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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a little better warming as highs get into the upper 20s. thanks. winter weather made for some tricky travel
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with snow not letting up until this afternoon, roads and sidewawas were blanketed with snow. this is video of floyd boboevard this morning. here on the north side of the city we saw just over an inch of snow. (sheila) turning to politics, iowa governor terry branstad has remained neutral in the presidential nominating process... until today. (matt) the six-term republican governor came out against senator ted cruz's presidential candidacy. branstad, speaking at a renewable fuels conference near des moines, today, says cruz opposes renewable fuels, like ethanol, and says it would be a "big mistake" to support him. he is the biggest opponent of renewable fuels and he actually introduced a bill in 2013 to immediately eliminate the renewable fuel standard. he is heavily financed by big oil. iowa leads the nation in ethanol production. donald trump took obvious pleasure in a warning by iowa's governor to voters against supporting ted cruz. trump also spoke at the summit just hours aftete
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trump backs reneneble fuel standards.. and claimed cruz had been "slapped" by the popular governor. this after branstad said cruz would be "very damaging" to iowa. i know the governor just made a very big statement, that was appreciated by many and that was amazing actually and he's a respected man and when he speaks, people listen. trump goes on to say branstad's feelings are strong and he agrees with what the iowa governor said. . (sheila) donald trump received a key endorsement from conservative heavyweighw sarah palin, today. (matt) the former alaska governor, and former running mate of senator john mccain in the 2008 presidential race, endorsed the billionaire businessman. trump's campaign said in a statement, noting that he is businessman. trump's campaign said in a statement, noting that he is "honored" by the endorsement. the endorsement comes less than two weeks ahead of the first- in-the-nation iowa caucus. republican presidential candidate ben carson has suspended the remainder of his campaign events today, and tomorrow, after a group of his lunteers and one staffer were involved in n car accident this morning in iowa. according to a statement from
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three volunteers and a campaign employee hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side, and was then struck by another vehicle. one of the volunteers was taken to the trauma center at the university of nebraska medical center in omaha. carson is en route to omaha to be with the family. we're going to suspend our activities, , d i'm going to head up to omaha where he's being flown in right now. and i've talked to the neurosurgeon up there and i've talked to the family, but i think that's where we need to be right now. the other volunteers and campaign staffer are still being checked out at the cass county memorial hospital. senator bernie sanders brings his campaign to the orpheum theatre in sioux city tonight. earlier today he was in fort dodge. he says his campaign's growing momentum. the senator dismissed clinton's claims that she would be the strongest general election candidate against potential republican rivals.. such as donald trump. there's an argument, and secretary clinton has been putting it on the air and saying well, you know, the reason we have to vote for secretary clinton is she is the only candidate who can beat right wing republicans. well she is
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right in saying that it is for the future of our country it is or any of these other guys not elected president. but what is not true is the suggestion that she is the strongest candidate to defeat trump and others. sanders has four town halls scheduled across iowa today, including the one tonight in sioux city at 7. watch for live coverage tonight on news 4 at 6. republican candidates wiwi be making the rounds in siouxland this week. tomorrow mike huckabee starts a two day swing through northwest iowa. he'll host his "huckabee huddles" in cherokee on tomorrow afternoon, and in sioux city, le mars, sioux center, rock valley and sheldon on thursday. rick santorum will host town hall meetings in sibley, rock rapids, sheldon and cherokee, on wednesday. and, on saturday, donald trump
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college campus at 11 a-m. we have times and location for all of these events inside this story at ktiv- dot-com. the white house is appointing a health and human services department official to lead efforts in helping the city of flint, michigan. this after what is being called a water crisis. a white house spokesman says the he anticipates president obama meeting with the city's mayor today. white house officials say state and local officialalare responsible for r managing the response. the crisis began in 20-14 when an emergency manager switched the town from detroit water to flint river water to save money. after elevated lead levels were discovered in children, flint returned to the detroit system. a touching, traveling tribute to a long-time sioux city delivery man. dozens of ups trucks lined up for a processional on old highway 75 before the funeral for pat conway. conway worked for ups for 25 years, sorting, loading, and delivering packages. his coworkers drove together this morning in his memory before they split off on their routes.
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bodies, but you can't replace personalities. pat was one-of-a-kind. his smile was contageous and you couldn't help but enjoy working a little bit more with him being around," says jason babor, a ups supervisor. the 57-year-old died last thursday after a four year battle with cancer. says jason babor, a ups supervisor. the 57-year-old died last thursday after a four year battle with cancer. donations to red kettles in siouxland added up to record-breaking numbers this holiday season. officials with the salvation army of siouxland say donations to their red kettle campaign brought in more than 203-thousand dollars. that exceeded their goal of 180-thousand by 12 percent. more than 300 volunteer bell ringers collected donatitis at 15 locations ararnd siouxland frfr just before thanksgiving to christmas eve. officials say they are grateful for the generosity and support. still to come on live at five.... transitioning to normal life. after being held prisoner in iran, one u-s man is speaking out about his journey back to his family. (matt)
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midwest city where they froze their tails off! (sheila) the u-s prison she's always stoooostrong... get the job done. hillary clinton. e stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world.
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iran are slowly transitioning back to their lives outside the bars. (matt) one of them, former u-s marine amir hekmati was the first to speak. kier simmons has more.
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they didn't know whether they would really be released, he was waiting for two and a half days. he said he thought he would be in prison for ten years...he's been put in solitary confinement, he was subjected to sleep deprivation. s/ amir hekmati / released u.s. prisoner "there is a lot that i have to say about the experience and what happened and i hope to bring that to the american people and the world. " he said when he first saw his family they were speechless until they hugged...and of course, there were tears. when he will head home is his choice. it is up to him. at the same time, the family of bob levinson was tching his statement and, for them, it was deeply emotional because bob levinson is still missing in iran. (standup) s/ kier simmons / nbc news / landstuhl, germany the iranians say they don't know where he is and that they are prepared to help in the search for him. that family, though, is saying that bob levinson has been abandoned. back to you. levinson, an american who worked for the c-i-a,
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resort on march ninth, 2007. president obama has said he will continue working to find levinson, and bring him home. she's been one of the leading voices for female education in pakistan. now the 18-year old nobel prize winner... malala yousafzai is spreading her message through fashion. the young activist designed this scarf with' toms'. it's a footwear and apparel company that helps a person in need with every product purchased. 100-percent of t t sales from the scarf will benefit her foundation. it retails for 48-dollars and is available at toms-dot-com. siouxland saw snow today. will we see more snow later in the work week?
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out against senator ted cruz's presidential candidacy today. if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's headlines. branstad made his comments today at a renewable fuels summit in the des moines area. he says cruz opposes renewable fuels, like ethanol, and that it would be a "big mistake" to support him. former alaska governor, sarah palin, endorsed donald trump for the presidenen today. trump's campaign said in a statement, noting that he is "honored" by the endorsement from the conservative heavyweight. the endorsement comes less than two weeks ahead of the first- in-the-nation iowa caucus. and... a touching, traveling tribute to a long-time sioux city delivery man. dozens of ups trucks lined up for a processional on old highway 75 before the funeral for pat conway. conway worked for ups for 25 years, sorting, loading, and delivering packages. that's a look at your just home headlines. chief meteorologis t ron demers
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it was a day of snow for much of siouxland as a system moved through with about 1 to 3 inches of snow for much of the area. the snow is moving to the east and we'll see quieter weather for wednesday with a little better warming as highs get into the upper 20s. we will stand a slight chance of a little more light snow thursday but this is not going to be a big system at all. after another day in the upper 20s on thursday, we'll cool down a bit on friday before warming back up some for the weekend with 30s finally possible. a few more snow showers could be possible by sunday night. (matt) jack frost was nipping at more
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people in minneapolis. (sheila) temperatures have been hovering around zero degrees over the last 40 hours, so one man decided to have a little frigid fun. he froze a pair of his pants and put them in his lawn. he posted the picture to facebook and the idedewent viral. some people froze jeans, corduroys, a a swswtpants. the neighborhood streets looked more like a clothing store. s/jolana bernhardt/resident :12 "i just ran them through the washing machine and brought them out after the spin cycle. it took a couple minutes to get them to freeze, and then they were pretty easy to stand up once they started to freeze."
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idea from his brother and has been doing it as "self-amusement" for a few years. (matt) if you're starting to already get sick of salad to lose weight this new year. we'll show you how to enhance your greens with a different cut of steak straight ahead.
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jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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good to see you whitney." "good to see you." " s- "and what do we have on the menu this week?"- "we are making a steak and barley salad, so this is kind of good for everyone, but really geared toward those of you who made that resolution to lose weight. you're a little bored, you're maybe thinking about jumping off the bandwagon and, you know, giving up on everything cuz about this time, most people kind of give up on their resolutions, so maybe this is something to kind of shake up your dinner, um, to keep you toward that weight loss." s- "cuz maybe you're having a lot of chicken, so maybe you nt to mix things up with a little beef." w- "yes. and i, i love steak, i'm a huge steak eater, and a lot of people don't think about topping a salad with steak. i just find a lot of people, they think salad, they think chicken, so we are going to make it with a flank steak today, and i have added barley to it, which if you have never made barley, i use a quick cooking one, it takes like 10 minutes. it's a really good way to kind of bulk up your salad. if you want to stretch your dollar a little bit, i also added mushrooms, that's a nice way to also stretch your dollar a little bit more." s- "oh yeah it does have some protein in there." w- "yeah, you get a little
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fiber, too. so i think that's just a nice way to make your salad just a little bit more satisfying. so, for the steak part of it, um, i know we probably don't want to go outside to our grill right now, so i'm broiling a flank steak, and flank steaks work perfect to broil. you can't throw just any steak under the broiler. some just don't work very well. but this is what a flank steak looks like. in total, this is only going to take 10 to 11 minutes broiled on high. so i usually season it, put it in there for about 6 minutes on the first side, flip it over, 5 more minutes and you're done.what you want to make sure you're doing is letting it rest for a couple of minutes before you slice it and put it on your salad. and you'll notice that this piece of meat, it has a very strong grain running vertically through it, so when you go to slice it, make sure you're cutting across the grain this way, and that's actually what you want to do with any piece of meat, is cut across the grain, not with the grain, otherwise what you're going to end up doing is spending half of your dinner time chewing, and trying to pull it out of your teeth exactly. so you want to always slice against the grain, and that's why this piece works so perfectly for broiling, because it doesn't seize up a
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under the broiler, so it stays nice and tender, and then when you can cut it across that grain, it makes it even more tender. so, we've heard that a lot from our meat experts that we've had on, and this is the perfect cut for that." s- "is it hard to find that cut?" w- "it is n-, i have not had a hard time finding this cut. my store carries it all the time. if you can't find it, just ask your meat experts for it, and they can be able to go cut one for you, or yeah they can maybe locate one for you, maybe go back the next day and get it. they're more than happy to help you find it, but it is one of my favorite cuts of meat, especially in the winter cuz, like i said, it works perfect under the broiler and you don't have to go outside." s- "and it's good and lean." w- "yes, it's a nice, lean protein source for you." s- "have you been keeping up on your resolutions?" w- "you know, i actually didn't make any." s- "see, that's what you need to do, right?" w- "i actually didn't make any, but for those of you that did, i hope you're still going strong." s- "alright, well thank you whitney. if you'd like more information about today's centsable health, or any centsable health topic, go to k-t-i-v dot com and just look for the news link."
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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a surprising turn in the case against a northeast iowa teen accused of drinking and driving and killing two girls in northwest iowa. (matt) coming up tonight on news 4 at 6 trevor feauto will have a brand new trial. the state has withdrawn the plea offer feauto agreed to back in november. full details tonight at 6. it's been decades since a harmless night turned deadly for a group of teens. coming up at six... a new book by a sioux city couple is shedding light on the heinious crime that took place at a state park in northwest iowa. (matt) this was no movie scene for actor jamie was real life! (sheila) authorities say a 32-year old man was driving at a high rate of speed in northeast los angeles when his car flipped over and burst into flames monday night. police reports show two witnesses used a tool to break a window, then cut the man out of his seatbelt to free him from the car. a spokesperson for the actor says jamie
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treated at the hospital and later arrested for driving under the influence. let's check in one more time with ron. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 10 wind: s 5-10 mph tomorrow: peeks of sun. high: 27 wind: s 5-15 mph
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channel four live at five. we're back again at six.
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