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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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home interview after his hiv revelation. >> and the people's choice awards arrest. what the talk ladies told me backstage after a man stormed the stage. >> we're like a motley crew. >> no. >> i was a little scared. >> i didn't understand what was. >> sharon k cheryl enraged. security! >> don't mess with us. >> the aftermath, the big stars, the gossip. >> i like them together as well. >> ellen outing kendall and harry as a couple. big bang exes getting cuddly and lady gaga's future mother-in-law. >> inside charlie sheen's new hiv update with dr. oz. >> how scared are you? >> that's a difficult voyage. >> also -- the death of one day at a time's schneider. what we know about his battle with alzheimer's. plus, the x files 20 years after its debut.
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>> and -- >> inside the new stunt, stealing the mayor's job. zblutly not absolutely not! >> now in our 35th season, there is "entertainment tonight." >> hello, everyone. charlie sheen's hiv diagnosis may be saving his life. that story is on the way. first, the people's awards. it brought out an emotional sandra bullock, kate hudson, a bachelor of sets, cameron, you were in the middle of the madness. >> none bigger than this storey. the women of "the talk" rushed on stage resulting in an arrest. i was what sharon and the ladies second after it went down. >> i wouldn't say we're like a motley crew. >> you always said you m one of us, you mess with all of us. >> that guy is not in our club. >> no. >> get out of my face. >> at first, i thought it's just somebody running up here. and then it kept going. i thought this is getting a little scary.
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like give me a moment. i'm like there is something wrong with the mike. it turns off. he's coming to adjust it. >> as i'm kicking that guy, all i could see were the people from "homeland." and i'm going -- did i do that in front of them? >> turns out this wasn't a prankster's first time crashing the stage. he pulled a kanye ironically at chris jenner's birthday wearing the same red leather jacket. back then, everyone even ez played along. trending, excuse me, i'm going beyonce had one of the best talk shows of all time, #kanyewest. >> oh! >> what would you like to say to that guy right now?
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>> don't mess with us. >> for sure. and from sandra to melissa, do not mess with the stars of the people's choice awards. >> leslie just broke my dress. it's not like nobody here hasn't already seen my boobs. >> six million watched but from backstage to on stage, we broke down our six biggest take aways of the night. >> i brought a shirtless photo of chris hemsworth to sh >> you have to love ellen for that and. this number one, she confirms slash outed kendall jenner and harry styles are on. over the holidays, photos with you, kendall and harry in the caribbean. >> that's right. >> what do you think of them as a couple? >> they're sweet. they're very sweet. i mean, i like both of them individually and, so together i like them together as well. >> next, kelly and her ex-boyfriend were getting cozy backstage. but was she the mystery blonde he was making out with in the shop? >> i just thought it was a beautiful photo. that's all.
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it was jittery and we were being jostled around by the crowd. >> what's going on here? >> new year's eve together. >> john stamos opens up about life after rehab and about "full house." first images of the show came out today. >> i just watched a bunch of the episodes, too. i got a little more edge -- sounds more up to date, yeah. >> how is your life different now, you know, in the last several months as you sit -- there you go. that's one way. >> it's great. i'm clear, i'm happy. i'm even. >> our fourth take away is lady gaga relationship secrets courtesy of her future
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with lady gaga like? >> it was a somber one. my mother passed away and she came. she was the sweetest thing that ever was. and she came. and she was a sweetheart. i loved her from the moment i >> you know, we call it lady gaga. we call it gaga. what do you call it? >> she called her sweetheart. >> and what about the rumors megan trainer is dating d'andre jordan. >> we're good friends. >> what about that hot kiss. what was his reaction to that with charlie? did he have a reaction to that? >> good. >> five. it's all about fashion, ladies. cutouts, low backs and pant suits are on trend. >> you look awesome. who you are wearing? >> stella.
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>> thanks. it's comfortable. >> i brought out a major trend tonight. >> yeah. >> it's raining in l.a. we still like to show some skin. >> and finally, random pairings. over at the after party, dr. phil with amma rose. taylor kenny with real housewife lisa and john stamos reunited with gene simmons. ye that's right. they did a movie together way back when. >> i played a transvestite. >> the movie is called "never too young to die." now 2 1/2 men won four people's choice awards in the time on the air. charlie sheen was nominated four times but never won. of course, charlie made news back in november when he announced he's h.i.v.-positive. dr. oz was in the background counseling charlie before that big moment.
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famous faces of hiv in the entire world, dr. oz remains by his side. >> tell me about a dream you had once when you were 28. >> in the dream i saw myself across the room. i had a sign around my neck. and it said aids. >> a scary premonition 22 years ago. now 50, charlie is looking fit, running in his neighborhood with the man who has become his mentor. >> charlie is looki answers in his own life, making peace with what he's going that's a difficult voyage. how scared are you? >> this disease chose the wrong person. >> he was helping sheen spotted him outside the actor's new york hotel with charlie's manager right after this announcement to matt lauer. >> i'm here to admit that i am h.i.v.-positive. >> though not treating charlie, he is helping him emotionally. and their new interview airs next week. >> there is something that he needed to keep focusing on, the alcohol being a good example. but the treatment for hiv is so effective now. expectancy. >> charlie reportedly kicked the booze and taken up yoga and appears to be committed to living healthier. >> he made mistakes. he has unique ability to bounce back in just about anything. difficult thing that i investor tried to tackle.
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sheen. we're all rooting or him and this sunday, we'll be swimming globes. maybe literally. it is expected to rain all week long in l.a. our carly steel went down to globe central this morning where contingency plans are in the works. >> the weather isn't ideal this week. how are you going to preserve >> it's a test. you know, better safe than sorry. some of the dresses cost more than the fence. >> another major concern at the beverly hilton, security. and how to keep stars protected. >> we've seen a very good system in place. and there are some tools and new procedures that we have established. >> party crashers are not going
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>> they shouldn't even think about it. >> and the new presenter >> just before we came on camera, john and katy perry is presenting best song. >> one person we'll see here, leo. he was in new york last night. >> the globes is a lot of fun. you sit around dinner, drinks. people in your industry. it's more of a hangout session. >> the movie opened friday and leo is already a front runner to win a gold globe for best actor and getting a lot of buzz for that grizzly bear attack scene. >> we wanted to do something very visceral and real, almost like virtual reality for the audience. they were witnessing something they shouldn't be witnessing. i think people will be talking about that sequence for a while. >> that scene is amazing. good luck to leo. meanwhile, new presenters are announced. one of my favorites. >> i know you're talking about jennifer lopez. >> she's presenting. lady gaga will be there and empire stars.
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jennifer lopez wears. kevin hart will be there, too. coming up, kevin and ice cube hook me up on the details of the "ride along" stunt when they were with conan o'brien. it was a wild ride. >> does she really get >> come on, man. >> you're the police. >> are you wearing a wire? >> that's ahead. and tomorrow, david hasslehoff is here. we're talking about the new show, the old days and the new
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>> you are going to make a tomorrow, khloe kardashian's new talk show. we're first on the set. what did i say i want o do with the wedding? do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman
6:42 pm the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. what did i say i want to do with the wedding? >> leave it in my hands. >> that kevin hart, he is a smart man. he may not be tall in stature but he's big on wisdom. he is marrying his long time girlfriend. right now he is focused on spreading the word about "ride
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part of the promotion is a skit he did with conan o'brien. >> you had a heck of a ride. does she really get high? >> no. >> man, look. you're the police! >> this is like a cheech and chong movie. crack your window or we' to die. >> we're going to jail. >> you're going to ride along. you don't know what you're getting yourself into. >> why you would do it a second time? >> can you not, not have fun with this dude. >> and, you know, we're best friends forever. we got our beards on we're best friends. >> will you tell me about the beard?
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>> i called you. i said are you cutting it or leaving it? you said i'm leaving it. i said well guess what just grew. now you're looking at kevin hart, the action star. >> speaking of action star, olivia mun is along for this ride along. she's also been posting her for x men apocalypse. >> she can kick kevin's butt. >> i think i would bring a little something to it. >> that would be aaron rodgers who is already turned olivia's mom kim into a packer's fan. >> let him know, asians love aaron rodgers. that is the big worry to him. she's like, you know, people are getting on the blog talking about aaron rodgers. >> yeah, forget winning the nfl mvp. the vietnamese blogs. ice cube, a big honor coming his way.
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roll hall of fame on april 8th. congratulations to cube and the guys. on the way, we're on the set of "x files." >> we suck. >> then remembering one day at a time schneider. plus, james cordon takes over as the mayor of l.a. how will he handle our tough ques >> talk about the drought. how often do you water your lawn?
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acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. it's so creepy good. the x box phenomenon. the fans were so passionate about the show. >> which is one of the reasons it's coming back. >> it is great. >> ashley was the first on set. they're getting another chance to crack those crazy super natural cases and good luck with that.
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the worst fbi agent of all time. >> we must have sold one. >> no, nothing. we suck. >> the truth is still out there. they're back for a episode event. >> yeah? >> i'm here. >> your character, what was it like getting back into her? was it easy? >> you should ask me. that. >> oh, yeah. wait. what do you think? how did i do? >> it wasn't easy at all. >> for nine seasons between nine and 19 million viewers tuned in each week for their x files fix. >> i spent more time with them than anybody in my whole life, i could say. aside from my parents. so, you know, you got to be careful.
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>> what? >> she was 25 at the time. david 33. and "e.t." was there for all the monsters mysteries. one thing they can count on, >> i was assuming you had wouldn't miss that lingo. you must be using your every day language. >> of course. she has a lot of medical stuff and scientific stuff. >> i do. >> they give you that crap. >> you have the share of being tortured. >> every episode. literally tortured. and lose my gun all the time. >> there is dangerous. that's the most important thing. am i right? can do it all. james cordon. he sings. he's an awesome late night host. but how would james do as leader of the second largest city in michelle turner was there as we found out. >> i am the man gives l.a.'s real mayor eric garsetti the day off as one of james take a break segments. you for coming out. >> the day began with a takeover at city hall. >> how often do you talk to batman?
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>> the california flag. >> this should be like k kardashian. >> his platform sounds a little extreme. >> it's a law where you can only take one selfie a week. >> i'm going to close the link yonz. >> you have done anything besides put the sash on and have this impromptu press conference? >> that's all it is, isn't it? nothing to do. the first thing i did is get me obama on the phone. couldn't do it. >> she hit him hard on his drought plan. >> talk about the how often do you water your lawn? >> okay. i know what you're talking b you're talking about ryan seacrest. >> we're spotting a revolution today. absolutely not! >> hey now.
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he's important property to cbs. you can catch that tonight. you do not want to miss it. this is it >> sad news today, pat herrington known as sh sneeder on "one day at a time" passed away after a long battle with alzheimer's. he won an emmy, golden globe and, of course, the hearts of audiences everywhere. one day at a time >> this toast from valerie says it all. he's always made me laugh. that is more than apparent during our set visit in 1983. >> it was delightful. it was. it was delightful. >> with his pencil mustache, best in tool belt, schneider always thought he was god's gift to women. >> well, here i am. use me. >> creator norman leer called pat the comic strength of the show. >> there are things that i guess i have in common with schneider. i'm not above flirting. you got a ride home? seriously, folks. >> pat started his career playing big parts with big stars like robert redford and elvis
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but it was schneider that won him the emmy. >> i was really hoping i would get it. i wasn't sure. >> as for the tool belt, pat told us it's in the smithsonian. >> i sold it to the smith sewnon one tool at a time. ladies in this building don't call me super for nothing. >> pat once said his character o_v on "one day at a time" was originally ment to be a lesh. he made sure that schneider became more amorous becaus just has a certain respect for women. >> now in our entertainm tonight birthdays, which oscar winner auditions for the lead role in "risky business"? are you ready? jeff bridges, nicolas cage or sean penn?
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the answer is next. at, exclusive details about major move by rob kardashian. why he's ditching khloe and getting his own place. and what is going on with kourtney kardashian and scott."9mqhw6 we take you inside his bachelor pad. and the "pretty little liars" grow up. why the producers are change the way you see the characters. >> the writers have a streak scene in almost every scene.
6:53 pm time for the answer. which auditioned for the lead role in "risky business". >> nicolas cage. >> first right answer in weeks. who got the part, of course? tom cruise. nicholas won a golden globe. >> speaking of the golden sunday. we're with all the stars that are hoping to add a globe to their mantle. it's what we do. take care, everybody. >> the moment has finally arrived. >> i'm going to celebrate. >> only "e.t." has the best moments from the golden globes. your front row seat to the fashion.
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during the show. >> wow! >> stars unfiltered in the moment that's are trending all
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>> at which timer is going to . - previously, on "heroes reborn"... - the planet is changing, no matter how we deny it.
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