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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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of felony vehicular homicide. prosecutors say feauto was driving drunk when his pickup truck crashed into a car near breda, iowa. 16-year-olds bailey jacobsen and lindsey quirk, both from wall lake, iowa, were killed in the crash. sac county attorney ben smith says the state has withdrawn the plea offer feauto had agreed to back in november. smith says the victims' families don't think the plea deal was giving enough justice to their daughter's deaths. feauto is now facing four counts including homicide by vehicle, intoxication, and homicide by vehicular recklessness. tommie, has the date for the new trial been set? well, the new trial has yet to be scheduled, but smith says most likely it will take place this spring. matt and sheila? thanks tommie. winter weather made for some tricky driving throughout the day. with snow not letting up until this afternoon, roads and sidewalks were
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with snow. this is video of floyd boulevard this morning. here on the north side of the city we saw just over an inch of snow. after a day of snow, things are quieting down. chief meteorologis t ron demers is here for the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib it was a day of snow for much of siouxland as a system moved through with about 1 to 3 inches of snow for much of the area. the snow is moving to the east and we'll see quieter weather for wednesday with a little better warming as highs get into the upper 20s.
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presidential hopeful bernie sanders will be making his third stop in sioux city tonight since announcing his decision to run for president. ktiv's tiffany lane is at the orpheum theatre where the doors just opened to the public. tiffany? matt and sheila, sanders is expected to arrive in an hour. as you can see behind me, people of all ages are already starting to make their way in to hear the vermont senator speak. sanders' stop comes less than two weeks from the nation's first caucus in iowa where he is nearly tied with hillary clinton in the most recent iowa democratic presidential poll. today sanders has four town halls scheduled across iowa. he was in fort dodge earlier this morning. the des moines
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has clinton leading 42 to 40. in sunday's democratic debate sanders talked about tightening the gap against clinton after once being 50 points behind. in about an hour, sanders will be campaigning to clinch the democratic vote here in northwest iowa. tonight on ktiv news 4 at ten, i'll share sanders' main focus of the night here at the orpheum. in downtown sioux city with live link 4, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4. it will be a busy week for presidential candidates as they criss-cross iowa with just two weeks left until the iowa caucuses. tomorrow, republican mike huckabee starts a two day swing through northwest iowa. he'll host his "huckabee huddles" in cherokee on wednesday afternoon, and in sioux city, le mars, sioux center, rock valley and sheldon on thursday. republican rick santorum will
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sibley, rock rapids, sheldon and cherokee, on wednesday. and, on saturday, donald trump will host a rally on the dordt college campus at 11 a-m. we have times and location for all of these events insisi this story at ktiv- dot-com. iowa governor terry branstad has remained neutral in the presidential nominating process... until today. the sixyterm republican governor came out against senator ted cruz's presidential candidacy. branstad, speaking at a renewable fuels conference near des moines, today, says cruz opposes renewable fuels, like ethanol, and says it would be a "big mistake" to support him. he is the biggest opponent of renewable fuels and he actually introduced a bill in 2013 to immediately eliminate the renewable fuel standard. he is heavily financed by big oil. iowa leads the nation in ethanol production. that warning from terry branstad echoed in the ears of cruz's nearest competitor in iowa, donald trump. trump spoke at the same renewable fuels summit.
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renewable fuel standards... and claimed cruz had been "slapped" by the popular governor. i know the governor just made a very big statement, that was appreciated by many and that was amazing actually and he's a respected man and when he speaks, people listen. trump went on to say branstad's feelings are strong, and he agrees with what the iowa governor said. late this afternoon, trump picked up a key endorsement from sarah palin. the former alaska governor, and 2008 vice presidential candidate, endorsed the billionaire businessman, in ames, about an hour ago. trump's campaign said in a statement that he is "honored" by the endorsement. the endorsement comes with less than two weeks to go until the first-in-the-nation iowa caucus. volunteer firefighters in yankton, south dakota are getting access to the city's employee assistance program. the program aims to help city employees cope with personal problems that could potentially affect their job performance, health or well-being. the fire chief approached the city commission about offering the program to yankton's 41 volunteer firefighters.
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a long-time sioux city delivery man. dozens of ups trucks lined up for a processional on old highway 75 before the funeral for pat conway. conway worked for ups for 25 ars, sorting, loading, and delivering packages. his coworkers drove together this morning in his memory before they split off on their routes. "personality. you can replace bodies, but you can't replace personalities. pat was one-of-a-kind. his smile was contageous and you couldn't help but enjoy working a little bit more with him being around," says jason babor, a ups supervisor. the 57-year-old died last thursday after a four year battle with cancer. donations to red kettles in siouxland added up to record-breaking numbers this holiday season. officials with the salvation army of siouxland say donations to their red kettle campaign brought in more than 203-thousand dollars. that exceeded their goal of 180-thousand by 12 percent. more than 300 volunteer bell
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donations at 15 locations around siouxland from just bebere thanksgiving to christmamaeve. officials say they are grateful for the generosity and support. still to come... the gitchie muders that made headlines in the 70s are making headlines once more. how the release of a new book is
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won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush.
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> it was a day of snow for much of siouxland as a system moved through with about 1 to 3 inches of snow for much of the area. the snow is moving to the east and we'll see quieter weather for wednesday with a little better warming as highs get into the upper 20s. we will stand a slight chance of a little more light snow thursday but this is not going to be a big system at all. after another day in the upper 20s on thursday, we'll cool down a bit on friday before warming back up some for the weekend with 30s finally possible. a
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animal health officials investigating a birdlu strain that's now hit 10 turkey farms in southwestern indiana. they have added 156,000 chickens to the birds
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outbreak. the egg-laying chickens are at a high risk of contracting the virus because they're housed at one of the 10 farms near a barn with infected turkeys. crews s re already working t t euthanize some 245,000 turkeys at the 10 farms to prevent the spread of the virus. still to come... a new book by a sioux city couple is shedding light on the heinious crime that took place at a state park in northwest
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decades have passed since a group of teens' harmless night out in northwest iowa turned deadly. in 1973, gitchie manitou state park along the iowa and south dakota border was the scene of a henious crime. three brothers, whom were all
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on probation and work release, murdered four of those teenagers on a november night. but a fifth teen witnessed and lived through the nightmare. she was raped but left to live. it has taken her decades to open up about that night and how it affected her life. astiv's sam curtiss reports, those accounts and more detailed in a new book co-authored by a sioux city couple. it was headline news in november of 1973. a night of fun - ended in the death of four teens. and it's making headlines once more. "she thought it was time to kind of get the truth out on the inside story of what happened that night at gitchie manitou state park," said phil hamman. 43 years later sandra cheskey is talking life. cheskey was raped november 17th that year but left to live. detailed in a new book - "gitchie girl." "it goes beyond just the facts of that night," said hamman. "it's got a personal inside story to not only sandra, the lone survivor, but who were the boys."
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hadrath. a close friend and undescribable loss for co- author phil hamman. "being on basketball teams with him, baseball teams with him, overnights with him, trick-or- treating with him," added hamman. "i think it's satisfying that i can bring to the readers who those boys were besides just murder victims," said hamman. a lot of the research was done by hamman's co- author and wife, sandy. "we really had to sift through that information together and decide what we are going to keep and what are going to throw out," said sandy hamman. "that took a lot of time because we didn't always agree on what we wanted to include." "people have always wondered what was the motiti?" said hamman. "we address that in n e book." the motive of the fryy brothers, who were convicted of murdering the teens. all serving life sentences in fort dge and fort madison, iowa. a place cheskey visited. "she wanted to confront them on some issues," said hamman. "she was able to do that and it's going to be revealed in this book." the book was released nationally on january 12th. a portion of the proceeds the hamman's say will go to the council on sexual assualt and domestic violence and sandra cheskey. in studio, sam curtiss, ktiv news four.
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night of high school basketball ahead. we'll see seven ranked teams in action tonight. one of them is in lemars, where ktiv's mark freund is live with more the fifth-ranked western christian girls beat two ranked teams last week, and have a tough test in lemars. i'll have a live report.. and, we'll hear from iowa state after they beat a number-1 team for the first time in almost 60 years.
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staying inside. but siouxland basketball fans -- including those from western christiaiaand lemars -- will battle through the cold to watch their teams compete in person. e action is underway in the 'ice cream capital of the world'. sports fource is "on the road" in le mars, iowa. ktiv's mark freund has an update. western christian has already beaten le mars once, back in early december. western only won that matchup by 13 points, in hull. le mars, looking to exact a little revenge on their home floor. but the bulldogs are catching western at the wrong time - the wolfpack are coming off a huge week. they beat 3a's fourth- ranked team, cherokee, on friday - by 26 points. western followed that up with an 11-point win over 2a- top-ranked unity christian on saturday, ending the knights' 40- game win streak. should be a good game
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...but we have some other great games on tap for sportsfource extra tonight. in girls action, westwood hosts oa-bcig, and west point-beemer travels to pender. on the boys side, sioux city west travels across town to east. south o'brien is on the road at remsen-union, and the top-ranked winnebago boys host ponca in nebraska. le mars, trying to stop western's 10-game win streak, but right now they trail..... highlights of all those games and more tonight on sportsfource extra. live in lemars, mark freund ktiv sports fource. before beating oklahoma last night -- it had been 59 years since iowa state had beaten a number-1 team. the cyclones beat the sooners 82-77 -- to improve their record to 14-4 overall a a 3-3 in the big 12. the game was decided in the final two minutes.
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three-pointer from the corner to give iowa state a 3-point lead. morris played all 40 minutes and had 20 points. the sooners answered with :40 seconds left when isaia cousins hit a 3 to tie the game at 75 -- cousins had 26. but t wa state scored the final ven points of the gaga -- morris gives the cyclones s e lead f f good with that jumper -- which sets off a 'court storm' at hilton and gives new coach steve prohm a signature win. "that's what you want," said prohm. "you want to be at a program where you've got generations pulling for each other. so this is obviously a great moment for our school and hopefully we continue to build on it." "iowa state made really good plays down the stretch and made the plays when they needed to," said oklahoma head coach lon kruger. . "it was a good ball l ame, came up short. again, i thought thehewere just a little better than we were." "i'm proud of my guys because we get killed and ridiculed for our defense," added prohm. "you hold oklahoma to 77 p/ints, 42% ooting, 39 in the first half, you out-rebound them by 11. we made toughness plays tonight and we just got to keep doing it." iowa state goes to tcu on
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and then is back home next monday to play kansas. south dakota's nicole seekamp is the summit league women's basketball player of the week. the senior from australia helped the coyotes win in double overtime win at north dakota state with 25 points -- then had 23 points in a five-point win at south dakota state, with 19 points in the second half. seekamp scored the last seven points of the game in the final minue to lock up usd's first win at frost arena since 1990. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair shaha. then we can expand health h re to all,
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will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules@if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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on k-t-i-v and n-b-c, hollywood game night starts at 7 followed by chicago med at 8 and chicago fire at 9. then tonight on news four at ten.... the supreme court announced it
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obama's executive order halting the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. the latest on the issue of immigration on news 4 at ten. the list of 2015's most stolen computer passwords is out. splashdata, a security applications company, reviewed a list of millions of stolen passwords made public over the year. "one-two-three-four- five-e-x" was once again in the top spot. and "password" remained the number two password that was stolen. sports passwords returned for another season in 2015. the word "football" was number seven and "baseball," number 10. anticipation for the new "star wars" movie led to "star wars" at 25, "solo" at 23 and
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