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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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estited 65 percent of all possible mbinations on that record jackpot with no grand prize winner. meaning powerball fever ... just. got. even. hotter. after building for 2 months wednesday's jackpot will be at least one-point-three billion, that's billion with a b, dollars (nat mos) "i think that's more than i can spend probably "2 dollars and a dream it's a dream that lives on for at least another 3 days after what has been an absolute ticket buying frenzy in 44 states across the country. millions of tickets being sold every hour. (nat mos) "yououuys want to buy a lottery ticket? yeahhh! what does a billion dollars buy? well you could get 4 thousand rolls royces to take 9 million friends to disneyworld and feed them 250 million cups of starbucks coffee. but it seems americans are a generous bunch: (nat mos) "charity give to family members i will give my 10 percent to church first i plan to donate to a couple of churches 50 percent to charity give some to charity share it share it with a lot of people and the other big dream many people had while waiting in line for tickets.. (nat mos) "wouldn't have to work anymore" i'm gonna show up at work monday
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now, t odds of winning are one in 292 million. but, one individual who purchased a ticket in sioux city got pretty close the ticket was purchased at the gordon plaza hy-vee. the first five numbers on the ticket matched, but missed the powerball number. the ticket still holds a 1 million dollar value. turning our attention to politics, proposals to expand medicaid and raise south dakota teacher pay are expected to dominate the 2016 legislative session lawmakers return tuesday to pierre, where they must set the state budget and will tackle a
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session. gov. dennis daugaard's plan to expand medicaid comes with plenty of conditions. it's also unclear how lawmakers will raise pay for south dakota teachers, whose salaries are lowest in the nation. the iowa legislalare is expected to tackle k througug12 education and water quality initiatives in the session that begins monday. the democratic- controlled senate and the republican- led house have long been at odds over how much money to spend on education. the 2016 session will likely continue that pattern. ktiv's matt breen is in des moines and will have coverage from the capitol on news 4. with just over three weeks until the iowa caucuses, a new poll shows donald trump and ted crcr running neck and neck, as people prepare to cast the first votes of the primary season. nbc's chris jansing, has our report tonight.
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we're sort of like tied with ted cruz" trump in a virtual dead heat in iowa - and going after his biggest threat.-- trump telling chuck todd it's a problem that cruz was born in canada - sot trump he has to solve this problem because the democrats will sue him if he's the nominee. to prove that he is an american citizen cruz released his mother's birth certificate -- showing she was born in delaware. toda making five ore stops on his 6 day bus tour of the state.... - while social media has been buzzing about - after he said voters will punish hillary clinton for benghazi sot cruz "in my house if my daughter catherine , the five year old, says something she knows to be false, she gets a spanking clinton - out with a new ad in early states - taking on her republican rivals... sot i think we should repeal obamacare our wages are too high defund planned parenthood they're backward - even dangerous seven republicans today -- gathered at a poverty conference in south carolina.. all of them - trailing trump there - as well as in the latest national and new hampshire polls with only 24 days until thee first votes are cast, the ds of overtaking him - may nottbe much better than winning the powerball (show jeb with ticket sot we've gotta win iowa, oh, we gotta win it. so we're gonna win it ok. otherwise, i'll tell you what, otherwise we're wasting our time folks. we're wastig our time and at least in ottumwa - he left with promises from voters to come out again - in the cold.... jansing: are you going to caucus?..."yes i am. i'm going to do it this time for the first
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republican senator ted cruz leads donald trump by four points among likely caucus-goers... within the margin of error 28-24. on the democratic side.. former secretary of state hillary clinton is now just three points ahead of senator bernie sanders... with the margin of error that's a virtual tie. republican presidential candidate rick santorum is stumping for support in
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santorum will hold a meet and greet in sac city tonight at 6:30 at a house party. the former senator was in spencer, iowa earlier today his visit is one on many in iowa with just three weeks to go until the iowa caucus. anyway you look at's cold outside for more we'll toss it over to chief meterologist ron demers it was a cold sunday across siouxland with many of us not getting out of the single digits for highs with many of our morning lows being between -10 and -15. only far western siouxland got in on a little "warmth" getting into the 20s anyway. that slightly warmer air will try to move east a bit tomorrow meaning neither tonight or mondadawill be as cold as what we've seen. with the temperatures dropping
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digits.... and below zero in some places... there's a chance your pipes could freeze. totorevent that from happening... l l the hot and cold f fcets drip overnight.t. open cabinet doors. disconnect garden hoses and, if practical, use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets. and, maintain adequate heat inside your home if you are going away for an extended period of time. while it's the coldest day of the season, today is national cut your energy costs day. midamerican energy has some
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efficient. service your furnace annually, change your filters regularly. also, if you keep your thermostat at 68'll reduce your bill by four percent. for more energy efficiency tips... just head to our website at ktiv-dot-com. fire crews in whiting, iowa spent part of the afternoon battling a house fire. authorities say the incident happened shortly after 1:30 this afternoon in the 600 block of stroud avenue. this home in monona county was fully engulfed in flames. at this time authorities are n n releasing any more information. stay with news 4 for the very latest. investigators are working to determine what caused an explosion and fire that caused extensive damage to a historic downtown omaha building. several witnesses say they smelled natural gas at m's pub shortly before the explosion. one man was seriously injured, yet no one was killed in the fire. the omaha fire chief said today
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out, but crews were still monitoring hot spots for flare ups. an illinois man missing for five days was found dead in thurston county, nebraska. thurston county sheriff shelly perez says 82-year-old marvin davis was found in a rural area of the county. authorities used cell phone records to track davis....noting he was found with his vehicle. his death is under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious. hollywood's gearing up for one of its biggest nights of the year. the 73rd annual golden globes are happening tonight in beverly hills... honoring the year's best in movies and tv. mark barger gives us a preview of some of the major movie categories.
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"i think spotlight could win by a hair. but the revenant c cld win. mad max could surprise everyone and win." "the danish girl"'s eddie redmayne looks for his second straight globe as best actor in a drama....but faces "concussion"'s will smith, "steve jobs"' michael fassbender, "trumbo"'sranston....and "the revenant"s leonardo dicaprio. (sot dave karger / :49-54) "the edge has to go to leonardo dicaprio. he went through so much, physically and emotionally, to put his performance on screen." karger sees best actress nominees cate blanchett and rooney mara of "carol".... as well as "the danish girl"'s alicia vikander....chasing two other contenders. (sot dave karger / 1:03- 1:12 not on camera) "this one is race between brie larson for room and saoirse ronan for brooklyn, two young actresses that have had fantastic years." kakager expects "the martian" and "the big short" to batttte for best musical or comeded.....with att damon'' role as a marooned astronaut beating out "the big short"s christian bale and steve carell for best actor. (sot dave karger / 1:23- 1:28) "he won 18 years ago for writing good will hunting, but he's never won an acting globe. i think that could happen this weekend." jennifer lawrence already has two globes...and winning a third for "joy"...would mean beating out among others...her pal, amy schumer, who's up for "trainwreck". (sot dave karger / 1:37- 1:40) "if amy schumer wins best actress in a comedy, that's going to be the speech of the night." nats "i never win, so i can't believe i won!" although globes' history has shown.... nats "where's the envelope?" it could have plenty of competition.
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the golden globes get underway tonight at 7, right here on ktiv. coming up..... the minnesota vikings had a tough home test to open the nfc playoffs. the defending nfc champion seattle seahawks came to town in one of the coldest games in nfl history. mark's in later with those highlights. it was a cold sunday across siouxland with many of us not getting out of the single digits for highs
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"but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he wasunning for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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with many of our morning lows being between -10 and -15. only far western siouxland got in on a little "warmth" getting into the 20s anyway. that slightly warmer air will try to move east a bit tomorrow meaning neither tonight or monday will be as cold as what we've seen. we are going to see another cold front move in late monday giving us a slight chance of some evening or overnight light snow with only a dusting likely. that cold front gives us a reinforcing shot of cold air for tuesday with highs only a few degrees on either side of 10. we should warm up a bit better again by wednesday and thursday with colder air
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welcome back, i'm joined now by erica carter. a program coordinator for vita with the center for siouxland eric, thanks so much for joining us tonight. first of all, for those that don't know what is vita and tell us a little bit about what you do. you're parterning up with the united way. tell us about that partnership and the initiative last year there was more than 1,600 qualifying housesholds, resulting in over $2 million dollars coming back to the commuity but, this isn't new it's been going on for more than 30 years if people would like assistance or to see if they qualify, what are the steps they need to take and
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can they go? coming up next in sports - the nfl wild card playoffs are underway - and the vikings were in action this afternoon. minnesota took on defending nfc champion seattle. we've got highlights and
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coming up next. plus, the iowa women lock horns with 8th-ranked maryland at carver- hawkeye arena.
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the vikings survived a knock-down, drag out fight with the packers last weekend to claim the n-f-c north championship. for their efforts, minnesota nabbed the third-seed in the n-f-c playoffs - but had to host seattle. the seahawks, who lost last
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vikings 38-to-7 in week 13. game-time temperature was negative-6 degrees - the third coldest game in n-f-l history. we pick it up in the 4th quarter - vikings with three field goals on the board - seattle nothing - broken play - but russell wilson finds tyler lockett for 35 yards - deep into minnesota territory. that sets up wilson to doug baldwin for a 3 yard touchdown - seattle would eventually take a 10-9 lead. vikings get a final drive - kyle rudolph on the reception - avoids a tackle - and minnesota is in business. so that leaves blair walsh - who was 3- for-3 on the day - with a yard field goal to win the game - and he shanks it left. their season ends on a chilly day at home, 10-to-9. "we missed the field goal, and we lost the game," said vikings head coach mike zimmer. "other than that, they hit kind of a freaky, defense all day. we did a good job in the running game. we did a good job on their shot field goal, so that's
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green bay fans, surely happy about the minnesota loss. but their packers are playing right now - leading washington 17-to-11 at halftime of the other wild card game. we'll have highlights and reaction from washington coming up at 10. saturday, the chiefs won their first playoff game in 22 years, thumping the texans on the road, 30-to- nothing. the kansas city defense was great, forcing 5 turnovers - the chiefs picked off houston quarterback brian hoyer four times. k-c came into the game as the hottest team in the nfl - and will head to the divisional round as winners of 11-straight games. "win or go home," said quarterback alex smith. "there's no tomorrow. you're living in the right now. it's no different this next week. i dont think the attitude changes, and to be honest, we've kind of been
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now. it's all we know." the chiefs are still waiting on word about the status of wideout jeremy maclin, who suffered a high-ankle sprain in k-c's win. the chiefs travel to foxboro to take on the new england patriots next weekend. the iowa women are ranked 23rd by the usa today coaches poll - but are just receiving votes in the a-p poll. the hawkeyes, at home against maryland, who's ranked 8th in both polls. iowa is coming off a loss to michigan on thursday. and they came out sluggish today - maryland jumping out to a 7-to-1 lead - chloe pavlech on the three - the terps led by four after a quarter. the hawkeyes, hanging tough, down 6 - ally disterhoft stops and pops - disterhoft had 14 points and 7 rebounds - iowa within 4. then whitney jennings drives baseline - two of her 10 points - but iowa went into the break trailing by 10 points. and maryland would pull away in the second half - on the break in the
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- maryland shoots 47 percent and downs the hawks, 76-56. the nebraska women pick up their first big ten win of the season, beating illinois 73-57. jessica shepard with a huge day - 29 points, 19 rebounds, as the huskers improve to 10-and-5. both the hawkeyes and huskers are back in action on wednesday. nebraska is at penn state - iowa
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