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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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sneaky's chicken on gordon drive about what he saw as flames engulfed his restaurant this morning.
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sub-zero temperatures and difficult conditions, crews got the fire out quickly. "we got water on the fire quickly. we were not hampered by any frozen hydrants or anything like that luckily. everything worked smoothly this morning," says mark aesoph, the sioux city fire marshal. dave says it's hard to see his business of 37 years take a hit like this. 2:10 "it's tough but we are all safe everybody is good and healthy and the rest can be fixed," says ferris. no word yet on how long the restaurant will be closed, but dave says they are working to find another kitchen and another location that they can continue their catering business. he says none of those orders should be affected. reporting in sioux city, sarah te slaa, ktiv news 4.>> no word yet on when the restaurant will reopen, but ferris says they'll do so as soon as possible. omaha officials say it's a a miracle that nonone was killed in the explosion and fire in the old market area over the weekend. the fire chief says it appears the fire at m's pub was accidental. but, it will take time to figure out what caused the natural gas leak that fueled
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it could take several weeks to determine if the building can be saved. either way, the owner wants to rebuild. one person was injured following a two-vehicle accident in between norfolk and battle creek, nebraska today. an suv appeared to have rear-ended a truck heading east on highway 275 about two miles east of the battle creek spur around nine this morning. one person was transported from the scene with unknown injuries. highway 275 was closed down for about an hour. well it sure was chilly to start off the work week. here to tell us if the cold will stick around is chief meteorlogist ron demers with our first look at the forecast at 5. wind chill advisory for ne siouxland tuesday from 3 am until 10 am despite a lot of clouds, we all some warming today with central and western siouxland being the warmest topping out in the 20s and 30s. this warming is very brief because a cold front moves through tonight bringing with it
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showers (with only a dusting expected) and briefly windy conditions that bring in the cold yet again. northeastern siouxland is under a wind chill advisory tuesday y om 3 am u uil 10 am for wind chills colder than -20 degrees. thanks. thanks. iowa lawmakers are hard at work
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that the gavel has fallen on the opening day of the 2016 legislative session. there could be a fight over school funding, and that could dictate the budgeting process that has to get done before lawmakers leave des moines, in april. ktiv's matt breen is at the state capitol, in des moines, tonight... he's with "live link 4." sheila, , oux city reprprentative chris hall says, in the past, lawmakers have settled on school funding, and then crafted the rest of the budget around that. that underscores the importance of settling on an increase in school funding that the house, senate, and governor can all agree on. here's the problem... last spring the house passed a plan for 2016-17 school funding with a 2-percent increase.
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plan with four-percece increase. and, today, the governor told me he supports a 2- point-45 percent increase to basic state aid for schools. rep. ron jorgensen/(r) sioux city "we need to get the numbers to the schools districts in time so they can plan and certify their budgets in the middle of april. so, i know its a priority of mine to get that done as soon as we possibly can." by law, school districts have to set their budgets by april 15th each year. in the past, lawmakers have failed to settle on a school funding number forcing districts to budget "blind." but, education is only one part of the story. increases built into the budget, lawmakers will have to make cuts. learn more about lawmakers' priorities, tonight, on "news 4 at six." (sheila) thanks matt.
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caucuses and presidential candidate, rick sasaorum is making sure his voice is heard. the former pennsylvania senator spoke in orange city today. he reminded voters how four years ago, when he ran for the presidency, polls didn't start to rise till 10 days out. so he's not worried about his position among the crowd of presidential hopefuls. santorum says this is the most important election voters have ever dealt with and iowans have the biggest role deciding who the next president will be. hey can change this s bate, they can change this election over night. all of these polls mean nothing until people vote and if people vote different then what these national polls are, you're going to throw this race into a whole new dimension that can produce a leader who actually understands the problems and has solutions to the problems," said former pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate, rick santorum. tonigh at 6, hear from the founder of pizza ranch, who invited santorum to come speak at his headquarters today, and d at he thought of the campaign s sp.
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journal poll showed carly fiorina in 10-th place among her republican colleagues in iowa. cruz, trump and rubio round out the top three, and with only three weeks until the iowa caucuses...the g-o-p presidential hopeful is wasting no time talking with iowa voters. fiorina laid out her "blueprint" to "take back our country" -- her slogan during her campaign. among her plans, repealing obamacare and standing up for families life a a relgious liberties. after taking questions from audience members carly stuck around for a meet and greet. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is stumping for support in sioux city tonight. she's slated to speak at bev's on the river. that's where we find ktiv's robert lowe, he's with live link 4. robert, sheila, no doubt about it and with just three weeks to go, don't expect it to stop anytime soon, as these candidates make their final rounds before the first in the nation caucus. pepele here at bev's are just starting to show up. it's unclear how packed this
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fiorina gained momentum in the polls over summer...but as the weather began to cool did her support. but, i've had the opportunity to speak one on one with the former hewlett packard ceo multiple times, and every time she's reminded me that polls in iowa don't always pick the winner. we'll have more from tonight's stump speech, coming up on news 4 at 10. sheila? candidate dr. ben carson making several stops in siouxland today. he was in denison this afternoon for a townhall gathering. his stop was part of his "we the people" visits. there was a room full of voters and community membmbs in cronk's restaurant as thth republican shared his plans to improve the nation's economy by cutting down gernment. he also shared his foreign policy plans if elected president.
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fighting terrorism through tactics like cyber warfare. he's in sioux city at stoney creek at 6 p.m. then tonight in le mars, iowa at the blue bunny ice cream parlor and museum from 7:45 to 9 p.m. watch for coverage of his campaign tonight on news 4 at 6. donald trump returned to the campaign traililn new hampshire today. that's where a new nbc news poll shows him with a 16-point lead. trump took swipes at a host of opponents during a morning ral. and, he continued to mtion ted cruz's birth in canada to an american mother, arguing cruz's eligibility to be president is "not a settled matter." he also blasted democrat bernie sanders - telling supporters he's the general election opponent trump would most like to compete against. 90 percent tax everybody, does anybody mind paying 90 percent tax? because if you go with bernie you're going to have yourself a nice 90 percent tax. he wants to take it all away from you. he's sort of dampening it a little bit. he wants to keep it aittle bit low key. trump returns to the campaign
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tomorrow night in cedar falls, iowa. today, democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton is escalating her attacks on rival bernie sanders. during an event in waterloo, iowawaoday, secretary of transportatio n anthony foxx announced his support for clinton. while speaking, she said sanders' healthcare plan would undermine the affordable care act and place the power in the hands of republican governors. s/hillary clinton (d) presidential candidate :38 "i just have a difference with senator sanders. he has a different plan. his plan would take medicare and medicaid and the children's health insurance program and affordable care act healthcare insurance and private employer that and he would take it all together and send health insurance to the states, turning over yours and my health insurance to governors, like terryryranstad."
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tonight in des moines with sanders and martin o'malley. former president bill clinton will be in sioux city on friday. an event takes place at noon at morningside college. sioux city's million dollar powerball winner picked up his big check today. joel dominguez bought his ticket at the gordon plaza hy-vee in sioux city. the first five numbers on the ticket matched, but missed the powerball number. joel who is 23-year-old, says he always believed he would win a big lottery prize. after taxes, he gets $700,000. money he plans to use to help him and his wife finish c clege. joel is a pipefitter working on the cf industries plant. he bought a few tickets for the drawing and his wife thought he was joking that he won. the next drawing takes place on wednesday night with a jackpot of a record-breaking $1.4 billion dollar prize. and, joel says he plans to buy
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still to come on live at five.... scafolding scare. how two window washers were e stuck on the side of the tallest bubuding in houston. we'll have
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a gunman who opened fire at a work place before fleeing the scene. the incident was reported at cardinal kitchens - a officers say a fight between to the shooting. investigators say one of the employees pulled out a gun and fired it at a couple of co-workers. two workers got hurt, one critically. firefighters have discovered home in new york. crews were called to the house just before midnight. while fighting the flames... four adults. there is no word yet on how they
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two window washers have been rescued after getting stuck in scaffolding on the side of the tallest building in houston. it all happened this morning at the chase bank building. 75 stories tall! the washers became stuck near the 71-st floor when their scaffolding system experienced a motor malfunction. rescue crews received a radio message from the two men saying they were stuck. a rope was placed around them and they were guided to safety through the 71-st floor window. no one was injured in the incident. automakers are showing off their latest vehicles in motor city. the north american international auto show is underway in many say the show is the most world. this year, automakers plan to debut 45 new vehicles... from muscle cars to compacts to concepts. the biggest buzz is all the technology inside the vehicles. sure was a chilly day morning,
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will follow suit. ron's full forecast is coming up after the break.
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part of i-29 will be closed tonight. both directions of i-29 at the floyd boulevard interchange will be closed due to utility work. the osure will start at 10 p.m. tonight and go until midnight. so, watch out if you need to be out and about tonight. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. wind chill advisory for ne siouxland tuesday from 3 am until 10 am despite a lot of clouds, we all saw some warming today with central and western siouxland being the warmest totoing out in the 20s and 30s. thihiwarming is very
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through tonight bringing with it a few evening snow showers (with only a dusting expected) and briefly windy conditions that bring in the cold yet again. northeastern siouxland is under a wind chill advisory tuesday from 3 am until 10 am for wind chills colder than -20 degrees. while tuesday stays cold, warming isn't far behind. we could see highs get back into the 30s as soon as wednesday. then thursday looks like the warmest of the days ahead before more cooling returns for the weekend when highs only get into teens for saturday and sunday. when we come back....the music industry is mourning a when we come back....the music when we come back....the musicic
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legend. we'll look back on the life of
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performances died yesteray from cancer. he was 69. dan scheneman with a look at his life and legend.
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began with space oddity.. natural sound star man.... starman and ziggy stardust solidified his genius... catapulting bowie into a different class of stardom, mixing genres and personas. natural sound - flowers fans f fm his hometown in brixton are remembering the music icon. sound robin lowery bixton, great britain he's just given me complete confidence. he's influenced my life those across the pond gathering at his star at hollywood's walk of fame sound louis ferrer - bowie fan it's almost like he went to another planet to find this resource of creativity." natural sound laying flowers/cand les hollywood elite remembering bowie after sunday's golden globe awards sound ben feldman/actor ) "he's an icon. he was a gift" sound david allan grier/actor) "his i iluence as an artist has been amamang." what might be most amazing or telling is bowie's final album, "blackstar" released just last week... natural sound "look up here, i'm in heaven' with a single lazarus and a haunting image of the biblical figure who rose from the dead. like lazurus, bowie's music will live on and he will remain a hero to a legion of
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dan scheneman, nbc news >> bowie was married twice and is you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged.
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an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires.s. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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iowa lawmakers hard at work now that the gavel has fallen on opening day of the 2016 legislative session. ktiv's matt breen will bring us all the details tonight on news 4 at six. let's check in one more time with ron. tonight: evening snow showers possible. low: 2 wind: nw 15-25 mph tomorrow: partly cloudy. high: 12 wind: nw/w 10-15 mph thanks for joining us for news
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five. we're back again at six.
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