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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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getting ready to campaign for clinton. plus, the republican planning a stop in siouxland tomorrow in our road to the caucus coverage. wintry weather across siouxland tonight, from sioux city where snow tonight. the community of spencer, iowa. both spots with around four ground. good evening, i'm sheila brummer. matt breen has the night off! hopefully, you're staying nice and warm. many people listening to weather staying off the roads this downtown sioux city, along looking a little bare. just a little sprinkling of cars as snow continues to fall with steady flakes. when will the snow stop falling? joins us with the answer! snow made for a messy monday for many as parts of eastern siouxland including carroll, iowa received 7 inches earlier this afternoon. sioux city was dropped from the winter storm remains in effect for areas east of the metro where some out there could see around 7-10 inches of snow between today and
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see graphics. the winter weather conditions did cause some problems for drivers.
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tricky travel on sioux city roads today.
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"slow down. always expect the unexpected. take care when you're passing or approaching your snow plows. don't overestimate their speed. you might be coming up on them pretty quick. not only watching what they're doing, but watch all around you," said iowa state trooper, john farley. farley says driving is a 360-degree process and it's not just what's in front of you but what's behind you. >> the best a aice tonight, if you don't need to go somewhere stay home! with the storm currently moving through siouxland, many people spent their day digging out from under the snow. sioux city residents took to the cold today to dig out their cars, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. some had to use more than a shovel to push around all the snow. and while many don't look forward to these big snowfalls, for others, the snow provides work and a paycheck. "most of the time, we don't stop until 8, 9, 10 o' clock in the morning. we go all through the night, take shifts. there's four on our crew, but somebody will take a break and warm up for a little bit, will stop and grab a coffee
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kellen, contracted employee. ashley kellen is part of a crew that clears snow off the properties of a local contractor. she said when these big snowstorms hit, it's usually an all day job getting everything cleared off. up north in sioux falls, south dakota they're seeing a winter wonderland this season. the city got just under 32 inches of snow last winter. they're almost there already and it's not even the new year yet. city street crews say sioux falls usually see about ur snowfalls of more than a half-foot each winter. and, so far there's already been three big snowfalls. omaha, nebraska dodged the big snowfall they expected to see. some snow did fall. but, the city actually canceled a snow emergency. omaha did see a record- setting snowfall on christmas eve leaving roads lmost impassible.
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of a foot of snow. we're not the only ones seeing snow! nine states are under winter storm warnings tonight. and, a weather system that dumped snow on the southwest now threatens the northeast. nbc's dan scheneman has the story.
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and, because of travel delays at chicago o'hare flights at the sioux gateway airport were also impacted. the cleanup continues in texas after several tornadoes swept through over the weekend. at least 11 people were killed and dozens more injured. most of the victims died when their vehicles were lifted off a highway overpass. the national weather service says the e-f-4 tornado brought over 200 mile-an-hour winds and destroyed about 600 homes. 1:39-1:46 (douglas athas / garland texas mayor:15) "as you can see there's been a lot of devastation, a lot of destruction. we're working through this. we feel very blessed that there were not more fatalities. the mayor of garland, texas says they're seeing an outpouring of support from state and federal agencies. a state of emergency in missouri today after flooding killed at least six people. officials say over a dozen homes are underwater
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the fire department rescued people by boat this morning. some people say they stood in the cold flood waters for nearly three hours before they were evacuated. most of the people killed died when their vehicles were swept away by the rushing flood waters. coming up after ben's forecast: we'll show you the small group of siouxlanders braving today's cold and snow to have a little excitement on their winter breaks. snow made for a messy monday for many as parts of eastern
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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inches earlier this afternoon. sioux city was dropped from the winter storm warning from earlier, but
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east of the metro where some out there could see around 6-10 inches of snow between today and tomorrow. you'll see these amounts get smaller the farther west in the viewing area you travel, so sioux city could very well fall short of the half-foot mark of the white stuff by tuesday morning. the snow will decrease in intensity and eventually exit the viewing area tomorrow morning as winds lighten up. another disturbance could provide another snsn dusting tuesdadanight/wednesday mornrng, and that should do it for snow chances in the seven day forecast. meanwhile, take it slow on the roads if you must be out and about tonight!
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though the weather outside was frightful, that didn't stop siouxlanders from getting outside and enjoying the fresh snow. sledders climbed the hills at
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this afternoon, on a day where classes would have likely been canceled had students not already had the day off for winter break. with another week of winter break for most students, kids were doing what they can to keepep themselves occupied until they have to headadack to class. "this is my first time sledding this year," said sledder, vishakha kanwar. "my goal was to go sledding every single day, so that's what i'm going to try to do." and, since the snow probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon sledders should be able to enjoy a week of going downhill. one of the most popular democrats gets ready to hit the campaign trail. and, donald trump already striking back. the latest in our road to the caucus coverage when news 4 atat0 returns.
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praised d one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member.
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engthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. senator marco rubio making a
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in sioux city tomorrow tonight. the town hall meeting will take place at the holiday inn on gordon drive. doors open at 6:15. the event starts at 6:45. anyone who wants to attend needs to rsvpp you can find a link for tickets on our website at watch for continuing coverage on ktiv news 4 tomorrow night. there's big news today in the political world - former president bill clinton is hitting the campaign trail next week in new hampshire for his wife. but before he utters a word - donald trump is already on the attack. brian mooar has the story from washington.
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those same groups donald trump himself struggles with." and without support from women and minorities ... jeb bush says trump can't be a serious nominee. sot: jeb bush (r) prpridential ndidate :39-:43 bush: "to win you got to get t t fifty. to get to fifty, you have to draw people towawa your cause rather than push t tm away." an interview with npr, president obama touched on the negative tone of the 2016 race. sot: president obama npr interview (see restrictions on script) :50-:59 "i dont think that this country works best on fear i dont think this country works best on on hate, i dont think this country works best on cynicism." the president was named top man in a new gallup poll of people most admired by americans. trump tied for second, with pope francis. and hillary clinton was named most- admired woman - for a record twentieth time. clinton is shrugging off trump's attacks on her husband, saying they're part of a campaign filled with bigotry, bluster and bullying. brian mooar, nbc news, washshngton. >>
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messages? what your punctuation really means to the younger generation
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a sioux center man has been sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a 14- year-old girl. the sioux county attorney says 43-year-old danny lee barnes wasasentenced today on a chargegef assault with intent to commit sex abuse. authorities say barnes had sex with a 14-year-old girl at a park in august of
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family. barnes will also be required to register as a sex offender after he is released. authorities say two women died when their vehicle ran off a highway and crashed in northeast nebraska. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on u.s. highway 75 in thurston county near pender. the nebraska state patrol says the vehicle rolled down an embankment. they died at the scene. the patrol identified them as -year-old britney mccauley, of walthill, and 24-year-old brianna wolfe, of macy. the patrol says investigators suspect alcohol use was a factor in the crash. friends and family gathered today to honor the memory of a spencer, iowa wrestler who died during a meet last weekend. more than 1200 people packed the spencer high school to attend funeral services for senior austin roberts. during the championship round the 18-year-old collapsed and died at the hospital. a gofundme account was put together by the spencer tailtwisters to help austin's family with medical and funeral expenses. the e count now has more than $50,000.
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childhood asthma may be on the decline but not among kids living in poverty. after peaking in 2009, childhood asthma rates leveled off. then dropped a lot in 2013. however -- asthma among poor children has continued to rise. experts believe children living in poverty may be exposed to more environmental triggers linked to asthma. who knew that a period couldld mean so much?!? a new s sdy of college students found receiving short text messages that ended with a period -- were perceived to be less sincere -- than texts ending with no punctuation at all. not surprisingly, exclamation marks were interpreted as the most geniune
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brad's here -- the hawkeyes have some history at the rose bowl. iowa qb c-j beathard's uncle was the rose bowl mvp -- over 50 years ago. we'll have more in a minute. and, the south dakota men try to stop a small losing streak.
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it's the time of year to go to the store e d return gifts you don't want to keep. we'll show you some things to keep in mind before heading out. and transitioning to life after high school can be hard for people with autism. but now there's a new program helping them adjust. the hawkeyes will come to the rose bowl on friday as nealry a
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but the hawks also have a quarterback who knows quite a bit about winning -- and also has a little history in pasadena. mark woodley has more from california. cj beathard's started 14 games at iowa - he's won 13 - and now has the hawkeyes gunning for their first rose bowl win in more than half a century -- "cj's done a great job," said iowa offensive coordinator greg davis. "he's an extremely bright guy, and we put a lot on our quarterback both in the run game and the pass game." and if history is ananindicator beathard pasadena as it seems to run in the family. "there's defifitely some family history there, my great uncle pete was the mvp of the rose bowl game," said that hapned in 1963 when pete beathard tossed 4 touchdowns in a 42-37 win over the wisconsin badgers. it's a record that still stands having been tied twice - but never broken - nephew hopes to match even though he's never actually seen it. "ya know i have some old football cards of his which is cool but i've never really watched him on tape."
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the trip to pasadena before, watching illinois play in this stadium when his uncle kurt coached illinois' wide receivers in 2008. iit was an experience he hoped to be a part of himself one day." "the opportunity's here now, and it's kind of a dream come true really." iowa's last rose bowl win came in 1959 against cal. we will air a half-hour special called "the road to the rose bowl", on thursdadaat 6:30. with the help from our sisier station, kwwl in waterloo, 'll look back at the special 2015 season and look ahead to the matchup against stanford. the game kicks off at 4- 10 on friday. technically, the south dakota men's basketball team was playing a road game against florida-gulf coast. but the game was in sioux falls -- the 7-6 coyotes have lost their last two games, at illinois and at unlv. usd coach craig smith had a 13-point lead at the half. just over 2 minutes to go -- usd
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one of his seven three's -- the former carroll star had a career- high 31 points -- yotes are up 66-64. now, under a minute left -- usd down 3 -- but tre burnette gets the hoop and the hack -- he had 16 -- that sends it to overtime, tied at 71. in ot, eric robertson goes up strong between 2 defenders -- and gets the 3-point play to give the coyotes the lead. usd up only 2 late -- d-j davis gets the inside hoop and south dakota beats florida gulf coast in overtime, 89-81. creighton coach greg mcdermott, 8-4 -- hosting coppin state -- who will visit ioio state on wednesday.y. the jays buildld nice lead in the first half geoffrey goselle gets open under the hoop -- 2 of his 16 points -- jays by 15. then, isiah zierdon drives the lane and gets the 'shorty to fall'. creighton still up by 13. zierdon proves his range is wide -- the long 3 is good. he had four three's -- and 16 points. the jays go over the 100-point mark in consecutive game for the first time in
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the wrap-around pass to goselle for the dunk. creighton clobbers coppin 102-77. the hawkeyes start the big ten basketball season on tuesday night. iowa starts with the conference favorite, and the number-1 team in the country, michigan state. the hawkeyes went 9 and 3 in their non-conference games, while the spartans are 13 and 0. michigan state has won 14 of the last 15 meetings against iowa, including a 14-point victory in their only game last season. since beating the spartans in his first season in 2011, coach fran mccaffery has lost the last nine games against m-s-u. "we've never been able to beat mimiigan state but we've had some c cse ones, we've had some very good games with them," said senior mike gesell. "i think we're very hungry, wanting to get a win against them." "shares the ball probably as well as anyone we'll face," said head coach fran mccaffery. "something like 281 assists, 160 turnovers, phenomenal numbers, plus-17 on the glass. it's always a smashmouth game on the glass. hopefully we'll have a great atmosphere in here. i know we'll
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iowa and michigan state tipoff at 8 o'clock tuesday on the big ten network.
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