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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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good evening, i'm sheila brummer. matt breen is on assignment. a night of drinking for four
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2-years ago. one never made it home and another friend found responsible for her death. ktiv's sam curtiss attended his sentencing today at the dakota county courthouse.
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truck on a rural road near homer. the force threw schmitt into a ditch. "our lives were completely changed forever," said allison. a district judge says roberts history of seven speeding violations factored into the sentence. "i do believe that this is the best we could've hoped for and i'm very happy," said allison. "today we can finally ut this to rest and remeeer the good times of tiffany and not remembebethe accident every time we walk into this building," said allison. pain the family endured for the past 738 days. in dakota county, sam curtiss, ktiv news four. >> roberts must serve at least five year in prison. the judge also revoked his license for 15 years. there is no word if he'll appeal. police in norfolk, nebraska still on the lookout for an armed suspect tonight investigators say the hampton inn was robbed at gunpoint this morning.
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precautiti, some area schools decided to go on lockdown. " if we felt it was unsafe we would have kept the kids within our building. we would do whatever it tages to make sure they are safe."thompson says. so, far no arrests have been made. an inmate has escaped from a work release facility in sioux city. the department says 26-year-old jacob petty didn't return yesterday from an outpatient treatment program. petty has been in the work-release program since october. he started serving a 10- year prison sentence for robbery in woodbury county back in 2008. south sioux city has a new police chief. lieutenant ed mahon will serve as the interim south sioux city police chief. mahon takes the place of chief scototord who recently retired after 42 years on the force. after a warmer wednesday.. what about the rest of the week? chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. after a cool morning start with areas of fog, things really turned around by the afternoon as central and western siouxland made it into the 40s! we may
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step back tomorrow, but only a few degrees which will still keep us above average. we'll see more 40s on friday and saturday and we could be e ose to 40 on sunday as well. donald trump is stealing the headlines one again -- this time for what he's promising
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just days before the iowa caucuses, the republican front runner says he's skpping tomorrow night's debate. this escalates a feud with fox news. the network refusing to back down on trump's call to replace moderator megyn kelly. but trump is hoping to steal back some of spotlight by hosting his own event at the same time . (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "they can't toy with me. let's see how they do with (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "they can't toy with me. let's see how they do with the ratings" trump is tied with texas senator ted cruz in iowa. cruz says he still wan a one-on-one debate with trump before monday night. as we get closer to caucus night.. the campaigns gain even more steam. ktiv's tiffany lane spoke to a siouxland professor about platforms candidates have established over the last few months.
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the political system," said briar cliff university freshman stone conley. "and then the other person would be donald trump who has his own money. he doesn't listen. he doesn't take money from big corporations." but how ararpresidential candidates' platforms interpreted? we take a look into the affordable care act with a siouxland professor. "hillary clinton has said we shouldn't scrap obamacare even if there's problems with obamacare, we can work on solutions to fix those kind of things," "on the republican side what you see from trump, cruz and rubio is more of an approach that says again, let's scrap obamacare. but they're not calling obviously for replacing it with a single payer federal health care system." bernie sanders, who calls himself a "socialist" is calling for that single payer health c ce system to replace e obamacare.
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we asked some students what they think? "being social like even through media and stuff," said nelly ruiz, a briar cliff university junior. "like i know even on snapchat he has his own filter now so that's like kind of what i would assume that to be." "it's where you share land, everything's kind of government owned, but it's socially shared so that everybody gets an equal part of the pie," said nha hull, a briar cliff university senior. briar cliff university professor kyle irvin breaks down sanders' interpretation of socialism. "a populist kind of looks at things and says we're going to use government to kind of redistribute things in a more fair and equitable manner as he sees it," said irvin. "right, so if you're going to do that you're going to have a fairly strong governmental system to take in more money because the taxes are higher and redistribute that money." when tying sanders philosophy of socialism into education, he has proposed the idea of free
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access to college we'd have a more educated population which isn't a bad thing," sasa briar cliff university junior nicholas harris. "i just would be interested in seeing how he plans on funding that." irvin says with free college comes bigger bills in the future. "most people who have looked at that have said, you know taxes are going to have to go up," said irvin. "and i think bernie has said the way to raise those taxes would be primarily on the upper income folks in the country." when it comemeto higher educacaon, hillary clinton is proposing lower interest rates on college loans. "the proportion of your budget that has to go to student loans, if that's a large portion of your budget, based on kind of your initial salary, that's less you know goods and services that you can purchase in the economy," said irvin. both parties have talked about making college more affordable. but multiple republican candidates take a different approach. "donald trump talks a lot about reducing regulations on business to free business up and create more jobs for students as
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the differences in platforms leave people with many choices. in sioux city,y,iffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> eight presidential candidates will be making stops in siouxland over three days starting on friday. to see where and when those candidates are making their stops, check out this story at ktiv- dot-com. still to come.... one last local rehearsal for a group of amazing young ladies before they take the stage for a state-wide beauty pageant. after a cool morning start with areas of fog, things really
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the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. d she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the abuse of women and girls. negotiating a cease-fire in gaza, leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. the presidency is the toughest job in the world... and she's the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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as central and western siouxland made it intohe 40s! we may take a small
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few degrees which will still keep us above average. we'll see more 40s on friday and saturday and we could be close to 40 on sunday as well. we do see a small system move through over the weekend with a slight chance of a mix on saturday night. a more potent system looks to move in early next week giving us some decent snow chances by monday night and tuesday which could lead to decent snow accumulations with a lot of wind. we'll be keeping a close eye on it and
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a local group of young women are getting their dancing shoes ready for this weekend. these 19 ladies are preparing a group dance routine of "rock around the clock" for the iowa miss amazing pageant. the pageant will be held this friday and saturday at iowa western community college in council bluffs. as part of the event, the young women dress up, perform a talent, get their picture taken and get interviewed. one official with mid-step services in sioux city said the pageant is a great way to boost the confidence of
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"our girls are so excited about this. they have been preparing, going and getting their hair done, getting their nails done, going out and buying gowns and trying them on, and so we have just seen a lot of, just really happiness in the girls, and excitement." said nancy mullally, director of residential services, mid-step services, inc. the final show for girls ages 5-to-19 will be friday at 7:30 p-m, while the final show for women ages 20 and up will be on saturday at 7 p-m. today taco john's made a big donation to special olympics iowa. the donation totaled over $2,000-dollars, with the money coming from the recent "holiday nachos navidad" fundraiser. this is the sixth year the company has partnered with special olympics raising more than $10,000 along the way! still to come... a teen from washington state was critically injured trying to do a stunt he saw on youtube. that story coming up.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis
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he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the head of the iowa national guard told lawmakers today his soldiers are pouring more money into the state of iowa than they are taking out. major general timothy orr delivered the state of the national guard today in des moines. he says the guard is stronger, better and cost effective. "this year, the iowa national guard brought in more than $353 million of federal funding into the state, which is more than 97 percent of our department's budget." said major general timothy orr, iowa national
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soldiers andndirmen deployed around the world. nebraska governor pete ricketts and his state trooper driver are ok after a traffic accident in lincoln. they were about eight blocks from the capitol this morning when a pickup truck struck their van. police say the other driver was at fault. nebraska could launch a program to monitor prescripipon paininllers. it's only one of two states that doesn't have a program. today senators voted 47-to-zero to advance a plan that would tighten surveillance of highly abused medications. it would provide a free database for medical professionals to check before prescribing painkillers and other drugs. missouri is the only other state without a monitoring program. iowa lawmakers are looking at potentially allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives with drug prescribed by a doctor. there are lls in both the house and senate. lawmakers in nebraska are looking at similar plans. a major warning for pregnant
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carried by mosquitoes. that
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way a arica is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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growing concern tonight concerning the zika virus. today, the c-d-c added the dominican republic and the u-s virgin islands to its list of places where the virus is known to be present. zika - which is spread by mosquitoes - is active in 25
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neurological birth disorder. airlines are refunding t tkets to latin america. there is no vaccine to prevent zika or medicine to treat the infection. the zika virus has now spread to at least 25 countries. the cdc is warning pregnant women against travel to those areas. health officials in several of those countries have told female citizens to avoid becoming pregnant, in some casese for up t ttwo years. authorities in tennessee say it appears a toxic cocktail killed two high school students. investigators believe the two teen drank a mixture of racing fuel and mountain dew. a poison control center says the teens through they could drink methanol, as a substitute for ethanol, the ingredient in alcoholic beverages that causes intoxication. but, methanol is highly toxic. in washington state... a teenage boy received life- threatening injuries trying to pull off a you-tube stunt.
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seriously the 14-year- old was injured doing what's known as the "duct tape challenge." the goal - to break free from the duct tape. skylar fish ended up with 48 staplele in his head instead. skylar doesn't remember much from that day. he and two buddies had duct taped his arms and legs. skylar then fell and hit the corner of a window frame. the impact crushed his eye socket. doctors know yet if he'll get the vision back in that eye. his head also slammed into the concrete.. causing g brain aneurysm. the teen wants to warn others about the dangers of the duct tape challenge. brad's here -- briar cliff is on a long winning streak. the chargers have won 17 in a row -- dating back to november. northwestern was hoping to end the streak -- we'll have the highlihts. and, northern iowa tries to shake out of a slump against one of the worst teams in the
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor,
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a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our hearts. and that journey begins here in iowa. i'm bernie sanders. i approvovthis message, and i ask you totooin with us at the caucuses on monday ninit. thank you. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. filing your taxes can be
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tomorrow morning at 5, we'll give you some titi to avoid fraud and ways to ge the most money back this year. and new technology is opening the lines of communication for family members while their loved ones are in surgery. we'll show you how it works. team came to briar cliff with a nice three game winning streak. but the chargers have won a school- record 17 straight games and haven't lost since november. bcu -- ranked third this week in the naia division ii poll -- beat the red raiders by 23 in their first meeting. coach nic nelson and the chargers are the second highest scoring team in the gpac, averaging 95 popots a game. northwestn is third. they combined for 99 points in the first half. austin lefler hit back to back three's and the chargers had a quick 8-point lead -- lefler had 13. northwestern scored quickly, too. bryce moss to chris borchers for the layin. red raiders cut the lead to 4.
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first half to lead northwestern -- but the raiders trailed by 11 at the half. bc turns up the defense. bryan forbes with the steal -- ahead to shane graves for 2 of his 14 points. bc makes it 18 in a row 99-91 over northwestern. "just stay day to day and worry about the next opponent, not get caught up in thinking about rankings, conference standings, national tournament stuff," said briar cliff h hd coach, nic nelson. "all that uff will take care itself as we get later on into february. for right now, i think we just have to worry about what's up next." the bc women sporting pink -- ranked 12th -- also hosting the red raiders, who are 7-7 in the gpac. 2nd half -- northwestern's renee maneman -- zips it crosscourt to morgan vandersloot -- draws the contact -- count the bucket -- northwestern would outscore bc 34 to 22 in the paint. later -- charger fast-break -- extra pass from morgan hansen gives senior lexi henschke the lay-in -- bcu by 4. late 3rd period -- another
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this one with a little more arch -- identical play from earlier, identical outcome -- northwestern up 3 after the 3rd. t a 25 point final quarter for e chargers put them on top -- taylor wagner -- give and go along the baseline -- briar cliff holds off northwestern, 70-66. the second-ranked morningside women get a road win at dordt, 73-56. lauren lemkuhl had 16 points to lead the mustangs. morningside also wins the men's game 96-89. that's dordt's first home loss this season. in decorah, iowa, the buena vista women lolo to the iowa conference co-leaders from luther, 63-59 to fall to 10 and 8 on the season. the b-v men also fall, 79-74. the beavers are 8 and 10. it's been 13 years since the northern iowa men have started 2-6 in the conference play. the panthers were hoping to getetell at bradley, who is 3-18 ovevell and next to last t the missouri valley at 1 and 7. head coach ben jacobson trying to end a 4-game skid. uni came
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bohannon drops in a 3 from the wing. it's a 9 to 2 start for the panthers. no-one was hotter than paul jesperson -- he tied a uni record with 8 three's -- he finished with a career-high 28 points. but bradley hung around. ronnie suggs hits from downtown peoria. uni led 35-32 at the half. the second half was all purple. jeremy morgan drills the long one. uni made 15 three's and they beat bradley 68 to 50. former iowa and nfl safety tyler sashshwho died last yearart age 27, has been diagnosed with having c-t-e. that can only be diagnosed after death -- it's been found in the brains of dozens of former football players. it's linked to repeated brain trauma -- with symptoms such as memory loss, depression, and dementia. sash, who won a super bowl with the giants after the 2011 season, was found dead at his home in oskaloosa, iowa, on september 8th. a medical examiner determined that he died from an n cidental overdose after mixixg two
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tonight: mostly clear. low: 26 wind: nw 10-15 mph tomorrow: partly cloudy. high: 37 wind: nw 10-15 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next.
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