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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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newborn baby's father. >> that's my boyfriend, eric. >> eric, quick little turn around. hi, eric. >> our exclusive with tyra's man, what she's saying about her surrogate. >> and is her baby boy the reason why she abruptly quit her show? >> why stepaway? >> and tonight's gopp debate without the donalal trump's competing a bit for the gop debate here iowa as bill o'reilly pleads with him to drop his boycott. >> just want you to consider it. >> plus -- >> do it, engage. let's get into it. >> co-moderator megan kelley's challenge to the donald. and why she's telling us she's a great dad? also we're with kerrie washington today. sclul exclusively on "e.t." >> what she's doing with this guy in drag and secrets about
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>> and how to besingle, see ou exclusive round table the set of "girls gone wild." >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." winter storm donald hits iowa and we're there with trump's plan to steal the thunder from the gop debate. that is on the way. but we're starting wit tyra, finally letting the word out on her big secret. >> she had a baby. >> i hung out with her not a too long with her, and tyra is very private about her love live. but she was gushing about her man and it was so open and honest, now we know why. >> that's my boyfriend, eric. >> you've been dating for like two years? >> yeah, we balance each other, he's a creative, and i'm a creative and we just have fun. >> that was tyra and eric back in december, their newborn who e announced was bornia a surrogate just weeks shy of his arrival. a source tells "e.t" tyra had
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last 18 months, she wanted to get pregnant herself, but she was unable to carry the implanted embr >> i'm so tired of hearing on social media, why don't you have kids? you don't know what i'm m ing throroh, you have no idea.a. when i was 23 years old, i said in three years, i'm going to have kids. then when i turned 24, in three years i'm going to have kids. an then of after a while, it's like, okay, now i want to and it's not so ea >> why did tyra keep it a our source explained that the heart breaks had been so intense with so many false starts and failed attempts. >> it's going to >> with but ask motherhood the reason tyra satellite after only two months? flat out no. >> i thou that i could do talk show and lead my business and make it what i want to make it.
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>> now here's t t details want to know about the baby's father eric. >> we have got brian here today. it's absolutely stunning. >> the former network photographer has two daughters of his own a era has loved playing stepmom. and tire >> people in norway, they're not even biking. you do you, she said, no when you here, you model. >> that's so cute and congratulations, big toil. >> tyra didn't let anybody know, she called up a few friends before she posted it on social lost their mind. >> i don't know how she kept it meanwhile donald trump's boboott on the gop debate. michelle turner is iowa where tr gone rogue to try upstage the fox news and not even bill o'reilly could
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>> i don't think not showing up at the debate tomorrow night is good for america. >> i was not treated well by fox, i was a pawn and i said how much of this do you take? >> bill, bill, let me tell you, you're taking this much more seriously than i am. >> for 15 minutes, bill o'reilly pleaded with trump to reconsider his boycott. forgive, go forward, a answer the questions. >> th a lot of talkk today, peoplele think that bill borderline begging donald trump to get back in the race last night. >> don't walk away from it. >> bill o'reilly wanted mr. trump to come on his network and support his network and i think everyone understands that. >> and we are learning more about the trump camp pain's counter programming. this auditorium is the site for tonight's event, which is at the very same time as the fox news channel debate now this morning, organizers were still finalizing plans for their event, but you can see by the amount of media and event --
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spectacle. >> and dtrump's alternative deba site, the fox news channel producers are having last minute run throughs with the candidates' stand ins. and with donald trump on the sideli appears ted cruz will be on stage. he tweeted today, the debate tonight will be a total disaster, low ratings with advertisers and advertising rates dropping like a rock. i hate to see this. >> coming into the lion's den and answering these tough questions. >> megan kelley which is a coe moderator of tonight's debate, sat down with "e.t" senior editor and the journalist had a challenge for trump. >> stand there, engage, do well, do better, take ononhe other guy, let's have a meaningfgf, substantive exchangege >> steve -- abbott told us the revealing story about trump
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her own short hair cut. that is all on the way. now there's an interes sight, marsha clark hugging it out with oj. sort of, it's actually sarah paulson and cuba gooding, jr. the actors who play the real life adversaries in the people rsus ovm j. simpson.n. we got the walk the e d carpet of the show's hollywood debut st night s. >> as for what theheeal shapiro thinks. >> only one communication, he asked me to do a charity, i couldn't do it at the time, but he was very happy i was doing his role. >> collin taylor gave me a review, she seemed to think it was a thumbs-up. she might be a little bit biassed. >> >> as prosecutor marsha clark, in the fxminiseries, she says she and rest vt cast did
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little method acti >> i was wearing her perfume and watching her videos. o.j. has nothing to wororabout, i hope iff anything, heees my portrayal of them as, like i said, that ride or die best friend. >> the trial of the century gripped the nation back in 199 and the focus of this event was just finding fame back then. >> i remember watching the trial and in fact on the set of "friends" we would all gather to watch some of the trial. >> there was interest, it probably bodes well for the ratings of the minute my series. just announced, whoopee goldberg and kevin hart. tony barren tina fey will alsosoresent and leonardo dicaprio mamawin an car. now he even has the pope's blessing. it was leo's italian language
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with the pope this morning. [ speaking in native language ] dicaprio was granted a 15-minute meeting with the pope. >> the painting above my crib as a young boy. >> leo who was actually raised a roman catholic as a young boy in l.a. was then given copies of two papal encyclicals and a rosary. meanwhile over in england, jay mamak openedup for th first time about why he left 1 d. >> malik laid low on apple music beats one that there was no room for his own musical direction. >> in the early days, it was crazy. there was like five of us sat in a room and wrote a song. now how do you write it from this perspective?
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tomlin is enjoying fatherhood. posting this pic of his baby boy, fredd finally here in l.a., sarah gilbert celebrated her 41st birthday by giving away recipients. >> there's a timimin everybody's life where they y ed help, so it's nice to be able to try to be there for people in those moments. >> one single mother of three, ivey zamora lost her h to a hud heart attack. >> i feel like this is a blessing. >> yeah, he's watching over you for sure. >> there's that big heart. coming up, wait until you hear what kerry washington is telling us about the oscar diversity controversy. >> and ladies, you're going to love this, kerrie's makeup secrets. and rebel wilson's secret about her night out with justin bieber. >> i just felt like i had good game. plus one beach, 24 " "
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empire's cover guy talks to etonline about being so outspoken. >> maybe just here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect.
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>> can we be the first to say happy birthday to kerrie washington. the star of one our favorite shows "scandal" turns 39 on >> cameron mathieson joined kerrie with a george washington graduate that's being honored by harvard university. >> 2016 is not even a month in yet but is off to a great start. >> i'm woman of the year. >> i'm sort of done. i'm the woman of the year. >> kerrie is being toasted and roasted by harvard univers which means a crazy parade with students in drag. given to performers who have a sense of humor and make
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for women of color. >> what's great about what is happening here with the oscars is it's giving us an opportunity to the talk about these thing in a way that's a little more a honest. so it's grea >> always about inclusivity, she loves the liquid skinmakeup which is available in every skin color. >> this is cocoa color, which is my color that did not exist before. but now exists. >> she also reps opi nail color. with a nod to her daughter >> i love the fact that you named one of your nail polishes how cool is that? >> inside the isabel way. and that color is just a really beautiful nude, but it's a nude for a skin tone comparable t mine. when i was growing up and people
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it didn't mean a person of color. it reminded me a little of her nudeness. she's going to kill me for saying this on tel >> i love kerrie washington. by the way, she's in great company with the hasty pudding award. she's in good company. i had a chance to go there one year and hang out all day with scarlet johansen. coming up next, a few cosmos, and girls gone wild. a round table about dating and the sexy co-star. >> it would nice to be someone who goes to the gym a lot and doesn't have any hair. and megan kelly, what says abo chopping off her hair and watching her weight. >> i went right back to eating my kids goldfish.
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>> that is next. megan kelly's short
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away from the doing a debate in iowa, which she's moderating, it'sfierce, and a very serious song, i love it. >> and megan told our senior news editor that is her power cut. we're going to talk about her new do, politics, and other things including staying in shape. it's the softer side of megan kelly. >> it's as if your former colleague sarah palin has come out to endhim, what do you think of that? >> it was riveting television. >> we're not going to chill, in fact it's time to drill, baby, drill, down and hold these folks accountable. >> who could take their eyes off her, right? >> she knows how to make a splash. >> in a that cute little camisole and jacket. it was very smart. very smart. >> she is television's phenom. as is he. so to watch the two of them next to each other, the dynamic was just riveting. great television. >> donald trump possibly could be our next president. so what are your thoughts that you're going up head to head with him right now. >> he's going to get over this in the end. >> he will be back when we need you, that's for sure.
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be just fine too. >> the comments he has made by working mothers, i think it's ironic, that he has a working daughter who's a mother of three children. >> i know someone who knows trump real well. and he was on a private plane with trump years ago. and he tells the story about how an 11-year-old ivanca came over and needed trump's attention and trump was in the middle of a meeting with these other powerful executives and th other executives expected him to blow off the daughter, ivanca, but he didn't. he blew them off. and he stopped and she she needed help with her home work. and he walked to another part of the plane with her and he sat down with her and they attended to her needs. so i think that story speaks beautifully of him. and the woman she is today speaks wonderfully of him. >> your "vanity fair" article is very good. and your new hair do, we are
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more lighter, it's easy breezy? >> i don't feel lighter because a it's january and as much as i tried to do the i'm going to lose 5 pounds this january. but there's something &- psychological about cutting your hair off and i love it. there's something about it that makes you feel empowered and it's strong stuff. >> so the donald backed out of this face-off with meg meanwhile j bieber stood up to one of the stars of how to be single. and that was just one of the juicy stories that came out with carly stills joined the cast for an exclusive round trabl and you know the cosmopolitans may have helped too. >> i want to cheers. >> thanks, you >> why is this the perfe valentine's day film? >> if she's single? what are you going to say, cry, eat chocolate? >> yeah, that's what i do.
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>> yeah, i am, yeah. >> no, leslie mann is marrie to producer jeb abital. and carly, dakota and rebel -- well. >> this three of us are single. >> dates and your love i in the film that he came on the set quite a lot. >> it's just one of those things that jake has a very nice body and he doesn't have any hair. at all. and judd has a lot of hair. he's just covered like a monkey. and a it'scute, but it's so different and it was right for me to be with someone who doesn't go to the gym a lot and has no hair. >> by the way their 17-year-old daughter maude was the coast of sun dance? >> have you given her any dating advice? >> this feels serious. she has like the cutest body and i, you know, tell her that she
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doesn't stay like that forever. i told dakota this too. and she took my advice. >> dakota, has your mom given you any good advice? >> she has said to my dreams for anyone, especially a dude. >> speaking of a what about rebel and kelley osborne tries to hook up at a j-lo's vegas concert last week? >> we saw justin bieber behind, and we thought, let's try and pick him up. like on four wheels. we wrote him a note. after the show, pick yes or no. and he picked yes six times. >> well, not quite. >> he said oh, i just have to go
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up with you g later? so we back to the waiting room and wait he never came. >> he never came? >> what kind of an excuse is a shower? >> he was also with another girl? >> how dare he? >> i feel like i i had good game. and here's to being single. >> i love it. >> you fabulous ladies, thank you so much. >> you notice that rebel has the only empty glass? >> i did. >> she also had the only virgin cosmo. rebel said it was 11:00 a.m., so she wasn't allowed to get smashed. she's a good girl. >> in our entertainment birthdays, which star got her break in a pauley video? the answer is next. and we're going to take you
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illustrated" swimsuit issue. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them.
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in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. at "e.t" j, kiley wants kids soon. see the bomb she drops on kaitlin. plus barbie unveils a new makeover, three new body types, seven new skin colors. you got to see them all and tell us what you think. beyonce doing beyonce and that's
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ever done. welcome back to the show, everybody. tonight "e.t" birthday, what actor got his break? that's elijah wood. he turns 35 today. not a little boy anymore. the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue comes out next month. aaron heatherton and emily didonato. and what it's like when two dozen gorgeous women all get together to pose in one place. >> what is it like >> goodbye, everybody. >> kind of summer campy. >> the cover won't be revealed until february 13th. >> we don't find out until everybody else.
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the issue is actuall the star stood up by bieber, leo meets the pope, and our day
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only on "e.t." jamie: see that? that's what kills everyone.
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