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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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d and times ar from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, fro studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's your guy, flo ri da. >> have you got big plans for new year's eve? >> i'm hosting the parade. usually it means beddy-bye right
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we're saying good-bye to some of the weirdest and worse fashion trends of 2015. >> i don't agree with them. i thought you looked good all year. >> what you can look forward to in 2016. if you've got a new year's eve outfit all planned out, but you have no time for a visit to the salon, we'll he show you chic styles you can do yourself at home. >> then, if you're making a specialew year's eve dinner, we've got a diet, a recipe for you! >> is she not joyful? >> i'm the poster child, girlfriend. >> that's not your segment. stacy keiser. we're going to talk about how too keep that kind of joy, she's making on something in the kitchen, how to keep it going all yearlong. i like this word, more gracious life. >> very nice. >> love that. >> so christmas is, you know, in the rear view mirror.
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that maybe they didn't want of the the, and sometimes when you return something, it can hurt someone's feings. this woman was complaining about a gift she gets from her mother-in-law. >> it happens every year. stuff. but here's the problem. they have completely different tastes. >> we're a tauktalking about things like the wooden duck, where's the duck? >> her mother-in-law left her a voice mail saying, if you don't like the gift, feel free to give it back to me. >> ooh, she's got deeper problems t tn home decor. what should she dodo speak being of gracious, it's a no-win. >> what would you do? if i kept giving you carved out, weird things that you hated, and you didn't want them in your house,
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i regift things all the time. >> what if i went to yourself and say where's the carved out -- >> i would say i re-gifted it. he suggests, it's a no-win situation. say thank you, but ask if from that point on, please skip the gift -- maybe she doesn't want to spend time with her. that only works if you like the people. >> you could say, look, we're trying to de-clutter. >> thank you, it's so beautiful. i never know what to do in situations like that. >> you know, it's honesty, speak the truth in the spirit of love. and that's a lot harder than it sounds. you know? just say, you know what, it's obvious that we have different tastes, and i don't want to waste something that you, so i
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looks just like yours, as crappy as yours does. >> i gave her a painting as big as those two windows. >> huge. >> huge painting of her beloved new orleans. that cost a fortune. it hung in our house for 20 years, and then when hoda became my, my -- it took me another year. >>8you know where it is? it's in the storage place. >> i know. you know, it didn't really fit. >> i think i gave it to you before i knew you well enough to know it wouldn't be your style. >> what do you want me to do with it? >> i want it back. >> good, because i'm paying $80 a month. ivy ivy-i've had it for two and a half years.
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>> you pay the shipping costs! >> what's another month in there. i'll pay the shipping. so we'll play another game. >> hoda, that's terrible. a huge storage. >> no, just one painting. that's all that's in there. >> does your mother want it? does anybody in your family want it? >> we have small places. my mother has a little apartment too. >> i think you should get this thing appraised. >> no, no, no. >> and sell it. >> no, i'm not selling it! that is totally weird! >> it's a very fine painting, hoda. >> you should give it to someone who has room in their place for it. otherwise i keep paying $80 a month. we were talking about when we watch people on the red carpet, we were talking, oh, my gosh, we'll never forget that look. we'll look and see if we can remember which actor or actress who wore the outfit.
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let's seeee if we remember who wore what. >> that is katy perry. i don't know why i said that. >> an eight-time grammy winner. >> rihanna. >> they don't give us clues. >> let's see the next one. who wore this. >> that looks like angelina jolie. no, anne hathaway. >> oh,h,o it's not. it mrs. mrs. george clooney. remember the gloves? >> yes, you were right. amal clooney. that was good that you remembered the gloves. >> that is kerry washington. >> yes! >> that was, oh, that's such a good show. >> that is definitely gaga. >> yes, i remember those gloves. i remember those. >> and what's the last one? taylor swift! >> yeah, we did pretty well. those were good. >> all right, so we know you guys are going out for new year's eve. and this happens, sometimes you get all dressed up and somebody drops a glass of wine or
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well, we have an idea for you. we have something that is a spill-proof item, clothing item. >> by vardama. >> and he's wearing the spill-proof shirt and tie. >> it's on a youtube channel. the material is infused with a spill-resistant fabric that makes it water resistant without compromising the breathability. >> so we're going to throw some wine on alex to see what happens. >> i brought my own wine. >> but it's not good stuff. ready? >> hold on. hold on. >> alex had a drinking problem. >> you want to throw it on the front? >> cheers, happy new year's. >> i think we should show red. because white's not going to show. you do it. >> back up, everybody.
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>> that one's better. protect the mike! >> oh, no, the mike is not protected. >> well, so what. >> that's coming out of my pay. >> it really did get totally drenched. >> it sort of looked like it stained. >> look, it rolled right off. >> this side rolled off, and this side didn't. >> it's something about the throwing. >> pour it. >> i'd say it works quite well, what do you think, hoda? and i'd say hoda's out of wine and i'm not. somebody got gypped. >> thank you, alex. >> go to >> check that can't afford it. $80 a month.
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but that's what friends do for friends. >> there's such a thing as a work bff. let's see if we agree with them. >> your work bff is the only person whose weekend you reallyy care about. you know how's your weekend. >> that's excellent, leslie. >> you say how was the weekend. we do that. >> but there are a lot of people that i -- there are good folks around us. >> you get irritated by the same people. yes. >> yes. it's very true. >> you confess freely to each other and it's true. >> we give each other a look even during the show, and we're like, and then we know. >> how do we do it, day after day. seriously. >> when you're having a bad day, there's always someone willing to help you snap out of it. >> you're very good to me thaha way.
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and you know work is so much better than someone you share your craziness with. >> it's fun to come to work because we get to hang out. >> so we're very blessed. >> there are some young children who are trying to explain what joy is, basically. and we have a segment coming up on joy. so we're going, there are some young kids who were interviewed. they said this is the secret to being happy as an adult. this is some of the things they said. >> smiling is contagious. being sad is contagious. even sneezing. you just think about g gng to your friend's, having a small chat, drinking a glass of wine. >> i would get them to do less work. play with your children a bit more and get a few more pennies to their people that don't have any. >> sweet..
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ted talks and then teddy with little ones. >> they should do ted talks for kids, and they already do it. >> only if life was sweet all the time. rememberer juicy couture? >> amy poehler wore them in mean girls as the mother? >> going into london's victoria and albert museum. this is the best movie. >> an expert called it, this is going to be in a museum. thth juicy couture sweats have made the museum in london. >> the complete history of underwear. >> i can't believe they're in a museum. why would they be? >> we live in a weird world. opens in april. we wonder if you own some.
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big instagram queeee her name is fuzz burta. >> she's adorable. >> she's so hip. she has a calendar for 2016. >> look at the head phones! ooh. >> and guess what today is, hoda woman! >> no. >> it's back. you wanted it by popular demand. it's spanky tuesday. >> no, i was hoping we could skip to wednesday. >> no, when we give it away to lucky viewers. >> plus naked dresses and colored hair. they're all so last-year. >> we say good-bye to the
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as we bid farewell to 2015, we thought we'd say good-bye to the wackiest style trends of the year. >> and emily scherer. colored hair, buh-bye. >> it's like we're living in halloween in the hunger games era. >> it's not unique anymore. >> it's not attractive on anybody. >> and some of them are a wig. >> jenny's wasn't. she retouched her hair. >> it's fun but time for a more natural look. >> give us an alternative to the colored hair. >> updates. a baby likes. they take pictures of their
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hair like theirs. >> she looks awesome. >> very light, very easy and very natural. that's what we want. >> highlights. >> the naked dresses. there's so much skin on the red carpet. >> nothing to the imagination anymore. sometimes it's sexier to have just a little something. >> j. lo looks good in everything. >> it doesn't matter if you're j. lo, but for everybody else. >> what are you looking at. >> not shadow. this is au naturale. >> we want to say good-bye to the naked trend. >> it stopped being shocking because everody was doing it. what's your grupupgrade. >> it's a little lingerie inspired. very covered up. >> morrowe romantic.
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>> it's what we're seeing on the runway. very romantic. you're able to go out there and be buttoned up. >> she doesn't look happy. >> you're supposed to have joy! >> are we saying good buy to overalls? >> did anybody say hello? >> no one can pull this off and make it look easy. it's so difficult, unless you're taylor swift, but it's really hard where it falls in the back. she always looks adorable. >> it's so juvenile.. when they hang down too low. >> exactly. >> you have a problem in the back and a problem in the front. >> not many people can pull off. >> but they are comfortable.
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>> so just imoges, symbols. >> we have the whole list. >> but i seeing them on denim, too, denim on denim ombre. a nice denim shirt tucked into denim jeans. >> i thought you weren't supposed to do that? >> now you can. it's cool. >> i never liked clunky sandals. >> you don't want to widen your foot. feet are meant to be more attractive. >he birkenstock. >> we call them uglyshoes. >> because theyy are. >> she looks cute in hers. but everybody else looks -- >> look at that. it looks like a hospital shoe. >> we want to just go for more of a sophisticated stiletto. and we're seeing a lot of embellishments on the shoes. high-up shoes that elongate the foot. yoyo don't want to make them
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>> am i saying good-bye to my holey jeans? >> they shouldn't be falling apart. a little rip or a tear. >> is that one okay? >> this is an airport look that she's pulling off. but you don't want to wear this on a red carpet. you don't want to have this out and have it -- >>8 oh! >> but, see, i love this. i think this looks good, but when you have too many holes down the leg -- >> and she has her clara sun woo jacket on. >> going out for new y yr's eve, but don't know what to do with your do? we have three easy hairstyles to show you. >> and if you are planning dinner with that special someone, we have just the meal. after these messages.ages. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrere are back in the attic.
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back on the spring teaser tuesday when we put your minds to work with a fun riddle. what can travel around the worldld whwhe staying inn onecorner? think about that. >> i think i might know. >> probably not. >> after the break.
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it's brain teaser tuesday. and before the break we gave you this riddle. >> what can travel around the world while staying in one corner.
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>> if you've been wracking your brain trying to figure out what to wear for your new year's eve or new year's night. >> all right, so often you want to have a great hairdo, but there are simple ways you can make your hair look good. >> we're starting with a princess roll. you can use all that ribbon. you always get it during the holidays, like what are you going to do with it? you can use a ribbon or headband. you're taking the hair, twisting it into this headband, twist, twist, twist, and literally tucking everything in. >> that's it? >> that's adorable. >> that's all you have to do. look how beautiful she looks from the front. you can set it with flexible hair spray. >> cute! >> done! >> adorable. >> way to go!
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this is justine. all about bejazzling your hair. you have all these necklaces. you don't have to wear them around your head. you can take these necklaces and put it behind your hair. i put like a bobby pin at the end of i i slide it in. >> that's pretty. >> it just dressed up her hair. >> that is so cute! >> it's gorgeous. >> they stay very well. >> tuck it in there. it's like a peekaboo. >> how did you -- >> you can use bobby pins at the end. r hair was already super sleek and straight. >> that is adorable. >> next. >> sasha's here. >> she's got great hair, what else could she do? >> look at that hair. >> we are going to do sock bun on this.
2:31 am
>> it's a sock bun, a high b b situation. it's not as bad as it sounds. repurpose this old sock and repurpose it into a -- >> scrunchy. >> i'm going to hold all of this hair and turn it into a high bun situation. the process of getting there takes a littlee bit of flipping, you just flip under. >> what are you doing? >> i can't believe i can get all this. >> what is happening! >> that was with that brown sock? >> and you don't even see the sock! >> exactly. you cover it up. tuck it under. >> onboband you bobby pin it up. >> bobby pin the heck out of it. >> can you turn sideways? that is gorgeous.
2:32 am
>> obviously, somee bobby pins. >> sometimes the messier look is just cool. >> exactly. >> we did each one of these in no time. you can do it lickety-split. >> once the party's ending and the new year begins -- >> we help you keep thehe happiness. >> is it possible? >> i think so. after's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too!
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if the holidays have caused a mixed bag of emotions, you're
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>> from the lows of shopping and cooking to the highs of being with the ones you hold dear. how do you bottle up that joy and hold onto it. >> stacy's going to tell you. she's an editor at large for "live happy" magazine. she always brings wisdom with her. >> it seems there are people you feel are innately joyoyl and peoplele who are not.t. does it matter the season, the time of year or the circumstance? >> it really is true that some people are born that way. they come out happy. they're happy babies. but it's rare. for most of us, especially when we have challenging times, we really have to work hard at being joyful. >> isn't there a difference between happy and joyle. happy is a result of something. how do you have joy that transcends your circumstances? >> joy is from the inside. so it's something that you have to seek for yourself.
2:36 am
it's really about engagagg in positive thinking. it's about trying to be optimistic about things and about looking for good things, even when bad things aren haing. >> there are some people that are half-cup empty, half-cup full. give us some steps. people struggle very much through the holidays. a lot of suicides during the holidays. it can be a very, very dark time for people. >> being joyful is like working out, like exercising a muscle. it's something you literally have to work at. one of the things i suggest people do is make a joy list. take out your phone, take a piece of paper and write down things that you like to do and reference that list when you're having one of thoho hard times. i also love the idea of a joy jar. >> yeah, i like this. >> you take a joy and put slips of paper in it of things that you like to do that are joyful, and you pull one out and you
2:37 am
>> be careful when you make that jar. >> i started waking up, probably i about a year ago, every morning and writing down three things i'm grateful for and something great that happened in the last 24 hours. when you flip your brain in the morning to that, you're not waking up thinking oh, my gosh, i'm late, oh, my gosh, i have a meeting. it turns it. and you have to make an effort to tururit yourself. >> you're right, it's like a muscle. you know, for people getting older, i think it's a tendency to start becoming very saddened by life and the loss that comes with life. and i find that if i am going in that direction, feeling sorry for what i've lost in life, you can turn around in a second by saying, but what am i, what am i grateful that i still have. and immediately, it changes. why is that? >> it is literally flipping that switch in your head, what i always tell people is part of living a fulfilling life is
2:38 am
back and say have i done the things that i want to do, the things that i love doing, and if not, start doing them today. >> a woman who rides a bike, something so basic. how can something so basic turn your life around? >> this month, the article is about a woman who had had a major surgery, and she was barely walking after it. and then her mom bout her this bicycle. and she pushed herself to try it. and she's riding miles and miles and miles, and it's because she was able to accomplish something that she didn't know that she could do and found a love she didn't know she had. that's where a gift can be so much more meaningful. >> and at any age you can have that. >> but you have to look for it. >> she's smart. >> it's the first time she's come on. >> i know. a long time. she lives in california, we don't get to see her very often. have a happy new year, sweetie. >> just three more days until
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>> why not go out with a bang, one more deck dinner right after thisthis dinner right after thisa dinner right after thisd dinner right after thise dinner right after thisn dinner right
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you've picked out your outfit, the flowers for your centerpiece. >> the candles, and everything is perfect, but you're missing one thing. >> what is it, hodi? >> the recipe! but not anymore. >> nancy fuller's making beloved beef wellington. it's called "farmhouse rules." her new cookbook. >> it looks so, so fun. >> it's unbelievable. pictures are worth 1,000 words, and the photographer is the most fantastic and has brought all that food to life. >> starting with beef wellington.
2:42 am
>> don't be. you have beef. you have puff pastry from the store. and you have mushrooms. any kind of mushrooms you want. >> gray poupon? >> just the mustard. >> and the butcher will do this for you, right? >> the butcher is your best friend. >> okay. >> and he is just going to do that. >> what are you asking for when you get it done that way? is it tender loin? >> uh-huh. >> and i love the sizzle. >> you always want to hear the sizzle. and you want to cook this for two minutes on each side. four sides, total of eight minutes, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> so brown it. >> who's the cook in your house? >> her mom! >> not me! >> you're going to learn.
2:43 am
>> putting the horse radish in with the dijon. >> hodi's cooking! >> how did that happen? >> oh, wait, oh, no. >> what happened? >> you're going to take the strings off first. >> okay. >> gradflad you noticed that. >> with this little tool. and then you're going to put all this lovely, >> this is mustard and horse radish and put it over the whole thing. >> do the whole thing. what's this. >> then you have mushrooms. >> what are those? >> mushrooms. >> what kind of mushrooms? >> looks like ground beef. >> no you, you put t t mushrooms in a food processer and get them tiny, tiny, tiny. and to this you add a little bit of cream. keep the farmers in business, girls.
2:44 am
little parsley and a little bread crumbs and mix that up, and bing, bing, bing. >> so f f that's not hard. >> no, it isn't. >> then you covered. >> what do you mean? >> covered it in the mustard sauce. >> why is it brown now? >> you cover that in that. >> this stuff. >> this stuff is this stuff. and you put that on top of the beef. >> and you put that on top of the beef. >> it's starting to look like a meat loaf. >> i'm sorry. >> and then you turn it over. >> put more on it. >>. >> wow. >> like that. >> although it's a lot of steps, but they're not difficult ones. >> they're not difficult at all. >> then what's the glaze? >> this is not a glaze. this is what you're going to usese to seal the pastry over the beef wellington. and the pastry is store bought. >> what is that?
2:45 am
>> oh, did it too much. oh, well. it's fine. >> but what is that made out of? >> egg and watete >> let's taste it. how delicious that looks. >> you put it in for how long? >> about 40 minutes. >> okay. now is that beautiful? >> it's gorgeous. >> it's pretty. it really is. >> is that beautiful? >> hoda had a little cream in it. what d dyou ink? >> it's good. >> to get these recipes, go to >> okay. five lucky members of our audience are going to have a ball. >> yes. >> and i am too. >> find out if your name is called. but first, this is "today ""
2:46 am
nbc.nbc. guess what time it is, hoda? >> say it ain't so. is it spanky tuesday? >> yes, but not yet. >> first we have north face jackets. >> they're ultralight, packable jackets. the ultimate in all weather versatility. and because it is a synthetic alternative to down, it keeps you warm and toegsy even when it's wet. >> i hope it's not somebody from florida, i meanan just saying. >> dena mcdaniel, from wichita, kansas. >> she'll need it. how about this, will maryann hunt from jordanville, new york
2:47 am
>> how about donna jeannie from myrtle beach, south carolina. it looks chilly incarolina. >> had about america, from vidalia, illinois. >> diane black from newton, north carolina. >> congratulations to all our winners. you have to enter again next week for the complete rules and regulations. go to klg and and hit the connect bututhe ton. all right. tomorrow we're going to have a look back at all the good times we had this year. >> we had some great fun this year and some fun you didn't see. so don't miss it. >> have an awesome tuesday. spanky style. >> i don't hear the song, so maybe it's not happening. well, whatever. >> let's dot without it, hoda. we have an inner rhythm. da, da, da, da, get out here. so everybody can see you. >> i'm leaving.
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