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tv   Today  NBC  January 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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at least 23 people killed, 126 others just rescued. we are live with the overnight developments. heating up. tempers flair on the campaign trail. donald trump and ted cruz not backing down from the insults against each other as hillary clinton and bernie sanders prepare for the debate in their neck and neck race. murder mystery. an american woman killed on vacation in belize. the yoga mat left behind as one of a few clues. this morning, a search for her killer. it is official. the tennessee couple who told us they won the powerball take us along for the ride to the lottery headquarters. >> finally say yes. >> as a behind the scenes look at the big day and what they plan to do with all that money.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on saturday. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. let's get to the top story. the islamic militant attack in the west african hotel. it happened in burkina faso south of mali and north of ghana. the terror lasted for hours. nbc's kelly cobiella has been following it all morning long. kelly what do we know? >> reporter: craig, a hotel and cafe known to be used by westerners and united nations staff. it was the target. government forces with the help of the french are still looking for militants. the siege at the hotel is over. the french ambassador saying 150
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been rescued after a night of terror. outside this splendid hotel cars in flames and sound of gunfire, militants held hostages and militant forces tried to break the siege. the assault started friday evening with four attackers opening fire at the hotel and cafe. this woman was in the cafe meeting friends from the u.s. we dropped to the ground she said. as soon as anyone raised their heads, they fired at them. we had to play dead. they shook people by the foot to see if they were alive or not. if they were alive, they shot them. this man says the first police and government forces on the scene turned around and left. french special forces were sent in from mali and by morning, the
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126 hostages freed and four militants dead. this morning, government forces are still searching for attackers in the area and the death toll is rising. and this morning, the government is saying the fourth militant was killed at a nearby hotel just this morning. burkina faso's president saying two of the attackers were women. al qaeda in abu graib claimed responsibility for the paris attacks in november. 20 were killed in that siege and this time the number of dead is now up to 27. that number keeps changing craig. we are still trying to find out if americans were injured or killed. craig and erica. >> kelly, thank you. turning to politics and the battle with donald trump and senator ted cruz which shows no sign of letting up. we have nbc's kasie hunt live
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>> reporter: good morning, erica. ted cruz and donald trump fighting this morning over what cruz calls new york values that doesn't line up with iowa conservatives. trump is hitting back but with the caucuses fast approaching, he is trading in the trademark big rallies in favor of retail politicking politicking. donald trump is still topping the polls, but now bending to iowa tradition. >> we have to get out. we have to win. >> reporter: making his first ever stop at a pizza chain and showing his human side. comforting a family who lost a child to heroin overdose. >> i know what you went through. your son is proud of you. >> reporter: the national frontrunner showing no sympathy for his rival ted cruz. >> how are you going to be president if you don't know about a $1 million loan from goldman sachs. now he doesn't know he was a canadian citizen?
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officials about the loans from goldman sachs and citibank to help fund his campaign. on friday, he refused to answer questions about it. polls show cruz and trump far ahead of the establishment candidates battling for third. in new hampshire, marco rubio appealing to gun owners. >> i scored a rifle. thank you. >> reporter: hitting chris christie as a liberal. >> there are people running, republicans running, not supporters of the second amendment. >> reporter: and lindsey graham endorsing jeb bush and calling marco rubio inexperienced. >> i can say at 44, i wasn't ready to be president. >> reporter: as many in the gop establishment are finally beginning to accept that trump could win the nomination. the next question, can trump forgive an establishment that is trying to find anyone who can beat him. >> i love people who treat me fairly.
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>> reporter: some republicans are starting to wonder if trump couldn't lock up the nomination iowa. you know what? he seems to be trying harder than ever after that rally in iowa yesterday. he is in new hampshire this morning and then on to a rally here in south carolina on a saturday afternoon. erica. >> kasie hunt, thanks. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for a crucial debate tomorrow night right here on nbc. while clinton once looked unbeatable, she is facing a stiff challenge from the vermont challenger. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the stakes could not be higher for the debate in charleston. it comes as the democratic race is in an unexpected dead heat. it is also the final face-off for the candidates before the iowa caucuses.
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in new hampshire, bernie sanders leads secretary clinton by four points. then in iowa, her huge lead has narrowed to just two points. 42 42% to 40%. what is going on? a lot of people think sanders is tapping into the anti-establishment candidate. secretary clinton's strategy is ramping up attacks against senator sanders on issues like guns and health care. she is sending out her surrogates like chelsea clinton and her husband, bill clinton. >> you have to decide what is best for america. it is not close who is best commander in chief or the best change agent with economic and social progress. >> reporter: now chelsea and bill clinton will hold their first joint event in iowa later today. meanwhile, all of the democratic candidates will face-off at the
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it will be a prelude of some of the fireworks we will see here tomorrow night. craig. >> thank you, kristen. >> joining us is the political analyst and recently served as senior policy advisor for rand paul's campaign. good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start with the republican side. the wall street journal poll shows nationally, i want to get the numbers correct. cruz stands at 20%. donald trump is at 33%. looking at these numbers, and as we hear about the republican party preparing for donald trump as the potential nominee, what scenes? >> for so long, i think everyone thought the donald trump phenomena was going away. two weeks until iowa, he is here to stay and people are adjusting to is it better to have trump or better to have cruz? who is the lesser of two evils
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that is what is going through the minds of establishment republicans. trump feels threatened by cruz and does not want the lead to go away. at 7:00 a.m., he has been tweeting about cruz's canadian citizenship and the bank loans. >> it was revealed he had taken the first loan from his wife's employer, goldman sachs. now the times reporting this morning there was apparently a second loan. this from citibank. what does this mean for the narrative he has been weaving that he risked it all the and did not take out loans, but used all of his family savings. >> it does not help his authenticity. that is something he is pushing. he is going up against the establishment and he was up against a wealthy opponent in texas. now that doesn't seem to match up. also, it quite frankly was never that believable.
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harvard law grad. it is not a hard background and struggling when he ran for the senate in the first place. >> that's on the republican side. we turn to the democratic side. for the clinton campaign, this is clearly not, we can say what was expected with the race. bernie sanders really making gains here. how are things changing for the clinton campaign? are they responding well enough? >> they are clearly very concerned. her lead is eroding way more quickly than it did back in 2008. you look at just this week. chelsea clinton makes an entrance on the campaign trail and goes the attack in a huge way. so much so that the clinton campaign tries to talk down what she's saying. the clintons are personally threatened and frankly, it is going to make for interesting television if bill clinton gets going the way he did back in 2008. ubdued. how long can that last? i don't really count on it. >> it's going to be interesting. bernie sanders wins in new hampshire, they could write that off as favorite -- if he wins in
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'08 all over again. >> full panic mode. >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> a reminder, you can catch the action. we don't have to wait until iowa. we'll see it in the democratic debate on nbc tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. if you are a little worried about your 401(k) this morning, you're not alone. it has been the worst two-week start of the dow in history. stocks closed down more than 2% on friday alone with the dow down nearly 400 points. why is this happening, and what does it mean for you? cnbc's courtney reagan here on a saturday morning. >> that's right. good morning to you both. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. this has a lot of people thinking back to 2008. is this like 2008? >> i understand the fear. but this is not like 2008. in 2008, the economy was on the verge of total collapse. financial institutions were just disappearing overnight. this is much different. the stock slide we're seeing is fear induced. we'll talk about what that means in a moment.
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fundamental companies of the united states are stronger now than they were in 2008. >> perhaps some of the companies were overvalued. >> very much so. that's when you hear the talk about a correction. a correction typically is when stocks fall 10% from their more recent highs. and that's about what we've seen right now. and that's a race out of stock prices when they become too valuable. they become more expensive than what they should be worth. >> we've been hearing about oil and china. how much of all of this is tied >> very much. china and oil are the two biggest factors driving stock prices lower. we think about china, it's the world's second largest economy. that also means it's a very big buyer of industrial products, as well as consumer goods. that's steel, that's copper, that's handbags and cars. and if china buying less of those things, that's a direct impact to u.s. companies and multinational companies. and oil prices are sitting at 12-year lows. oil is very indicative of economic strength. right now, supply is way overshooting demand. that means investment in the
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are being lost, as well. >> big simple question. what should people be doing with their money right now? and perhaps what should they not be doing now is. >> sure. the first thing, don't panic. don't go out and sell blindly. it's a good time to have a gut check. talk to your financial adviser. if you don't have one, look into getting one. make sure that you're comfortable with how your investments are allocated. if a day like yesterday makes you very nervous, perhaps you need to take back some of the risk. but if you're younger, maybe you can afford more risk. more risk, more reward down the road. >> thank you. >> thank you. the government has issued a new warning about a virus blamed for causing birth defects. the centers for disease control issuing a travel advisory which suggests pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant should avoid areas with outbreaks of the zika virus. the mosquito-borne virus is women. the zika virus is spreading through the caribbean and latin america.
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been reported in the united states. police in belize are hunting for the killer of the abc producer on vacation there. 39-year-old ann sweeney worked in chicago. she was last seen on thursday when she went out to do yoga exercises. search dogs found her body in a nearby river. she was strangled after putting up a fight. police say so far they have no suspects. actor sean penn is speaking out about his interview with drug kingpin el chapo. he wrote about the interview why "rolling stone." he now says he regrets the article for the conversation it started. nbc's jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: they were at top of the their game. two actors with a scoop nobody saw coming. cartel leader on the run ready
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the celebration is over. el chapo guzman is behind bars. kate del castillo and sean penn's article el chapo starting the wrong conversation as he tells cbs's charlie rose. >> i have regret that the entire discussion about the article ignores its purpose. >> reporter: in his article, penn writes, there is little dispute that the war on drugs has failed. as many as 27,000 drug-related homicides in mexico a year and opiate addictions on the rise in the united states. a discussion nobody seems to be having. >> not much dialogue. >> my article failed. let me be clear. my article has failed. >> reporter: instead of drug policy. the world wonders if el chapo
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it appears nobody got what they wanted, except the mexican and american governments. president obama and nieto congratulating each other yesterday over the recapture and the possibility of the leader of the world's most powerful cartel may finally face justice. jacob rascon, nbc news, mexico. we have folks on the plaza with umbrellas and ponchos. >> we have no cold air. we have no cold air to produce a lot of snow. most of the snow we are seeing in the higher elevations back through upstate new york and ski resorts in vermont and new hampshire. it is not a lot of snow. a couple of inches. it is fast moving. the rain is almost gone from new york city. the area of low pressure will pull away. snow on the back side of it mainly through maine.
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once the colder air moves over the great lakes. we are looking to 4 to 6 inches and in the great lakes, we could see a foot of snow in dunkirk, new york and off lake erie and off northern michigan. we could have 1 foot of snow in traverse city. out west, moisture streaming off the pacific. it is rain in seattle and snow in the higher elevations. this will shift into northern california. especially as we go into tomorrow. we could see several inches of rain and also up to a foot or more of snow through the highestfor parts of northern/northeas tern siouxland from 3 am until noon saturday good morning! after our mild stretch of weather, we will begin to take our arctic plunge this afternoon and evening. temperatures will continue to fall as we progress throughout the rest of our friday with most towns getting close to that 0 degree mark. wind chills will also be a factor with values dropping close to 30 below zero. urge caution and bundle up if you have to travel tonight! clouds will also be on the increase in the overnight
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saturday out ahead of our next weather maker. this forecast is brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring cent and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan dreyer, thanks, as always. no matter the weather, the skies are sunny for the tennessee couple who revealed on "today" that they won the enormous powerball jackpot. lisa and john robinson made it official getting the ticket validated at the headquarters. sheinelle is here. >> the robinsons picked up the giant check. it will be about ten business days before they get the full amount. we have exclusive access to their big day. >> we won the powerball! >> the moment of truth. confirming what the robinsons already knew. >> we knew it was the ticket.
7:19 am
>> the official validation. making the family instant millionaires. >> we're common people. we're just like you. >> the robinsons started their day with us with the behind the scenes look of the "today" show before sharing their story. >> mom, dad! >> john revealing he didn't want to stop for the ticket. >> i was on my way home from work. she called me and said do you want to stop and get a couple lottery tickets. i said i didn't real like stopping that night. i said yeah, i'll stop and get them. >> it was lisa who discovered it wassing was worth millions. the couple has no plans to let the money change them. >> talk about your life before you won. how was life? >> work, work, come home. take care of business. and now it's going to be work, come home, take care of business. >> are you staying with your job?
7:20 am
>> back in the city of munford, neighbors and strangers alike expressing well wishes. >> it is the biggest thing to happen. >> this is exciting as winning. >> the robinsons immediate plans paying off their daughter's student loans and staying in the home in munford. >> the big houses are nice, but you also have to clean them. >> the sum is just under $328 million. they ask for privacy as they get settled in with the new found fortune fortune. the million dollar question is will they really get privacy? can they go back to normal? >> that's a small town. >> we will see what happens. >> you can call us to come down and clean it if you want. >> they were so excited to be here yesterday. they really enjoyed it.
7:21 am
>> they will never been back. we'll never see them again. >> maybe they will do something good with the money. we can follow them. >> i like your thinking, dylan dreyer. okay, mr. sunshine. meantime, it's a big day for football fans as the nfl divisional playoffs get under way. the chiefs facing off against the new england patriots. >> go pats. >> it is a home game for the patriots defending super bowl champs. the chiefs crushed the patriots, 41-14. >> calm down. >> then it is the green bay packers against the cardinals. you can see that game tonight here on nbc. coverage starts at 7:30 eastern. >> packers -- i won't say it. still to come here, the must-see moment of the week from the history making broadcast of the white house and major lawsuit over a popular lip balm.
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performance you do not want to miss.
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nbc. still to come on "today," a backlash against parents selling their children's girl scout cookies. how this is not helping their kids out. and can you tell me how to get to "sesame street." the season kicking off with a new tv address. we have some very special guests in the studio this morning to
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we will get to them marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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january is radon action month. joining us with more details we have alisha sanders, she's with the siouxland district health department. you're an environmental specialist with them. right. thanks for joining us today. this is an important time for people to make sure they get their homes tested. that's right. january is radon action month. radon is a naturally occurring gas that occurs in the soil. what happens is it can get into your home. radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the united states and the only way to know if you have radon in your home is to test for it. this is the test kit that you can get. these are short term test kit that we sell at the health department of sioux city. they are available to
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them, they are available for a dollar thanks to a donation from mercy medical center. after that we do sell them year round for seven dollars. these short term test kits take anywhere from 3-7 days. you put them in the lowest part of your home, typically a basement. you send it in after 3-7 days and after a few weeks you get results of your test. then you can figure out what to do from there. this is an area of the country where we do see a lot of radon issues. that's right, iowa on average has a higher radon level than anywhere else in the country. if people would like more information what should they do? what they want to do is call the radon hotline, that is 1-800- 383-5992 or they can go to our website siouxlanddist and they can find more information about radon there. you can stop by and pick up one of these. they can stop by the health department 1014 nebraska street. we do sell the kits at the health department, we do not mail them out. stop by and pick them up, that's the deal. that's right. thank you so much alisha, nice to meet you. thanks for joining us. once again, january is radon action
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just two hours ago, allied air forces began attack on iraq and kuwait. these attacks continue as i speak. ground forces are not engaged. >> we are back on a saturday morning.
7:28 am
tough to believe, but operation desert storm takes you back to saddam hussein and iraqi forces began 25 years ago today. >> my goodness. hard to believe. here is what is making headlines today. at least 27 people are dead after a terror attack in the west african country of burkina faso. islamic militants with ties to al qaeda held more than 100 hostages for hours in a hotel. several attackers are dead, but special forces are still searching for more. walmart is closing 262 stores around the world this year. 154 of them right here in the united states. walmart will close mostly express stores and focus on the super centers. 10,000 employees will be affected. and one of the stars of the '90s show "saved by the bell" is now behind bars.
7:29 am
dustin diamond who played screech on the show is stabbed someone in the bar with non-life threatening injuries. we now get to "the download." >> a time to look back at the stories that had us talking. >> a morning show first. >> a "today" exclusive. broadcasting the entire show from the white house. >> particularly in times of stress, the american people need to hear from the president. >> i made the right decision. i'm positive. >> the historic show, the same day president obama delivered his final state of the union address. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine to see if justice is done, just ask osama bin laden. >> the gloves were off with the republican debate stage. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have
7:30 am
humanely than new york. >> the night's biggest target is the democrats. >> ten american sailors captured and released after the boats entered iranian waters accidentally. >> it was a mistake. it was our fault. >> military officials call the video pure propaganda. >> with drug kingpin el chapo behind bars again, newly released text messages show he had a crush on kate del castillo. the actress that brought sean penn. >> you are the best in the world. he wants to dance and drink tequilla with her. >> i have blisters all over. >> a class action lawsuit over eos lip balm.
7:31 am
merit. >> one thing that is a bit of a misnomer, something labeled organic is harmless. >> a world record jackpot. >> lucky news for a winner in china china hills, california. >> winning tickets in melbourne, florida and munford, tennessee. >> john, john, you have to check the numbers. >> they will divide the $1.6 billion jackpot evenly. >> and one year ago this week, we met wrangler for the first time. >> in 260 shows, he made more friends. after the show each day, he heads home for a full day of training. it is all to prepare him for the formal guide dog training for the blind. >> you might all have solo
7:32 am
it never gets as epic as when adele takes on nicki minaj. given with flair i'm sitting big hair and this is what you live for yeah >> that is the greatest 15 minutes. if you have time to watch the whole car pool karaoke thing. >> we all love her. >> it is amazing to remember that these music superstars also listen to music. >> i thought the same thing. she said she turns on the radio in the car. >> nicki minaj chimed in on twitter and said she is dumbfounded by all this.
7:33 am
memorandum or memorize. >> if the singing thing doesn't work for her, she is a job in british rap. dylan is back. we love dylan. it is getting cold. >> it is getting cold in the northeast. it is starting to work its way into the northern plains and upper midwest. the arctic high pressure system will drag down the colder air. highs in fargo, 7 degrees below zero for a high temperature. 22 degrees below average. minneapolis should top out at 3. madison, wisconsin, is 20. as we go to sunday, minneapolis, it will feel 22 below zero with the wind. and chicago is going to feel like 4 degrees below zero sunday morning. then highs during sunday afternoon, only getting up to 12 below in fargo. 1 in green bay. 30 in pittsburgh. it will cooldown in the northeast. it is monday afternoon where you feel the chill.
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and a wintry mix through central vermont and new hampshire. that will move up into maine. we will see lake-effect snow kick in. on the west coast, rain up and down the west coast. it moves ifor parts of northern/northeas tern siouxland from 3 am until noon saturday good morning! after our mild stretch of weather, we will begin to take our arctic plunge this afternoon and evening. temperatures will continue to fall as we progress throughout the rest of our friday with most towns getting close to that 0 degree mark. wind chills will also be a factor with values dropping close to 30 below zero. urge caution and bundle up if you have to travel tonight! clouds will also be on the increase in the overnight hours as we move into our saturday out ahead of our next weather maker. this forecast is brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring center. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. still ahead, have you felt your
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it is stirring up a sour debate remember kids would go door-to-door selling cookies. now you may be approached at the office. that is nothing new. what is new is social media. some people are pushing back against what they are calling the practice of parents selling cookies for their kids. the point of the sales is to teach kids valuable life lessons. the question now is are parents short changing their kids by doing all the selling for them. >> i think so. the only thing is when i was a kid, we did jump rope. i would go door-to-door and canvas. can you let your kids go door-to-door? >> a girl scout knocked on the door. her mom was 20 feet back. we bought our obligatory three boxes.
7:39 am
some to work and sold them for me, that would be amazing. i sold six boxes a year. >> you could take the form in with him. you could do it that way. you are supposed to do the talking. you have to make them do the work. a belated happy birthday to wikipedia this morning. the web site celebrated 15 years. did you guys know that 28% of people alive today, 28%, have grown up never knowing a world without wikipedia. >> that's crazy. >> the site receives about 18 billion page views every month. it is the most linked to web site on the planet. there are now 35 million articles across all languages on wikipedia. there are middle school students who would not be in college today without it.
7:40 am
the door selling encyclopedia. >> we have the whole collection across the shelves. >> oh, the days. have you ever thought you felt your cell phone buzzing in your pocket or handbag and it was nothing at all? it is a common thing and there's a name for it. phantom vibration syndrome. a research at indiana university says it affects a whopping 89% of college under grads. why does this happen? researchers say it shows how dependent we are on our phones. it is so common for us to experience that without the phone, he get a mistake with a nerve or an itch. i was just having this conversation the other day who
7:41 am
ringing. i said oh, it happens to me all the time to. and a feud with gervais and caitlyn jenner and jimmy fallon with the photo bombs sheinelle. >> one of his targets, of ricky gervais, was caitlyn jenner. this all started with the monologue. >> what a role model. showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. she didn't do a lot for women drivers. >> the joke referring to a fatal car crash she was involved in last february. now jenner is saying i will call the globes and see if they need a new host next year. gervais responded with this tweet. at last, she always breaks too late. ouch. the lesson here, never get into
7:42 am
dear internet, anne hathaway, stop hating on jennifer lawrence. this is the experience with j-law and the reporter. >> you cannot live your life behind the phone. you have to live in the now. >> sorry, sorry. how do you see yourself for the oscar night? >> we're at the golden globes. if you put your phone down, you'd know that. >> after that exchange, lawrence took heat online. anne is not having it. the actress and j-law fan took to her facebook page and said it was taken out of context. jennifer is a beautiful and talented and widely successful and popular oscar nominated young woman. please let us not punish her for these things. and what is better than being photo bombed than by jimmy fallon?
7:43 am
him and the cast of "sesame street." that is what happened to the parents and their children in the tonight show celebrity photo bomb. of course, being quiet is not what the muppets excel at. check out the kids reactions when they realized what was happening. >> hello! >> how are you? >> welcome. >> look at this. >> look who it is. >> that is so cute. we will be joined by ernie and abby cadabby later in the show. when was the last time you were so excited you were jumping up and down? >> when i got to work this morning. up next, we are putting ourselves in the hands of our fans. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet
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in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad. morning. one of our producers went outside to see what questions the fans have for us. we have 60 seconds to know the questions. ready, set, go. the first question is how early do you have to get ready? for good morning, 3:30. i live an hour out. >> i get up at 3:15. >> this is a good one.
7:47 am
town to visit your thing to do? >> i got the same one. what is your favorite place to visit in new york city. >> off broadway dance center. i can dance when i get a chance. >> we need video of that. >> people ask me places to go. the high line. >> what product could you not live without? stelladora breakfast treats. >> who is your favorite coworker? that's a good one. >> oh, who is that? >> oh, okay. >> and who did you look up to most as a kid. i thought it was who did you look like most as a kid. is melvin married? >> happily married man. >> we're out of time. >> very happily. still to come here, several things you can do today that will help you get a head start on your week.
7:48 am
nbc. still to come here on "today" new digs for the fame of "sesame street." >> and guess who is here to tell us about what's in store? ernie and abby cadabby. yeah! >> hi, there. >> we're very excited to talk to them. but first these messages. this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. good morning. terror attack. overnight al qaeda linked militants sieged a hotel popular with western tourists. flames erupted.
7:53 am
this morning, the search is under way for those responsible. and bad timing. the new movie about the deadly 2012 attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi opens this weekend as hillary clinton goes neck and neck with bernie sanders. and brought to you by the letters h-b-o. "sesame street" starting a new chapter as millions of kids wake up to a new season on a new channel and there are lots of changes on the streets. ernie and abby cadabby will join us to tell us all about it. it's "today," saturday, january 16th, 2016. it might seem crazy what i'm about to say sometimes she's here you can take a break good morning. >> parents to be in nyc.
7:54 am
>> i'm here at "today." >> hey. this is an extra special crowd. >> yeah. it is nice to come out when the weather is nice, erica hill, but it takes special people to brave the rainy weather we have in the big apple on saturday morning. big thanks to all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. >> there's a craig melvin crowd behind us. >> it's a cousin. we have a lot to get to. sheinelle is inside following the development in the story of the iran nuclear deal this morning. sheinelle. >> within hours, crippling u.s. sanctions could be lifted. we have foreign correspondent richard engel with the latest for us. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the culmination of over two and a half years of often
7:55 am
we are expected in a short time to hear the u.n. announce that iran has met its obligations paving the way for an immediate lifting of almost all of the economic sanctions that have been put on iran freeing up tens of billions of dollars allowing iran to trade on the international oil market, allowing it access to international finance. this means according to the u.n. that it has put certain checks in place that were required since last july that would make it more difficult for it to pursue any nuclear weapons. there will be an inspections regime, but this is u.s. diplomats say, historic day that could potentially pave the way for much better relations with iran. >> richard engel, thank you. this morning, al qaeda linked terror group is claiming responsibility for the siege on the luxury hotel in burkina faso.
7:56 am
the survivors say the attackers were shooting people point blank. two dozen were reported killed. security forces from the west african nation stormed the hotel and freed hostages. and an investigation is under way in belize into the murder of the american television producer. the woman's body was found in a river. she had been strangled. she was the 39-year-old executive producer for abc's chicago sdagstation. he is known as the scream robber. myloh jaqory mason was on the most wanted list for two bank heists. the thieves wore costumes and masks like those in the movie "scream." the 25-year-old suspect was picked up without incident in a motel outside denver. and president obama on
7:57 am
may never thought to ask. the social media teens were invited to interview the president after the state of the union address and along with policy questions, he was asked more personal questions. >> if you had to pick a pair of pants for your dog. a or b? >> you have to go with this. this, i think. >> this is your final answer? you don't want to phone a friend? >> this is too conservative. too much. too much fabric. >> the last monthone. >> the president said he hasn't seen the last "star wars" movie, but the character he wants to be, han solo. >> dylan stayed outside with another check on the forecast. good morning, guys. we have a great crowd on the plaza. a lot of birthdays. who is celebrating a birthday? 18. you're turning 40. a 10-year-old down there.
7:58 am
it is raining and not snowing. go figure. the snow is located up across new england. we have snow back through oklahoma and mountain snow out west. that snow in oklahoma is going turn into more of a rain event through the gulf coast. we could see strong storms today especially across floridafor parts of northern/northeas tern siouxland from 3 am until noon saturday good morning! after our mild stretch of weather, we will begin to take our arctic plunge this afternoon and evening. temperatures will continue to fall as we progress throughout the rest of our friday with most towns getting close to that 0 degree mark. wind chills will also be a factor with values dropping close to 30 below zero. urge caution and bundle up if you have to travel tonight! clouds will also be on the increase in the overnight hours as we move into our saturday out ahead of our next weather maker. this forecast is brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring cent and that's your latest forecast. erica. >> dylan, thanks. a new movie out this weekend could become an issue on the campaign trail.
7:59 am
attack in benghazi. with the iowa caucuses near, could the renewed attention cause problems for hillary clinton who of course was secretary of state at the time of that attack. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander has more. >> we need immediate assistance. we are overrun. screen. >> under attack. >> reporter: the trailer for "13 hours" touting the true story we were never told. about six cia contributeactors and their efforts to defend the compound from terrorists. a tragedy hillary clinton has had to answer for on multiple occasions. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> i lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> reporter: most recently grilled for hours by a house committee last year. clinton relatively unscathed. >> i want to reach for statesmanship.
8:00 am
before iowa and clinton now neck and neck with bernie sanders with a recent poll of likely caucus goers. the film's release is at a critical time. >> we knew secretary clinton knew better at the time. >> it is an out and out indictment. this is one of the first movies i have seen that i believe every american should have to watch. >> reporter: donald trump even hosting a free screening of the movie in iowa. in the film, the rescuers tried to help, but were stopped by a cia chief. >> you are not the first responders. you're the last resort. you will wait. >> reporter: a report concluded that standdown order did not happen. former officials also flatly deny it. >> there was never any order to standdown. on the contrary. the effort was to do everything possible to try to save lives. >> reporter: while filmmakers never name clinton in movie and
8:01 am
choosing the home of the dallas cowboys for the movie's premiere. >> paramount pictures hopes people see the movie in red states. the one thing that matters the most to anyone in hollywood is money. >> reporter: what happens beyond the box office is in the hands of the voters. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, washington. >> the clinton campaign had no comment on the film. let's send it to dylan in the orange room with the special plaza fans of the day. >> i have my favorite buddies here. we have the best. ernie and abby cadabby from "sesame street." how are you? >> wonderful. we're happy to be here. >> are you nice and warm now? >> when you keep rubbing my arm, that makes me feel so much better. thanks for warming me up. it is rainy outside. >> it sure is. >> you will talk to us in a bit, but we will let you toss to break.
8:02 am
>> sure. still to come on "today," we will tell you all about the new changes and lots of new friends on "sesame street." >> we will tell you about it in a few minutes after these across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medica . . ...and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin.
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now get 10% off major appliances $396 and more at lowe's. still not feeling well? know when i got sick my mom used to make me chicken noodle soup. aw, ok... you should call your mom. bye. campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's. made for real, real life. oh, that is making my hungry! >> it is a big deal this morning for "sesame street." as it begins a new season and a
8:06 am
ernie and abby cadabby have popped in to tell us all about it. >> hi, erica. >> hi, everyone. >> hi, good morning. >> we're going to get to our new friends in a moment. but for the first time in nearly 50 years the popular children's show won't air episodes -- the new episodes that is on pbs. that's because the "sesame street" crew is headed to hbo. some might say there goes the neighborhood. >> you have something you want to say to me? >> the former home of tony soprano and "veep" and "true detective" is making room for a new neighbor. >> thank goodness you have arrived. >> starting this morning "sesame street" will be brought to you by the letters hbo. >> here goes. >> the children's show begins its 46th season with new episodes airing exclusively on the cable giant.
8:07 am
to continue to serve the pbs audience and to potentially reach a new audience. >> while "sesame street" was a public television staple it's been a rough road over the past few years with the $18 million revenue loss. why hbo? >> well, elmo will never be on game of thrones. hbo has a great reputation for quality. i think that's what attracted them to that "sesame street" is that long history of extreme quality. >> with the new address comes new changes. elmo makes a big move from his humble apartment to a sprawling brownstone. oscar the grouch has upgraded his digs to recycling and compost digs. after the departure of long-time resident maria, the gang is welcoming nina, a new bilingual hispanic neighbor. >> it's still 1, 2, 3, "sesame
8:08 am
it's filled with friendly people who want to be friendly to each other. >> shouldn't there be applause. >> "sesame street" says the show will be putting a greater emphasis on social skills. if you don't have hbo you will still be able to see the old episodes on pbs as well as the new episodes nine months after they air on hbo. >> but we are so excited this morning. as you saw earlier, ernie and abby cadabby are here this morning. >> hi, everybody. >> it's nice to be here in the cozy house. >> a good day for cozy. it's so rainy outside. you have -- you have a little bit of a change happening on "sesame street." abby i understand you have a new garden. >> oh. >> what are you learning this season? >> well, it's so magical in the garden it's right next to the community center so you never know who's going to stop by. oh, like alan cummings. >> really? >> yes. he was so awesome. and then we have all kinds of things we're learning about nature. we're learning how to be kinder and stronger and smarter.
8:09 am
yeah. all true. >> who else is stopping by? you guys always have great stars that swing by "sesame street." what else can we look forward to this season? >> go ahead. >> well, i was going to say we have gwen stefani for one. >> oh, awesome. >> singing? >> friendship. and she cheered me up one day. she taught me the best magic comes from a friend and a hug. >> that's very true. >> think about it, we have taken more selfies with you guys than any other celebrity who has been here. what is that like? world, people love you so much. >> i love it, because it makes me feel like we're part of everybody's big family. >> yes. >> our family got bigger because nina. >> yeah. >> she's so nice. >> we ran out of time. will you come back? come back. we ran out of time. >> i could be here all day.
8:10 am
stopping by. >> well, thank you for having us. it's wonderful to be here this weekend. >> so excited to meet you guys. >> come back again. coming up, how to organize dinner, how to organize your closet better. how to help give you -- you know, better week ahead. >> that's coming up.
8:11 am
where were we? we're back on a saturday morning with our "start today" series where we help you get a start on the upcoming week. >> there's easy things you can do today to get a better handle on the days to come. as always our experts have you covered. >> get a head start, get a head start. >> get a head start. >> get a head start today. >> today. >> today. >> today. >> we all know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what we're serving for dinner. and then we take to make the
8:12 am
i want you to come up with a theme night for ease designated day during the week. like meatless monday, taco tuesday. whatever wednesdays. stir fry saturdays and healthy takeout for sunday. you have simple, delicious and super fun and healthy meals for every day of the week. >> find your own support group of other mothers. as a mom of two, i feel so thankful for my mom friends. we go for long walks with our babes, work out together, keep each other accountable and spend some time not thinking about our frustrations. find friends online or around your neighborhood. >> the average american changes jobs over the course of a career about 12 different times. as a result, you may wind up with retirement accounts all over the place. but you need to know where
8:13 am
so gather all your paperwork on your iras, 401(k)s, any other accounts you left behind, we can help you from there put a plan together that makes some sense. >> well, i live in manhattan so i don't have huge closets but the shelves i was given in the closet i used to house my shoe collection because i wear every pair. so the first step or the you, go into your closet and take out anything you haven't worn in a year. i have a trick that'll make your closets look like a celebrity's. go take a picture and print them out, then put them on the container and then you could stack up your shoes so you can see them all. because if you don't see it, you're not going to wear it. >> those are our tips. >> those are our tips. >> start today. >> today.
8:14 am
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8:18 am
joining us on around siouxland today we have brian rasmussen and scott cruz. thank you for joining us, guys. you're here to tell us about an amazing show coming up in sioux city. we're doing jekyll and hyde the musical at shot in the dark productions. that's great, tell us a little about this musical. we're doing a different take on it in a steam punk style. there's a lot of industrial type things involved with the costume and set design. it's a really neat idea that we're doing. you're the main guy on stage. yes, i am playing dr. henry jekyll. we actually split the role into two parts because there's no good way to portray both parts by one person. that's great. where can people see the show and how do they get tickets? at shot in the dark
8:19 am
712-389-4492. you can call and leave a message or come to the box office the night of the show. scott, what do you like most about the show? i know that you're a veteran of the stage. what do you think about it? i like the fact that we split into two parts because we can interact with each other a lot better and we can see the definite difference between good and evil. how about you brian? i've been a fan of this musical for a very long time. the thing that really drew me to it was music. it's very emotional and very raw music. that's what really draws me to the production. you guys do great shows down there, i know a lot of people maybe haven't heard of you guys but they need to check out some shows there. definitely. great. once again it is jekyll and hyde, when does it start? january 15th through february 1st. thank you so much for joining us. it is jekyll and hyde the musical, you'll have to check it out. thank you for watching around siouxland. thank you for joining us today guys.
8:20 am
- welcome to lazy town a place where you'll want to stay you'll meet robbie with his rotten plan and sportacus saving the day go go go get up lazy town it's the start of a brand new day things are upside down here in lazy town
8:21 am
- "sportacus saves the toys." - ah! the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing. whoo-- the butterflies are butterflying. and i've got my trusty sport in a box. oh, miss busybody's going to be so surprised. yes! it is the perfect sunny day for some outdoor activity. - yes! it's a perfect day to do nothing at all. - come on, stingy-- throw the ball. - let me get this straight.
8:22 am
- well, if you don't throw it, i can't hit it. - ugh-- you're just trying to take my ball. - stingy! - aha! but you can't outwit me! ow. - guys, guys, can i play? huh, can i-- can i play, huh? - oh-- we only have one ball. - yeah. - and one bat. - oh, but can i be the catcher, huh, can i? - but, ziggy, you don't have a glove. - oh, uh... i have one at home. i'll go get it-- whoa! - okay-- all right, stingy. - oh-oh. - let's play. - uh, with my ball? - yes, stingy. - oh, but it's dirty. see, it fell on the ground and now it has dust all over it. - that's okay. - okay, but hit it very softly and gently, okay? - oh, milford. i am so excited. - mmh? - what is the surprise sport that you want me to play? - just one moment. - oh, anticipation. - there we are-- here it is.
8:23 am
- chess. is that a sport? - well, of course, it is. it's a sport for the mind. - oh, yes. well, i have the white pieces, so i'll go first. i will go e2 to e3. - ooh! nice opening move. - oh, thank you. - but i warn you, i'm quite the chess player. this could take a while. good thing i brought sunblock. - yes-- could i have some? - you certainly can. - thank you. - oh! it's getting hot. - yeah. - oh! - it's really sunny out. - mmm. - maybe we should put on some sunblock. i got some in my bag. - oh-- yes, yes, yes, yes. good idea-- and, uh, some for me, huh? some for me? - oh, yep. - oh, right there. uh, more. - okay. - uh, just a tiny, tiny bit more. - stingy, that's a lot of sunblock. - i'm only gonna use a little on my face and put the rest in my pocket for later. - okay. - just put this in my pocket.
8:24 am
okay-- mmh. mmh. - okay, let's play. - okay, let me get my bat. - get ready. - whoo-- slippery. i guess i have too much sunblock on my hands. is it possible to have too much of something? oh-oh. i'll get my bat. - get ready for my super fast ball. - i'm ready... on one, two, three! - the ball! - that was fast. - someone's in trouble. - la-di-da. what is that sound? - flying baseball!
8:25 am
- here you go. here's the last one. - thank you, sportacus. - you're welcome. - aha! checkmate. i win. - oh, fuddy dud! - oh, oh, oh! - i better leave now. bye, guys. - do something. - i'm sorry, miss busybody. you need a towel? - ah! - gotcha! - nice one. - thanks. - guys, guys, i couldn't find my baseball glove, huh? so, i--
8:26 am
- badminton, that's great. can i play, huh? - sorry. - we only have two rackets. - oh, uh, well, uh, ahem. okay. - you're standing on my line of serving. - oh, ahem, sorry. see you later. - bye. - okay, you ready? - yeah. - okay, i'll try to get it over the net this time. one, two, three! - hi, sportacus. - guys, i found your ball. - ah! - ooh-- thanks. - oh, but we don't need it now-- we're playing badminton. - how come ziggy's not playing? - oh, well, he doesn't have a racket. - ziggy. - yeah? - why aren't you playing with all the kids? - well, i don't have any toys to play with, so i can't play. ah.
8:27 am
- even my airship is full of toys. - really? - but you know what? - what? - you don't need toys to be able to play. - really? what do you mean? - let me show you. - huh? come on get up and move with me you're gonna have fun just wait and see you think you've got nothing but you've got it all before you know it you're having a ball there are lots of things that you can do let's go go jump let's go crazy left and right let's go go clap when you're moving you're feeling right you can make it happen don't you know so come on let's go
8:28 am
take up get up and dance with me you can't stand still full of energy there are lots of things that you can do let's go go run let's go crazy fast and slow let's go go twist twist around from head to toe you can make it happen don't you know so come on let's go - okay, okay, okay, i think i got it. okay, wait, wait. we can jump jump we can clap and we can run twist it all around yee-haw come on let's go go jump let's go crazy left and right let's go go clap
8:29 am
let's go go run let's go crazy fast and slow let's go go twist twist around from head to toe you can make it happen don't you know so come on let's go - oh, wow sportacus! i gotta tell the others about this, huh? see you later-- thanks! - bye! - guys, guys, guys! - ah-- what? - guys, guys! - what! - oh! - they're playing sports?! racket, basket, balls! toys everywhere! - i've got great news! listen to this! you don't need toys to play. - huh? - of course we do!
8:30 am
- yeah. - that's not what i mean. - or baseball without a ball? - exactly. - see? - well, that's not what i mean! what i mean is-- - ziggy, if we don't have any toys, we can't play. - ahh! if i take their toys away, they can't play! and if i send sportaflop... beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep. ...away, he can't save lazytown's toys! ha-ha-ha. - oh, okay. well. - bye. - okay, you ready? - okay! - it's robbie's playtime!
8:31 am
ahh! ah-- brilliant!
8:32 am
ah! it works! i'm a genius! ha-ha-ha! - ah, yes, this certainly is a wonderful day. - yes, on a day like today,
8:33 am
- let's start with china, and then go to france! say "hello" to china! "hello" france! - wow! what was that? - whoa!
8:34 am
double trouble! - milford, what's going on? - and now to complete my evil plan! ha-ha-ha! hello? ah! lazytown, here i come!
8:35 am
- here you go! bye! - thanks! - one down, one to go!
8:36 am
- huh? my baseball glove! i've been looking everywhere for you! huh-- whoa! - ha-ha-ha! - what? whoa! - ha-ha-ha. it's working-- it's working!
8:37 am
- thanks! - you're welcome! - you ready? - i'm ready for anything-- give me your best shot! - what? - my racket! - whoa! stingy's racket! - finally-- finally! here is my winning move, miss busybody! check... - whoa! and the mayor's chessboard! - sounds like trouble... in lazytown! - miss busybody, what's going on?
8:38 am
- more! - what's going on-- i gotta find out! - yes! - oh, no! it's a giant magnet ball. it walks! - everything's gone. - even the basketball hoop is missing. - oh, my-- oh, is everyone all right? - yes, but something really strange is going on.
8:39 am
sports candy! drop line. door. - sportacus, all our toys are gone! - yes! - i'm too late. - oh, no. - i gotta tell the others. yeah. - i'm sorry. - guys, i know what happened to all the toys! - you do? - tell us ziggy, tell us! - i'm trying to! - where are our toys?
8:40 am
- come on, ziggy! - come on, let's go! - let's get your toys back! - yeah. go, sportacus, go! - what-- who's on there? - come on, guys-- come on! - what's going on? - come on, sportacus! - everything is stuck! - what?! - whoa! - yeah!
8:41 am
- oh, no-- it's going to run him over! - no-- no!
8:42 am
does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens. but it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. with animals and fun all around so discover the forest and explore all the wonder that's there visit to find a forest near you - oh, hey. oh, uh... wanna get more out of your walks? then plug the sounds of your favorite band in your ears and pick up the pace. it's an easy way to turn plain old walking into a workout.
8:43 am
help! help me! get me out! - grab my hand! - robbie rotten! - hello! - i knew it! - most of the toys are broken! - oh no! - how are we going to play? - i have an idea-- wait, wait! - no more playing in lazytown! - i know, sportacus! i remember.
8:44 am
- that's right. - what? - what? - no toys? - what? - you can jump, you can clap, you can run and twist it all around! - no toys? - they don't need toys! - of course they don't! - gah! - oh, what fun! bing bang diggarigga dong funny words i sing when i am dancing dancing bing bang diggarigga dong silly words that can mean anything get on up it's time to dance yeah it's so much fun being up on our feet so we go up up do the jump twirl around and clap your hands together together together down down turn around having fun is what it's all about
8:45 am
- what a lousy day! i'm not even gonna move for the rest of this week! oh-- hello, cake! why are you moving like this? agh! ouch! the sun is coming out so let'ss go find a new adventure y can come along with me and be there always by my side hello! it's a brand new day (hey!) buenos dias mundo! come on, come along and play! (hey!) here in nina's world hello, hello, hello, hey! gonna be the best day ever
8:46 am
here in nina's world
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