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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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(matt) good evening thanks for joining us. i'm matt breen. (sheila) and, i'm sheila brummer. the search continues, tonight, for a suspect in knox county, nebraska, who's considered "armed and dangerous." (matt) the manhunt started early today as the suspect, 25- year-old david hoffman, of santee, nebraska, escaped police custody. as he e made his escape investigators say hoffman grabbed the officer's gun. when he was last seen, hoffman was on foot. as a precaution authorities put the niobrara state park on lockdown. they also locked down schools in the niobrara school district late this afternoon, the nebraska state patrol was escorting children, and teachers, to their cars after school was dismissed. a message over the school intercom advised everyone to stay in their homes for night as the manhunt continues. the knox county sheriff says hoffman is a native american male, measuring 5-feet, 10-inches tall, weighing 150-pounds. he has a tattoo on his adam's apple. hofofan was last seen weang a
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sweatshirt, and dark pants. if you have any information about hoffman's whereabouts, contact the knox county sheriff at (402) 288-4261. it may be a year before investigators can say for certain what brought down a plane in a northst nebraska farm field, sunday night. the plane took off from columbia, missouri, and was headed for sioux city. sunday night, airport officials diverted the flight to the airport in wayne, nebraska, because of bad weather. it never arrived. investigators found the plane early monday morning. now, the national transportation safety board is leading the investigation into what caused the crash. today, they were on the scene documenting the wreckage. "i have not heard of any problems. he was in fact talking to air traffic control. i've been in contact with our air traffic control specialist, who's actually located in d.c., he's digging up those tapes and those recordinns and i'll gege those when i get back to the office," s sd national transportation safety board lead air safety investigator, craig hatch. the wreckage should be removed
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(sheila) the weather is also worth paying attention to, tonight. (matt) ter a warmer day, we could see a wintryryix, tonight. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. a stronger south wind combined with a little better clearing today to get many of us bk into the 30s for our highs. temperatures won't drop much tonight as a disturbance moves into siouxland and gives us a slight chance of light freezing rain, sleet, or snow toward wednesday morning. a mix could linger early tomorrow with some light snow possible wednesday afternoon with only a dusting expected. (matt) today, president obama issued
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orders to tighten the rules requiring background checks on gun sales. (sheila) the president's executive orders require more background checks, hiring more examiners for 24/7 checking, and banning anyone on a no-fly list from buying guns. the administration hopes it will stop gun sellers from getting around the background- check requirement by failing to register as licensed dealers. the licensing requirement will now be required of anyone who's "in the business" of selling firearms. denouncing the president's plans was republican presidential candidate ted cruz. he continued his "cruzin' to caucus" iowa bus tour, in sioux center, tonight. the texas senator aims to hit 28 counties, in the hawkeye state, this week. shortly after taking the stage at dort college, in sioux center, cruz explained that he plans to abolish the irs, and repeal and replace the affordable care act speaking to a crowd of roughly 500 people, he say his first order of business
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taken by the president today. "the first thing i intend to do is to rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive order taken by this president," said republican presidential candidate ted cruz. regarding immigration-- cruz says no one, who is in america illegally, may be granted citizenship. "enforcing the law means that if someone is deported they are not eligible to come back here to this county, and we need to enforce the law," said cruz. earlier today, sen. ted cruz sent a fundraising email to supporters inviting them to register for a chance to win his "engraved shotgun." today, hillary clinton made her fourth visit to sioux city since announcing her campaign for president. one message hasn't changed... she wants your support in the iowa caucuses. inside the orpheum theatre in downtownioux city, the democrat spoke to a crowd of about 450 people packed into the
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the "fighting for us" town hall allowed clinton to address the economy, and what she can do to make americans' lives better. "i've been laying out my plans about new jobs, good jobs with rising incomes, more infrastructure jobs," said clinton. "you know we need more work on our roads, our bridges, our tunnels." the audience included local lawmakers, business leaders and others. some even drove from outside siouxland to hear clinton speak. "we've supported hillary for years," said darlis helverson, a resident of sioux falls, south dakota. "we've actually been sneaking across the border working in iowa because south dakota there's not much hope of her picking up that state. but there is iowa. "i have been a hillary supporter since hillary clinton first ran and had an opportunity to meet both of them during that first campaign," said iona michaelis of west point nebraska. along with the economy, clinton also talked about president obama's new executive order tightening the country's gun laws. clinton said said some of
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supported in the past. (matt) siouxlala students are back to class after their holiday break, and that means high school basketball is back, too. highlights from the hard
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a stronger south wind combined with a little better clearing today to get many of us back into the 30s for our highs. temperatures
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moves into siouxland and gives us a slight chance of light freezing rain, sleet, or snow toward wednesday morning. a mix could linger early tomorrow with some light snow possible wednesday afternoon with only a dusting expected. another chance of a mix will be with us thursday before better chances of snow come our way thursday night into friday with light accumulations possible. this system moves out for the weekend allowing verer cold airiro move in for the weekend. highs by sunday may not even get out of the single digits with slight
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fitness facts: straight ahead in healthbeat 4: as more people hit the gym for their new year's resolutions, find out the busiest month for one local location.
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the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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(matt) if you made a new year's resolution to get in shape you might be seeing a bigger crowd at the gym. (sheila) this might be hard to believe, but january isn't the busiest time for the norm waitt senior ymca in south sioux city, nebraska. they sign up 1/6th of all theiei new clients this month. but, peak season really hits in march. :28 "once the calendar flips, people just come in droves. year after year. it's the natural if you build it they will come. it's kind of like field of dreams. except we are the facility of dreams." here's a look at how busy the ca gets in march. in january, they see 21,000
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in march, it's 23,000. and, it trails off to 16,000 to 17,000 by the end of the year. a "design & dine" fundraiser served up success this year. the event in at stoney creek in november, brought in more than $65,000 for the florence crittenton center in sioux city. the crittenton center has provided support and services for siouxland familes for more than 100 years. the event featured elaborately decorated tablescapes with broadway themes. awarded with the "people's choice" honor was katie sullivan with sodexo for her phantom of the opera- - themed table. joellen aesoph-holles was given the "judge's choice" award for her table representing "grease". that's it for news and weather! but our sportsfource extra crew is just getting started. they're bringing you highlights from games all over siouxland. stay right where you are!
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extra show for 20-16. along with mark freund, i'm brad pautsch. we'll see seven ranked high school teams -- and catch wrestling action from west high. ranked teams face each other as south sioux city goes to west and cherokee hosts manson, northwest webster. we'll have highlights of 11 games, and we'll start in sioux city. the west and south sioux city girls have had identical seasons so far. both teams are ranked -- and
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both could be in the state tournament in march. this game at west middle school -- west ranked 14th in iowa's class 4a -- south sioux is seventh in nebraska's class a. it was close all night -- augusta thramer stops and pops the long 2- inter -- cardinals up 12-11 after a quarter. west doesn't go away. on the break -- sky silvas to rachel knutson- kobold for the layin. wolverines down 5 at the half.8 west takes the lead in the third -- brianna moore gets the bucket and bonus. wolverines by 3 -- going to the fourth. but the lady cardinals pull it out. -- kori fischer gives it up -- gets it back for 2 -- south sioux edges west, 56-54. sgt bluff luton, hosting dakota valley in another border battle. 4th quarter -- sbl trying to hang on to the lead -- senior abby nissen sinks the frerethrow -- pushes the lead to 7. the warriors hits all their free tosses in the final minute -- sophomore anna lucas drops in two more -- the lead
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dv gets the final points -- haley hoffman puts in the bucket -- but it's not enough. sbl downs dakota valley 67-6-6 in nebraska -- the third-ranked randolph guys, taking a 7-1 record to homer. first quarter, the knights take an early advantage as jesse stowe hits a three from the corner, and homer goes up by three. later on, randolph moveseshe ball around, and logan nordhues steps up and nails the wide open 3-pointer to tie the game for the cardinals. randolph takes control from there as mason stubbs drives and passes it off to nordhues for the basket, and that ties the game yet again. the cardinals finally pull away as a pass goes out to landyn anderson who drains the 3-pointer to put randolph up seven, and the cardinals defeat the knights, 71 to 29. the crofton girls have won four straight state titles in nebraska.
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beat last year at the state tournament was ponca. the indians lost that game in lincoln by 31 points -- trying for a little revenge in crofton. the warriors arae so tough at home - ranked number 2 in the state. and they showed why - first quarter - breanna allen - cros court to lauren steffen - she cans the corner triple. and then it was all about kelsey nger and katie peterern - warriors on the break - sanger with a rocket inside to petersen - it's 15- nothing. later - it's not deja vu - just more great passing - petersen converting again - crofton rolling along. how about one more time - on the break - sanger to petersen - 25-nothing - all systems go for crofton tonight, 61-34. the bloomfield girls, 6-3, hosting creighton, who has just one win. the queen bees were up 22 at the half - they keep adding - sarah - bloomfield - up 35-11 in the
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e - from the corner - gets the home court bounce - bloomfield extends that lead to 38-11. creighton - still working hard underneath - cassidy moeller - holds strong and muscles it up for two - but the e lldogs, still down big. bloomfield - getting contribution from a lot of players - karly jensen is one of them - hits the j - the queen bees are 7-3, beating creighton 52-37. over to hartington - girls only matchup as cedar catholic was hosting allen. first quarter - eagles down 5 - t's make it 2 - mariah keiser - drops in the three - allen down just 8- 6. later on, it's tied at 8 now - cedar kicks it out to emily feilmeier - she answers with a triple of her own - trojans had a one-point lead after a quarter. allen hung around for a while - with help from gabby sullivan - she was playing toughhdown low - that's a aough shot. but cedar catholic would pull away - maddie wieseler, just a
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finishes at the hoop - cedar catholic takes it, 67-40. still to come, highlights of four more high school games, including a top ten girls battle in cherokee. and, the nationally ranked hawkeyes host the huskers. please stay with us. "we wanted to make espn but sportsfource extra will do," said a cherokee high school student, "stay tuned for the cherokee braves and manson, northwest webster highlights," said another student.
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they want, instead of crying? we'll show you a new app that claims to decode baby cries. and it's never too late to follow your dreams. we'll show you how a 93 year old man is training for the 2016 olympics. welcome back. the hawkeyes had a great week -- beating ranked teams from michigan state and purdue -- to move to number-19 in the a-p poll. iowa was back home to play nebraska, who's started 0 and 2 in the big ten -- and has lost three of their last four. it was adam woodbury bobblfhead night -- for the sioux city east grad. iowa was down 12-2 -- then got
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down low. he scored 9 of iowa's first 13 points. then, woodbury spins down the lane for the hoop and the hack -- iowa has the lead at 23-22. iowa on a 10-0 run -- mike gesell -- the nebraska native -- he gets the 3-point play. iowa up 9 at the half. uthoff had another big game - the turnaroud is good -- iowa goes to 3-0 in big n play with a 77-66 win. back to high school, where we had an excellent boys matchup in hartley, iowa. h-m-s was hosting south o'brien. ktiv's sam c ctiss is here with more. south o'brien went into the break ranked 8th in class 1a, at 7 and 1. the wolverines were in for a test against h-m-s. the hawks aren't in the top ten, but came in with a 6 and 1 record.
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teams came oututith energy. first quarter - jordan japenga drives - stripped by damon struve - length of court himself - 2-0 wolverines. hawks slinging it around - japenga short-memory drains the long three - he finished with 10 points. the cayle carney up and under in traffic - he notched 12 points - h-m-s was down most of the first quarter. struve - another highlight - that move was filthy - team-high 15 points. south o'brien back on the winning side of things, 56-51 over h-m-s. a top ten girls game between number-7 cherokee and number-4 manson, northwest webster. early first quarter - braves trail 7-2 - working it inside and outside to paityn hagberg - three of her 13 points. cougars played tough - brenna peters great move - lane clears out for lay-in - peters had 12 for the cougars. braves kaely hummel - one of the top scorers in the state of all classes - no trouble on her own
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more points tonight. this one needed overtime - hagberg drives and kicks to open makenna carver - make that in her sleep. cherokee wins in ot, 70-62. back to nebraska -- the 6-2 girls from lyons-decatur northeast -- taking on winless wakefield. out to lizbeth delgado who hits the deep 2-pointer to tie the game for wakefield. lexie bacon gets the pass from a teammate, and she nails a 3-pointer to put lyons-decatur northeast up by
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though, oetken gets the pass on the inside and gets the basket and the foul to cut the deficit back down to three. but the cougars pull away as ianne haskell gets the inbound pass and takes it all l e way for the basket, and lyons-decatur northeast blows out wakefield, 70 to 30. to the wrestling mat, sioux center and lemars facing off during a double dual at west. at 120 pounds, sioux center's seth zommermaan gets the third period pin. the senior improved to 13 and 4 on the season. on the far mat, lemars' 138-pounder joel mcgraw gets a 'quick stick' - that's a first period pin for the bulldogs. another pin at 132 for sioux center -- oscar muro gets the fall in the second period - more team points for the warriors. lemars answers with a win at 170 -- that jared kesserick with the takedown -- he would get the 11-4 decision - but le mars
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that's going to do it for
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if you missed anything, go to ktiv-dot-com. thanks for watching sports
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