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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am CST

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outlook next w from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio # 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes, indeed, you made it to winesday wednesday, january 20th, and jenna bush hagar is filling in while kathie lee takes some time out, and this is "boys like you" by fancy. >> is this one of your new jams? >> it is going to be. wow. i like it. we will have fun today. tomorrow, i have to point out is the day i like to call j.lo day. she is performing in vegas, and she is going to do several show,
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i mean, open ging night for j.lo, and so we will bring you all of the details tomorrow, and also, the hip-hop mogul and reverend run and his wife tyrese is going to be here. >> and also, we will talk to the three who are in the principal's office. >> which is where nobody wants to be. >> right. >> and lilliana is here, and her trend for the day is velvet. do you have velvet? >> i don't have much, but like lilliana, she will show us how to look fabulous. >> and word ss of wisdom, because
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namaste, knock softly and sometimes you will see the sign. you know, they say if you pay attention to life, certain things are right in front of you, right? >> and your book is all about that, and these people who found their second callings, because they paid attention. >> and sometimes you take that voice and stuff it down, but there rare people who pay close attention. where where we belong, and journeys that show us the way, available everywhere. >>, and get it in paperbook. >> and so we like to play with the the lunks and who has the hotter abs. let's watch. justin bieber showed his ab ss this weekend. >> all right. okay. we have seen the abs a lot, but somebody else who we have not seen the abs very much is daniel radcliffe. >> oh, his are great.
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>> that is daniel radcliffe? >> that is harry potter. >> when you are used to seeing somebody's abs and like you have is seen justin's, wow. if you leave less, people will lean in more. and now, look at that. he is # 5? >> yes. 75. who you prefer, hoda? >> daniel radcliffe. >> but i like patrick stew rt wart, because i am a thing for a silver fox. >> and a bald guy is hot. i think that bald works. >> really? >> yeah. there is something sexy -- >> bald works and then right there, there was a sexy bald cameraman. >> oh, yes, just run your fingers through it, yeah, like this this. >> oh, you said bald works, and he looked up to catch your eye, like, here i am, baby.
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we always knew it worked. all right. so, we are -- >> okay. >> and we are talking about this, and when you guys, every single dad at home has a button and you do something that makes your dad explode. and mostly, it is when you leave the lights on. give me yours. >> yes, and not only for my a father, but my dad used to turn the all of the lights out if we were doing to the lake or somewhere, and we would leave one light on, and it was always me. and then henry does it. he hates to waste e electricity and so i take mela to preschool, and she is 2 1/2, and the first thing they do is to wash the hands, and little kids are always washing the hands and mela turn ss and turns the light out every single time. and the teacher is like, well, you don't have to do that, mela, and daddy at home has told her if she does not do that.
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>> well, first of all, he had save energy, because he worked for the department of energy, so he would turn off all of the lights, a lights, and that is one thing. and everything in his face, he did want us to be a mess, but this is is what sticks with me the most, we were all piled in the car to go the virginia beach, and driving to put the car in reverse, a and he put the car back in park, and he says nobody does anything around here, and we were like what, we need to start cleaning the yard. and i will never forget and we are in our bathing suits, and i will be edging and clipping and i thought i never forget this the day. and it upset him as he saw us kind of ungrateful and we do nothing and now spending all of the money on the vacation, and so look at what you do. and park, and everybody out with the edgers and doing that. >> i think it is so funny that
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you say the turning the lights out, and everybody said, that and i read it to henry, and he know ss it is him, and my father before him, and now my little daughter. >> what about the traffic problems? >> yes, traffic is a problem, but bad drivers is a more of a problem. we got cutoff to the same lake, and my dad screamed a word that made my mom so mad that i can't say it. >> and you should have maybe said it in the makeup room. >> well shgs, maybe wunts or twice, and they get into the argument, but nobody wants to feel like their kids are not safe at the hands of somebody else. at the time i was like, mom and dad, chill it. but then you now get it. and like henry gets more so with the kids in the car than before. >> yes. >> and so, yes. we have a viral sensation online where there is a pillow that has gone viral and it is called mermaid pillow. a reporter noticed it on sale in
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you can see it, but we brought our own. >> we don't have the video. >> oh, we don't want it. okay, we are just doing this. >> okay. >> look at this pillow. >> hold, this and this is the pillow, and -- >> we do match these. >> and go hocus pocus. and one, two, three. >> that is is not the way that it works. one, two, three, oh. up and down, hoda. oh, there we go. >> and down. these things. >> oh, it is nice. >> and you know the little things that you put the pins and your face in there and it would make the imprint and those cool game s games. it is like this. >> and by the way, you could watch this all day. >> look, look, watch it on the monitor. isn't it fun. you are like, ah. >> ah. >> and people are falling asleep. >> no, it is so awesome. can you buy them is h >> yes, you can.
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oh, okay. i mean, it is a pillow. >> and you know you can get them at and so you know when you are in a rush and you put the makeup so quickly, and the question is can the mirror. and so buzzfeed asked a group of women to do it. and we will see how they did. >> i don't know where the cheekbones are. >> my body knows what to do. >> here goes the liquid eyeliner. >> i am so terrified to do this right now. ugh! >> it is not there. i i can fill it. >> i know that i i need to fill it in. >> i know there is eyeliner there. >> wow. >> and i did not blend in the bronzer at all. >> this is not terrible.
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>> and you know who the queen of this is? >> who? >> karen. >> really? >> and she can put on a eye with contour and she will do it with me and it is remarkable. and i don't want to make up the makeup, but this -- >> wait, this is the eyebrow pencil, and it is easy. can i look at you? is that in the wheelhouse? >> well -- >> is it? >> if you want the bushy eyebrow. >> well, you can feel it. >> and one time i did my make nup the cab and i had this little terrible mirror and put it on quickly and when i got to work somebody said, oh, my gosh, who did your makeup today? >> did they like it or not? >> oh.
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>> and so now, we have a game of jelly beans. bean boozeled. >> and yes. they started it by making really gross flavors that look like good flavors. >> so it is a game the of risk, and each one of the bowls is something. and in the first one, and let's look at to see what kinds it is. number one has either canned dog food or chocolate pudding. and this is the spit bowl. >> are you going to do it? >> i am going to eat it. i got chocolate. >> no, i got dog food. okay. here we go, stinky socks or tutti-frutti. >> no, no. >> i got a stinky socks or
10:11 am
>> oh, i got the socks. >> i got tootutti frutti. >> okay. that is rank. seriously. >> and as if we didn't know if we got dog food before. >> oh, i am not kidding, i am having post-traumatic. >> okay. time for one more. >> okay. one more. number three. moldy cheese or caramel corn? >> should we do the really nasty one, number five. they won't have it until late, dead fish or strawberry banana smoothie. [ laughter ] >> i am not kidding. >> it is like the gag reflex.
10:12 am
sort of tasted like dog food. >> my gag reflex is seriously starting to kick in. >> and we will -- >> lilliana going to wrap you up in velvet. >> and we will have tv dating advice for some talk shows. >> after this.cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it's a delicious way to fuel up on energy to help power through her morning run. which motivates these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted to land that front-side ollie. which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings
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>> and if you have red wine and tyrese, they agree with you. the hip-hop actor and singer have a new show coming up up called "it is not me, it is men." and this is what they think about when it comes to love, sex and marriage from two different perspective s perspectives. who came up with the concept of the show? >> we did. together. our relationship did, and i used to send out the tweet ss and the words of wisdom, and he responded to one of them, and it was on the e-mail list, and it was like, i don't agree. i said, who is this. and he said, tyresice. and so we said at the end of the koncon versation, we need to do a book together "i beg to differ." >> and we thought it was going
10:17 am
but listen tgs man, the show is based not only on the man perspective, but it is starting with it is not you, but it is me. and women can say that, and then we just added the n on it. so we are not throwing the men under the bus or exposing, but look, to the all men and women, and marriage, single or engaged, we want to give you a head's up of what is around the corner before you get there, and some of it is uncomfortable. >> and tyrese is single, and rev is married to justine. >> yes. >> and in is interesting, and i don't want to get too deep, but i am a here to get deep, and the craziest thing is that all of kus find ourselves getting married without the point of reference of what marriage is, and ohow can you be naturally something that you were not raised by. what is a father if you never had a father in the home, and
10:18 am
and now i'm a dad, because i have made a child with a woman, but you don't understand the concept of fatherhood. >> how do you grow into that? >> and rev is the first person with his wife and family that i have been around on a consistent level that is really married. and he has defined the blueprint of marriage and i'm 37, and things are changing for me, but i'm still single. >> and tyrese, there is a lot of talk about the oscars and the boycott. >> of course. >> of course. >> and i know that you vhave stuff that you want to say about it. >> i think that, i know, that listen, i know more white people than most white people, so i dont't have a racist bone in my body, but i would say this that at the end of the day, enough is enough. when you have talent, and you have gifts, and it is not that you seek the validation of non-blacks and say i am nothing until you validate me, but it is a matter of what is fair is fair.
10:19 am
awards we nominate sam smith and robin robin thicke, because they put out great music, and adele. and at the end of the day, if you rare bringing the best game and the best to the table as an actor or actress film producer, you should have opportunity to recognize the most significant award there is in the movie film like there is, and chris rock should definitely step down, and everybody who is at attending and if you are friends with african-americans and you love them the way we know that you do, get out of there, and make a statement. that is how you affect change. don't keep showing up acting as if you don't know what is going on, and thinking about you and the future generations. we cannot effect change if we don't stand up for something. >> rev, any thoughts on this? >> nope. >> he's a hollywood guy, and all of the big hollywood movies, and i will leave it in the hands of soup
10:20 am
>> all right. good luck with the show and the premier of "it is not you, it is men" premiers on own this saturday night. >> and guys, you know how you get together to watch "scandal" and "empire" and we want all couples, engaged, single, married, straight and gay, and we want all of you in the living room talking about this. we like it. >> we like it. >> come on, come on. >> and we have a look at the new movie "who knew" right after this. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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and in honor of j.lo's opening in vegas tomorrow, we are playing "who knew?" >> and this is a question to get you started. more of this food is eaten in las vegas than in the rest of the country, and is the answer wings, shrimp? >> we will reveal the answer when we come back right after your local news. it's something we don't think about much. except when we've got chapped lips or a small cut. but for people living in areas of crisis, simple skin conditions can turn into serious issues. so we created the vaseline healing project a partnership with direct relief
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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it! see graphics. >> bernie sanders wrapped up a four-stop campaign tour of iowa tuesday with a visit to sioux city. the democratic candidate for president spoke to supporters at the orpheum theatre last night. his main focus: fighting what he calls corporate greed. he also talked up the fact that he's the only candidate without a super pac supporting him.
10:27 am
campaign contributions from individuals than anyone else in history. "we are raising enough money to run a winning national campaign and we're doing it without begging corporate america or millionaires for their support," said sanders. the latest poll puts sanders within two points of hillary clinton in iowa... and 27 points ahead of her in new hampshire. here's meterologist ben dorenbach
10:28 am
close george: my family's lived on this farm for three generations. the bakken pipeline would pump dirty crude oil across iowa. patti: the fact that bernie sanders stands up against the pipeline is one of the reasons we support him. george: bernie sanders didn't hesitate to say no to the big oil companies. patti: bernie knows that if we don't act, we threaten the climate and the health of our children. bernie sanders understands that. patti: bernie sanders has the guts to just stand up for what he believes in.
10:29 am
hey, guys, it is winesday wednesday. i'm jenna bush haguer in for kathie lee. and hoda is across the street at the studios and ready to play the weekly trivia game "who knew" and in honor hoff j.lo's biggest debut, we are testing your knowledge of sin city. for those who know, you get $100, and if not, don't worry, because you will get a signed book. and with us is editor of "traveler" and you love las vegas? >> it is one of the favorite places in the world. >> and we asked this before the break, more of the food is eaten each day in las vegas, wings, fire or shrimp?
10:30 am
but it is 60,000 pounds of shrimp is consumed everyday and that is the same amount consumed in the country for a month. >> and that is why this is called who knew. over to you, hoda. >> in the "hangover" mike tyson sings along to which phil collins song -- nin the air tonight, against all odds, you can't hurry love. >> against all odds. >> against all odds. no no, wait a minute, but you get a book. so she wins. >> it turns the out she wins, but who cannot forget this iconic film. >> yes, and mike tyson sang along to the "can you hear it calling in the air of night >> and you have a very nice voice.
10:31 am
caesars, but it is not actually a room. that is a theater. >> and what is your name? mike ratell. >> and you are? >> pam ratell. >> name this song. >> you are going to light my soul >> viva las vegas. >> and $100, and what are you going to do with the money? >> she gets it. >> he is a smart man and maybe he is going to buy $100 of hoda's books. and "viva las vegas." >> and who is in more vegas than elvis. he got married to priscilla there and he staged the comeback there, and did four weeks of shows and paid half a million, and it changed his life. >> okay. back over to hoe d.a. >> i want to show you the adorable kids over here. all right. showed them.
10:32 am
>> michelle ricer. >> from? >> brookville, indiana. >> currently, las vegas is home no the largest blank in the united states. casino, hotel or restaurant? >> casino. >> wait a minute, you lucky devil! you get my book. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> so even when you lose you win. i would have said casino for sure. >> it is home to the largest hotel. the venetian has 7,100 rooms, and you can go to the gondalier university. >> and i wonder where the biggest casino is. >> good question. >> and we don't know, and that is why it sis called "who knew." >> and your name? >> cali. >> and in the 1998 tom cruise film "rain man," dustin
10:33 am
unique talent for playing what game? poke poker, craps or blackjack. >> blackjack. >> you are a winnerment and yet, you are a loser, ba youz-- because you didn't get my book. >> and another movie filmed at the palace. >> hoda, what have you got? >> briann. >> all right. here we go. about how many marriage license s are issued each year in las vegas vegas? 50,000, 80,000 or 140,000 marriage licenses? >> 150. >> that is not even an answer, but who cares! you get a book. >> and not an answer, and maybe, you know, littler than you think. 80,000. >> and 80,000 is still a lot, and the the busiest days are new year's eve and valentine's day. >> of course. and we could have maybe one more if hoda would bring joe on the trip. no, we don't have time. we don't have time. sorry, we don't have time for
10:34 am
it is associated with nobility since the beginning of time. and lilliana has the latest trend bringing us "luxe for less." when we return. 3, 2, 1 - smile! alright... big smile! smile! hey, honey! how'd it go? thanks, dad! there's my smile! the happy meal. with fresh, delicious, california grown cuties. only at mcdonald's. get ready to show your roots with roots touch-up from nice'n easy. seamlessly blends with leading shades, even salon shades in just 10 minutes. for natural looking color as real as you are. show the world your roots with root touch-up. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside?
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if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan. here we come. lilliana's dressing room is a little intimate, but it is jenna's first time. >> i like it in here.
10:39 am
and very sexy room. >> thanks for having us, and thanks for letting us sit on this couch. >> and it is velvet-inspired couch. today, we are talking about the velvet luxe for less, and you will see it in the fall, and in the winter, and this year, because there is a huge nod no the victorian trend, this is a fabric that you want to add to the closet. our first model, come on out, and she is showing off one of the most flattering silhouettes in the dress, the classic rock dress, but instead of the flimsier fabric, we did it on the lush velvet. and the price is incredible, $39.99. >> wait, $3? >> and it is coming from oriccia. >> and i love the rushching even though you don't need the
10:40 am
>> and a great white blazer to break it up, and little shoe there to add some extra. so cute. >> where would you wear that? at night? >> you could wear it to work with a great boot, but it is super transitional, and that is what we love about the fabric. >> okay. what is next? >> and a super easy blazer, but wait until you see this jacket. gorgeous, right? >> pretty color. >> it changes the whole look of the outfit, and it is a deep hunter green, and from h &m. >> and look at the back, too. >> it has a tassel tie in the back which is so pricey, gorgeous, right? and super easey and a white blouse and leather leggings, and
10:41 am
sandal. >> i never know if you should go with the jacket. >> well, i like a longer jacket, because it covers your butt. >> yes. >> and now, if you don't want a full velvet outfit, you can do the accessoryies. and katy perry wore this beautiful turban, and they are called i'm with the, and wear it forwards or play wit on your head, and super cute. i love the velvet shoe, because if you don't want to commit to trend, this is easy to do. booties under $50, and i love the pump in the burgundy color, and then these smoking splipers are adorable, an they are $5. >> what? >> i found them at primart and only in stores so find your closest one.
10:42 am
target with the beautiful handbags. and now, to take care of it. never fold it, and you cannot iron it, you can only steam it from the inside out. >> and dry clean? >> yes, dry clean only. >> and send it to the dry cleaner, and what if you go out in those boots, and it start ss to sprinkle. >> run inside. >> and don't pretreat it. >> i would ruin it. >> that is why you want to spend less than $50 on it. >> and jill martin heads back to school for a history lesson. >> and she catches up with three
10:43 am
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all right. image imagine this. having the power to rewrite history. that is the premise of hulu's new buzz eded about series 1 # 11.22.63.
10:47 am
hot men behind the scenes. >> and it was a hollywood team to say the least. it is a stephen king novel who has a high school teacher who travel ss through time to stop the assassination of jfk. and i met with the star james franco, and the writer stephen king and the pro dusducer j.j. abrams. >> reporter: many people can tell you exactly where they were when jfk was assassinated. >> who do you think did it? >> many people think that lee harvey oswald did it. >> reporter: and now the new series on hulu exploring the premise that what if one man had the power to go through history and alter the course. >> it is simpler if you go in like i am asking. >> in the closet? >> can you do me a favor and
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:48 am
>> reporter: based on the best selling novel by stephen king, a high school teacher james franco travels back in time to save jfk's life. >> what makes 11.221163 so incredible is the details of the storey of what made it so extroord extraordinary at the time. it is issues of class and race make it so powerful. >> reporter: they came together over the mutual love of stephen king. so you were both interest and then do you send an e-mail or make a phone call -- or how does that work? >> steve and i knew each other for several years and then i let him know how much i loved the book, book, and he said, if you want to get involved as a a producer somehow, and i thought, this is amazing and now we are here in the principal's office talking about it. >> and the character is a teacherb and a decent guy, i
10:49 am
way, and sometimes there is a role where you say, i need to be as honest as possible, and i think that this is one of them. >> reporter: i walked into the principal's office today which is a place that i am familiar with, and when you were younger, is this an environment that you know about? >> i spent some time in the principal's office in high school. >> what did you do? >> i wrote a newspaper that called the teachers by various pro feign names and fell into the wrong hands, and i was called to apologize to certain old teacher ss? >> did you do it? >> i i did, because i didn't want to get suspended. >> reporter: if you had a rabbit hole in your life that you could go back, have you visualized something that you would go pack and change. >> at one point, i would go back and say, yeah, i would not do that movie, but in hindsight, years and years later, i would say, that is great, because my life changed because of that. >> reporter: and not to give away the ending, but you published an alternate ending on the internet, and are we going to be surprised by the ending of the series?
10:50 am
then i would have to kill everybody in the room. no, i won't answer that question. >> he might kill somebody. >> we hope he doesn't. >> and waiting for the next book. >> and 11/22/63 debuts on hulu which coincidentally is the presidents' day? and it opens up that story, of so many moments in history, and what would happen if you could change the clock. >> and then, if while you were reading the book, what would you go become to change. i am really excited for the series.
10:51 am
after this. george: my family's lived on this farm for three generations. the bakken pipeline would pump dirty crude oil across iowa. patti: the fact that bernie sanders stands up against the pipeline is one of the reasons we support him. george: bernie sanders didn't hesitate to say no to the big oil companies. patti: bernie knows that if we don't act, we threaten the climate and the health of our children. bernie sanders understands that. patti: bernie sanders has the guts to just stand up for what he believes in.
10:52 am
oh, who could forget this moment. this is one for the ages. anyway, get this, j.lo is gogoing to
10:53 am
who knows what is in store, but she is taking residency there, and i am going to tiptoe and see what is that is like. >> it is going to be so fun. >> enjoy your winesday wednesday. >> and we will see you on thirsty thursday.
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