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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 31, 2015 9:58pm-10:30pm CST

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wine oh we gotta turn up the crazy livin' like a washed-up celebrity shooting fireworks like it's the fourth of july hawkeye fan frenzy the night before the big game. a look at a couple of the hot spots to catch the action in sioux city. ringing in the new year: a party for young professionals in siouxland. and, we'll take you some of the world's biggest celebrations, including new york's times square. the countdown is on in times square as they're about an hour away from the new year! hope you're having a good new year's eve. i'm sheila brummer. matt breen is off tonight. hawkeye fans hope to ring in the
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ktiv's sam curtiss joins us live tonight, at one of the biggest parties in town. he's live at the hard rock hotel and casino in downtown sioux city tonight. sam. for new years eve, it looks like this is the place to be in the sioux city area. (ad lib current situation) tomorrow, there's one spot in sioux city that many hawkeye in hawkeye tradition. and a large part of that tradition are the people, the fans. on gamedays, this grill is a vital part of the gameplan. but for the rose bowl friday, it's taking a seat on the bench. "it will not be going tomorrow," said john tremmel. john tremmel has manned it during iowa football games for a couple decades now. "since hayden fry started, we started
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a deal where he grills for hawkeye fans that show up. a gentleman's agreement with the late owner of marty's tap, martin allard. "you can't afford me per hour," said john tremmel. "i'll work for a couple beers." minus tremmel and the grill, not much will be different on gameday at marty's. except for maybe a few extra fans as it's been 25 years since the hawkeyes last played in the rose bowl. "more places to sit, more places to stand, more beer that's cold," joked libby claeys. as iowa football brings together old and new aquaintences. "it becomes a family, everyone is very close knit," said libby claeys. "when the hawkeye fans come out, good or bad, we're always a good crew," said john tremmel. a crew that tremmel knows very well. as he walks through the taproom and knows pretty much everyone inside. though his spot is outside. "most people watch the game while i'm grilling and i watch my radio," said john tremmel. no surprise that john is predicitng a hawkeye win.
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second field goal. moving back to the festivities going on here, they'll have the game on many of the tv's here. live in downtown sioux city with chief photographer jordan ogren and live link 4, sam curtiss, ktiv news 4. for fans, getting tickets took a little bit of work. today, we caught up with two fans on their way to catch a flight from sioux falls. jennifer peterson and her friends had planned to go to the game and tailgate in the parking lot instead. however, she found a holiday miracle. "we decided once iowa lost to michigan, we were going to go to just tailgate," said jennifer peterson. "and then it happened to be that one of our friends, her dad, got us tickets to actually go to the game so now we're actually going to go to the game." peterson says she paid $185 for the ticket. some tickets today were going for $2,500 on stubhub.
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pep rally took place on board the u.s.s. iowa. organizers say they originally planned for only about 1,000 people. but, word got out about the rally at wednesday's the line stretched out for nearly a half mile around the ship. out with the cold and in with a meteorologist ben dorenbach with the first look at our forecast. after many including sioux city bottomed out in sub-zero territory this morning, we'll similarly, but not quite as cold note with lows near 10 degrees tonight. also, don't be too that might fall in some spots tonight, they shouldn't interrupt your new years plans much at all. we'll begin the year 2016 on a bright note with lots of sunshine and highs near 30 tomorrow with a brisk breeze out of the west. we'll see similar conditions this weekend and early next week with a few more clouds returning and a slight chance of a snow shower or two next
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it's a classy new year's eve party for a younger crowd. siouxland's young professionals have gathered to ring in the new year at the howard johnson hotel in downtown sioux city. the party is being put on by the sioux city growth organization with hopes of attracting the up and coming professionals of sioux city for a fun night with a sophisticated touch. "every year it seems like i'm looking for a new year's eve it's either the higher end events or some of the bar events, which are great, too. we wanted to kind of bridge that gap in between." said sioux city growth organization board president, britney sininger. "your young professionals sometimes just want something that's a little bit classier, but still fun, so that's kind of where we are, today." the party will be going on through midnight and beyond. nearly a million people have
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sarah dallof shows us the excitement there tonight. > safety a big concern as beijing china rang in the new year. "count down and then screaming." there were plenty of fireworks, singing and
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shanghai closed subways near the scenic waterfront to help control the crowd. that's because of a stampede last new year's eve that killed 36 people. london welcomed in 2016 with a giant fireworks show! "nat snd of fireworks" some 12,000 fireworks filled the clear night sky along the banks of the river thames. the festivities taking place around the london eye ferris wheel. and, one of the first places in the world to celebrating the new year. australia. they lit off a spectacular display at the harbor in sydney! and, some in siouxland also turned to fireworks. lantis fireworks is in north sioux city, across the iowa-south dakota border. the family business has been around for more than 70 years. while the fourth of july is obviously their busiest time of year, new years eve also attracts those customers seeking some added excitement. "it's something celebratory like the fourth of july. it's our independance, get serious! and
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everything's going to change," said owner, don lantis. "it's a lot better than shooting a shotgun up in the air, and that's what people would do. now, they can get their fireworks to shoot up and you have something pretty." a holiday tradition on ice: the sioux city musketeers heating things up at the tyson events center tonight.
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bottomed out in sub-zero territory this morning, we'll end the year 2015 on a similarly, but not quite as cold note with lows near 10 degrees tonight. also, don't be too worried about a few flurries that might fall in some spots tonight, they shouldn't interrupt your new years plans much at all. we'll begin the year 2016 on a bright note with lots of f nshine and highs near 30 tomorrow with a brisk breeze out of ththwest. we'll see similar
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clouds returning and a slight chance of a snow shower or two next thursday. see graphics. iowa's governor deploying the
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guard to help with fooding in missouri. about 45 members and 20 vehicles will help in high ridge, missouri. they'll provide water purification and water transportation services. the community's water treatment plant was contaminated by extensive flooding leaving more than 6,000 without water to drink. more than 20,000 people across the state don't have clean water due to massive flooding. the president plans to make a major annoucement concerning gun control. find out the potential retrictions straight ahead on news 4 at 10.
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bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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facing charges for a murder in omaha. twenty-eight year old courtney moore faces first-degree murder and weapons charges in the stabbing death of another man early on sunday morning. moore will next be in court for 26thv he's being held thout bond tonight. president barack obama is expected to announce a new executive order on gun control. white house sources say the goal is to close the so- allows ceceain gun sellers to skip buyer background checks. the measure is also expected to
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enforcement to enforce existing gun laws. the president is expected to reveal the plan at his state of the union address on january 12-th. in tonight's road to the caucus coverage. several presidential candidates plan to make the rounds in siouxland. democrat hillary clinton will be in sioux city on tuesday afternoon at 2:15 at the orpheum theatre. on saturday, martin o'malley will be in storm lake at the better day cafe at 5:15 p.m. and, at the plymouth county museum in le mars at 7:30. on sunday, he will be in sioux city at noon at the mary treglia community house. from there he heads south to council bluffs. republican ted cruz will be campaigning in iowa next week. he's planning to visit 36 counties in six days. one of his stops will take him to dordt college, in sioux center on tuesday at 6 p.m. a major shake-up in the ben carson c cpaign. the republican candidate's two top aides have resigned. carson has struggled in the polls since october when he was rivaling donald trump for the lead in the republican presidential race. he's now in third place in the gop race behind trump and cruz. celebrating the new year alcohol free.
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resolutions to get in shape. and, you can start tomorrow morning with an annual tradition. "new year's day of play" is taking place tomorrow at the norm waitt sr. ymca in south sioux city. everyone gets in free from ten a.m. until three. the second annual sobriety pow wow was held
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sioux city. the importance of the pow wow is to bring in the new year with an alcohol and drug-free celebration and to educate about prevention. "just by coming in here having fun and it's a diffferent activity and it's a healthy activity and it's a good choice," said jim hallum. "a lot of powwows, especially sobriety powwows help people heal and the dancers also heal. the dancers too also heal like the drum is mother earth's heartbeat and the reason why we dance is to help other people heal," said sadie jefferson. the pow wow included dancing, singing and a presentation from the nebraska community college. alcohol sales in iowa climbed year. totatasales about $319 million. velvet whiskey. the county with the biggest cales per capita? dickinson county! brad's here -- a family tradition continues at the rose bowl. sgt. bluff-luton's cole croston will start in iowa's offensive line on friday -- just like his
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more in a minute. and, theheusketeers try to break a new yeye's eve jinx against omaha.
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tomorrow morning at 5..... auto sales in the u.s. have gone up this year. we'll show you how you can still score the best deals in the new year. and concussions are in the spotlight again. we'll show you what some doctors are doing to deal with this form of brain trauma. most father's would be happy to have their sons follow in their footsteps. in the croston family, from sergeant bluff -- those are big foot- steps. dave played for iowa in the rose bowl in 1986 -- his son cole, will start for the hawkeyes in friday's rose bowl. the hawkeyes posed for their official team photo in pasadena. cole croston is a sgt.
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came to iowa as a walk-on. the junior got his first career start against wisconsin in october and never game up the job -- starting the last nine games of the season. his dad dave -- who went to sioux city east -- was an iowa starter for iowa at left tackle, years ago against u ua. cole is one of eight current hawkeyes, whose fathers also played in the rose bowl for iowa. with the game less than 24 hours away, the hawkeyes finally got to walk on the rose bowl turf for a walk-through this afternoon. the grass is replaced for this game, so iowa and stanford will be the first teams to play on it. for the first time, they're using kentucky bluegrass -- instead of the traditional bermuda grass. the rose bowl kicks off at 4-10 on friday afternoon on espn. orange bowl in the playoff semifinals. an 11 yard td pass to mark andrews -- sooners go up 17-16. in the 3rd -- clemson goes back in front -- wayne gallman scores clemson was just getting warmed up. deshaun watson with a 35 y yd td
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is in the national title game, 37-17 over oklahoma. in the other semifinal, alabama is leading michigan state 38-nothing in the fourth quarter. the crimson tide only led 10-zip at haltime. it will be alabama and clemson in the national title game -- that'ss monday, january 11ththn arizona. playing hockey on new year's eve should be a lot of fun. but for the musketeers, it's been a nightmare. sioux city is 1 and 12 in their last 13 new year's eve game against omaha -- the only win coming in 20-11. largest crowd of the season, over 42-hundred at the tyson events center. muskies up 1-zip in the second period -- brian rigali gets drilled by omaha's jake gingell -- sioux city's jackson keane sticks up for his teammate after the head-shot -- both got game misconduct penalties -- rigali needed help off the ice. omaha would tie it up -- captain nick rivera puts in the rebound for the goal -- it's 1-1.
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evan wisocky getethis first goal of the season ananthe muskies top omaha 4 to 1. creighton coach greg mcdermott, opening big east play in new york city against st. john's. jays up six in the second half -- james milliken hits the corner three -- the lead is back up to nine -- he had 11. sometimes, all it takes s one guy to beat the defense -- maurice watson dribbles and drives for 2 -- watson threw in 17 points. more aggressive driving by the jays -- kyhri thomas goes up and under for 2 more -- the lead is double digits. geoffrey goselle made his first 8 shots from the field -- finished with 22 points and creighton gets the road win, 80 to 70. the jays improve to 10 and 4 overall. tonight: a few flurries. partly
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friday: sunny and a bit breezy. high 32.
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