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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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from nbc news, this is "today "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! if's booze day tuesday, january 5th. that is "speechless" by rachel platten. first of all, congratulations itto our own hodi. her new book. and a long-time pal, kirstie alley, and even though she's
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you ing? >> i don't know. you guys put me in front of all these cakes. >> to test your willpower! >> that was not nice. >> and we're going to celebrate hoda woman, her new book is out "where we belong." >> janie's not the book in hand or somewhere. >> adorable. >> it's the third book you've written together. >> yes, it is. it's going to be fun today. >> and valerie bertinelli does judging on cooking. >> while we were away, we made some news, and it was interesting, because there was a story that came out about peyton manning, and there were accusations about him using some human growth hormones after surgery, and he blatantly said
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that was never the case, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and he did an interview espn afterwards and wanted to talk about it and explain where he was during certain times of the day and how he was getting treated for his illnesses. that's when we came into the picture. take a look. >> i did all 35 days, watched hoda and kathie lee. i did all 35 days for treatment, watched hoda and kathie lee. >> all 35 days. yeah, that was sweet. >> and then people started reacting to it. gq called peyton manning's admission an embarrassing admission. and then it was a dark day in the nfl because of that! what was that? >> that's called tongue-in-cheek, i hope.
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>> and if you're watching, hey. >> and congrats on the game this weekend. he came in at the end and played backup quarterback. >> it's called a victory, baby. >> leded the broncos to a victory. i tried to tweet him. he doesn't have a twitter handle. >> handle. >> he doesn't have a tweeter. so i, i did it to the broncos and basically said i'm so proud of you for "manning up", and admitting. thth whole family is fantastic. >> they are a great family. yesterday we were doing favorite things, and my favorite thing was leah still. usually i like to call her and tell her if we're going to talk about her. i forgot to call her. but her dad texted me this video. >> she was diagnosed with cancer.
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>> yes, yes, yes, yes. >> she said, hoda, it's almost time -- >> i love you, hoda! >> how sweet. >> isn't that so cute? >> you'veeen such a champion of hers. >> her last treatment is on january 8th. and she said no more cancer. so it's back to school for some kids. >> and who's excited about it? and school starts so dad gone early. we need to start looking at that. kids need much more sleep than they're getting. more sleep, less homework, how about that! >> i'm sure the kids are cheering. here's the caption, our daughter is not okay with going back to school. [ laughter ] >> like a pancake. a lot of people felt that way. >> i kind of felt that way. we had a nice time off down in the keys. once you're just hanging out dodo there, it's called keys disease. >> you want it stay in.
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day as i go along. there's nothing you gotta do. >> you don't have to go to bed at a certain time. that is awesome. it's a big day. yesterday the "bachelor" premiered. >> and that means amanda is here. she fills us in on what's happening. so what is the story? >> this is steven's wedding. >> you have a man. >> one, i'm sure. >> you might remember caitlyn's season last year? he's back to find love. we think he looks like a cross between peter brady and seth mcfarland, don't you think? >> look at that! which one's the bachor. >> if you shuffled those around -- >> it's hard. so the show kicks off with interviews with the girls, and this is the girl that i couldn't believe. so her name is tiara. she's a chicken enthusiast. let's take a look at her
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>> my chickens are like my babies. since i don't have human bob yabies. i have one special chicken named sheila. she stays in my room with me. does everything with me. it's going to be extremely hard for me to leave my chickens. i haven't beenn away from them for more than ten days ever. i have to think hard, what comes first, the chickens or the ben? >> what's the average life-span for a chicken? >> i don't know. but it got wackier from there. the girls all get out of the limo and are trying to one-up each othth on how to get ben's attention. this girl shows up with a giant rose on her head. this one girl who doesn't speak english, she did a football -- is that a lady like position? i just don't know. >> we're going over the oh, no. >> she hikes the ball.
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and this girl showed up with mini horse because she's a cowgirl from texas. >> i think the girl should have been able to bring her chickens. >> and the first-ever twins. >> that's weird. >> hailey and emily. >> but the girl who was really the star of the show was this girl lace. they're positioning her kind of as the villain. she's very catty and jealous already, so at the end of the show she got a rose from ben. then ben, she takes ben aside and says i'm so mad at you. you're not giving me enough eye contact during the rose ceremony. take at that look at the confrontation. >> i gave you a rose, and i just got done telling somebody else i wanted them to go home. >> would you rather them stay? >> no, i asked them to go. i wanted to be clear, the issue was because i didn't make eye contact? >> i didn't look at me once. you would not look at me.
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>> i think emily is the center of the drama. >> lace is the one i'm keeping my eyes on. >> 5 5 shades of crazy. >> i'm feeling the drama is just getting started. >> this is the girl. and if show's already having jealousy issues on episode one, it's going to be a rough road on that one. >> don't you love how much amanda loves this? >> i can't believe it. >> amanda's mother is here. >> she loves it too? >> oh. there's your mom. >> see, all that schooling paid off. >> thanks, sweetie. >> how long does "the bachelor" last? >> oh, it's like three months, i think. >> oh, boy. >> thank you.
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>> ellen and the matt fistest is going on. >> i made a resolution in 2016, i was not going to mess with matt lauer anymore. instead i'll show you this clip of him interviewing adele. hello from the other side >> i never said this to the woman sitting across from me, but can i hold your hand for a second? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh! that's some graphics group. it's flawless. you're like, wait a minute. >> his tongue was stuck out. >> that's the part i like. >> that was the hot part. >> she can't get any hotter. the album "25", is officially now the top-selling album in 2015, but it only came outn november. it's still the best-selling
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>> yeah, probably will be in 2016. there is a principal in atlanta and the guy who heads it up is ron clark, and he runs a great school where the kids, sell they excel. we said bet you can't do it like me. and they took up the challenge. >> five, six, seven. >> how about that? >> how much fun would that be to go to a school like that knowing that part of your day was going to be with somebody like that. >> and you get why the kids
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they are and they got it going on. the challenge is out again, baby. >> and we have a sneak peek of channing tatum's appearance that will have people talking. let it go let it go let it go he that perfect girl is gone >> oh, my gosh. >> that's his wife reacting to that. >> that show -- >> marriage should have a few surprises along the way, don't you this? >> we need to do that together. >> we'll talk. >> we'll do the what what. >> the nae nae? >> a little nae nae, yes. >> that means i have to learn a song to lip synch it. i don't know any of these songs. this has gone viral. it was left behind at the adair
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they decided to have fun with it. >> the bunny enjoyed a robe while relaxing in bed, had a spa day, too. and it was given a tuf of the grounds, and we are happy to say, by the way, the bunny, who was later injected or identified as jelly cat has been reunited with its owner kate. kate found her bunny. she was lonely and couldn't sleep without it. we like happy endings. what's coming up? >> we've got it. we're going to be giving it away a little later. >> spanky tuesday. >> oh, no! >> you know you love it. you know who else we love? kirstie alley.
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right after this.this. show's the tv and film star who's been making us laugh for nearly 30 years. >> kirstie alley. >> but it was her role in "cheers", playing rebecca howe and scoring an emmy and golden globe there. >> she has also struggled with her weight. but she's lost more than 50 pounds. and here's the good news. she's kept it off for over a year. she'll tell us about that and all the other projects she's working on. >> happy new year to you guys.
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struggle? earlier we had you sitting over there. >> that was sort of funny. >> it's not a day to day struggle. for me, the best thing is that i'm the spokesperson for jenny craig. and the best thing is that you have a personal consultant, so you have to be somewhat accountable. i can go a little wild in life and get off the track in many ways. and so if i have just that gentle accountability. ? mm-hm. >> at first you weigh in, you know you weigh in every week and you're hike first you're like, oh, my god, oh, high god, and then you start showing off. >> if you weren't a paid spokesperson for jenny craig -- is that the best fit for you? >> that's the best fit for me. because it's personal. i wouldn't do so well with counting. we know i don't do so well on my open, own, okay? >> it's like aa.
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you have a coach. you don't go running willy-nilly down the field. >> on the days that you are a naughty girl, what is your indulgence? what is the hardest thing to say no too? >> too much caviar i would say. i am obsessed with caviar. people go, well, it doesn't have calories. it does when you put sour cream on toast and the eggs. 40 egg standandwiches. >> i never heard anybody say that's their downfall, caviar. >> you have different downfalls. >> you have a big day coming up, don't you? >> oh, god. >> well, we put it in the notes. >> i have my birthday coming up, and i guess i get to collect social security, and i am grad i can -- glad i can before it's gone. >> do you want to say the age?
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>> you can't believe it's happened to you. i feel 28. >> that's the exact age i feel. everything good started happening in life, so inside i feel 28. outside, i clearly. not 28. but, you know, i think that who i feel like, it's, i'm jennifer lawrence, i want to be jennifer lawrence, i am obsessed with jennifer lawrence. she cut her hair in joy. so i -- >> you did too? >> i cut this much of my hair off. i went, you know, did i like it. >> and jennifer lawrence. >> what is it about jennifer lawrence that you love? >> she doesn't have a false moment. >> as an actress. >> she's so incredible. and i just am riveted. i really. a stalker groupie. >> does she know this? >> i don't think she knows it. it's okay if she know it is. if i was ever around her i would act like a total -- i would
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if i liked her hair that day, aid go i'd go cut more. >> is this the first time you've had that kind of star crush? >> it is on a girl. and then i'd be adele for a singer. >> you have good taste. >> i'm older and i'm going oh, yeah. guys, guy crush. well, i have a lot of them. i realized something. when you're in your 20s and 30s, you're very picky. i've always been very picky. then when you get over 45, i'd say, everybody's handsome. [ laughter ] >> the guys, i see like high school guys and college guys, and i wouldn't have given them the time of day, now i go oh, my god. everybody's handsome. health"? >> he's got a lot going on. >> no. no. >> surprise me with him. >> we will do that. well, happy birthday to you. >> thank you.
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i'm alive. >> and lookin' good. >> thank you. >> do you feel like something's missing in your life? >> inspiring stories from hoda's new book from people who switched gears and found exactly where they i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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it's time for brain teaser tuesday, when we put your minds to work for solving a fun riddle. this one comes from the national interstut of environmental scientists. >> a baseball team won a game. the score was 19-17 with no errors. not a single man crossed the plate.
2:27 am
crossed the plate. how's that possible? >> you have a few minutes to think about it. but good luck before we reveal the answer. then we're going to celebrate hoda's new book. and from "glee", cheyenne jackson.
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duff all right, it's brain teaser tuesday. and before the break we gave you this riddle. >> a babe team won a game 19-17 with no errors. not a single man crossed the plate. how is that possible? >> first, it could have been a woman's team. >> uh-huh. or all the men were married. not a single man. >> that was not a single man. >> i didn't think it was easy. >> not to me. >> of what.
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>> allegedly. >> congratulations are in order for our hoda woman. her new book is out today called "where we belong, journeys that show us the way." and it features celebrities and every day people who listened to the voice inside their head and made a change. >> we featured seven unique stories that are true the one of them is about a couple, a great, great story, who had it all, very comfortable life, retired. they could ski and do everything they wanted. and they were young, and they decided to make a sharp turn, so take a look. >> scottsdale, arizona, a picturesque home on a sprawling property, but the true beauty is with the family who lives within. >> i love may parents because how supportive and joyful they are.
2:30 am
me and their loving soul and heart. >> the love 10 year old quinn and his parents have for their son is not lost on him. >> i have a loving family. a brother, a sister. a mom, a dad. >> quinn is where he belongs. but it wasn't always this way. quinn, his brother amalek and his sister were born in haiti. >> there is no electricity. and there's a lot of children that need to find homes. >> just ten years ago they were those children. all three orphaned. they found themselves without a place to call home. until a chance trip to haiti when, at the age of 51, craig judson had realized he and husband wife were ready to become first-time paurntsrents, this,
2:31 am
parent hood wasn't for him. they ventured to haiti as a family of two and returned as a family of five. >> i was wholeheartedly committed to not have children be part of may life. i wanted to be a successful businessman. i wanted to build a company with a winning track record, and i didn't want to have the distraction of other friend r things in my life. >> but after reaching his career goals and living a care-free life of golf and skiing, they were searching for more purpose. >> i remember walking into my very first orphanage, and that entire experience, which was, you know, really profound. when i was in the midst of that orphanage and even walking away from that orphanage, there was this voice, this thing saying "do something". now at the time, i wasn't exactly sure what the "something" was.
2:32 am
to adopt one or two or in our case three of these children. and that was the beginning. i mean, now you reflect ten years. the something turnedna something much different and bigger. >> now, 15, 14 and 10, the children are living a life full of opportunity. espy is an aspiring designer. >> i enjoy designing like clothes. my favorite thing to do. >> amalek a star athlete, and quinn, a pint-sized pianist. it wasn't long before they realized they wanted for others what they have created for their own. in 2010, they started two foundations, both ends burning and chances for children, created to help thousands of orphaned children join loving families. together they are building a global group to reexamine and
2:33 am
for craig, kathy and their three kids, this is where they belong. >> we are exactly where we belong. everything in my path, in craig's past, and even our children's past was shaped for where we are right thousand. >> i'm thankful for a roof over my head, loving and giving family, a brother and sister, mom and dad, and all the support i get. >> both my parents, you know, like, they go out of their way to like help other people and like they don't have to do that. and even like my older brother and my younger brother do the same thing, so they rub off on us almost. >> love is formed by the nurturing experience. and so i think that our family is just like any other family. we have our good days. we have our bad days. we have our challenges, but at the foundation of it is still this fabulous entity called the family. and we're all better off because we're in a family.
2:34 am
understand, this is where we belong, and we don't question. >> that's so great. >> is that amazing? >> when i read that story, i was in tears at the end. >> they are some of the people we feature in the book. some people are looking for where they belong professionally or spiritually or yes motionly or physically, and jane, that family was something. >> talk about change, craig was so sure he didn't want children, he had a vasectomy when he was 30. >> i remember reading that. >> so each, i think whatever you're thinking about in your life, if you're looking for some kind of change, there's somebody in here that represents maybe the path you nad toeed to be on, but there are great stories in here. >> who would you say this book is for? >> one thinking about a second career, someone in their 50s or 60s, a college graduate trying to figure out where they want to be in their life, for anybody.
2:35 am
because there are millions of those. jane, it's so great to see you. lift up a glass. and you have a book signing today. >> i do. at barnes & noble. go to klg and >> what time? >> 7:00 at barnes & noble. >> how did you know when you knew where you belonged? head to our facebook page and tell us all about it. get ready to have your cake and eat it too. valerie bertinelli cooks up a couple of sweet ideas. oh, wow! be nice, kids.e, kids. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor.
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two of america's favorite tv personalities have teamed up once again. >> valerie bertinelli and duff goldman are back to judge a new set of young bakers for kids baking championship. they vi toye to take home a prize. >> they're going to bake up some sweets and we have our panel of judges who are already polishing off both cakes at this point. but they're going to take -- >> and they're going to judge it. >> so valerie's going to start. >> $5, guys, $5. >> is that it? >> for the chocolate. >> valerie's got a sicilian love cake. >> you start with a regular cake batter. and then what makes it sicilian and italian and all that is the
2:38 am
i want to be giada so bad. i try to talk like her. this is the mascarpone, the ra ricotta. and when you put it in the oven, it does the yummy thing. the mascarpone goes to the bottom and makes the chocolate cake that much more moist because the chocolate cake has to go up through. >> oh! >> so that's what happens with this cake, and then you put a chocolate frosting on top, made out of pudding. >> super, duper easy. >> that was simple. >> can i have a taste of that in. >> don't tell us, don't give us any hints yet, isla is trying to
2:39 am
>> ware' going to make a vanilla cake with marshmallows and coconut. this is a coconut marshmallow cake. >> it's cheating. >> why is that cheating? >> i love marshmallows. >> so you want to stack the cake up like that. you've got to persuade a cake. you know why cakes are nice and flat -- [ phone interruption ] >> is that your phone? >> oh, it is my phone. >> dude, i'm seeing you on tv. >> dude, you're on the tv, i can't believe it! >> you know that's happening. >> so. >> keep eatin', kids. >> try the chocolate one too, sweetheart. >> i did. >> oh, you did? >> this is a swiss meringue.
2:40 am
>> valerie's looking nervous. >> it's almost time to check in with our judges. can i cut this one? >> go for it. >> all right, kids. >> somebody here does cakes for a living, and somebody doesn't. [ laughter ] >> on three, hold up your signs, ready? now the cameras are pointed that way, one, two, three. >> ah! >> everybody likes marshmallow. everybody likes marshmallow! >> oh! >> i never win anything! i lose every time i do this. >> thank you, guys. >> if you want the recipes, go to and where the hotel where guests check in, but they don't check out.
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talks to us.
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he is a man of many talents, the actor, singer and song writer once called the world's most sexy man. you know him as dustin goldsby from "glee". but he made a return to the dark side. >> american horror story hotel. he plays will drake who moves into a creepy hotel and finds himself at the hands of lady gaga's character. >> and lady gaga no liky. >> well, she liky. >> well, she killy. >> she liky, she marry and she killy. >> but you're allowed to go back as a ghost. >> if you're killed in the hotel, you become a ghost and
2:44 am
the rest of the time. >> is it true you were in the gym? >> yes, we in a spin class together. and he shouted over, i have this part for you in horror story, i was like, what? and that was it. it's been really, real lely fun. >> talk about dark, it's explicit, too. >> yes. >> and you've had to do some scenes that even your mother and father cannot watch. >> i warn them, i call ahead. may irnts pas tried to watch the first episode and had to watch it through their hands like this. david, where is he? >> i mane, it's american horror story. it's definitely dark and scary and sexy, and it's not for kids. >> but there's also light stuff going on in your life. >> coming back to broadway. >> i'm going to do "the secret
2:45 am
and my little mary is sydney lucas. >> and you have a movie you're working on. >> "hello again", it's based on a musical. and great people in it, audrey mcdonald and rumer willis. really fun. >> when you come back, you always have something totally different than you did the time before. >> all of a sudden you showed up with a cd. of all the songs you've written. >> you know what it's like. you have to diversify. if you want longevity. and i'm an artist. i like to do different things. >> you're a creator. >> we're so happy for you. >> thank you for always being wonderful, a champion of broadway. i love you guys. >> american horror story the airs wednesday nights on fx. and we're giving it away next. >> donna's back. back. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad...
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it's our first spanky tuesday of 2016. but before we get to hoedahoda's favorite part, it's time to give it away. >> it's a nordic track cycle. >> and it's on sale for $379 right now. it will help you burn calories and train for your next race. and the bike automatically adjusts the resistance to match the terrain. >> ware' going to find out who has won, and donna spun it for us.
2:49 am
welton of fairview, pennsylvania. >> and also axle camp of bethel, connecticut. >> and linda walls from batesville, arkansas. >> and i got this one. angela martin of liberty, kentucky. >> what is ar, is it arizona or arkansas? >> arkansas, sorry. and the last one is cheryl murray, central point oregon. >> is or? just kidding. >> make sure you enter. >> crank up the music, please. >> go to the barnes & noble. >> turn it around. turn it around. >> i doesn't hear any music. >> i missed it. >> don't forget girlfriend's guide to divorce is here. >> i don't care. i'm having so much fun.
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new year.
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