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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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do you have the powerball numbers on your screen? if you do... you're the winner of more than 900 million dollars. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm robert lowe tonight's drawing is for the largest lottery jackpot is u.s. history. with millions of americans coming out to play. ktiv's sam curtiss joins us live
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sam, a lot of people were buying last minute tickets today. well not just today but the past couple of days. no one has won since november 4th, when it started at $40 million. now soaring to $900 million. and it's got a lot of people's attention. that's the sound of chance. a one in 292.2 million chance. to dream big at winning the u.s.'s largest lottery jackpot ever...$900 million. "i bougth three tickets," said allison poulson. "fifty dollars," said a man buying lottery tickets. "five (tickets)," said denise tierney. call it powerball fever. or whatever you will. floods of people across 44 states, washington d.c. and two territories snatching g tickets. some regular plplers, others lured in by the chance at strikiki gold. "no," said allison poulson "never have (bought lottery tickets), this is my first time." "no, i play it every week," said a woman buying lottery tickets. and you could crunch numbers all day. with no algorithm. many choose to leave that small sliver of fate up to a computer. "just quick picks," said denise tierney. "i just do easy picks all the time," said a
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should there be a winner, or winners, saturday. it's estimated that the lump-sum would be $558 million. allowing one's imagination to run wild. "well i'm hoping i caa retire after tonight," saiddallison poulson. "give away some," said a man buying lottery tickets. "never work again," said denise tierney. "well, i'd help a lot of people," said another woman. "there's a lot of people that needs help in our town." now if you missed the numbers, here they are again. if no one wins tonights drawing, the next jackpot will be over a billion dollars. powerball fever drew thousands of alabamians to georgia to buy their lucky tickets, because
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powerball ticket sales. police officers even directed traffic as cars lined up to get a spot in the parking lot. some powerball players say they traveled hundreds of miles to take their chances at winning the big jackpot. "t"tre's no telling. i probably haha$50,000 worth in sales on one alone, one register alone." britain's national lottery operator camelot has said it is expecting record numbers of tickets to be sold in the run up to this evening's draw. the jackpot is expected to reach an estimated 84- million dollars. it follows 13 weeks of consecutive rollovers, with the jackpot set to surpass the previous record of 61-million dollars. an illinois man missing for five days was found dead in thurston county, nebraska. thurston county sheriff shelly perez says 82-year-old marvin davis was found in a rural area of the county. authoritits used cell phone cords to track davis....noting he was found with his
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his death is under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious. nebraska firefighters are working to put out the flames of a three-alarm fire in downtown omaha. fire officials say the blaze broke out from the roof of the old market around three p-m today. they say the flames are ststl not ununr control as they de with bitter cold conditions and ice-covered grounds. the firefighters have also been ordered to move back in case the building collapses. the basement of the building has already caved in, but officials say the wood interior makes another collapse very possible. three people were hurt but have since been treated and released from the hospital. no word on a cause, but witnesses say they smelled gas before the explosion. temperatures have already dropped into the single digits, and will
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below zero in some places including sioux city putting our windchills in the -20s and -30s through the night and sunday morning. be sure to keep your extremities covered nd wear lots of layers if you muss venture outdoors, which is where both you and your pets shouldn't be for extended periods of time in this cold. see graphics. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes with the temperatures dropping into the single digits.... and below zero in some places... there's a chance your pipes could freeze. to prevent that from happening... let the hot and cold faucets drip overnight. open cabinet doors. disconnect garden hoses and, if practical, use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets. and, maintain adequate heat inside your home if you are going away for an extended
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the holiday season may be over, but one local church is continuing tradition with a very u uque nativity scene. . italian music playing in the background of the nativity scene. father daniel rupp of blessed sacrament church has been working on this nativity scene for the past two years. and this christmas, the 12 foot long creation came to life. the scene pictures baby jesus, mary, joseph and the wise men...but also an entire town. "just the christmas season with the nativity, how the baby was born. he wasn't born in a a lace, he was born in a very poor environment with animals. not a place that you and i would choose to be born, but god did. so we can learn a lot just from that, the humility of the baby jesus right from day one," said blessed sacrament church pastor, father daniel rupp. the nativity scene will be up for the next two weeks. for details on when to visit just head to oururebsite... the blencoe post office is back in business at a new location. it reopened wednesday after being closed in april 2014 because of problems with the old building's
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the monona county town of around 220 people lost local delivery for 20 months. residents could pick up their mail at temporary boxes in blencoe or travel 16 miles to the moorhead post office to get their mail, buy stamps, send packages or avail themselves of other postal services. turning our attention to politics, proposals to expand medicaid and raise south dakota teacher pay are expected to dominate the 2016 legislative session lawmakers return tuesday to pierre, where e ey must set the state budget and will tackle a spread of issues during the session. gov. dennis daugaard's plan to expand medicaid comes with plenty of conditions. it's also unclear how lawmakers will raise pay for south dakota teachers, whose salaries are lowest in the nation. believe it or not there's 23 days to go till the iowa caucus and supporters arere making sure their voices are heard. virginia governor, terry mcauliffe is touring around iowa and today he stopped in sioux city. the gov. visited a hillary for iowa
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spoke with iowans about what's at stake in this election. he spoke about why he believes families need in the white house. i've seen her fight on childreres issues, re issues. she has never shyed away from a tough battle to go out there and help working families, go out there and talk about the things we care about," said virginia governor, terry mcauliffe. hillary for iowa volunteers say everyone at their office is getting excited during this crunch time. "she's always been there as first lady when she was fighting to get health care for r hildren and thanks to her growing up i was able to have health care because she fought for health care for children that whole time," said campaign organizer, scott kosanovich. "i've listened to every candidate. i've gone and met and heard all of them and i just think she's got the experience bar-none," said volunteer, sandi o'brien. to no surprise: his main goal is to get people out and caucus for hillary. cocong up on news 4 at 10 there's the saying all the money in the world can't buy everything...b ut can it
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what experts have to say temperatures have already dropped into the single digits, and will continue to do so into the teens below zero in some places including sioux city putting our windchills in the -20s and -30s marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president."
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marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the consumer electronic show is home to some of the biggest and best gadgets. we'll show you some of the top tech gifts showcased at the event. and a girl who suffers from a heart defect is standing up for others just like her. we'll show you what she's doing to make a
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covered and wear lots of layers if you must venture outdoors, which is where both you and your pets shouldn't be for extended periods of time in this cold. we'll top out in the single digits above zero with some deceptive sunshine sunday afternoon before clouds move in and keep us above zero sunday night. we'll see highs return to the 20s on monday, and then take a step back into the teens with a reinforcing shot of cold air tuesday after a few
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be back in the 20s the rest of next week with littltlno snow. >> in the 20s the rest of next week with little/no snow. >> still to come for us on a saturday night
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still to come for us on a saturday night learn about some potential drawbacks if you win big. that story is right after the
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talent= as the saying goes...all the money in the world can't buy everything. but with a record powerball jackpot ...people are lining up for a chance to see how much it can buy. reporter mary mcguire spoke with one expert who has studied dozens of past lottery winners... and has found winning definitely has an upside. six little numbers could make one lucky person a millionaire dozens and dozens of times over as the powerball is set to roll on the largest u-s lottery jackpot ever... while all of that money can't buy happiness... (dr. h. roy kaplan/sociologist: 14-:18) "it certainly doesn't hurt, it's an important ingredient in happiness, especially in our society." sociologist h. roy kaplan literally wrote the book on "lottery winners" and has studied the impact taking home the big prize can have on people. he has some advice for tonight's potential winner. (dr. h. roy plan/sociologist: 32-:35) "please, don'' go on a binge. take time. don't even quit your job." in his past research, kaplan found that big lotto winners don't always quit their jos...but they do stock up on expensive new goodies, like houses and cars. (dr. h. roy kaplan/sociologist: 44-:55) "they move into houses and then they don't have any money for furniture! i had one fellow who bought a big cadillac and he lived in philadelphia and it
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had to move to get a bigger place to park his car." horror stories of lotto winners blowing all of their cash over a mattee of months are out there, but kaplan argues in his expprience, the lottery can actually save lives. (dr. h. roy kaplan/sociologist1 :06-1:17) "for most people, it helped calm their lives down. in some peoplwere ihelped them>> mark's in now with sports - the c-n-o-s classic wrapping up today. (mark) finished things up with the high schoolers. two tradition- laden programs - bishop heelan and crofton - duking it out down at the tyson.
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at the tyson events center. one of the best matchups of the weekend paired the bishop heelan and crofton girls. the crusaders are ranked 9th in iowa's class 4a - the warriors are ranked 2nd in nebraska's class c-2. so much tradition - a combined 9 state titles between these two schools. heelan was down 15 at the half - but here come the crusaders - kierrah llanos inside - bucket and the foul - bishop heelan starting to make a run.n. the crusaders, capitalizing off some crofton turnovers - there's grace hanno down low - heelan within 10. but crofton began to pull away - kelsey sanger with the nice look inside to monica arens - arens led crofton with 29 points and 15 rebounds. later in the third - arens misses - katie petersen cleans it up - rebound and the pupuack - crofton gets a big win, 63-51. the spirit lake boys, receiving votes in class 3a, taking on
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ryan kriener - the iowa commit - was showing off early - first quarter - kriener gets it on the break and finishes at the rim. then a bit later - he grabs the miss - goes back up strong - bucket and the foul - kriener had 11 in the first quarter, for the game. spirit lake led 16-7 after a quarter - but here's north - jailen billings with the steal and the layup at the other end. but the indians were too strong - billy brown - the north dakota commit - no-look to jake heitritter - spirit lake thumps north, 69-37. over to south sioux city - the cardinal guys hosting norfolk, who's ranked 5th in class a. first quarter - tanner christensen getting inside the arc - knocks down the pull-up jumper - south sioux up two early. back comes norfolk - lane mccallum - for three - 14 points, 5 assists for mccallum on the night - panthers take a 7-point lead. south sioux city still working - christstsen goes baseline - nice layup off the glass - cardinins
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norfolk would take a 10-point lead after the first - logan strom from distance - the panthers pull away from there - they double-up south sioux, 70-to-35. the c-n-o-s classic continued today - and a pair of great college matchups were on the docket. the briaiacliff men and women - both taking on hastings down at the tyson events center - all four teams are ranked in the top-25. on the men's side - briar cliff is ranked 6th - the broncos are 18th. hastings was looking to work it inside early - getting it to kendall ferguson - he scores down low. briar cliff, on the other hand - likes to shoot - bryan forbes from the wing - his three is good - forbes had 18 for the cliff. then shane graves - dribbling around - finds some space and drops a triple - briar cliff out front by 6 early. then b-c-u goes down low - austin homan - nice move and converts off glass - homan finsihed with a game-high 24 as briar cliff wins their 13th straight game, 95 to 83. the charger women, ranked 11th,
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15th in the polls. briar cliff, down 4 in the second quarter - broncos swing it around to jordan johnson - she drops the three - hastings threatening to pull away. but the chargers make a nice run to end the half - taylor wagner - nice reverse layup - b-c-u was down just 2 at the break. hastings starts to pull away in the second half - but briar cliff trying to hang around - morgan hansen on the layup. but briar cliff shot just 38 percent on the day - abby jackson led hastings with 15 - and the broncos drop the chargers, 65-56. there are no easy games in big 12 play. if you need evidence of that, look no fufuher than wednesday, when iowa state needed all 40 minutes to beat texas tech, a team that was picked to finish last in the conference. unranked baylor making the trip to hilton coliseum today. first half - iowa state looks like they're going to run away with it - already up 17-to-8 - matt thomas 3 makes it a 13 point lead. then later in the half - it's georges niang - one of four double-figure
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cycloens led by 4 at the half - but baylor came to play in the second frame - jonathan motley cleans up the miss - he had 27 to lead all scorers. iowa state has won 30 of its last 32 at hilton - but both losses have come to baylor - taurean prince hits - bears beat isu, 94-89. nebraska's on a three-game losing streak - looking to get back in the win column against rutgers. shavon shields - the senior leader for the huskers - goes baseline for the jam in the first half - shields had 11 points. but it was this guy who paced the way for big red - andrew white, the third - a huge day - 28 points, 9 rebounds - huskers up 14. it was a 20-point halftime lead - benny parker on the assist to ed morrow - nebraska leading big on the road. more in the second half - jack mcveigh - the eshman from australia - hhts the e hree - nebraska, no trouble with rutgers - 90-56. n-f-l playoffs - chiefs on the road at the texans. this one was all kansas city from the opening kickoff - that's when knile davis takes the kick and is going the other way with it - 106 yards to the house -
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hohor 4 times and are headed to ththdivisional round witita
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you got people working incredibly long hours. mediananamily income today -- $4,000 less than i iwas in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverer.
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