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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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to be that one of our friends, her dad, got us tickets to actually go to the game so now we're actually going to go to the game." peterson 's flight leaves in a short while to sunny california. she said she paid $185 for the ticket. i checked stubhub and that's not the cheapest ticket. but it's very low on the spectrum of what a ticket could cost. live in sioux city, sam curtiss, ktiv news four. we will air a half-hour special called "the road to the rose bowl" tomorrow night. with the help from our sister station, kwwl in waterloo, we'll look back at the special 2015 season and look ahead to the matchup against stanford. again,n,ee that hawkeyes special, tonight n nht at 6:3:3 a small group of siouxlanders playing a big role in the rose bowl parade. two members of st. matthew
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from st. luke lutheran church in ricketts, iowa are helping build the floats. they started working on tuesday. and, will continue through tomorrow. then they'll enjoy friday off to watchchll of the work in person. the mama float they helped create was for lutheran hour ministries. the float is expected to appear later in the parade that you can see friday morning started at 10 a.m. on ktiv news 4. the year is ending cold. but what will 2016 begin? meteorologist ben dorenbach is here to tell us what we can expect. weather ad-lib after many inclulung sioux city bottomed out in sub-zero territory this morning, w wll end the year 2015 on a similarly, but not quite as cold note with lows near 10 degrees tonight. also, don't be too worried about a few flurries that might fall in some spots tonight, they shouldn't interrupt your new years plans much at all. we'll begin the year 2016 on a bright note with lots of sunshine and highs near 30 tomorrow with a brisk breeze out of the west. we'll see similar conditions this weekend and early next week with a few more clouds returning and a slight chance of a snow shower or two next
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a man from norfolk, nebraska facing charges for a murder in omaha, nebraska. ktiv's michelle schoening has more.
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johnny k. moore. police say they responded to the reported stabbing just before 3:30 a.m. sunday in north omaha. moore was pronounced dead at the moore will next be in court for a preliminary hearing on january 26th. he's being held without bond. michelle schoening, ktiv, news 4. >> prosecutors say evidence shows a former police chief in harrisburg, south dakota charged with killing his pregnant fiance helped take out more than $750,000 in life insurance policies on her months before she died. prosecutors in 64-year-old russell bertram's case want to present evidence of the policies during the trial begins in february. bertram is charged with first-degree murder in the 2009 death of 26-year-old leonila stickney. a sioux city man has pleaded not guilty to charges in connection to a home invasion and beating
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21-year-old austin cummings pleaded not guilty to first and second degree robbery, going armed with intent and assault. police say cummings was one of two men who entered the home of jodi blackwell in the 26- hundred block of south alice street earlier this month. the men asked for drugs and money. police say the victims believe they had the wrong house. blackwell's 19-year-old son was tied up and beaten with a crowbar while blackwell was held at gunpoint. the thieves took multiple video game systems, a tv and cell phone. more details emerging about an cherokee, iowa woman who faces several charges after police say she crashed into another vehicle on purpose. according to court documents, melissa ebert and the front seat passenger, got involved in an argument. that's when documents say ebert threatened to crash her vehicle. ebert collided head-on with another vehicle in plymouth county, iowa. the incident resulted in three people ending up with serious injuries. ebert also faces her second owi offense and a charge of serious injury by
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the second annual sobriety pow wow was held today at sioux city west high school. tribes from surrounding areas gathered to celebrate the new year in a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment. the popowow included dancing, singing and a presentation from the nebraska indian community college. the importance of the pow wow is to bring in the new year with an alcohol and drug-free celebration and to educate about prevention. "just by coming in here having fun and it's a diffferent activity and it's a healthy activity and it's a good choice," said jim hallum. "a lot of powwows, especially sobriety powwows help people heal and the dancers also heal. the dancncrs too also heal lili the drum is mother earth's heartbeat and the reason why we dance is to help other people heal," said sadie jefferson. the pow wow continues into tonight to ring in the new year with another grand entry at 7:00 p.m. alcohol sales in iowa climbed more thaha5 percent in the last year. .
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division says sales increased to about $319 million. black velvet whiskey remained the top-selling distilled spirit, with sales of over 170,000 cases. per capita sales were highest in dickinson county. fremononcounty, in southwest iowa, had the lowest sales. nebraska's minimum wage is increasing by a dollar to nine dollars an hour in 2016. the increase for non-tipped workers starts tomorrow. it's up from $8 an hour in 2015 and 7 dollars and 25 cents before that. the increase is the final phase of a two-step minimum wage hike approved by voters in 2014. nebraska's last minimum wage increase before that was in 2009. a new contract with the largest union for sioux city staffers will make martin luther king jr. day a paid holiday starting in 2017. the two-year contract also includes pay raiais of betwtwn 2.25 percent and 2 2 percent.
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people like to relax and celebrate in their own home. and then there are those looking to add a little flash to the festivities. lantis fireworks is in north sioux city, across the iowa-south dakota border. the family business has been years. while the fourth of july is obviously y ntis' busiest time of year, neneyears eve those customers seeking some year. "it's something celebratory like independance, get serious! and everything's going to change," said owner, don lantis. "it's a than shooting a shotgun up in the air, and that's what people would do. now, they can get their fireworks to shoot up and you have something pretty." a reminder for those who buy fireworks that safety is always a priority. the new year means it's time to start fresh and kick the bad habits of 2015. which means it's time to make your new year's resolution known. we wenenaround sioux city to
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community have for 2016. and save money and do more and "to do something better for city" no more illness, no more deaths. it's time for us to stop being ruse tto everybody and be kind to everybody." can be there for my kids." did. so i can help my family out and be happy." of course the second step in making a resolution is sticking with it. a local gym is gearing up for an annual holiday tradition. new year's day of play is taking place tomorrow at the norm waitt sr. ymca in south sioux city. people and families can get in free to ring in the new year. they can even hit the pool or sample a fitness class. "on january 1st every year, we host the new year's day of play. just gives
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way to ring in the new year an active, fun way" said chris deroin, norm waitt, senior ymca. the new year's day of play goes from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the ymca. still to come... the hawkeyes took the field at the rose bowl -- just for a walk through. see more later in sports.
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two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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>> after many including sioux city bottomed out in sub-zero territory this morning, we'll end the year 2015 on a similarly, but not quite as cold note with lows near 10 degrees tonight. also, don't be too worried about a few flurries that might fall in some spots tonight, they shouldn't interrupt your new years plans much at all. we'll begin the year 2016 on a bright note with lots of sunshine and highs near 30 tomorrow with a brisk breeze out of the west. we'll
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conditions this weekend and early next week with a few more clouds returning and a slight chance of a snow shower or two next thursday.
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a state upland game biologist says hunters should still find plenty of roosters in fields this weekend as south dakota wraps up the 2015 pheasant hunting season. the fish and parks department says officials won't have harvest numbers until april or may, but all indications point to a more productive season than in 2014. still to come... three siouxland candidates are making campaign stops around siouxland. see which presidential hopefuls will be in
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as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many exampleses where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley will be visiting siouxland over the next few days. on saturday he will be in storm lake at the better day cafe at 5:15 p.m. later that night he will be in le mars at the plymouth county museum at 7:30 p.m. on sunday he will be in sioux city at noon at mary treglia community house. that's at 900 jennings street. from there he heads south to council bluffs. and, democrat hillary clinton plans to be in sioux city on tuesday for a 2:15 event at the orpheum theatre. the event goes until 4 p.m. republican ted cruz will be campaigning in iowa next week. he's planning to visit 36 counties in six days. one of his stops will take him to dordt college, in sioux center on tuesday, january 5th. he'll speak at the de yager activity center on campus from 6 until 8:30 p.m. brad's here -- another day of fun for hawkeye fans. the party is just starting on the uss iowa -- while the players got to walk on the rose bowl turf for the first time. we'll have a live report from california. and, the musketeers get ready y for their annual
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city's way very often.
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football as great travelers. no matter what bowl game iowa's in -- tens of thousands of fans will be there. attending the rose bowl is a 'bucket list' item for a lot
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sports fource is "on the road" in california. brad hanson from with more. the uss iowa has turned into hawkeye central thursday as nearly 20,000 fans have descended on the battleship. organizers say they originally planned for only about 1,000 people. but of course, word got out about the rally and it was announced at wednesday's hawkeye huddle. that means hawkeye fans have turned out in droves to see the ship. the line stretching nearly a half mile to get on but worth the wait for many iowa fans getting a tour on board. "i think it's probably incredible," said carl williams. "i'm actually us navy from 68-69, served in vietnam, and so i told charlene when i got on here the first thing i'm gonna want to do is reenlist. we won't let him." while lots of fans are getting
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tour the ship today, many more are content to hang out on the dry land. they, of course, do have beer but with just one vendor. as history has shown, especially in indianapolis, that's just not cutting it for thirsty hawkeye fans on the ship. that'll do it for us here at the uss iowa, we'll send it back to you in sioux city. thanks, brad hanson, live in california. with the game less than 24 hours away, the hawkeyes finally got to walk on the rose bowl turf for a walk-through this afternoon. the grass is replaced for this game, so iowa and stanford will be the first teams to play on it. for theheirst time, they're using kentucky bluegrass -- instead of the traditional bermuda grass. on friday afternoon. the hawkeyes also posed for photo. sgt. bluff-luton graduate cole croston will be right in the middle of the action on friday.
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starting right tackle for the hawkeyes. cole's dad dave -- who went to sioux city east -- was a rose bowl starter for iowowat left tackle in 1986 when theheawks lost to ucla. cole is one of eight current hawkeyes, whose fathers also played in the rose bowl for iowa. a great week for hawkeye athletics continued late last night when the iowa wrestling team won the title at the prestigous midlands championships. iowa won three individual titles and scored 152 points to finish ahead of second- place nebraska -- i ia state was sixth. thomas gilman, brandon sorereon and nathan burak all finished first. iowa is off until january 8th, when they travel to illinois. the musketeers are home for their annual new year's even game against omaha. it's been a bad tradition for sioux city -- who is just 1 and 12 in their last 13 new year's eve games against the lancers. the muskies are 12-13 and 1 this season, while omaha isis 14-11 and 1. the teams have split their first two games this season, each winning on the other's home ice. sioux city is 5 and 5 in their last ten games -- but
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overall -- with a win tonight. game time is 7-05 and we'll have the highlights at ten. creighton coach greg mcdermott, opening big east play in new york city against st. john's. jays up six in the second half -- james milliken hits the corner three -- the lead is back up to nine -- he had 11. sometimes, all it takes is one guy to beat the defense -- maurice watson dribbles and drives for 2 -- watson threw in 17 points. more aggressive driving by the jays -- kyhri thomas goes up and under for 2 more -- the lead is double digits. geoffrey goselle made his first 8 shots from the field -- finished with 22 points and creighton gets the road win, 80 to 70.
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people gathering in times square to ring in the new year. more than a million people are expepeed to see the ball drop. revelers will also see increased security after a year marked by violence in the u-s. tonight: a few flurries. partly
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>> host: you have a beautiful
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