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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CST

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stuff. the weekend still looks >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb liveverom ststio 1a in rockefellerlaza. hey, everybody. it is hoda's favorite day. >> what day is it? >> winesday wednesday, january 6th. is that something in t t way you move -- i love her. >> ellie goulding. >> and now, hoda's book is rocking. >> yes. >> and in four day, hollywood is going to be rollin globes to hon honor the best in movies and televi have a more on the g ge "who knew. i" ""
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closet organized so thaw yo can can -- so that you can make some extr t worn in ages. >> and you know her from donna from "parks and rew the star with one name retta is going to be here. >> and "lilliana's luxe for less" gea hav you looking good for less when you go to the gym. >> and she is great, hoda. and it is great, and people think that writing a book is hard, but it is easy to launching the book and doing all of the press that you are to do >> we had at lot of fun at the barnes & noble on 86nd, and we are go to the 96th tonight with andy cohen, and he is goin g us some drinkie. >> and what time? >> 7:00-ish when that happens. >> okay. and i need some words of wisdom. >> all right. >> here we go. >> the meaning of life is to
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the purpose of le is to give it away. >> who is that? >> picasso. >> yes, it is true. remember, the story they told you about the two that was in the limelight that is something that you everyone else can do and you can't do, and that is your stone, your gift. y it. >> and me and pablo, we are like that. >> like that. >> yeah. >> and so hoda has a feature -- >> in the magazine. >> in the january issue of "live happy" magazine. look, today, you dressed for the magazine, and yesterday was for thbook. >> yes, on the matchy-matchy. >> and look at you. >> i look like a nut. >> that is positively hoda is so true. >> except it looks like i am on
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>> well, you probably are. and is this all book-related? t is about happy tips and stuff like that. would you like to hear them? >> every day is like an unexpected mini gift wrapped in a bow. i am grateful for what ever the experience is that lies ahead, and i soak it a in. and that would be trite from anybody except for hoda, because that is exactly how you live your life. tips? >> yes. >> okay. >> which is -- play music. i do that. when i feel grumpy, i clickty clclk online to get a graduation speech, and it is something about that, a great graduation speech that i like. >> and this one, you note small
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to the the big things in the life. >> and you see nice and joy. and everybody came to buy the book where we were, and so that is s and you can still get it on amazon amazon. we love it. >> a tha he never do it again, but he is doing it again. we adore him. and he is going be hosting the golden globes for the fourth time. and he recently said to ellen, they said that i can say whatever i wanted to say. >> and the promos is been full, right. >> i wonder who he is going to be poking at. >> hi, i'm ricky gervais, and i'm hosting the golden globe awards live from los angeles on january 10th. watch it, if you have nothing better tdo. it is three hours
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>> yes, she is is funny-- he is funny. >> there is always a little truth in what he says. and they air live here on nbc and everybody is going to be out there but us. >> we are here. >> hoda has to hold down theer fort unless there is breaking news. >> we will have a good time. and jen fe lawrence is on the february cover of "glamour" magazine, and four years after the first cover glamour and she was just a rising star and say about fame. and she said, i think that we should allow time off for being months off from being photographed. e hates to complain about it, and they call it the movie star blue s, which is hard for anything to sympathize with, because most people would give anything to
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talent, and her everything, and a little whiny to people who thth is their dream. an tt sometimes this hapapned very early for her, an easily in terms of the -- and she does hard work, but she was discovered quickly and one movie after another, and she didn't have to audition for anythi pt of me that understands what she is talking about, but for the person who has never been fam only wants to be famous, and only wants to be on a red carpet once in their lifetime, it is not going to be coming off the way she intended . >> i toteally agree with that. if you arefas is people who are spending their money or hard-earned money to buy movie tickets and stuff like that, and when you see that person, and you want to approach them in the restauaunt, and who doesn't wab tont to do with that. it is part of the drill. she is not on social media. >> that is right. that is more me, and i don't want more me, but more of
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>> and she is on the cover of "glamour" magazine on the fuse yes, yes. and now, this is interesting one. two tennis players playing in the competitive match, and it is cup in australia, and something surprising happened. americr name of jack sock was serving the ball and it went out, and so jacksock said, hewett, you might want to challenge that one. it is nin the you want to challenge it. believe that. let's look at the video and see. >> that is in the you wantt to
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>> he is challenging. >> all right. challenge [ laughter ] >> and it is in. >> it was in. wow. >> and by the way, hewitt defeated this guy, jack sock, 7-5, 6-4. >> he is not a sock. he is a a hero. i the think that so cool to see that kind of sportsmanship when we don't hear about that enough. and to see his sense of humor about it is just -- i wonder if they are even friends, and it make you he looked so shocked like, dude, what? >> dude. >> and dudu. and so we have a question for you, and now pretend for d out of the shower. >> no, thank you. >> okay. what is the first thing you do? okay.
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are skipping one crucial tip. >> and we don't know who the experts are, but we will see what this psychologist recommends that you do. >> yes. >> and to check out your naked body before you dry off, and then list five things while you are checking out the naked body, and unless you are you, yosuf, it is five things that you admire about your body. >> oh, no, that would be awful. that is is an awful morning to me. >> isn't it? >> yes. >> and what if you are -- >> first of all to el elevate the self-esteem, and i think that it is going to be depressing you so much more. >> if i am sitting there trying to think of five thi already late. >> and they just start coming to you. >> i only need one more, but i
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about getting older, and your eyesight goes, and you look much better fuzzy. and so i linger a little while looking at myself, but i only count to three. i am after all a very busy woman. i think that is the sillest th wit the day. make somebody happy, and forget about yourself for a change. >> and you talk ded about this and when we talk to people w focused, and they are very aware of how they are sitting and what they are saying and how they are positioning. and it is like you are paying so much attention to yourself. >> yeah. >> and you know somebody who isist? >> who? >> dennis quaid. >> oh, he looks so good. hunk day. >> look at that body at 61. u uno that he has a farmer's tan, but -- >> well shgs, he can cover that up with m he has washboard abs at 61, and spotted on the beach in hawaii, and what was he doing with the hands?
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popot in volleyball or watching a sport inging event. >> or telling us who yes. yes. >> okay. anyway, the baby girl's name, and this is is sweet. >> well, kind of. so picture this, there is a couple in australia trying to figure out what to name their baby girl, and the husband had a great idea. he said, let's name her lanesra. and the wife said, wow, that is beautiful, and lanesra. she went on the be 2 years old, and the husband said to the wife, i want the tell you why i suggested the name lanesra. she thought it was unique and beautiful and he said, it is his favorite soccer team spelled backwards, arsenal. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> and just like oprah and har bow harpo, and p pple mix it up. >> and do you think twice before you send an e-mail. that is another reason i don't do that you should not write phrases like, if this makes any sense, i think, i'm no expert, but, dot, dot, dot. >> i'm sorrrr >> yes, that believe it meaea that the col lose respect for you. and ro we had a conversation ear about this, and this is an en are tre preneur tammy rice who has and online will. >> and so they are saying, t te on s sry or think or those words. >> and give you put someg else in, because it is going to be a very, very upsetting --
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bother you but this may pbe a good idid. eliminate the padding. sflt and there are horro stories of the i sent an e-mail, but any time somebody is humble and not full of themselves. >> and this is called i'm not sorry. >> and there you go, we talked are at ris risk of heart attack. yes, in i the day. so go to the to my opioid pain medication is slowing my insides to a crawl. millions of people are estimated to suffer from opioid-induced constipation, oic, caused by the opioids they use to manage chronic pain. oic is a different type of constipation. opioids block pain signals, but they can also block activity in the bowel. i'm really struggling to find relief... ready to paint a different picture? yes! talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. i can do that! chobani simply 100 . it's the only light greek yogurt with zero preservatives.
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if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you haveheart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is rigig for you. >> if your resolution for 2016 is to get healthy, there are important numbers that you need to know about wfr you head to d d -- before you head to the doctor. and we are talking about more than cholesterol or blood pressure, because we have other risks to tell you if you are at risk to die beez or other issues.
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natalie natalie. >> and people teotyes, and if they go to the dock doctor's appointment, and the is not alarmed, then they leave not knowing the numbers. what does it matter? >> and on a statin and if you are not on one, you wonder if you should be, and cardiologists have been doing a cardiovascular risk calculator and it is a user-friend user-f cholestel l and plug in the hdl which is the goooo cholesterol, and whether or not you are a smoker and the systolic blolo pressure which is the first number, and put it in a calculator and it generates the risk of probability of having a heart attack in the next ten year ss. >> do they put in the age as wellno, t the test is indicated for people over the
10:18 am
so it is a generalool of the should i do it. if you are above 7.5% on the calculator, you are theoretically a candidate for statin therapy to reduce the risk for heart attack, and cardiologists do this, and when i refer my patients to the cardiologist, you will get that number in the end of the assessment. >> and the first thing you say, pretend you are at risk, and the first thing you don't say is here, take a pitl, but ygu say, this is what needs to be reducing. >> e what i explain to people is that you can change the nonmodifiable, and you can't change the family history or the age or the sex or the dieabetes. >> a
10:19 am
so let's say that maybe you go to the doctor and you have had a doughnut and you say that my blood shoe fwar isgar is going to be high -- blood sugar is going to be over the last month. so there is no date or age when you should do it, bu repeatedly, you need this checked and it is also used to monitor treatment. >> and do you say i want the hemoglobin a1c. >> certainly, cardiologists know about this, and if it is something that you think thaot been tested for or concerned, it is a blood test. >> and the bones, this is a bi you had a bone density? >> well, you need a base level. >> well, the preventive task
10:20 am
65 or younger, and that is only if you have risk factors. but today, we are talking about the rfx. this is totally not related to bone density, but it is called the fracture assessment tool. i use it all of the time. and this is also ud with a cal calculator, and that is because they give us more information about who should be treated for osteoporosis, and so this calculator is s ing to take into accoun and fami history and if you is have had a fracture, and also a bo density measurement of a part of the hip called the femoral neck. and also, to calculate the fracture anywhere in the body, hip, and we
10:21 am
osteoporosis is using that fac factor into the overall treatment. >> thank you. and to learn more about the health numbers. >> you know where to go k lshgs gshgs andg and >> another big resolution to organize? >> we will show you how the declutter and pocket some cash in the process. >> and the golden globeses up. >> and at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's'sworth doing right.t. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid . 100% real milk. no discomfort and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid ice cream should reboond a little though by early nexx >> hillary clinton brings her campaign for president hillary clinton brings her back to sioux city. the democrat spoke to about 450 supporters at the orpheum ththtre tuesday. the former first lady, u-s senator and secretary of state said as president, she would raise minimum wage, raise
10:27 am
women. the economy was one of the topics she hammered at the townhall session. "instead of giving tax breaks to companies to export our jobs, i want the ones who will bring jobs back and create jobs here to get the tax breaks and that's what i iill fight for." this was clinton's 4th visit to sioux%city since entering the race. here's meterologist ben dorenbach
10:28 am
and lows dipping below z so we are back on this winesday wednesday and ready fe trivia game "who knew" and so since the hollywood golden globes are kicking off thie thought it would be fun to kick off the big event. and hoda is across t righ but if not, they will get a signed copy of the new book "where we belong" and journey s that show us the way. and here with me is the ho of feign again dane go's dave karg, and nice to have you back. and before fr the break, we asked this question, four actresses have the hon n nr winning two golden globes in the same year, and who was the most recent woman to accomplice this feat?
10:29 am
of these women did do it. kate winslet won best actress for "revolutionary road" and best actress for "the reader." and before that shy had been nominated for five oscars and five golden globes and lost them all. so this time she won them both, and she was very emotional. i was there in the ballroom. she was. >> and now, back to you, hoda. >sue. >> andou recent hi hadad an anniversary? >> yes. >> and here we go. which of these pop idols has won a golden globe for acting, be beyonce, madonna or prince? >> madonna. >> yes! [ applause ] >> $100. >> that surprised a loft ed ad a lot of people. "e evita." ? >> yes, and beyonce was nominated for a golden globe,
10:30 am
>> i would love to lose to meryl streep. >> and prince won a globe but it was for a song. >> back to you, hoda. >> what is your name? >> skileyler from newark, delaware. >> okay. which star is the only person whoever scored nominations in the different acting categories in the same year? >> george clooney. >> oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. good news, you get a >> you know what i think that would be the thing that a lot of people would say. >>e clo did get three golden globe nominations in one year but only one for acting. jamie foxx got three with "ray" and "clotollateral" and "redemption." >> and h won for "ray." >> yes, and an oscar.
10:31 am
hoda honey? >> i >> i'm alex from northgo we will have fun with this. it is a finish the lyrics. finish the lyrics to the 2015 hit song nominated for the gold for best original song in a motion picture. it has been a long time without you my friend and i'llell you all about it when i see you again >> yes, that is "see you again" which is from "furious 7." and it is nominated this weekend for the golden globe. >> do you think it will win this is h the sam smith james bond theme song. >> oh, oh. >> that is very close. >> okay. time for one more?
10:32 am
>> richmond, virgini o is the television star who is the o oy person to have won a golden globe while hosting the golden globes. >> ricky gervais? >> no, so sad, but you get my book. >> it is amy poehler, and all three of them have won. tina fey won, and ricky gervais for "office" but onl amy poel poehler won for "parks and rec" while she was hosting. >> thank you, dave karger. and now, should you toss it or giviv it. youu may need some help from them. get some help while gettin your
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we are six days into the new year, a and if you are vowing to get organized and declutter your closet once and for all, what should you do, hoda. >> well, we are going to to get started and by that i mean you. have real simple tips from home editor stephanie cisco. >> and we all start out with the best of intentions. >> yes, and it is the best time to get your closet under control. we came up with four steps of the closet audit. so you want to prep for the purge. get the supplies, the full length mirror the try on the questionable clothes, and label back, and donate, tailor, sell or recycle. >> and you have sticky notes? >> yes, and sharpi to do that and you want to dedeette a four-hour r ock of time to take
10:38 am
then b it up to look at blouses for an hour, and then skirts and pants, et cetera. >> wha do you do if. >> well, you pull out the clothes that you know that you want to keep and wear, and then spend the rest of the time on the one s thats that you don't know. producers are here. >> what did you bring? >> a a navy stop -- top in there that is starting to pill. i feel like i have worn it once too many time ss. >> like hoda's pink dress. >> and yourself when youre go ging through the questionable pieces, d clothing that go with it and still in style. so each of you vote. love it or lose it?
10:39 am
>> and sandy is here. >> yes. >> and so, sandy, tell us about that. >> well, so, i have worn it to weddings and several occasions in the past, and it is probably been in too many pictures. and it might be a size too big, because of a few pounds. >> and are you keeping it or is it going to be taking a little too much overexposed so love it or lose it. >> i would say lose it. >> i think it is distinctive and i say love it. >> we are loving it. okay. >> too many picture ss. >> ll, here is the funny thing, t and kno what happens you drop a few lbs, you are saying, oh, i'm back in that dress. >> and donna adora for us? >> i brought a sweater that, you know, what i was trying to go
10:40 am
>> and it is staple, but it is old. old. >> if you were wearing this walking down the street, and ran into your ex-boyfriend? >> i would be upset about that. a i would say lose it, but she is going to be saying that sh loving it, and i will tell you why, because we don't want to ou in a cozy sweater, but it is a cute cozy sweater. >> i have that super model look in the sweater. >> your intentions are so good. >> keep talking. >> i love it. >> all right. get ready to treat yourself. >> because the funny comedian retta is hanging out with us. >> retta. treat yourself. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you.
10:41 am
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. like oprah, cher and
10:45 am
star only goes by one name. >> retta! >> and she made her fame by playing the role on "parks and rec." and now shy is playing on "girlfriend's guide to divorce." >> dun der the sea. >> i never got that. what high school senior dreams about being a mermaid? >> i love mermaids. >> ooh. >> hi. >> hello, retta, welcome. >> look at you with the little vino in hand. >> i thought, why not. >> and we wanted to include you. >> and it deli t you. >> are you loving "girlfriends' guide." fe is good for you? >> yes, it is. and it is a blessing. >> and was it easy for you? >> well, it took a while before
10:46 am
i got lucky on the seven seasons on "parks" and then i landed this with the creator loving the character. >> and it is an interesting history, because you were you wanted be a doctor or gospel singer, and you had so many lane ss. do yououtill like to sing? >> yes, i sisi classical. >> like what? >> like, the classical style. like eval di. and in grade school we had chorus as a course, and so then as high school, i loved to listen to it. i have always liked classical music. >> she is an interesting woman. >> and you were going to be a dock doctor? >> yes, pre-med, gr i didn't want to go
10:47 am
was afraid to leave science, so i went into chemistry at a pharmaceuticalcomp and thinking that i would get my head ready to go to medical school, and then i decided to do standup and get my own sit com show. >> how do id did you go from medicine to comedy? >> well, kim jiang who i appeared with, he did the same thing. >> and what about the standup? >> the standup did work, and i was ewing the standup to get into the i com, because that is what sit-c-cs were with roseanne and all of that stuff. so i thought that i would do the standup to get into the sitcom, but i got successful in it, and i got stuck in it, because i was never in town to do auditions. >> vicious cycle that w w. >> and yes.
10:48 am
>> do you miss "parks and rec" way, bec it is a fun family? >> i miss it b, but we have a group text so i talk to them t best thing that could have happened is that i figured out how to make that group textingng work, because once we left, we were not going to the have the stress of not seeing each other everyday. >> that is so nice. so fun to watch, and we can't wait to see you in this season's "girlfriends' guide to divorce." >> thank youer for coming to see us, retta.
10:49 am
we are stepping into lilliana's dressing room to find out -- fashionable.
10:50 am
calories, beu b eati and drinking over to the holidays, you are going to be showing us "lilliana's luxe for less." i love this place. >> yes, and it is so great to have you in the closet. >> well, that is weird. >> i have not been there. >> and now, more of the strange things. and everything is under $50? >> yes. for 2016, get inspire and motivate and fit. what we have here is an assortment of the products. this is a headband and it saves the do. i hate to work out when you have a blowout, because it is going to ruin your hair. this ic going to keep the moisture a waiway from the hairline. >> does it work? yes. >> and in is the flip belt with a great pocket for your key ss and that. >> without the pack. from the bed, bath & and these are the hottest things for 2016 are trackin fitn and these are by, and you can wear them as a band or clip them on
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your food intake, and the calories and the stepspshat you have everyd. and t ts one, is, and you can infuse the water with fruit, and you can filter it. >> and give it to the kathie lee. >> a the are from the gia with the workout gloves, and we have a hot model coming out. kathleen, come on out. >> and look at that. how cute she is. in a fun graphic and the thek, and the celestial print pant, and those sneakers are only $50 at >> does anybody look nice gng to the gym? >> nobody, but you. >> did you a wonderful vacation, lilliana? yes shgs i, i went to mexico. viva?
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