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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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tomorrow! it's wednesday, january 27th and coming up on show show,"early today." we've got late breaking details. pulling out, donald trump says bye bye-bye to meg kelly. k nbc news reveals that not a single led pipe has been removed in flint. explosion and dramatic prison break caught on camera. and a trip back in time to a viking festival that dates back hundreds of years. "early today" starts right now. eight people have been arrested
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occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge that began three weeks ago, including the leader, aimen bundy. 54-year-old arizona rancher was killed. he saidki he had no intention of being taken into custody. >> so,io you're prepared to die? >> absolutely. would you like toso be in a cell? nobody wants to live their life in a cell. >> nbc's dan shanman has more. >> reporter: the leader of the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in oregon has been arrested. the fbi confirmed that on tuesday it and the oregon state police started what the statement calls to bring into custody a inof individuals associatedid with the arm occupation. shots werecu fired and one person was killed.
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non-life threatening injuries. aimen enen enen bundy others start protesting the arrest of and then over took a wildlife refuge. and residents demanded it come to an end. >> it's time for you to go home. [ applause ] >> reporter: bundy is the son of controversial bundy who was involved in a 2014 stand off with the government over grazing rights. in seattle two people are dead after ae shooting at homeless encampment nicknamed thekn jungle. one person was pronounced dead at the scene while another died that hospital. one is in critical condition and two others are serious. this happened as the mayor was
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thess city's homeless problem. and he spoke again from the scene. >> can't help but wonder, i can't help but wonder did i act too late? maybe i should have issued the state of emergency months later. we have tried to do the best that we can due to the circumstances we have. but obviously i'm going to question was i good enough at my own job? you know, it's on me in the end. >> no arrests have been made but police say there are at least twoea persons of interest and they believe this is a targeted shooting and not because the victims are homeless. the gop frontrunner is withdrawing from the fox news debate. trump, who had threatened to boycott the debate was put over the edger by what he called a
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utby out by the network that said they heard that the ayatollah and putin planned to treat trump unfairly. and iffa he has a plan to replace the cabinet with hisep twitter followers. and mr. trump doesn't play games and instead, he'll host a fund raising event for veterans and wounded warriors. cruz said if megyn kelly is so scary, what does he think he'll do with vladimir putin and then offered up a challenge. >> i would like to invite him on your show to participate in a one on one debate with me and donald. i'm happy to go an hour 1/2, mono a mono with no moderators at any time. >> meanwhile, both received
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tony perkins, the head of the christian lobbying group indorsed cruz. and bernie sanders is taking time off for a sit-down meeting with m president obama in the oval office later today. nbc's tracie pots joins us with more. >> youou talked about the big story of the day which is donald trump refusing to do this fox debate. he's had this on again, off again issue with megyn kelly. fox says they're not changing the questions, nor will they change the moderator because of donald trump, although said he's welcomsae to participate and this drop out is near unprecedented. they referred to tears arations of their host, megyn kelly. and earlier he dids talk about
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and cruz is hoping to gain ground by challenging trump to this one on one. remember,, cruz is a college debart. this is an area he feels and tends to do very well. he feels strongly and tends to perform very well in a debate situation. so, this could certainly help him gain ground in iowa where it looks like he was running very strong but now trump has beeee gaining ground and even picking up, as you say, key indorsements from people like jerry fallwell. and hillary clinton is touting her tiexperience and will be following bernie sanders today as he sits down with president obama. the white house says this was a meeting meeting first discussed back in november. just ave private meeting with no agenda. >>ag tracie, thank you.
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nonoheastern brazil shows a explosion destroying a prison wall and dozens of inmates are seeing a going over the fence to escape. 36 of thees 40 escapees were captured within hours. two were killed. police are investigating the explosion and are looking at what appears to be a man walking up to the wall min btsforeutes before the explosion occurred. and officered were removed for a high-speed chase in which well over 100 bullets were fired in just a few seconds. it took theec city more than three years to fire the officers. >> reporter: a car riddled with bullets, two dead inside following a 2012 high speed chase through the streets of cleveland. officers tried to pull over the car and mistook an engine back friar gun shots.
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unarmed pair was cornered. 120 rounds fired in just 10 seconds. state investigators diagrammed the shooting showing how chaotic and dangerous all that cross fire was to fellow officers. then this photo showing the wind shield after one officer stood on the hood of the car, even after the couple was subdued and fired at close range. that officer was the only one criminally charged. he was later acquitted. he has been fired along with five other officers. six face suspension, a 13th officer retired last year. it was very difficult, very difficult for all of us. >> reporter: the police union came out u swinging, calling the disciplinary action politically motivated. >> this is politics 101. >> reporter: the justice
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police to have frequently used excessive force, a move meant to provide clocher to a city and two families. all right, much of the northeast still digging out from the weekend storm. nbc meteorologist bill karins here. >> and the only problem spot is in florida of all places. we're getting soaked and even thunderstorms popping up south of tampa and fort meyers is getting drenched too. and a few showers storms trying to work their way through panama city. and maybee even a chance at severe storms. marginal risk at severe storms. back towards daytona beach, and all the way back to fort meyers. and wind damage is the primary threat. forecast for the rest of the country, very mild air.
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denver. andd that's the cool spot, 32 in chicago. but even on thursday, a very mild weather pattern. no signsat of any big cold masses. that's your national weather, now a closer look at the day ahead. no complaints in oklahoma city today at 57 degrees. areas oof the carolinas, some showers possible. and back up to philadelphia and new york city. they'll be exiting as we go through the morning p. nono signs of any big storms until next week. some frightening revelations surrounding the lead pipes and the flint, michigan, water crisis. and the itt quickly eroding california coast line. e e my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable
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in flint, michigan, nbc news has learned that no pipes have been replaced since the state of emergency was declared because led was found in the city water. msnbc rachel mad ow will lead a town hall on the water crisis tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and a woman is being touted as a hero by saving children by pushing them out of the way of an oncoming school bus. >> we alost a great educator today. in pacifica, california, five of the residents living on the teetering edge of the shore line cliff still haven't left. >> the ocean, if it wants us, it's going to come take us. we don't have the power to slow
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>> the residents have to move out in a few days. let's get down to business now. apple reports its first revenue drop in 13 years and the slowest ever increase in iphone shipments. they sold 74.8 iphones, lower than what analysts estimated. they're supposed to release the next iphone models later this year. and google files for patent to deliver packages with drones. mpany's been exploring drones since 2012 and could start delivering packages by next year. just ahead, the nfl is reportedly investigating peyton manning over growth orhormone allegations. and dirt nowitzki saved the day.opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey
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not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done. i'm running to make a difference. a real difference for you and your families across our country. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. this morning on "early today" -- "today," matt sits down with jaime linn-seeingler. and peyton manning gets ready for what might be his last rodeo. the nfl is investigating
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growth hormones delivered to his home. and an allegations that his wife received deliveries while he was recovering from neck surgery. he denies it. blake griffon will miss at least four to six weeks for a broken mand after hitting a equipment manager. no word on if the team will take action. former iowa hawk eye and new york giants tyler who died at the age of 27. researchers at the boston of university tsds his bte was at a two. he suffered multiple head in
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now for some entertainment news this morning. actors emily blunt and krasinski are expecting baby number two. joseph feine is has been signed for playing michael jackson in an upcoming movie. this has stirred up controversy being as he's of english descent. actor abe vigoda had false reports of his death. sadly, he has passed away at the age of 94. >> reporter: he just had one of
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and those were the sorts of characters abe vigoda played best. on the sitcom, barny miller. and he was salin "the godfather." until he was bumped off. he also gained notoriety for not being dead. it was in 1982 that a magazine declared he was no more. vigoda played it for all it was worth on late night television. he was also a favorite guest of the "today" show. and abe vigoda twitter feed even popped up with the purpose of reporting if he was dead or alive. it garnered 10,000 followers and
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ad with betty white and they were both the same age. born in brooklyn, new york, his career spand the stage, the screen and television. he died in his sleep at his daughter's home in new jersey. he was 94. nbc news, chicago. >> he had a good sense of humor about his not-so-true demise. >> and they're missing him. i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today." hi, i'm here with some advice from the future don't buy makeup that settles into lines, it ages you. get simply ageless makeup from covergirl and olay. with b vitamins, and spf. it floats over lines and you look beautiful! and now
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leading the news on, woman who held decades long protest outside white house died. she manned an encampment site in lafayette square and devoted her life for peace and glens nuclear proliferation. the longest of any volunteer. she was believed to be around 80 years old. the cause of her death is unknown. and from fortune, you can now broadcast your crazy gopro videos through periscope. it can only be broadcast through the hero black or silver cameras but the footage can be screened by any periscope users. they can go between their camera
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affluenza teen, ethan couch has dropped his appeal against deportation. he fled to mexico with his mom in delk after failing to meet with his parole officer in december. a man tried to buy machine guns to attack a masonic temple. he received and possessed firearms not registered to him and tried to carry out the alleged attack with two informents. president obama has called for rapid development of vaccines and treatments to fight the disease. the cdc is urging pregnant women to stay clear of 24 countries. hundreds are celebrating an ancient nor-festival on the
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it celebrates the influence of scand avian vikings north of the scottish mainland. it includes a 30 foot longship lit on fire. the t it began in 1870 and is held each year in january. now a look ahead, senator bernie sanders is scheduled to have a private meeting in the oval office. it first was discussed when he a tended the congressional holiday ball. happy birthday to gone girl actress, who turns 37. stage and screen actor, allen coming is 51 and austin powers actress mimi rogers turns 60. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm shannon mulaire. thanks for watching. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper...
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the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now. i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton.
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today on agday - how will the 2016 acreage battle play out?


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