they also carried photos of women allegedly killed during clashes between turkish security forces and kurdish militants. the israeli army says its forces shot dead two palestinians who had stabbed a solider today at a west bank checkpoint. the military said the pair of attackers stabbed the soldier at a gas station. the soldier was moderately wounded. forces on the scene opened fire and killed both assailants. another israeli soldier was accidentally shot and lightly wounded. there's a new potential threat
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bomb attack in europe. authorities in vienna got the tip - and stepped up security. n-b-c's kelly cobiella reports on security in europe six weeks after the paris attacks.
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isis is getting stronger. (cobiella on camera 1:14 - 1:23) nbc news cannot independently verify the authenticity of the message but our partners at flashpoint say it appears to be from baghdadi. back to you. >> still ahead, nebraska finished off the season with a huge bowl win over ucla. sam curtiss will have a recap. also you'll hear from coaches and players in sportsfource!
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winter storm warnings in effect for the majority of siouxland tuesday morning i hope everyone enjoyed their day of sunshine across siouxland because it will quickly be erased as high of our next winter storm. clouds will be on the increase tonight as
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northward out of texas. snowfall will begin monday morning and fill in from south to north as we head through the day. snow will become heavy at times during the afternoon the precipitation intensity increases. blustery ne winds will be accompanying the system so blowing snow will also be factor. visibilities will be greatly decreasing throughout the day. snow totals of 6-11" are expected for most of the viewing area, with lesser amounts as you head west. there will be a sharp western cut-off of moisture due to high pressure holding strong. this will yield around 2-4 inches for western siouxland. some light snow may linger into tuesday morning as well. we also have a slight chance for snow on wednesday as a little disturbance moves through. as this system exits siouxland we can expect cold temperatures through new year's day with highs barely making it to the 20 degree mark.
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still to come for us on a sunday
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what you need to know about how to stay safe if you get trapped while driving in dangerous winter conditions
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getting trapped in dangerous
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conditions is something motorists need to be prepared for... a free new app can help you remember what life saving steps to take to stay safe and warm while stranded. kelsey kennedy explains in tonight's consumer alert the app's developers in the agriculture communications department of north dakota state university.. say it's goal is help stranded drivers stay calm in a stressful situation.. they had their less experienced family members in mind.. (sot: super on screen) "i might be able to think about, okay i'm stuck in a ditch i need to contact so and so and do this, but would my teenager know how to do that? so it's to help people gather their thoughts and think safely if something like that happens." the new technology can estimate how long you can run your car to stay warm before running out of gas.. it'll also remind you to clear your tail pipe every emergency management deputy chief) "the carbon monoxide exhaust from your car will back up into dangerous situation." the app is meant to supplement your physical winter survival kit that's already in your car.. that should include a car charger for your phone.. but be car battery.. (sot: lonnie inzer / emergency
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"it drains it at a very slow rate, but its just something that you don't want to do if you need to start your car to keep warm. so use it judiciously." of course parts of the app are only helpful with cell service.. (sot: lonnie inzer / emergency management deputy chief) "if you don't have service, you need to stay warm, you need to drink water, clear your tailpipe so you don't get carbon monoxide poisoning and wait until help arrives." >> a battery pack is a good idea to add to your car kit.. this way you can charge your cell phone without using your car's battery. sam curtiss in for mark freund. iowa back in practice this morning in prep for the rose bowl. yeah, the offense has had a
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attack all season. we'll hear from offensive coordinator greg davis on how he's retooled the offense. and propelled by a huge third quarter, nebraska downed ucla in the foster farms bowl.
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players and coaches fun at disneyland yesterday. but this morning, it was back to business as mark woodley from our sister station kwwl continues our coverage for the
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the hawkeyes continue to go hard with just five days left before the big one - it's somewhere offensive coordinator greg davis has been twice before. "any time you talk about the rose bowl, you talk about the grandaddy of them all. we're think our fans are excited, i know our players are," said greg davis/iowa offensive coordinator davis coached texas twice in the rose bowl - but hit a rut in the last few seasons at iowa - it wasn't just the coach however - after taxslayer bowl - everyone in the hawkeye locker- room knew something had to change - "we got everybody together, and we knew we had to change something. we had to change our culture. we had to get back to doing iowa football," said leshun daniels/iowa running back and preparing under davis this season - the iowa offense has seen a major resurgence from the team that struggled in last year's bowl game - the hawkeyes have done it with a balanced attack - passing for 26- hundred yards while running for 24-hundred more - that rushing attack has put up 7 games with 200 plus yards - but davis is quick to give the credit to
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" i think the players are the difference. the players have really studied and they've taken the mindset that not only is it one game at a time, it's actually one practice at a time," added davis. that was mark woodley reporting. he'll have a new report for us tonight after sunday night football. midway through the second quarter of nebraska's bowl game last night, ucla looked like the favorites that they were up 21-7. then nebraska reeled off 30 straight points to upset the bruins. they did it by way of their ground attack. the team carried it 62 times for 326 yards and four touchdowns from four different players. other than an early fumble, tommy armstrong took care of the ball throwing for one score. nebraska dominated time of possesion holding the ball for just over 38 minutes. the huskers had 500 yards of
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twice. as nebraska won 37-29. "in this last month and, month and a half, we have played our best football," said mike riley, nebraska head coach. "we probably played our best football game tonight. we a team can do that and fight through all the stuff that we did that says a lot about the character of the young men that're in the program." "i fumbled in the first half but everybody stood by me and said 'hey we have your back'," said tommy armstrong jr., nebraska quarterback. "we just kept feeding off every great play that we made and i think that's what won us the game." nebraska finished the season at 6-7. and remind you, the school did not pay the coaches their bowl bonuses for that game. kansas city became the first team in nfl history to win eight straight games after dropping five in a row before that. the chiefs currently hold a wild card spot, with the easiest way to keep it, just win out. johnny manziel and 3- 11 cleveland the visitors at arrowhead stadium today. first quarter - alex smith is going to find jeremy maclin for the touchdown. maclin over a 1,000 yards
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after exhanging field goals - smith finds travis kelce 13 yards out just before the half for a 17-3 lead. kansas city goes to 10-5 winning 17-13. chicago on the road in tampa against last years number one pick jameis winston. bears trail 14-13 in the fourth - first play of the fourth quarter - ka'deem carey all alone puts the chicago back in front. bears now leading 26-14 - 10 seconds left - jameis winston throws up a prayer and austin seferian-jenkins answers it with one second left. tampa needs a miracle on the onside kick - nope. chicago hangs on 26-21 over the buccaneers. 5-9 detorit hosting 4-10 san francisco. lions trail 7-3 in the second quarter - matthew stafford finds tj jones from 29 yards out - lions led 20-17 at the break. second half detorit did all the scoring - calving johnson here -
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well. stafford with 301 yards and two touchdowns.
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more than 20 percent of dogs suffer from osteoarthritis. but now a new treatment can help relieve their pain. and maybe you received gadgets for christmas this year, but some of them may be vulnerable to hackers. we'll
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on this sunday night, path of destruction. at least 11 people killed as tornadoes ripped through texas and flooding in missouri kills six. it's not over. tonight, 50 million people are under some sort of rain, wind or blizzard warning. accidental shooting. chicago police under scrutiny after an officer accidentally shoots and kills a mother of five. fighting back.
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manning says he's
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