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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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and his colleagues lives until that day. rob. a storm lake, iowa man has been arrested for burglary. 19-year-old gatkek lieth was arrested in storm lake in the area of oak lane and russell street. an investigation linked lieth to the bulary or attempted burglary of vehicles and garages on walnut, russell, east 12th, east 10th, east 9th, and oneida streets and oak lane early this morning. police say that lieth also burglarized vehicles earlier this week. police seized stolen money and other items from lieth upon his arrest. lieth faces multiple charges including 18 counts of bulgary to a motor vehicle. he was booked into the buena vista county jaiai an akron, iowawaan has been arrested for burglary and domestic abuse. 35-year-old nathan leekley was arreed at his le mars, iowa residence earlier today on a warrant for rglary, domestic abuse assault and violation of a no contact order. leekley was taken to the plymouth county jail. these
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occured earlier this morning. we might have some fog coming into siouxland tonight. but what else can we expect going into the weekend? for that, let's toss it over to chief meteorologis t ron demers weather ad-lib the peeks of sun were nice to see but for most of us they didn't last long. clouds will continue to dominate our weather through the weekend and we could see areas of fog tonight and into saturday morning as well. the cooler temperatures we saw friday will warm pretty nicely aa we'll have a chance of getting into the 30s
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south sioux city honored it's longest serving police chief this afternoon. chief scot ford is retiring the south sioux city police department. 26 of those years he led the today, community members were lined outside the door to greet him at his appreciation ceremony. alalg with family and colleagues, there was braska state patrol, the dakota county sheriff, sioux city police and sioucity council members among others. it was a tearful day for many as theyt% reflected on his accomplishments. "now words to explain how heartwarming it is to have people of the community and people that i've known work with for years come and give me a send off." during the ceremony, chief ford was given multiple honors including an official police retirement badge. people also took turns sharing a
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for others. turning our attention to politcs, two republican presidential candidates frontrunner donald trump will be in sioux center at dordt college. he will speak at 11 a.m.. door open at 9. doctor ben carson will stopopn tomorrow. there will b ba prayer service at the orpheum theatre. the event is in memory of the staffer who died tuesday in a van accident in cass county, iowa. doors open at 11 and the event starts at 1. in less than a month, siouxlanders wil be able to get insight from top business leaders. the sixth annual entrepalooza starts on february 15th and is a ten day celebration of entrepreneuri al spirit. 22 organizations are co-sponsoring the event. it starts off with a conversation with ted waitt, co-founder of gateway computer company. briar cliff university is one of the sponsors other events include a consulting fair, a speed networking event and an
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some require registration. a nebraska school recently got a new 3d printer for its students. verdigre high school was recently gifted a a printer from a foundation set up by their community studentsse the computer program sketch up to print designs on the 3d printer. the school was already using this program in architecture design classes, and can now print personally designed models and predesigned files from the internet. "3d printing has been a useful resource so far. they have started making cars and stuff out of it, but i think it is pretty awesome that you can make spare parts. a lot of times parts on the machine are even made out of 3d printed parts. which is nice, because if one breaks, you can just print another one. " - madisen randa, junior prosthetics, machine parts and even tools are being created by 3d printers. right now students and teachers at verdigre are going through the learning curve together, but the kids have practiced by printing out 3d versions of their mascot, the cougar.
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their voices and faces in the fifit to stop bullying. 19 high scscolers at newell fonda high school made the own bullying video. that videoas shown to classmates, teachers and parents today. the video was part of a project done outside of school. it had one requirement... to make a message matter. and it's on a topic that mattered a lot to those that made the short film. "a lot of the people who are a part of this movie either got bullied for the color of skin they had or just what they enjoy doing like band, basketball, anything," said rachel james, who helped make the video. james says it took two weeks to create the video. the eight-minute mockumentary style video depicts the effects bullying has on a few students. using the theme equality is reality. "just want everyone to be kind to one another and know that there are other things going on besides what you see," said rachel james. if you'd like to see the video, just head to our website ktiv dot com.
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visitors a tour of the nighttime sky. the public shows at the fred g. dale planetarium on wayne state college's campus start tonight. there will be 19 shows that are cycled throughout the season. it's free for all, although a small donation is suggested. the purpose of the shows are to share the planetarium with the public. "and i think really y e idea is that you'll be so entertained that you won't realize you're being educated as well," said dr. todd young. "so it's like education via sucker punch." the first show starts tonight at shows are every friday through april 29th. still to come... it's man...against bull. a look at the area's toughest bull ridersrsnd how they're prepapang
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the peeks of sun were nice to see but for most of us they didn't last long. clouds will continue to dominate our weather through the weekend and we could see areas of fog tonight and into saturday morning as well. the cooler temperatures we saw friday will warm pretty nicely as we'll have a chance of
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weekend. our next snow chance starts to move in sunday night and we could even see a mix of precipitation as it begins. snow wiwil continue into monday wiwih someelight snow accumulations likely.y.that system moves out by tuesday leaving us with highs in the upper 20s. then better warming finally moves in with 30s likely from tuesday until the end of the week. nebraska is one step closer to lifting its ban
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on hogs owned by meatpackers. supporters overcame a filibuster today and gave the measure second-round apprpral with 32 to 12 vote. they tout the measururas a way to help nebraska's hog industry, which has grown slower than in several nearby states. but critics say the bill would give large packers too much leverage over small farms by allowing them to control the entire supply chain. one final vote is needed before the bill goes to ricketts. still to come... we'll head to the tyson events center to see the toughest cowboys around town n o are getting get ready to ride.
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we're back with the battle of the bulls at the tyson events center. the toughest cowboys from five states have come to sioux city for the rawhide bull riding challenge. ktiv's al joens was at the tyson this morning to get a preview.
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this opponont is slick mix. he doesn't like you. he's two- thousand pounds of brahma bull riders to the dirt for five al: "what's it feel like to get thrown to the ground by a two-thosuand hurts a little bit, but there's momentum. when that bull sends you away, you've got momentum moving away, and so generally,,you hit the ground and roll toohe ground. tte dirt that's worked up a little bit, but it's more disappointing, i think, mentally, most of te time." now meet the famousralco 'regano red. (e tossed bull riders`at the national finals in las vegas for three years. and that ain't no bull. well... al: "what's it fell like then when that bull comes and tramples on you while you're laying in that soft dirt?" marty: "well, yeah, that hurts all the time." (laughs) and it's fun for the whole family. (goat: "baaa" ) everybodloves the petting zoo. there'll be a rodeo clown, a trick roper, and mutton busting for the kids. al joens so come on down to the tyson tonight and tomorrow night and see slick mix and 39 of his bull buddies
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with chief photographer jordan ogren, al joens, ktiv, news 4. >> the rawhide bull riding challenge is tonight and tomorrowowight at 7:30 at the tyson events cenenr. ticketetrange from 11 dollars up to 53 dollars for v-i-p seats right next to the action. brad's here -- friday night means high school basketball. four of the state's best teams western christian.. ktiv's mark freund is live with more western christian is hosting spirit lake -- all the boys and girls teams are in the i'll have a live report.. and, we'll hear from the cyclones and hawkeyes, who both have important games
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next. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand u u
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gym tonight in hull. spirit lake visits western christian, and the two girls teams and two boys teams are all in the top ten. you can see the action at ten on sportsfource extra. but first -- sports fource is "on the road" in hull, iowa. ktiv's mark freund has an update.
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and hasn't lost to any siouxland teams. the wolfpack already boast a 30-point win over the indians, in spirit lake, back in december. but - since that loss, spirit lake has won 10 straight games, winning by an average of er 33 points per game. these two teams are pretty close to mirror images of each other. the wolfpack are the top- scoring team in class 2a, averaging 72-point-6 points per game - the indians score 72-point-1 a night. spirit lake leads 3a in rebounding - 36 and a half per game - western averages 35 rebounds per game.e. both coaches are expececng a much closer matchup than last time. "it's going to be a way different game," said western head coach jim eekhoff. "they're a very, very good team. we kind of jumped on them there and we shot the ball really
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really well lately and more guys have been getting involved in their offense so we expect a really tough game tonight." "you know they're going to know their x's and o's and be firm on their detail," s sd spirit lake head coach dr. david smith. "the bottom line is, we've got to come out and play hard. we've got to establish some effort and energy beat them to the 50-50 ball and if we can do that we have a chance to be in the game." big fight feel tonight in hull, iowa. western will either defend its top ranking at home, or spirit lake will win its 11th straight game. it's number 4 spirititake, at number 1 western christian. we'll have the action tonight on
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after beating number-1 oklahoma on monday, iowa state is on the road saturday at tcu. the horned frogs are tied for last in the big 12 the cyclones improved to 3-3 in the conference with the 82-77 win against the sooners. o-u made 17 three's -- but the isu defense held them to 42 percent shooting. iowa state is 6 and 0 against the frogs since they joined the big 12. iowa state is back home on monday to play number-3 kansas, but they can't overlook tcu. "you can't live in highs and lows, this league's too good," said head coach steve prohm.%"you look at oklahoma, they've got to go to baylor. we got to go on the road to tcu. tcu lost to kansas by seven. you just got to stay in the moment. they got to bring it and we got to get better." iowa state and tcu tipoff at 3 o'clock on espn u. the hawkeyes stayed undefeated in big ten play last night with a 90-76 win at rutgers. peter jok led the way with a career-high 29 points as iowa improved to 6 and 0 in the conference -- jarrod uthoff and anthony clemmons each scored 20.
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double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds. the ninth-ranked hawks have now won 12 in a row in big ten play going back to last season. "i thought clemmons and woodury, either one of those guys could have been player of the game and that's with pete getting 29 and jarrod getting 20," said head coach fran mccaffery. "again, another example of us moving the ball and doing what we needed to do to win on the road and get 90 points." "every night you have to come out and be ready to play and expect everybody's best," said clemmons. "we're rolling right now so we're expecting everybody's best game." iowa is back home sunday to play number-22 purdue at noon. iowa beat the boilers 70 0 63, three weeks agogo briar cliff is celebrating 50 years of men's basketball this weekend. the chargers are hosting nebraska wesleyan, with the women's game at 2 a.d the men's game at 4. at halftime of the men's game, mario butler, alex funes and liz grider will be inducted into the briar cliff hall of fame. a reception for the 50th anniversary will be at 7. a mass for late hall of fame coach ray nacke will be at 10 a-m on sunday at the newman flanagan
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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this week's pick of the litter is niblet and grimly. they are both one-year-old female guinea pigs that are looking for a new home. they can be e y at first, but they can be e eat pets with the right owner. if you want to adopt niblet and d grimly, or any other animal, stop by the siouxland humane society or call the number on your screen. tonight: areas of fog. low: 15 wind: se 5-10 mph tomorrow: morning fog. high: celine dion today inside her emotional funeral. >> celine in mourning. the final farewell from montreal.
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