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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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murder and five counts of first-degree robbery. two sioux city teenagers who conspired to rob a local bank branch where one of them worked were sentenced today. an-helica perez and heaven zevenbergen both pleaded guilty to second-degree theft. they were sentenced in separate hearings today in woodbury county district court. perez was sentenced to up to five years in prison. zevenbergen was also sentenced to five years in prison. last august, perez, disguised as a man, walked to the counter of the security national bank branch inside the hy-vee store on hamilton boulevard. she said she had a weapon and demanded money. zevenbergen, who was the teller, handed over the cash. the women were arrested a few days later and admitted to staging the robbery. "nothing i can say that will make everyone understand the shame i feel, guilt and regret that are going through my mind most of the time, especially when i think about this part of my life," said angelica perez. "i was using drugs at the time and even though i would have never done what i've done if i was clean, it's no excuse," said heaven zevenbergen. "i wowod also like to apologize to mymyamily for everything i've
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them through." along with their prison sentences, perez and zevenberger must pay back the 10-thousand dollars ey took from the ban coming up on news 4 at six, we hear from bank ofcials on how they were affected by the incident as well as perez's mom. a 25-year-old omaha man has pleaded guilty to killing his mother and his 4-year-old half-brother. roberto martinez- marinero pleaded guilty to murder today for the deaths of his mother and 4- year-old brother. they say he stabbed and beat his mother during a fight over money. he then dumped his 11-month-old brother in a dumpster and threw the 4- year-old into a river. the baby left in the dumpster was found bruised but otherwise o.k. omaha police say a person suspected of firing a gun in a southwest omaha bar has been taken into custody. the shooting happened around 2
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the papaiament pub. a police spokeswoman said she did not believe anyoyo had been hurt in the shootingngseveral omaha news organizations rerert that the shooter left thehear and went into a nearby apartment complexex lice say the suspect was taken into custody around 3 this afternoon. south dakota's death penalty would be repealed under a measure that was considered today by the senate state affairs committee. the bill's main sponsor is republican senator arthur rusch of vermillion. he's a former judge who has prosecuted a death penalty case. rusch told the committee this morning he's seen first-hand how costly and hard it was on jurors and court personnel. he says death penalty cases are unfairly taxing on county governments and he doesn't believe the punishment is an effective crime deterrent. last year, the same committee voted down two measures to repeal or limit the death penalty. (matt) parts of siouxland saw a bit of light snow today, but what can we expect tonight? here to answer that is cheif meteorologis t ron demers. a little light snow made its way across parts of the area with central siouxland only seeing a dusting although up to an inch fell in the eastern parts of the region.
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either. another chance of some light snow comes our way by the afternoon on ursday which could continue into thursday y ght. thanks. a spokeswoman for new jersey governor chris christie's campaign for president says he is dropping out of the race for the republican nomination.
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race comes a day after his sixth-place finish in new hampshire. a campaign spokeswoman says christitibroke the news to his staff at his campaign headquarters, in new jersey, late thihiafternoon. carly fiorina is also dropping out of the 2016 rereblican presidential l ce. the former hewlett packardrd executive made the annououement on twitter. fiorinanatruggled with criticm of her time at h-p, where she was ousted from the top job in 2005, after leading a major merger and laying off 30,000 people. tonight, the race for the white house is moving on to south carolina. but, results in new hampshire have reshaped this race. that's where steve handelsman has the latest for us tonight.
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(sot eugene robinson / washington post political columnist :23-:27) "now i don't know if they'll vote for him - and he starts way behind - but people will give him a hearing." (super: hookset, nh / last night :28-:32) hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina polling, but she was stunned last night when young new hampshire e mocrats d women rejected hereror sanderer (sot hillary clinton / (d) presidential canandate :37- :40 too short to susur) know i have some wowo to do, particularly with young pepele. (super: manchester, nh / last night :41-:46) on the republan side, donald trump's 20 point win powers him to the next contest (sot donald trump / (r) presidential candidate :47- :52) "it feels great. the people are fantastic from new hampshire." (edit) "and i think south carolina, frankly, is gonna be very similar to that." trump's got a 16 point polling lead new hampshire gop runner up, ohio governor john kasich, rushed to south carolina (sot gov. john kasich / (r) presidential candidate 1:00-1:03 too short to super) "i'm starting to really think we are on to something." carly fiorina - today - quit the race. chris christie is re- assessing (graphic effect - three video clips on one screen - all in south carolina today) but jeb bush and ted cruz and marco rubio moved on to south carolina which could help the frontrunner (sot steve schmidt / republican strategist 1:13-1:19) "the more candidates that are in this race - makes it possible for trump to win these elections with 33- 34% of the vote." like donald trump plans in south carolina. (insert ends)
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handelsman, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is getting a big boost in fundraising. the vermont senator's win in the new hampshire primary quickly turned into big bubus. his cacaaign says it raised more than five-e-llion dollars in the 18 hours s ter pollllclosed in new hampshire. half of that w raised in the first few hours after being declared the winner. the haul is even more than the three-million sanders raised after hillary clinton edged him out in iowa. the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan, was the focus of a hearing on capitol hill today. but,michigan governor rick snyder declined an invitation to testify at the house democratic committee hearing. his spokesman said snyder had to deliver a budget speech to state legislators. the democrats- only committee asked snyder to deliver his first public testimony on the flint crisis. flint mayor karen weaver joined other officials and public health experts in testifying. still to come on live at
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"bruce springsteen made my kids late to school." the story of one parent who told that to his kid's teachers. full details... next. (sheila) and.... it w a special celeleation for the ymca. . nd out whwhthey were eating cakakat
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school." (matt) it sounds crazy, but it's what a new york dad told his kids' teachers. patrick papino took his 7 and 12-year-old kids to a springsteen concert monday night. when the three didn't get home until early tuesday morning, papino let the kids sleep in and sent the epic note to school with them. believe it or not, the excuse may fly because one of the teachers was also at the concert. mom wever is also a teacher
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thrilled with the whole sisiation. forget the burger wars, burger king p pns to heat up the hot dog w ws by adding grilled hot dogs to its menu. the fast food chain has partnered with kraft oscar mayer to make the hot dogs and will offer two types... classic and chili cheese. all the dogs are 100 percent beef and will be served on baked buns. and to stick with burger king's "have it your way" motto, customers will be able to add or take off toppings. burger king's new hot dogs will be available starting on february 23rd. youtube plans to take on streaming services -- such as netflix and hulu. youtube releases three made-for-youtube movies today. it's also launching a new series. it's clearly a response to similar moves by competitors. the original content is a part of youtube's "red" subscription service. it costs about 10-bucks a month to do away with the ads and get access to youtube originals and the company's music service. (matt) when you think of ice cream, who
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of fun? that's the reason n ue bunny has decidedeto trtrsform its image. (sheila) they hosted a gathering in le mars today to announce the big news. in the next month, you'll see blue bunny in whole new light. the ice cream franchise has a new logo and new packaging. they also announced, "blu," a bunny that's their new brand ambassador. they say they're adding fun to the ice cream aisle again. "blue bunny has always been about fun since its beginning and so how can we bring it to life and that fun to life? we landed on our new ambassador blu, we landed on the new logo, and you'll see fun in our advertising coming up, but you'll also see it when you pick up that container in the ice cream aisle," said blue bunny brand communications manager, liz croston. to support the brand re- fresh, blue bunny will also be launching a national media a mpaign that feature their brand ambassador, blu. they also have the new logo on
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you'll have to check this out. when you put in t water.. another bunny pops up and says "coffee now, ice cream later." parts of siouxland saw a bit of snow this morning. what can we expect this evening? ron's full forecast is coming up after the break.
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today's headlines. two sioux city teenagers who conspired to rob a local bank branch where one of them worked were sentenced today. an-helica perez and heaven zevenbergen both pleaded guilty to second-degree theft. perez was sentenced to up to five years in prison. zevenbergen was also sentenced to five years in prison. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. a little light snow made its way across parts of the area with central siouxland only seeing a dusting although up to an inch fell in the eastern parts of the region. we're not done with snow chances either. another chance of some light snow comes our way by the afternoon on thursday which could continue into thururay night. then more e ow chances come our way for both saturday and sunday with eastern siou^land usually being th most likely area to see any accumulations. temperatures are expected to be coldest on saturday with highs only in the teens. nice warming follows though with low 30s returning by
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(matt) well, we may have only seen a little snow, but other parts of iowa saw a bit more. (sheila) a system brought these big, fluffy flakes to the des moines metro. this was the scene this morning
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the week is expected to be light and accumulate up to three inches. day marked a special occasion for the norm waitt sr. . ca. the "y" has been part of thehe siouxland community for 130 years. and, today they celebrated the birthday with a big cake-cutting cereny. it's a day to commemorate the impact the "y" has on helping people to live healthy and to help young people in the community. "so we're introuducing a 130 day health challenge, a brand new 130 year annual campaign, and just pushing for more membership to get our impact and our message out, so more people know what we do, why we do it, and how long we've been doing it," said chris deroin, digital marketing & media coordinator. with the y being such a staple in the community, the 130th birthday of the center hopes to continue gaining community support. "we feel like we're a big part of the community now and we feel like there is a lot more support for us and we feel encouraged to do our job," steve avery, a board member for the
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the birtay celebration includes lots of new events and activities throughout the year. (sheila) when we come back....facing charges for a prank (sheila) when we come back....facing charges for a prank involving an alligator. you'll hear the man charged with a serious crime next on live at
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a florida man faces criminal charges for a prank he pulled. he threw a live alligator through the window of a fast food restaurant. (sheila) as reporter jared werksma explains... what started as a joke ended up with serious criminal charges.
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(s/ joshua james / faces criminal charges :12-:22) "we are just like outdoors kind of people and anything we find or catching and like i said the idea kinda just popped in and you know one thing led to another. the creative process led to james and a a ddy driving this gator to this wendy's. (s/ joua james / faces criminal charges :28-:33) "we thought we would pull a prank on our buddy who works and wendy's anjust go throw it at him througthe drive thru window. james says when they pulled up there was a woman working in the window but they went ahead as planned. he's not sure what happened next. (s/ joshua james / faces criminal charges :41-:56) "i don't know we took off. i think one of the guys in the car heard her scream. i mean i'm sorry for what i did. i mean it was just being stupid and not thinking and obviously i found out what the consequences were. even though the gator toss happened back in october james didn't know how much trouble he was in until yesterday morning when he turned himself in on a three count warrant, including assault with a deaeay weapon. (s/ joshua james / faces criminin charges 08-1:20) ould you believe whahayou were
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because i figured out whow i'm really in trouble for this. i think my pranking days are over. >> a wild elephant went on a rampage in west india today causing a lot of damage. the panicked pachyderm smashed homes, and sent frightened residents running. the female elephant had wandered nearby forest. a forest officer said the be a loner, and was likely searching for food. people. after seseral hours chasing the animal, authorities shot it with a tranquilizer gun and used a crane to remove it from town. we'll be right back after
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the man sioux city police say shot an officer will go before a judge tomorrow. coming up tonight on news 4 at six... ktiv's sam curts will eak down the case of isaiah
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and..... case being called "senseless." hear fr the two teens sentenced in a sioux city bank robbery and from the bank involved in the incident. and... the presidents me to live at a local schoool. hear from some of the students breathing life into history... at six. (sheila) if you thought "harry potter" was over and done with, think again. (matt) an eighth installment of the harry potter series will come out this summer. it's not a traditional book. it's a hardback version of the script book for the two-part play, "harry potter and the cursed child." the play opens on july 30th in london. the publisher announced on its website today that the script will be released as a book the following day -- harry potter's birthday. the play is co-written by j-k rowling, jack thorne, and john tiffany.
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with ron. tonight: staying cloudy. low: 10 wind: ne 5-10 mph tomorrow: afternoon light snow possible. high: 24 wind: se/s 5-10 mph thanks for joining us for news channel four live at five. we're back again at six.
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