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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  December 31, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> host: you have a beautiful aerial shot of the famous rosebowl stadium in pasadena, california, the hawkeyes and cardinals getting ready to go head to head in the 102nd rosebowl game here live from the rosebowl. good evening, everyone. welcome to the stadium here. we are getting ready for the 102nd edition of the rosebowl on friday. we are going to talk for the next half hour about the season, mark, undefeated 12-0 record, winning the 10 west and going to the championship game. the first tripo the rosebowl for the hawkeyes in 25 years. this iconic stadium awaits the hawkeyes in two days. >> mark: we are surrounded by the san gabriel mountains, feeling the late winds of
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earlier today the two coaches met one last time shaking hands in front of the famous rosebowl >> >> ron nichols, general manager: : >> ron: it once had seating fans. now seating 4,000. it's hosted the worldld cup soccer, five superbowls and is bruins. >> it's the 102nd rosebowl run bringing two teams together that never played together before in the hawkeyes and stanford cardinals. >> one of the great traditions of away games is the hawkeye huddle sponsored by the fine folks at the university of iowa alumni association. that's going on noy as a matter ofon now as a matterof fact. >> the rosebowl version is under
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we go live to brad hanson. a lot of people, brad, from what i hear. >> brad: i a a lot of people is right. they are estimating 20,000 fans in what has turned into a star studded hawkeye huddle. we have alumni tom arnold on the stage. the university president, we have seen alum from past rosebowl games going back to the 1956 rosebowl game. an electric atmosphere as fans are more thaneady for the first rosebowl game in 25 years. we'll wrap it up in downtown los angeles and send it back to you in pasadena. >> brad, thank you very much. 20,000 hawkeye fans expected at the convention center tonight. it's a hawkeye huddle tonight and the alumni association is
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party here outside of the stadium at the brookside golf club. that's at 10:00 friday morning. >> they call this the grandaddy of them all. game played 101 times, more than any other bowl game in history. the hawkeyessave played in five, sixth one coming up. >> let's go back to the firct hawkeye appearance, 1957. this film is 50 years old, kenny plain, leading the hawks past oregon state. that was some kind of run. he completed nine of ten passes and was named game's most valuable player. in the 1957 game, half back, not running backs, back then, scored a touchdown. his son 20 years later, his son
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'86 game against ucla. he led the hawks to a second rosebowl two years later with randy duncan, the des moines attorney at the helm. yeeter with 194-yards rushing as the hawks beat up on california by the s sre of 38-12. mark, not long after that '59 victory, hawkeye football hit a tail spin of sorts. >> a little before my time, 19 straight losing seasons. fry came along with losing two, then advananng tohe 1982 rosebowl game in january. quarterback gordy l that game. his sons carried on the legacy as well.
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the running of full backs, who went on to play several years, called the cedar valley home for mama years now. they beat the hawks 28-0. injured for the '82 rosebowl. bobby, now head coach at oklahoma. >> that's right. injured came back to play and was replaced by his younger brother for the hawkeyes in that game. norm granger had a good game, full back backhen. he's known now as a sports official with robert smith now. >> robert smith was a wide receiver for the hawkeyes for a long time on the 1986 rosebowl team, in fact. on a team led by all american chuck long. the hawks were favorites in that game scored early. ucla per veiled beating the hawks 45-28.
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all american running back harmon fumbled four time in the first half. he had 11 passes, a rosebowl record back then. people still talk about that game. we hear from chuck long and his program in a fewinutes, as a matter of fact. >> the most recent rosebowl game, 25 years ago, 1991. nick hadwo touchdowns. quarterback matt rodgers scored twice. down 33-7 at the half against washington and beat them 46-24. >> it's been 25 years since the hawkeyes have been at the rosebowl. even though it's an undefeated season, 12-0, coming to the rosebowl, you get the feeling that this hawkeye football team has a lot o prove on friday. i had a chance to sit down
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ach to talal about the hawkeye's historic season. >> can you put into words what it's like to have a 12-0 season coming within an eyelash of the big 12 championship with this group of guys. what does it mean to you? >> i was speechless. i told the players i don't know what to say. i have never been in the situation before. i have beenn around caliber football teams, but never a team going 12-0. this team has been great to work with day one back to january. their attitude is outstanding, work ethic is great. coming out of spring ball, you talk to our coaches, we liked our team but it's not like w w knew how the team would shape up. duri camp we started to see things. the leadership we have seen develop and emerge during the course of the season is
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we have a lot of underclassmen doing great things too. when you have a good group of players, good things can happen. >>he coach, we hear more from him later. he talks about the turning point
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>> coming up next, we look ba >> back here live outside the rosebowl stadium in pasadena, california. reporter zach grant joins me to talk about the hawkeye season. >> what a season it was. they dominated a few gamam, went into the wildcats, beat them 40-10 on home turf. a lot of them were so close, they could have gone either way. let's look back at 2015 season making it here to the rosebowl.
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2015 iowa hawkeye football season has been, you need to remember how 2014 2014 ended. last season ended 45-28 loss to the tennessee volunteers in the taxpayer bowl. there were calls for kirk's job. 2015 started with a new quarterback, junior c.j. week one the hawkeyes handed the runner up illinois state behind three rushing touchdowns and a defense that allowed zero points. week two, iowa took on iowa state. former hawkeye tyler stash, out scoring the cyclones, 12-0 second half. in a game with three touchdowns. >> week three a game against pittsburg and a 57-yard game
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marshal sappedders. after destroying north texas, iowa defeated the 19th ranked badgers in a game dominated by the hawkeye defense. the following week the crowd rushed for 256-yards on a school record 43 carries. as the hawkeye topped 29 points. going on the road, 20th ranked northwestern was no challenge. rushed 192-yards with four touchdowns of his own in the domination of the wildcats 40-10. then 31-15 led by an interception touchdown return from dezmond king. >> upon traveling to bloomington, cj jump started the offense as iowa came out on top
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at home in a night blackout game, iowa brought the win to the hawkeye state 40-35. >> on a snowy day in iowa city, the hawkeyes had no problem gaining traction against the boilermaker, recording six touchdowns and topping 40 points for the fourth time on the seas. iowa came into lincoln looking to finish the regular season, a school record 12-0, led by four interceptions, iowa finished undefeated first time since 1922. hawkeyes came into their first bibiten championship th a shot at the college football playoffs. despite fighting back in the fourth quarter, they fell by the smallest of margins as they turn their sights to the stanford cardinals in the rose bowl.
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the coach said earlier the building of this team began when norm parker had to leave the team for health reasons. that brought in new coaches, new ideas. the coach told me a key moment came late last year. >> at the end of the last season there were people saying, it's time for a change, and the tennessee situation, what was that ride likee coming back froro that game. was that a turning point? it seems to me it was a turning point where you and scour staff said i don't want to feel lik this again. it goes back to our last week at home. we played against wisconsin. it was an excellent football game. two good teams competing. we came out on the short end like the championship game. the next week was hard to swallow. we didn't play the way any of us wanted to look.
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unhappy. to me, that game was the turning point to go back and look at things. there is a a old adage in sports, never good as you think and never bad as you think. the film the next day, for the record, it was bad, but overall, programwise, i never felt that far off. there was no question we needed to look closer, inspect things in every detail. i had more time to think aboutut it in january. i can't say enough about the work everyone did to make this a reality this year. >> host: later the coach will talk about the privilege of coaching his three sons and the role iowa plays in the community. >> a look at the santa monica pier when we come days after the parisisttacks, senanars came together foror top-secretetriefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing -
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>> welcome back. 30 years ago chuck long led his team to the rosebowl. >> i talked to chuck. he said he has vivid memories of the loss to ucla. >> i remember the functions and we finally get to the game. all of a sudden the adrenaline rush of seeing the rosebowl down in the valley from the bus. going down there, there's the marquee sign on the stadium. it hits you then and there that you are in thee game of the year. i remember going out in the pregame warmup saying, i can't believe i'm on the floor as the starting quarterback in the rosebowl. i was heart broken. it was one of the memories, we would have loved to win that for hayden, for ourselves and hayden fry, all he did for iowa. to some degree, haunts me today.
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it was nice to reflect back and say, i scored a rushing touchdown in a rosebowl game, and i wasn't known for scoring rushing touchdowns. it was fun to be able to do that. >> that's because he had 74 career touchdown passes for the hawkeyes, and named the big ten conference quarterback back then.
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when we come back we h >> welcome back. earlier todod we sat down witith universisi of iowa bruce harold. >> we focused on what's going on around here. he talked about the come back of bruce harris. >> we talk about in our athletic program the three legs of the school. whipping is important. academics, and the integrity of
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i keep saying to gary and kirk and the other coaches, i care about winning. i'm competitive like everyone else but the other two legs are more important. most of these kids are not going to play professional sports. they need education for careers. we are educating them for life. the way they win, integrity, value,e,he iowa way. that's what this is all about. i'm so proud of what kirk, gary bart ta, last night what they are doing. they are doing it the iowa way, integrity, hard work and discipline. >> ron, how about kirk? 17 years, 127 wins for the hawks. >> 127 wins with 16 of the all time winning coach coach hayden fry, 143 victories. there have been so many special
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but three hit close to home. >> what has it been like, what privilege is it to coachch your son? >> it's interesting. you go through life. it's never work inned the private sector, pro football. youyou see people with family members involved in their businesses. i thought it was cool. we consider ourselves fortunate with what the university of iowa has provided for us. that's something we never counted on. to have three kids on the team is great. brian on the staff working with him, sometimes too much reality, but for the most part it's pretty good.
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>> we are coming back wit >> right now our top ten plays of the hawkeye year. >> we begin our countdown with
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the country, devon king. one of the big plays jim thorpe winner made all season long. >> number nine, ripping off the long run. 75-yards. no one's catching him. the longest distance since sean green did it in 2008. >> number eight, c.j. takes off. that's the quarterback taking it 44-yards down the field. number sech, nebraska sevenning up the screen. gets his paws up. taking it the short distance for the pick six. number six, scrambling around. he goes full superman leaping i the endzone for the touchdown. look at him get up. number five, channeling the inner beckham junior, making the one hand grab, snagging it out of midair. number four, bow bower picking it up down the sideline.
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gas at the end, piling it on the mean green. number three, dezmond king picking off the pass. he takes it 88-yards like bower did. king a bit faster getting into the endzone with ease. number two, fox's gus johnson has the call. >> goes down the field -- touchdown! iowa! [ applause ] [ cheering ] >> cj beckham. >> number one marshal king with the game winning, 57-yard field go, up and good and the celebration is on in iowa city. >> seven yards! >> that's it from pasadena.
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wl see you tonight at 10:
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