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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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good evening and thanks for
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and i'm matt breen. a zika outbreak is sweeping latin america, and it's causing concern here in siouxland. ktiv's tommie clark spoke with a specialist from unitypoint clinic who tells us about the disease and who needs to watch out for it.
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the infection and it's linked with... "microcephaly is an unfortunate condition which the baby has a very small head, well below size average head, and beyond that there's abnormalities within the brain itself," said unitypoint clinic director of maternal fetal medicine dr. al fleming. "here at unitypoint clinic, dr. flemming answered some questions about the zika virus for one siouxland expecting mom." flemming says he's gotten concerned future parents come in asking about zika. one siouxland couple got all their questions answered. "basically he showed us the head measurements and how serious the disorder was and thankfully that we didn't have it. everything looks like it's on point with the measurements and everything," said fiance of expecting mom, shane dawa. and recently, a travel warning was declared so doctors say it's best to be safe
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trip if you're pregnant, like lacee schraeder, who's 31 weeks pregnant with little braelyn sky. she's following the dr.'s advice. "just postpone anything that you're going to do it's not worth your child's developmental issues or developmental skills for a week outside of the u.s.," said expecting mom, lacee schraeder. there's work on a vaccine, but flemming says it's still at least 2 years away. but, he thinks the virus shouldn't become a widespread problem in the country if people play it safe. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> the centers for disease control and prevention are looking into whether zika can be transferred person-to-person. and, if you do decide to travel to south america, play it safe by covering your legs and using insect repellent. more light snow might move in tomorrow. here to tell us more is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecast. a little light snow made its way across
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siouxland only seeing a dusting although one to two inches fell in the eastern parts of the region. we're not done with snow chances either. another chance of some light snow comes our way by the afternoon on thursday which could continue into thursday night. (matt) it will be one more day until the man sioux city police say shot an officer... goes before a judge for the first time. (sheila) 18-year-old isaiah mothershed was released from the hospital earlier today. he was then booked into the woodbury county jail. he's expected to appear before a judge tomorrow morning. sioux city police say mothershed
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along with seven others, were being investigated regarding a robbery on saturday night. police claim mothershed was able to shoot officer moritz while handcuffed and then later shot himself in the thigh. mothershed is charged with two counts of attempted murder and five counts of first degree robbery. it was a crime almost ripped from a hollywood movie. an inside-job on a staged bank robbery. and the two girls responsible for it in court to learn their fate today. ktiv's sam curtiss has the story.
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employer at the time.... security national bank. in august... perez disguised...held zevenbergen up. walking away with $10,000. but it wasn't long after the buzz wore off. "locked her keys in the car and had no way to go," said james loomis. perez dumped the money in a nearby ditch. police arrested the two just a few days later. while zevenbergen confessed her drug addiction in court wednesday. perez's words were more sobering. "nothing i can say that takes away from the gravity of the situation," said angelica perez. judge jeffrey neary had a tough time making sense of why the girls carried out the plan. a plan, that didn't include up to five years in prison. "the reality is this one of of those lessons in life you're going to have to learn the hard way," said judge jeffrey neary. sam curtiss, ktiv news four. >> because up to five years in prison, the teens must repay $10,000 to the bank. an milford, iowa man is in jail after a 30-mile police chase. shortly after 12:30 p.m. police in clay county started chasing
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drove off after police turned to investigate his vehicle on highway 18. the chase went through clay, dickinson and emmet counties. hurd is charged with eluding, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and reckless driving among other charges. omaha police say a person suspected of firing a gun in a southwest omaha bar has been taken into custody. the shooting happened around 2 this afternoon at the parliament pub. a police spokeswoman said she did not believe anyone had been hurt in the shooting. several omaha news organizations report that the shooter left the bar and went into a nearby apartment complex. police say the suspect was taken into custody around 3 this afternoon. this morning the sioux city police department requested money to add additional officers to one of its units. the police department department asked city council for about 260- thousand dollars to add two officers to its traffic enforcement team. the request was made at the city council's operating budget review meeting for fiscal year 2017. chief doug young says it's in response to a community
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officers that go out and promote traffic safety as well as enforce the law. "currently any requests are distributed amongst the district officers and to be honest with you, they get to those requests as opportunity rises," said doug young, sioux city police chief. the two officers would be in addition to the current selective traffic enforcement program unit. there are two officers already in the step unit. the city council also heard from sioux city fire rescue at today's budget meeting. the department wants more money for maintenance issues like hvac and elevators. in fiscal year 2016, fire rescue received about 15 and a half million dollars in its operating budget. for fiscal year 2017, the department is asking for just over 16 million. "they update the contracts and they cost a little more money," said everett. "so, we had just a couple stations where equipment may be
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contract costs a little more." fire chief tom everett says his department also increased training and provided wellness programs last year. and, they plan to do more next fiscal year. (matt) an aspiring pilot was selected to receive an aviation award. (sheila) impressive, considering he isn't even old enough to drive a car. the experimental aircraft association, local chapter 291, has chosen to give a "matching funds award" to 14-year-old kevin farias. kevin is an 8th grader at the holy cross blessed sacrament center. the award is given to the student who has shown the most desire to pursue a career in aviation. "i feel encouraged so that maybe in the future i can get my pilots license and then maybe one day i can apply for naval academy in annapolis," said farias. kevin's father spent 11 years as a pilot in the united states navy. kevin credits his father for sparking his interest in flying.
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experimental aircraft association believes kevin has a bright future as a pilot. "kevin showed interest in making aviation his career, probably in the military," said eaa chapter 291 president, rick alter. "he was just a good fit for us to help him through that career path and maybe become an officer in the navy and fly airplanes for them." the award is for an estimated 4-thousand dollars. the money will pay for about half the expenses to not only attend ground school, but to pay for aircraft rental and instructor expenses. ill to come.... christians celebrated the start of lent today. how the vatican and the pope celebrated the holy day. a little light snow made its way across february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy.
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with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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parts of the area with central siouxland only seeing a dusting although one to two inches fell in the eastern parts of the
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we're not done with snow chances either. another chance of some light snow comes our way by the afternoon on thursday which could continue into thursday night. then more snow chances come our way for both saturday and sunday with eastern siouxland usually being the most likely area to see any accumulations. temperatures are expected to be coldest on saturday with highs only in the teens. nice warming follows though with low 30s returning by sunday and 40s could return by the middle of next
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basilica by smudging ashes on the heads of catholics, today. the ritual marks the start of lent, a period of penitence, prayer and self-sacrifice. the ashes symbolize mortality. in his homily, pope francis said lent presents the occasion to practice simplicity and sharing. the pope has proclaimed this year as a holy year of mercy. and then there were 6... two republican presidential candidates called it quits after today. see who ended their race to the white house and what the other
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a spokeswoman for new jersey governor chris christie's campaign for president says he is dropping out of the race for the republican nomination. (sheila) christie's decision to exit the race comes a day after his
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hampshire. a campaign spokeswoman says christie broke the news to his staff at his campaign headquarters, in new jersey, late this afternoon. carly fiorina is also dropping out of the 2016 republican presidential race. the former hewlett packard executive made the announcement on twitter. fiorina struggled with criticism of her time at h-p, where she was ousted from the top job in 2005, after leading a major merger and laying off 30,000 people. some republican presidential candidates have responded to the two contenders dropping out. donald trump and marco rubio both spoke about the fiorina and christie suspending their campaigns. while trump says that the gop party is getting gown to good numbers, rubio shared his respect for governor christie. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) you know a couple just dropped out today. carly and christie. so we're getting down to pretty good numbers. low numbers.
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candidate) "he's very talented, very likable and has a future in public service beyond what he's doing now in new jersey. i expect to be hearing from chris christie for many years." the next presidential primary is february 20th in south carolina. while the presidential candidates battle it out... the former presidents of the united states were on display today thanks to a local school. third grade students at clark elementary school were assigned to share the historical importance of a united states president.. all while dressing and acting like them. the school's gym was filled with posters and presentations this morning showcasing all of the hard work the students had done throughout this unit in their class. students say that the research was a long process but it was a fun one. "what do you think you learned most doing this project?" asked t.j. "making the big poster." said kohen coch. "oh right. did you have a good time making your costume and making your project?" asked t.j. "yeah." said kohen coch. "we had to type our speech, and we had to do a lot of research on the cow, as well as other
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said olivia wagner. the students said they enjoyed showcasing their president and hope there are more projects like this to come. still to come.... a well-known bunny is getting a different look. why a local company is changing
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of fun? (sheila) that's the reason blue bunny has decided to transform its image. they hosted a gathering in le mars today to announce the big news. in the next month, you'll see blue bunny in whole new light. the ice cream franchise has a new logo and new packaging. they also announced, "blu," a bunny that's their new brand ambassador. they say they're adding fun to the ice cream aisle again. "blue bunny has always been about fun since its beginning and so how can we bring it to life and that fun to life? we landed on our new ambassador blu, we landed on the new logo, and you'll see fun in our advertising coming up, but you'll also see it when you pick up that container in the ice cream aisle," said blue bunny brand communications manager, liz croston. to support the brand re- fresh, blue bunny will also be launching a national media
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brand ambassador, blu. today marked a special occasion for the norm watt sr. ymca. the ymca has been part of the siouxland community for 130 years. dozens showed up for the celebration to remember the impact the "y" has on helping people live healthy lifestyles. "so we're introuducing a 130 day health challenge, a brand new 130 year annual campaign, and just pushing for more membership to get our impact and our message out, so more people know what we do, why we do it, and how long we've been doing it," said chris deroin, digital marketing & media coordinator. the birthday celebration will include lots of new events, and activities, throughout the year. and, it's not a birthday without cake! the treat helped to sweeten the celebration. brad's here -- iowa state and nebraska had tough road trips tonight. nebraska was at wisconsin -- while iowa state was down one starter at texas tech. we'll have the highlights. and, the morningside women try
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weather can have a huge effect on how well your vehicle runs. thursday morning on news 4 today, what you can do to keep your car safe. and the number of moms suffering from postpatrum depression has gone up recently. now one mother is helping other moms who are struggling. was short-handed for a road game. starting center jameel mckay is still suspended -- so isu was missing their top rebounder and shot blocker. the 14th-ranked cyclones trying to win their fourth straight road game without him. isu head coach steve prohm beat the red raiders by seven points back in january. the red raiders keeping it close early -- toddrick gotchers connects with zach smith for the dunk to tie the score at seven all. the cyclones looking for some separation -- abdel nader
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three pointer to give iowa state a three-point lead. georges niang keeps the cyclone ahead -- he hits the baby hook -- iowa state led by as many as nine. it goes to ot -- tied at 80 -- tech throws up a prayer to beat the shot clock -- red raiders up 3. isu had a last chance to tie it -- but matt thomas' 3 is off -- isu loses 85-82 in ot. coach tim miles and the huskers at wisconsin. nebraska trying for the road upset. andrew white with the strong move for 2 -- he had 10. more from the big red -- jack mc-veigh for 3 of his 8 -- huskers eventually built a 6-pt lead. badgers led by 4 at the half --nigel hayes works in the paint -- 2 of his game-high 20 points.
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jordan hill with the long 3 -- huskers fall 72-61. other men's scores. northern iowa wins their fifth straight game -- beating missouri state, in cedar falls 83-69. the panthers are now 15-11 overall and 7-6 in the conference. south dakota state loses at omaha, 95-92. the morningside women were trying to wrap up the gpac title. to do it, the second- ranked mustangs would have to beat #16 dakota wesleyan -- a team morningside has beaten 22 straight times. morningside coach jamie sale looking for his tenth gpac regular season championship -- and fourth straight. close game in the fourth quarter -- dakota wesleyan's erica herrold drops in 3 of her 20 points. we're tied at 54. it's not tied for long. lexi ackerman with the strong drive to put the mustangs in front. ackerman had 22 points. mustangs down a point with under 6 minutes left. jessica tietz with the pretty reverse layin. it's 61-60 morningside. tietz led all scorers with 32 points. two more on the hoop and hack. morningside wins 80 to 74 -- the
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straight conference championship. "i'm very proud of them, especially the seniors," said head coach jamie sale. "this is a great conference and to win this conference isn't easy and they've done it four times in a row now. to do it with three games left, i'm very happy for them." "we still have more games to win," said senior jessica tietz. "we're not going to quit, we're going to win it all the way. we're going to win the gpac tournament. it's just an honor to play with these girls and have girls that work hard." in the men's game, morningside trying to upset the 16th-ranked tiger men. good start for the 'stangs -- adebayo babalola knocks down the pull-up j. he scored morningside's first six points. the tigers put together a run -- trae bergh goes baseline and finger rolls it in -- wesleyan starting to take control. morningside trailed by 15 in the second half. ryan tegtmeier finds some room down low -- he had 25 -- this was a one possession game late. but the tigers hold them off -- jade miller scores off the nice feed. he had 22 and dakota wesleyan tops
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the briar cliff men clinch at least a tie for the gpac title with a 114-103 win at dordt. eric erdman and clay herrald each had 28 for the chargers. the 10th-ranked bc women make it a sweep 67 to 45. morgan hansen had 18 points. the northwestern men keep mount marty winless in conference play, 94 to 50. the mount marty women -- just into the national rankings -- beat the red raiders 101-92 in overtime. in the iowa conference -- the buena vista men win easily at central 94-75. thomas wisecup from sbl had 18. the b-v women also win 83-70. tonight: staying cloudy. low: 10
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