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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after his overdose. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon >> and a hot can couple. breaking news from bieber's rumoredgirlfriend. are kate hudson and nick jonas taking it the to the level? the four-hour candle lit dinner. >> and the onset exclusive. since mcdreamy exited the show, could meredith be next? bachelor wedding.
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>> are where anything can happen. but is ben ready to say, i do >> let's celebrate. now for february 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." lam more odom just a few months after overdose is walking. >> cameron mathison in new york as kanye arrive at the new york fashion show with an exclusive sit down interview with kris jenner for what she's calling lamar's mare kl. >> we have seen the photos of lamar getting on the plane make the trip to come to kanye's show. that's huge. >> kanye asked him to come and this is a milestone him to even travel. you know, babysteps, but this is a big one. this is a huge step for him. >> reporter: the new images are
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footage of lamar back on his feet. chris told me lamar really wanted to support kanye at his fashion show and album debut. >> in part his recovery, kanye would go to his hospital room and play him music and that's what he really, really responded to. like he was amazing. lamar started you know rapping again before he could talk. you're still my chosen one >> reporte for kanye's show, we have heard he hired 1,200 people to participate. and kim posted this plastic booth feeatured in his collection. but all eyes on lamar, it's been an incredible journey for him. on october 13, the grim news broke. >> odom been partying for
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>> the exnba star was found unconscious in a thv nevada brothel. kloe was his side in the nevada hospital. >> kloe car dashkardashian was by his said as he arrived at the los angeles medical center. >> she's the strongest girl in the world. i i said to her, i'm now changing my medical directive because of y and the way that you were with lamar. if anything ever happens to me, i want kloe there. >> okay, kourtney, you're out. kloe is >> is there some part of you that they can rekindle something between them? >> i think probably right out there, written across my forehead.
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kids, so i always there to be a happy ending. >> reporter: there was nothing off-limits and tomorrow we talk about her son rob, the people versus oj where she says they got it wrong. >> this was completely fabricated. >> reporter: and chris shares memories of her last vacation of oj and nicole. meanwhile there's fashion events going on coast to coast. swrus tin bieber was in l.a. are they just friend benefits or is it love? or carly steele got the scoop straight from haley. >> he was on the cover of "gq" ying you're someone he really loves. what do you love about justin? >> he's just really sweet, he's a good kid with a good heart and love him. >> does your dad like him134.
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lot. >> halle says they're not exclusive. that's what love is like in hollywood these days, the two 3,000 miles apart. >> i hope he comes up with something romantic for valentine's day. i just want food. >> a for the biebs, he was getting-there were so many stars out will last night. leo and deniro, ellen and portia. and check out the lit freakout moment. when her stylist forgot to remove a clip her hair from photos, requested red cart redo with ryan. we loved the event even more because we got some goodgossip. plans? >> probably stay in bed all day.
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the heidi klum international? i can't wait to dress him or her up, i'm excited. >> and how is nicky feeling? do you think do you know when the baby is due yet? >> in a few months. >> and lenny kravitz was joined by lisa bonet and pam anderson with her two ridiculously handsome sons. >> i'm so proud of them both. well another star kicking off the show was kate hudson's ex, bell lam my getting kids. and kate hudson was expected but didn't show, she was actually just a miles away out with
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we'll just call themhudnas. kate was casual in denim, both rocking dark jeans, they ate italian, al fresco we're told. couple definitely has staying power, seemingly going strong sense september with a date a di >> i like people who enjoy having fun. >> just having to have as much fun as possible. >> in january, hit the globe solo. >> hudnas on the scene amid rumors that jonas w dating elton john's daughter. he let kate take the lead getting into a chauffeured suv. coming up, we go inside a "b wedding. and the married bachelor who
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plus meredith atta on gray's an gray's an anatomy. >> l.l. school jmt in the house with us tochbtd. but first we're breaking category. we're breaking down adele, even the beetles. will this be meghan trainor's year for a grammy here's why it's anybody's game. okay, so this is not meghan's first nomination for a grammy. how can she be best new artist? that's because first full album missed eded last ye eligibility eligibility. >> i worked very hard. >> now if love swooning over country guys like sam hunt like
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grammy up for two awards and performing with kercarrie underwood. adele wasn't main stream when she won best new artist in 1979. and a lot has happened to tori spelling. >> i thought the voice was annoying. >> we simon cow jab didn't phase tori, six years later she's repped by justin bimanager. deer tori kelly, your is
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for just $6 each. trauma series.
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>> that is meredith grey fighting for her life on the operating the most dramatic way to bring back "grey's anatomy." >> what i can tell y y is this, denzel washington is directing thepisode, yes, i said denzel, the two-time oscar winner, so hold on to yourcaps, everybody. >> i need some help in here now! >>there's a shot where it's looking down on you and the look in your eye when you're on that table, i was lik -- it's good. >> i was so inspired by denzel, you have to bring your a-game for him. >> these shots of denzel in action. >> they did tell me what was going to happen to meredith. and i said, i don't know if the fans can hthat. and then they hit me with, and
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i said, okay, i'm down, wheneveratever you want to do, i'll do it. >> you kind of don't want to mess it up that day. >> of course denzel was a tv doc himself on a tv show in the '80s. >> is it traa that you actually told denzel todirect. >> he was at a place where he was so open and exploring and he said, my wife loves it. >> here's another grey's secret. jessica is expecting her fourth child. props will be adjusting on the set to c that baby bump. has there been a lot hidi behind -- >> i thought it was s petite. get behind this table here.
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>> jessica. you know a lot has a changed since jessica had her first child. used to hide behind those big medical charts, but now they have these teeny tiny ones, so now she to hide behind tables. plus an oprah exclusive. inside her cl dishing on heall-time favorite show moments. >> that was truly a highlight in my life. and just before valentine's
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>> are you dating? please wear this ring? >> take this as a symbol of my
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>> that is your first look at jade and tanner tying the north. it could a look ahead at what is in store for ben if finds his soul mate. >> you are more special to me today than yesterday. >> you will be more cherished tomo >> we're on wedding, this is celebrate. getting down on the dance floor and sharing some life le >> the fact that you can date multiple people at one time. it's a possibility. >> it worked for thesecouples. chris and ryan were the first ones to say, i do. >> reporter: you guys are so the success story, the bar that's set for everyone else. >> i feel very maternal towards everyone because i was kind of there from the beginning. >> kate lynlynn and shaun are planning the wedding. >> and remember when bachelor
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molly? baby. >> you think you can makout, have sex on tv and still find true love? >> are you dating? what's your relationship status currently, sir? >> i'm dating and just sort of being normal. >> place the ring on tanner's finger and repeat after me. >> jade and tanner's wedding is just in time for valentine's day, a celebration of love airing sunday on abc. >> my third bachelor-bachelorette we to officiate which is near an to me. >> what are some of the perks, are we getting s free deals today.
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on tv. >> i'm just hoping, praying and hoping to fall in love, there's that innocent, awkward, crazy moment and that will never change. >> there's nothing innocent about "the bachelor" it's crazy. right no we're joined by l.l. cool j. who's part of our family. >> are you excited about the show? >> i'm very excited about the sh i mean you have everything from taylor swift to adele, from adele adele. rihanna, we're going to have t tribute to glen frye and we're going to have the remaining eagles. carrie underwood, we have a live streaming grammy cam, so you'll be able to see live the perspective from the art estist's poview.
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face, looking at it, seeing the perspective, backstage. >> you better be careful what you do. >> there's that. >> no doubt about that. you know, it hasn't been announced yet, speaking of great performances, natalee cole is somebody who passed away, will there with be a trib youth? >> there will be a tribute to natalie cole and everybody will be resp >> this is a show that you want to see from the opening buzzer, so to speak. make sure turn it on early. >> since we got you here, you know we love to flash back a little bit. and that vault of "e.t" is very valuable. so we thought we would have a little bit of fun with you, you're first interview with "e.t" back in 1986, you were years old.
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father encouraged me. >> we're proud you, son. >> thank you, i'm proud that you're proud of me. >> level headed a lot of ls. >> you can see the budding spr star right there. >> that was l.l. level headed. >> it's funny, my grandfather us always tell me, be reasonable, use reason. >> and l.l. has posted the grammys five times. >> and we're so e about the theme of the grammys this to witness greatness and our carfagnooverage is going to live up to that. tuesday, witness greatness at the grammys with "e.t." >> the grammys are very close to heart. >> adele. >> taylor, gaga, bieber. sick's biggest stars
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>> and fashion goes >> our style guru breaks d the best and worst looks. on the reds carpet. >> the best grammy coverage in the world. >> and we go fr music's biggest night to music's biggest show, the voice. farrell who's one of the coaches on t show and also up for four grammys award. and shaun diddy combs is going to join the voice on february 13. and tonight's "e.t" birthday, which "friends" star had a painting displayed at the museum of art? the answer is coming up next. and then it's an oprah flash back as she looks back her
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the oprah show. exclusiv, alyssa milano's best fashion tip for moms. and chait winslet talks
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dicaprio. welcome back to the show, everybody. an "friends" star had a painting at the new york muse of art? that is jennifer anniston. she's today. happy birthday, j eshs n. oprah is cleaning house. open. >> oprah has picked her all-time favorite moments. so take away, oprah. biggest shot i ever got of course while i was on the air, was the mary tyler moore surprise. after tom was on the sofa, people were asking did i know he was going to jump on the sofa. have you ever felt this way
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>> oprah sold her chicago studio and now you can bet on her hand me downs on ebay.
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tena turner simply the best. . father jude: what's the gig? cardinal: from now on, you'll be investigating the second coming of christ. jamie: she's my birth mother. she tells me if i have a twin,
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i kind of escaped. you can't tell me that! i'm in the white house! (speaking italian) leanne: yeah, this gon' be fine, like driving miss daisy, only without all that civil rights bull... shut up! hey, ariel. give me one good reason why i shouldn't rip your balls off. jamie: okay. time to face facts. i will never swim with dolphins, see the sun rise over the taj mahal, or get round to putting those shelves up in the kitchen. why? 'cause it's the end of the world. report: (on tv) one minute now. one minute. these pictures coming live to us from hubble. jamie: i know what you're thinking. "cheer up, you're one of the lucky ones." my question is, am i? i mean, have you seen who else is in here?


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