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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  January 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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college's northwest iowa campuses. good evening... thanks for joining us. i'm matt breen. sheila brummer has the night off. the countdown continues. just one week remains until the iowa caucuses. and, for the candidates, it's crunch time. b b, caucus-goers are also working hard to prepare with tonight's "caucus 101." here's ktiv's michelle schoening. the iowa caucuses can be confusing for first timers. what is it? where do i go? why does it matter? first-time caus-goers came to the "caucus 101" workshop to get the answs to those questions. "it's all about demystifying the experience, so that if you feel a little unsure if you should attend your caucus because you aren't sure how the process works. that's what tonight is all about," said theresa weaver- basye, co-president of the league of women voters. folks
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simulation to familiarize themselves with what monday night will look like. "one way to prepare for caucus night, be sure you're registered to vovo," said michelle schoening, ktiv news 4. a nebraska-native says he wishes there were more workshops like this one to help prepare to caucus. he says it's important for the younger generation to get out and caucus. "this next election is huge, it's going to make a big difference and the future of where our country goes. i wanted to make a differnce and see what i can do to make that difference," said grant bednar, morningside college freshman. lastly, there is one thing the organizers want iowans to remember about the caucus. "it's fun. it's a great way to get out and meet your firends and neighbors and just be engagedd said theresa weaver-bayse, coresident of the league of women voters.
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if you are still unsure about where to find your caucus location, we have the links inside this story at ktiv-dot-com. a week away from the lead-off ioio caucuses, the demococtic presidential candidates made their closing pitches, tonight, in a televised forum in des moines. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley took the stage at drake university during a cnn town hall. sanders focused on his message, and how it has resonated with voters. o'malley used issues, like the high cost of health care, to define his campaigns. (sen. bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate "so if you're asking me why is it that our campaign has created the kind of momentum that it has... with the american people who understand that establishment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes. we need a political revolution." presidential candidate): "we're still paying our system is called an "all payer" system. we have a rate-setting commission. we're able to replace the institutional profofabillity... i mean the hospitals aren't going bankrupt by and means.
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able to put wellness at the center. and, that's what we need to do to bring down the high cost of each candidate was given about 30-minutes on stage during the town hall which started at eight o'clock, tonight. hillary clinton just took the stage about 15-minutes ago, and from the audience. the latest des moines register- bloomberg politics poll found clintotowith 42 percent, sanders with 40 percent and of likely democratic caucus-goers. former republican presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry is endorsing ted cruz for president. in an interview with politico, perry said of the people who have a chance totoin the republican primary rightow, he believes cruz is by far "the most consistent conservative." marco rubio campaigning in des moines, iowa today, answered questions ted cruz, and his representatio n of a chinese company. rubio also said that he's the polls. presidential candidate :28 so i don't think people should be worried
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say over the next week we're going to work really hard to get as much support as we can get and i feel very good about where that's going to lead." rubio is on a blitz across iowa leading up to the caucuses next monday. presidential candidates, from both parties are making their final push for support ahead on the iowa caucuses. on friday, republican jeb bush will host a town hall meeting at bev's on the river, in sioux city, at t 15pm. doors open a a3:15pm. bush will fofoow that with an event on the dordt college campus, in sioux center, at 6:45pm friday nigh doors open at 5:45pm democrat martin o'malley will also campaign in siouxland on friday. he'll drop by his sioux city campaign headquarters, on nebraska street, at 6:30pm friday night. then, on saturday, january 30th, senator ted uz will campaign in ida grove, and sioux city. congressman steve king will join cruz at the community rec center, in ida grove, at 4:30pm. then, the pair will hold a rally on the western iowa tech community college campus, in sioux city, at 8:00pm. senator rand paul will rally suporters in sioux city, at noon, on saturday. that event is at the holiday inn on gordon drive.
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republican chris christie will speak on the morningside college campus, in the olsen student center, at 9:00am. also on sunday, hillary clinton will bring her campaign back to sioio city. she'll host her "get out the caucus" organizing event, at the sioux city convention center, at 5:15pm sunday night. iowa lakes community college turned 50 this year, and with that age comes some needed upgrades. ktiv's tommie clark k sited a uple of the college's five campuses and found out how they hope to make those improvements.
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forward or you get left behind and that's the biggest reason we're doing it now because all five campuses are in need of some updating," said iowawa lakes board ofofrustees vice president, pat kibbie. "although all of the iowa lakes campuses need improvements, the emmetsburg campus needs the most." the decades old main facility isn't energy efficient and they want to move all student services under one roof. another campus looking for improvements- - spencer. "we also have something that we'd like to offer our students that we can't currently offer now because our facilities are limited. so it's pretty important for us to stay competitive with all the other community colleges and still offer the best experience for our students," said iowa lakes community college english instructor, abi sedlacek. the hundred and one thousand square foot roof on the spencer campus needs to be completely rereaced. and students agree. "sometimes there's differentnt parts of the school that will close down due to leakage or snow coming down so if i think the roof were to get fixed it could be open all
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normal hours," said iowa lakes community college freshman ststent, amadou barry. the community college hopes the bond, if approved will boost enrollment down the road. in spencer, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. > & people in 13 different counties will head to the polls on february 2nd to decide the fate of the bond issue. iowa lakes community college is working to update their campus farm in emmetsburg. students work with swine, cows, crop corn, soy beans, and hay ground. they develop plans for what crops will be planted each year and operate machinery. staff say it gives students a hands on learning experience to apply what they learn in the classroom. and, this spring a new beef barn will be built. "we pride ourselves on providing activities for students out here periodically when it connects with their classroom, that's the important part- that what's taught in the classroom is carried out out here," said iowa lakes community college director of agricultural technology, neal williamsen. iowa lakes hohos to finish construction on the barn in july. freezing drizzle, and blowing
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tricky travel in some parts of siouxland, today. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. winter weather advisory in effect for eastern siouxland until midnight it was a slick start to our day for portions of siouxland d some freezing drizzle put a glaze down on the ros. throughout the days, a little light snow and freezing drizzle continued and because eastern siouxland is seeing some of the heaviest accumulations, they're in a winter weather advisory until midnight as they could see an inch or two of snow before the system moves out. it's also going to be a little windy tonight so blowing snow is going to further hinder the roads
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despite the tricky travel conditions, woodbury county sheriff's deputies say few accidents were reported. deputies say the western sections of woodbury county had the worst conditions reported by mid-afternoon. deputies say it's important to keep a few tips in mind when driving on slick streets and roads. slow down. give yourself distaae from other vehicles. he used the term "keep a bubble around you." when you come up to an to stop. and be aware of your surroundings. but sometimes you may end up sliding regardless. with blowing snow likely through the night, authorities say travel is not encouraged. but, for some drivers, hitting the road is unavoidable. for those who make their living on the roadways, truck drivers would like to
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dangers of failing to take notice of changing weather conditions. "pretty icy this morning," said truck driver, gregory babin. "i just wanna remind everybody that doesn't drive trucks, we're out here trying to do our jobs and it's extremely dangerous for us and it's even more dangerous for people that don't drive truckck" if you're travelling overnight, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. in june of 2014, a tornado did substantial damage to the village of pilger, nebraska. in the aftermath, village leaders vowed to be prepared for the next storm. that's what the village did, today, with the first meeting of "community organization active a disaster", or coad. it's an umbrella organization of the northeast nebraska long term recovery team. it was formed when fema and the nebrasas emergency management agency asasd for help in organizoing a group for future emergencies. the group will meet 2 or 3 times a week.
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residents of one sioux city neighborhood band together to keep a big wireless communications company from building a new cell tower nearby. winter weather advisory in effect as president, i will defend this nation, but i will do it responsibly. i voted against the war in iraq, and that was the right vote. ust never forget the lessons of that experience. isis must be destroyed, but we should not do it alone. we need an international coalition
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it's time to end the quagmire of perpetual warfare in the middle east. as presidede, i will.
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for eastern siouxland until midnight it was a slick start to our day for
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freezing drizzle put a glaze down on the roads.s.hroughout the days, , little light snow and freezing drizzle continued and because eastern siouxland is seeing some of the heaviest accumulations, they're in a winter weather advisory until midnight as they could see an inch or two of f ow before the system moves out. it's als going to be a little windy tonight so blowing snow is going to further hinder the roads staying good. we'll be dry but still mostly cloudy for tuesday with highs in the upper 20s to around 30. warmer weather keeps moving in this week which could lead to thursday into the first part of
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still to come.... neighbors in one of the city's historic neighborhos object to new standards that will dictate how their homes can look. we'll explain. and... sioux city's school board takes a major step toward replacing a century-old school with a state of the art facility. <
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cell tower in a morningside neighborhood has been put on hold by the sioux city city council. the plan is to build the tower
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of south rustin street. here's a look at a site plan given to ktiv from the local homeowners. but, a p pition from more than 30 individuals resonated with the council. council members sent the proposal back to the board of adjustments. one local resident says more than 80 homes would be affected if verizon builds the tower. "everybody's property would be decreased by about 20 percent," said mary zink, a sioux city resident living near the proposed tower. "that's based on a 2005 study that i found in a professional appraisal journal." if the board of adjustment does not reconsider, the next option for the neighborhood would be district court. the city council also unanimously approved the planning and zoning commission's recommendati ons to incorporate design standnrds for sioux city's historic rose hill district. tonight was the first of three readings. the ordinance would require property owners to adhere to a guidelines when fixing their homes. but, the move drew harar criticism from multiple neighbors. the planning and zoning commission plans to meet with the residents of rose hill before the second reading. also, happening at tonight's
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update on the construction happening on interstate 29 for 2016. "the focus is on i-29 northbound, we'll wrap up the work at bacon creek and floyd river. that'll take all season," said dakin schultz with the iowa dot once that's complete new construction will start from the floyd river to the area just west of hamilton boulevard. a projececnearly a decade in the making took several steps forward at tonight's sioux city school board meeting. since 2008, the school board looked to replace bryant elementary. it's been around for 125 years. tonight, the board awarded nearly $4 million in contracts to help develop the new facility. "approved bid package one--which is all of the street parking lot, pavement and site preparation," said sioux city community school superintendent dr. paul gausman. "the board also approved construction of a geothermal well field, because this like all new buildings that have been built recently-- it'll be a geothermal building." construction will start in the summer. still to come... colonoscopies
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the age of 50. but, younger people may need them, as well... after a surpising new study about colorectal cancer. "healthbeat 4" has more, after the break.
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you know the basic bargain of america is i iyou work hard, and you do your part,, you shouldlde able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal papafor women...
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so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. age 50 for most people. but, new data suggest a fair number of colorectal patients are diagagsed at a younger age.
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were diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the u-s between 1998 and 2011. nearly 15-percent were younger than 50 years old. those patients tended to have more aggressive tumors, but also tended to live slightly longer thananlder patients and remain cancer-free. the american academy of pediatrics is calling for doctors to do whatever they can to reduce the amount of pain newborn and premature infants experience during routine procedures. giving babies sugary solutions-- like sucrose and glucose-- has been shown to be effective. but, pediatric experts say other safe interventions- - like skin-to-skin contact-- are effective but are underused. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - and a big game for iowa state. (mark) another big monday contete against a top-5 opponent. tonight it was kansas coming to town. see the highlights from hilton coliseum after the break. plus, the western christian boys hold firm atop the class 2a basketball rankings.
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tuesday on news four today... doing your taxes. it's always a good time! and this year, like every year, there are some changes you need to know about before you file. and there's a new kind of butcher shop opening in minneapolis. we'll show you the store serving only vegan food. state had a chance to beat a top-5 opponent at home. last week - it was number-1 oklahoma. tonight - 4th-ranked kansas came to town. the cyclones have beaten 16 of the last 19 ranked teams come into hilton cocoseum. iowa state's won three o othe last four meetings with the jayhawks. kansas came out ready to play - wayne selden on the jumper - cyclones trail early, 21-12. isu trailed by as many as 10 in the first half - but the
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run - monte morris dishes to jameel mckay for the stuff. back and forth - but k-u finsihes the half strong - frank mason beats the buzzer - jayhawks go into the break up 43-36. they shot 57 percent in the first half. but iowa state claws back in the second half - 9 minutes to go - deonte burton gives the cyclones their first lead, 60-57 - that was part of an 11-2 run. then morris - helps iowa state pull away - one, two, three the hard way - morris had 21 points and 9 assists. iowa a ate wins 85-72 - the cyclones now have wins over three of the top 4 ranked teams in the current ap poll. earlier today, morris was named the big 12 player of the week. the junior averaged 19 points, 4 and a half assists anan3 and a half rebounds in last week's two victories. morris scored 20 points and
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cyclones' win over top-ranked oklahoma last monday. for the season, morris is averaging 15- point-2 points and 6-point-8 rebounds per game. life is good at westete christian. the wolfpack have not one, but two top-ranked basketball teams. wins last week over le mars and spirit lake keep the western boys in the top spot of this week's ap poll. the wolfpack are 13-and-1 and are the top scoring team in class 2a, at 72- point-6 points per game. western has four players scoring better than 9 points per game. they're anchored by senior center josh vanlingen, who's averaging a double-double with 19 points and 10-point-4 rebounds a game. "we have a good team, and a lot of balance, and that's one of our strengths, is our balance," said western christian head coach jim eekhoff. "obviously, josh is really good inside, but josh makes everybody else better, too." in the new iowa boys basketball poll -- sioux city east is receiving votes in class 4a. missouri river conference leader cbal is, ranked 5th. in 3a, s srit lake drops two
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moc-floyd valley is up one spot to 9th. bishop heelan falls out of the top 10, but is still receiving votes. there's western christian as the top team in class 2a. ridge view climbs three spots to 6th - pocahontas area falls to 7th. sioux center is getting votes. siouxland is loaded in 1a - boyden hull is 2nd, with 5 first-place votes. ikm-manning is 9th. south o'brien, ar-we-va, mv-ao, and h-m-s all get votes.
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