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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 30, 2015 11:37pm-12:37am CST

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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- matthew morrison, from nbc's "the wiz! live," uzo aduba, music from a great big world. featuring the 8g band with brian chase. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is great to hear. let's get to the news. in an interview released today, donald trump says he believes in heaven and hopes to end up there one day. though i think he only likes it because it's a gated community. [ laughter ] historians have come forward and said that one of donald trump's golf courses incorrectly claims to be the site of a great civil war battle. said trump, "i meant after i
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[ laughter ] "because that's going to be mission control for me on my beautiful golf course." president obama today pardoned two turkeys, not because of thanksgiving, but because they were convicted on non-violent drug offenses. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] let me tell you, i -- and let me tell you, it has been a crazy day at the office while we tried to get a picture of that turkekewith a joint in its mouth. just running around all day -- [ turkey gobble ] [ laughter ] but we got it in there and then the turkey was like, "ooh." [ laughter ] [ turkey gobble ] [ laughter ] that's right, president obama today took part in the annual tradition of pardoning a turkey, and then donald trump said he saw vegetarians celebrating on
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[ laughter ] today is considered by many to be the biggest travel day of the year with 43 million americans expected to fly this thanksgiving. in fact, it's so busy la guardia airport is considering opening a second security line. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] thatat how busy it is. ufc fighter holly holm told reporters yesterday that when she met beyonce over the weekend, holly asked her what her name was. it was the first time in years beyonce felt like a member of destiny's child. [ audience ohs ] [ turkey gobble ] [ laughter ] mcdonald's announced that its restaurants in japan will start selling 48-piece chicken mcnugget meals starting this december. to give you any idea how many mcnuggets that is, if you laid them all out end to end, that's
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them. [ laughter and applause ] a new list of america's best states to live in placed mississippi at the very bottom, behind all 49 states, as well as three more states they just made up. [ laughter ] "oh, we're behind floridork." [ laughter ] a new study found that people are more likely to be rude if they witness rudeness by someone else. the study is called the "republican presidential primary." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and finally, firefighters in germany this week had to drag a man out of a sex store that was on fire because he refused to leave his private video booth until he finished watching the porn film "throbbin' hood." [ laughter ]
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course, is that he steals from the rich and really gives it to the poor. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] from the broadway hit "finding neverland," matthew morrison is in the house tonight. [ cheers and applause ] you know her from "orange is new black." she's also starring in nbc's production of "the wiz! live." uzo aduba is back on the show this evening. and this is very exciting for me. we have a fantastic band that is here tonight. they performed on our very first show, and they are back with us this evening. a great big world is in the house. [ cheers and applause ] very happy to have those fellows back. a reminder that we a a doing a show tomorrow night, a thanksgivingnghow. this is the second year that we've had a thanksgiving show here at "late night." once again, my parents and my brother will be the guests, the only guests on the show.
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they were great last year and they've agreed to come back. i mean, i think they were pulling for "the tonight show," but they'll settle. [ laughter ] they thought they did well enough to get, you know, the 11:30 show, but they're happy. so i'm looking forward to that. please tune in. they are a blast, i promise. now, before we get to the rest of the show, these days slang terms are evolving so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep up. so we here at "late night" decided to give you a little primer in a segment we're calling "seth explains teen slang." [ cheers and applause ] >eth: our first slang term is "slay." some of you may have heard the term "slay" at a concert or a party. so what does it mean? well it's actually used when someone is totally killing it. for example, "i went to an adele concert, and when she started singing 'hello,' i was like, 'slay, girl, slay.'" [ laughter ] that's a term you probably heard
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terms. and these terms, these are fresh terms that are just starting to become popular. they're fresh. [ light laughter ] this one comes just in time for thanksgiving. it's "cranberry sauce," and let's see what it means. something that takes the shape of its container. [ laughter ] so let's see it in a sentence. "when jenna wears spanx, she cranberry sauce. [ laughter ] get her out and she all gravy." [ cheers and applause ] now, when you're at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night, you can use that as an adult to sound like you understand the teens of today. moving on, it's trumping. let's see what it means. when you try and get a girl to break up with you by saying more and more awful things, but she ends up liking you more for some reason. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applausus] so let's, you know, use it in a sentence. "i told marisa that all refugees
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talking about marriage. #trumping." [ laughter ] this next one -- if you use this one, the teens are gonna really think "cool cat." um -- don't say "cool cat," though. [ laughter ] up next it's the spliffsonian. t's see what it means. a house with way too much weed papaphernalia. [ cheers ] for example, "we can hit a joint, blunt, bong and bubbler because it's the spliffsonian up in this bitch." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] [ turkey gobble ] [ laughter ] moving on, it's clingman. let's see the definition. it's a wingman who won't leave when their services are no longer needed. [ laughter ] for example, "eddie introduced me to his cute friend phebee at the dance, but now it's 3:00 a.m. and he's still at my apartment. #clingman." [ laughter ]
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"you got a lot of dvds, man." "get out of here, eddie." "can i borrow some of these dvds?" "don't use dvds." [ laughter ] next it's facebook friend. let's see what it means. someone you only keep around just to hear the crazy things they say. [ laughter ] for example, "i hate to admit it, but every time ben starts talking about how the pyramids were made by joseph, i'm glad he's my facebook friend." [ laughter ] and let's see a picture of ben. there he is. [ applause ] there he is. moving on, a personal favorite of mine, big old twitties. [ laughter ] big old twitties is when someone tweets too far beyond the allotted number of characters and needs several more tweets. let's see it in a sentence. "tweet 3 out of 7? it's got to be 140 characters or less, dog.
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old twitties?" laughter and applause ] [ cheers ] very helpful. there are rules to twitter. you got to follow the rules. up next it's peyton. let's see the definition. a way to describe something that might be past its expiration. [ audience ohs ] let's see it in a sentence. you've gototo get that chocolatete milk out of the fridgegejeff, it's totally peytoned. [ laughter ] next it's gravy boat. let's see the definition. it means that weird friend you only see on thanksgiving. for example, i went home on thanksgiving and ran into jordan schmidt. that gravy boat was still wearing his class ring. [ laughter ] moving on. ley virus. this is a term for when your preferred style of dress is that of a japanese nightmare.
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a giant purple wig and a skirt made out of tentacles. i think she contracted the miley virus. [ laughter ] moving on! this one i love. it's wetnap. [ light laughter ] let's see the definition. when you're so tired you fall asleep on the toilet. for example, i crammed so hard for the test last night that i had to take a 45-minute wetnap during gym class. #toiletpaperpillow. now some people will tear off the toilet paper and then fold it back and forth until they have enough room for a pillow. i just like a whole roll. but hey, there is a lot of different ways to take a wetnap. let's hear our final term. it's whoopsie hazy. let's see what it means. when you accidentally get high
11:48 pm
let's see it in a sentence. i was going to drop off some food at the spliffsonian and now i've been playing xbox for six hours, #whoopsiehazy. you guys, thth was "seth explaiai teen slang." you are welcome. we'll be right back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night", everybody! please give it up for "the 8g band"! [ cheers and applause ] also, sitting in on drums this week, from one of my favorite bands, "yeah yeah yeahs," brian chase is here! [ cheers and applause ] you can catch brian is playing at "the stone" in new york on december 9th, 11th, and 12th. thank you so much for being here this week, brian. we really appreciate it. >> thank you.. [ applause ] >> seth: you know our first guest, from his six-season run on the hit tv series, "glee." he is currently starring as j.m. barrie in the broadway musical, "finding neverland," which is playing at the lunt-fontanne theater.
11:53 pm
>> seth: please welcome to the show matthew morrison! [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm average. how are you? >> seth: okay, i'm very good. i'm very good. thank you for making time because you were in the middle, obviously, of a broadway run. >> yeah. >> seth: i'm fascinated by the broadway schedule e l the time, but my question is what is a broadway thanksgiving like? what is your day tomorrow? >> oh, it's great.
11:54 pm
tomorrow and go do the thanksgiving day parade. >> seth: so you're doing the parade? that's very exciting. >> it's amazing. >> seth: and they gave you the 4:30 a.m. slot, because that's a very good slot. >> it's a very good slot, yeah. >> seth: people stumbling home from the night before. ey, what's peter pan doing here?" laughter ] "hey, peter pan on a boat!" >> the turkeys in amsterdam are going to love it. i get up, and then we have a show tomorrow night as well. >> seth: okay, wow. so it's a full day. >> yeah. it's a strange day. it's going to be interesting. but, you know what? it's one of those things i'm going to look back on and be like, "oh, i'm so glad i got to be a part of it." when my alarm goes off at t 30 and it's dark outside, i'm going to be a little pissed off.f. [ laughterer >> seth: the good news is, like, it's always dark these days. now, this is from rehearsal because obviously have to rehearse. it's different from doing the macy's parade. now, you were rehearsing at macy's in a onesie? [ laughter ] >> i was, in a devil.
11:55 pm
>> seth: it really shows how devilish it is. >> yeah. >> seth: that's like a guy trying to convince a kid to like go jump off a bridge. that's how devilish you look there. what are you -- was it freezing? >> it was freezing, but we're a really tight cast. i love this cast so much. everyone is there. all the other broadway shows are rehearsing at the same time. and we're like, "we want to stand out and be different." so we're like, "everyone wear onesies." it was a big kind of thing. we had a great time, and everyone was laughing at us. >> seth: that's great! >> we made a statement, i feel. >> seth: now so, you went straight into rehearsing for the show from finishing "glee." you did not have much of a break at all. >> it overlapped. i was in the final two episodes of "glee" while i was rehearsing for this, also doing orchestra dates on the weekends, too. >> seth: so wow so what -- did you not want a break or was it an opportunity that was too good to pass up? >> it was definitely the opportunity was there. and i knew on the heels of "glee," i definitely wanted to be back on broadway because i have done it so long before. and i wanted to make my return on broadway.
11:56 pm
dodot in. i was so excited to do it, and that was the only time to do it. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> i was flying back and forth. it was exhausting. >> seth: now obviously, working on a show like "glee," you have to have an exhausting schedule as well. because you know it's obviously a single cam show, and shooting like a movie schedule, but you had done this before. what was it like coming back to this world where you were doing eight shows a week? it had been, what, seven years since you had done broadway? >> yeah, well, you know, my first broadway show i was 19 years old. i did "footloose." >> seth: wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: were you pro dancing or anti-dancing? [ laughter ] before we applaud. [ laughter ] let's find out where he stands on dancing. >> dancing is not a crime. >> seth: okay. i got you. [ cheers ] >> no, i was's featured white boy break dancer in that show. >> seth: oh, wow. >> at 19 years old, broadway was amazing. it was all about -- it was such a party. we would go out every night, go to the bars.
11:57 pm
establishment that let a 19-year-old in there, but it happened. >> seth: can i ask real quick? because i'm actually curious about this. so that part, broadway, those bars, it's the same bars everybody goes to, right? >> yeah. >> seth: they must look the other way for a 19-year-old because they're like, "oh, he's on broadway. he's doing the show." >> it's funny you say that because those bars i frequented at 19 years old, they're not there anymore. so, i think there is probably a reason why their liquor license probably got yanked. but you know it was all about fun and hooking up and having fun, and going to the bar and everything is on ice. now i'm on ice, literally, because three times a week, i have to take ice baths. >> seth: really, just from the physical -- >> from the physicalness of the show, and i'm not 19 anymore. >> seth: yeah. >> but when i started this show, it was -- i had a seven-year break since my last broadway show, and i wanted to make a statement, you know? i told the choreographer, "i want to do everything." but that was like my 25-year-old self talking.
11:58 pm
bruised, and i'm like, "why am i taking ice baths? i'm not a running back in the nfl. this is ridiculous." [ laughter ] >> seth: "i play j.m. barrie. this is not supposed to be --" >> "i just sing and dance for a livingng what is going on here?"" >> seth: but that is -- it is fantastic, and now i have -- obviously we're talking about that area in badway, and it is such a fantastic -- there's so much energy there. and you recently posted on instagram that -- i think maybe -- well, let's show it first and then you explain what happened. >> throw some candy at the kids. [ cheers ] >> seth: so what are you doing? you're just hucking candy at kids? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] i don't know what i was doing. >> seth: the next time you throw candy to kids like this, they're like -- >> they were across the street. i had to reach it. i had to reach them. >> seth: let gravity help you out a little, too.
11:59 pm
and all those kids were in town. everybody is wearing red jackets because they're, l le, dancing in the parade and stuff. all these pepele from all over the country -- >eth: its your parade colleagues. >> i guess, but i think they were all lined up to see "hamilton." >> seth: oh, right. [ laughter ] that was a bummer, yeah. >> they were across the street. and i went out because i have this little bar at the railing and i do, like, stretches on it. i put my foot up there. [ laughter ] and i do that and then -- >> seth: and then other parts of -- that's'she only part of new york where if you're stretching like that and kids can see you, it's not a crime. [ laughter ] everyone else they're like, "yeah, there's a guy doing weird stretches on his balcony. he's throwing candy at my kids." >> oh, my gosh. i know. [ laughter ] >> seth: we're sending the cops. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i'm stretching, and i saw these people, and i was, like, "okay." and a couple people saw me, and you know, it goes crazy. then i came back inside, and i was like, "woah." then they started chanting, "matthew, matthew!" i was likeke"oh, god."
12:00 am
to my room and said, "what is going on outside?" and i said, "give me some candy." and we did that. >> seth: there you go. it's nice of you to give candy to anyone going to another show. i would never do that. >> no. >> seth: you have to come to my show to get candy. otherwise, i feel like i've been incentivizing people. >> i'm trying to sell tickets to our show. >> seth: that's right. they're like, "we should go see that nice guy that gave us candy." [ laughter ] tell me ababt -- you went to thehe white house with t ts broadway initiative. explain this, because it sounds super cool to me. >> it's really cool. last weekend kristin chenoweth and i and cicely tyson, whoopi goldberg, andrew lloyd webber, all these amazing people went there, and they had 100 kids from all over the country, high school kids, that came in. and they did like a little workshops with professionals. so myself and d r choreographer for "finding neverland", mia michchls, we did a workshop on dance and theater with, like, 10 of them. they all broke off into different groups. and it was so amazing, you know. i was supposed to be there to
12:01 am
honestly, being a part of that stuff and being with these kids who are so enthusiastic about everything, it inspires me. it really fills my cup, you know. it's just an amazing thing. >> seth: that's awesome. [ cheers and applause ] i want to ask about this as well because i can't imagininhow hard it is to start a school. but that is something else you've done. you were at a performing arts school? >> i was, yeah. i was at orange county high school of the arts back in the day. and the director, ralph o'pasik and i, we actually have been talking for a long time about -- because it was such a great model for a school. it's a charter school. we developed this thing, and now next year it's going to be california school of the arts san diego. and the year after that, it's going to be california school of the arts south bay, which is just outside of l.a. so we're going to kind of do it in california for a little bit, and then see how those work, and then hopefully make it a nationwide thing. >> seth: that is really impressive. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ]
12:02 am
any work to start a school, i would definitely my name would be on that school. it would be, like, the seth meyers school for acting. >> i might have, like, the matthew morrison performing arts center. >> seth: there you go. inside, it's like, the matthew morrison theater. they give bowls of candy as you walk in. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. >> seth: congratulations on that, congratulations on the show. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: have fun tomorrow. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: matthew morrison, everybody. "finding neverland" is playing in the "lunt fontanne theatre." we'll be r rht back with uzo aduba. [ cheers and applause ] just for men sent three guys to a top barber shop to see if the barbers could tell who's been using just for men. actually, it's me. really? i couldn't even looks so natural.
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[ cheers and applause ] seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest has won two emmys for her role as crazy eyes on
12:07 am
the new black." you can see her as glinda the good witch in "the wiz live!" on nbc on december 3rd. please welcome back to the show,w, our friend, uzo aduba. [ [ eers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i am great. >> seth: it is so good to see you. >> it is so good to see you too. >> seth: you look beautiful as always. >> thank you. >> seth: and i'm so excited about "the wiz live!" a week from tomorrow. >> yes. >> seth: and an incredible cast. >> yes. >> seth: david alan grier. >> yes. >> seth: queen latifah. >> yes. >> seth: mary j. blige. >> i know. >> seth: what's it like working with them? [ laughter ] >> i am so excited. they are amazing. first of all, i'm a fan of all them. >> seth: sure. >> like i -- it takes everything in me not to start singing queen latifah and mary j. blige songs. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> to "the wiz" music, you know, but it's amazing. they're all l enomenal. and you just really get to
12:08 am
legendary performers that they are, you know? >> seth: sure. and now, here's my question because obviously you get -- again, you get one shot at this. >> yes. >> seth: it's live. >> it's close to it. >> seth: is it something -- is it cool to talk to everybody else about like, "hey, we only get to do this once." or is that like talking during a no-hitter? like, you're not supposed to bring it up. >> exactly, it is a little bit like, we were like, "yes, we're doing this live." and then it's like, "we're doing it live." [ laughter ] there is no going back. like once that train starts you can't stop it. >> seth: and obviously you have a background as a live performer. >> yes. >> seth: but this is a little different, like live performance on television. >> yeah. well, because when you do live in the theater, it's like, okay, we're doing live for 600 people, a thousand people, and that's feels comforting. [ light laughter ] and then -- - t this is like, oh, we're doing it live for like millions of millions of people. >> seth: yeah. >> and like all these people are at home like, give it to us. show us what you're doing. >> seth: well, one thing that you're gonna give them that i think they're gonna be very happy with is this dress, which
12:09 am
>> yeah. >> seth: that is fantastic. [ audience oohs ] >> thank you. [ applause ] >> seth: that does not look like an easy dress to get into. >> it is not. [ laughter ] that is a dress that requires fishing wire and like a caterpillar truck to make happen. [ laughter ] like it is three parts, like, you have like six people pulling you into it, but it gets to look like that at the end which is like really exciting. >> seth: it's really, really beautiful. >> thank you. >> seth: the costuming looks amazing on this show. now what -- we talked about your live theater background. we're you a school play kid? is that something you did? >> yes. >> seth: what was your -- what was your breakthrough? [ laughter ] >> you guys, my breakout performance was playing a dog. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> yep. in the second grade. >> seth: okay. >> in a play called "rip van winkle." >> seth: "rip van winkle." >> yes. >> seth: okay. >> you may have heard of that. >> seth: i've heard of that. i don't remember the dog. [ laughter ] the dog is just like, "wake up! oh, my god, wake up!"
12:10 am
>> "he's still sleeping!" [ laughter ] >> seth: "i haven't eaten for a year andnd half!" >> exactly. "please!" >> seth: it was a very emotional. >> yeah. >> seth: it was a very emotional part. >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: yeah. and did -- was that something, like, when you were doing it when family came to see you do plays we're they like, you're great? >> yeah. well, my mom would always show up and be like, "that was great." you know? but like, i'm like, "thanks, mom,' until she's, like, preoccupied with something else. [ laughter ] no thanks. like, yeah -- like my family they didn't get to come and see that, my teachers sasame. but all i did was bark twice. >> seth: oh, wow. [ lauger ] >> it was -- but let me tell you something, i shut it down when i barked. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, yeah. oh, no, i remember. >> there were -- >> seth: i read the reviews. i read the reviews. [ applause ] in the second grade production of "rip van winkle" dragged at parts, but a breakout performance by the two barking dog. [ laughter ] >> yes, exactly. i was the toast. >> seth: so congratulations. speaking of things you've done twice, two-time e my winner now. >> i know. >> seth: congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] it's really cool. >> it's crazy.
12:11 am
>> seth: now, where is it? where do you keep them? cause now you have two, it's weird. >> yes. >> seth: cause like if you have one, you can kind of put it anywhere, but like two, now it like -- you could be a little show-off. >> yeah, exactly. thank you, because that's correct. like i feel -- i have it in my office, and where i used to keep the first one was, like, on the windowsill, like, you walk in, fine. >> seth: great. >> but now they're kind of, like, tucked away, like not in a, like, i'm so embarrassed, i just don't want them to be out, like, obnoxiously, like an electric sign in my face. you know, in my room but they're kind of tucked away in the corner. so, like, if i wanna go and look of over there i can go. >> seth: if you're ever feel bad you can sort of walk over and look at them. >> exactly. >> seth: it's like, hi, guys. >> if only i still -- yeah, exactly. >> seth: you -- even better -- look, emmys are great, don't get me wrong. and i'm so happy you have two of them, congratulations. [ laughter ] but i see them in the corner! [ cheers and applause ]
12:12 am
see them in the corner. >> yeah. >> seth: you are now a member of the swift squad. >> yeah. >> seth: t ts is -- i have photographic evidence thth this >> look at that. >> seth: look at you and taylor swift. >> that -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i mean that's -- >> pretty crazy. >> seth: like emmys come and go, this is forever. >> yes. this is forever. >> seth: yes. >> and this will stay with me forever. do you know she has like 60,000 people who come and see her? >> seth: yeah. i mean her concerts -- it's incredible. >> it's incredible. >> seth: now, so, where was it? >> this was is in l.a. this was at the staples center. >> seth: oh, my god. >> but i had walked -- i did the -- you know how she does like the style walk, you guys? >> seth: yeah. >> i had done the style e lk in new jersey earlier than that. >> seth: oh, my god. >> yeah, jersey. [ laughter ] >> seth: you're a two-time member of the swift squad. >> yes, exactly. ^> seth: oh, my god, you do everything twice! >> oh god. [ laughter ] >> seth: the barking, the emmys. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> seth: the swift squad. [ cheers and applause ] this is your second time here. >> oh, my god. >> seth: so wait, so how do you get, like, how do you get on stage to do something like this? lili, do you like have to
12:13 am
>> well, you come up this elevator which is like that cool, like, i wantfd to do like, i don't know, like a tina turner song like playing in the background. >> seth: oh, wow. so, the elevator just brings you up to the stage? >> brings you up, and like all of a sudden you're looking out at like tens of thousands of people, and they're all, like, diehard taylor swift fans. >> seth: right. >> like every single one. >> seth: yeah, no one goes to a 60,000-person show being like, "i'll check it out." [ laughter ] what's happening over here? yeah, no. they don't stumble in, like, they are like diehard fans. and they're in like the "shake it off" outfits, and they've like got like electric lit-up "1989." and they like -- you just can't even believe it. you're just like all these people are diehard and they love her. and she has the most, she really does have the most amazing fans. >> seth: yeah. fans. >> seth: and does that -- when you come out -- cause when you perform with her, do you then, do you have a sense of, like, oh, my god, am i going to let these people down, or is their energy so like incredible you just ride it? >> yeah, you do at first. like the butterflies kick in, you know, cause it's like it's
12:14 am
thing, no going back. and you have that feeling, but all of a sudden you feel like the radiating love from, like, 13-year-olds coming. [ laughter ] and like 18-year-olds and like college students, like, radiating at you, and it feels like -- i can't even describe it. it's the most intense, amazing feeling. >> seth: that's fantastic. well, i feel like if you knocked that out "the wiz" is gonna be nothing. i feel like that's gonna be a breeze. >> i really do that. >> seth: i really do. i think you're gonna be fine. >> thank you. >> seth: and i can't wait to see it. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: thank you so much for being back on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: uzo aduba, everybody! "the wiz live!" [ cheers and applause ] live! airs on december 3rd at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. we'll be right back with more "late night."
12:15 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. now, as we all know, nbc will broadcast the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade on thanksgiving. all of your favorite floats and balloons will be there. it's a wonderful event. it's a wonderful tradition for this city. but did you know that every year the east coast electronics and appliance store, p.c. richard &son, has a second parade that runs late at night and celebrates the alternative
12:19 am
city? it's not for everyone but they broadcast it on new york 1 and we happen to have a promo video for it, so let's take a look. roll it, alex. >> live from beautiful jamaica, queens in new york city, it's the 69th annual p.c. richard &son alternative thanksgiving day parade, hosted by yankee stadium's marlboro man. [ laughter ] and taisha nichols, the m.t.a.'s worst employee. [ laughter ] celebration of everything that makes new yoyo city unusual and outlandish. with appearances by bob, from bob's discount mattress store bouncing on a queen-size bed. [ bouncing springs ] and new york's favorite in taxi movie critic, sandy kenyon. [ laughter ] and cat greenleaf, the host of "talk stoop." interviewing the rent is too damn high guy. [ laughter ] be delighted by the most famous dog in the city, roscoe the beagle, the dog that can smell bed bugs. [ barking ] bibiy joel on a flatbed pickup truck eatiti pasta and waving. and a group of hasidic men asking "are you jewish?" [ laughter ] all your favorite characters from times sare will be there, like a cavalcade of guys with goatees and fliers yelling, "do
12:20 am
[ laughter ] that big inflatable rat that they put in front of nonunion stores. also, you can get your photo taken with that elmo that was arrested for groping a woman. [ laughter ] and what parade would be complete without a horde of lost androgynous german tourists in puppy jackets holding maps looking around confused. [ laughter ] if you love the subway then you're in luck because we have a vast array of subway personalities, like the f-train showtime dancers performing for a terrified family from wisconsin. [ laughter ] a woman sobbing while reading "divergent." [ laughter ] and the legendary m.t.a. coughing choir, a group of sick commuters who cough christmas carols. [ coughing jingle bells ] [ laughter ] but wait, there's more. appearances by a swarm of smoking delivery men on electric bicycles. famous new york dermatologist, dr. zizmor, performing a live skin graft. all of chinatown's loudest fishmongers throwing carp into the crowd. a finance guy named devin riding
12:21 am
talking loudly about an epic guys' weekend in las vegas. a 102-year-old woman with a two bedroom rent-controlled apartment in the west village who just won't die. [ laughter ] and a special appearance by new york city mayor, bill de blasio, who will have to fight his way out of a cage filled with angry cab drivers who's business has been edged out by uber. and finally, closing out the festivities is the one and only screaming ragged santa of the damned riding his sleigh of black trash bags as he whips lumps of coal indiscriminately at people in the crowd. [ yelling ] [ laughter ] and of course e brooklyn nets. [ laughter ] so tune in for the p.c. richard & son alternative thanksgiving day parade. or don't, it really doesn't matter. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: oh, man, it's going to be a good one this year. we'll be right back with more "late night."
12:22 am
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>> seth: tonight's band is a grammy-award winning duo who also happened to have been the very first musical guests on our show, performing the song, "end of the world" from their brand new, album, "when the morning comes," please welcome back, "a great big world." [ cheers and applause ] i'm gonna love you love you i'm gonna love you love you i'm gonna love you love you like it's the end of the world i wanna remember the shape of your lips cause i wouldn't miss breathing as much as your kiss if the streets were on fire well we'd never know we'd be lost in each other instead of the smoke baby let's go out with a bang
12:25 am
song ever sang i'm gonna love you love you love you like it's the end of the world i'm gonna hold you hold you hold you as long as i can in this world so let's cheers to the moments of beauty we've found as the city burns to the ground i'm gonna love you love you i'm gonna love you love you we'll live forever they'll study our bones write stories about us and carve us in stone so they can remember what true love was like but this isn't about them it's just us tonight baby let's go out
12:26 am
we could be the last love song ever sang i'm gonna love you love you love you like it's the end of the world i'm gonna hold you hold you hold you as long as i can in this world so let's cheers to the moments of beauty we've found as the city burns to the ground i'm gonna love you love you i'm gonna love you love you be here now as the skies crash down watch the world fade away
12:27 am
cause what we've found never comes around let it burn up in flames let it all go up in flames i'm gonna love you love you be here now love you like it's the end of the world as the sky's falling down i'm gonna hold you hold you let it burn hold you as long as i can in this world up in flames i'm gonna love you love you love you like it's the end of the world as the sky's falling down i'm gonna hold you hold you let this all hold you as long as
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: "a great big world," everyone! the album, "when the morning
12:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks in matthew morrison, uzo aduba, a great big world, everybody, brain chase, and of course the 8g band!
12:30 am
we'll see you tomorrow.
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