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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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the fatal stabbing of a man early wednedsay made his first court appearance this morning. 47-year-old elias wanatee is being charged with second degree murder. wanatee is accused of stabbing 50-year-old vernononace. cameras were not allowed in this morning's hearing at the law enforcemenencenter. court documents says wanatee left a home at 1900 west first street where he and mace were both present. the affidavit says mace left shortly after wanatee. a woman who said she heard the men arguing outside called 9-1-1. a short time later, mace went back in the home saying wanatee had s sbbed him, accocoing to e affidavit. mace, who was stabbed six times, died later at the hospital. wanatee's next hearing is set for february 29th. wanatee previously spent 20 years in prison for killing a man outside a sioux city bar in 1990. a man wanted for attempted rder in sac county, , wa, is in custody today. police in fort dodge got a tip that 36-year-old jeremy werneburg was coming to the
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prescription wednedsay afternoon. they say werneburg resisted arrest and an officer suffered a knee injury during the scuffle. the officer used a taser to subdue werneburg. he had been on the run since sunday night when authorities say he intentionally ran a man down with his car outside this bar in carnarvon. that man, 33-year old kyle freese of glidden, iowa, suffered a severe leg injury and is hospitalized in des moines. the car used in the assault was found late last night in the k-mart parking lot in cheorkee. werneburg is being held in the webster county jail. > weather ad-lib high wind watch in effect for holt county from 6 pm tonight until 6 am friday our warm-up resumes today with highs returning to the 40s and 50s (maybe a few 60s out west?)! there willll still be a aair amount of cloudd cover/r/atchy fog along with a few rays ofsunshine and brisk southeasterly wind, so it won't exactly be the prettiest of days, but hey, warmth is warmth! a cold front off to the west will plow through the area tonight which could pop up a rain shower or two and increase/shift our winds to the west that could initially gust up to 50 miles per hour
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close to 40 degrees. friday will bring more warmth, wind and sun pushing highs further into the 50s toear 60. now if i were to choose one day that stands above the re of the next seven, it would be saturday because, while it won't be quite as warm as friday, it will be calmer, still mild with a decent amount of sunshine. the rest of the weekend/early next week will bring us more mild air with highs in the 40s, a decent mix of clouds and sun and hardly any precipitation. see graphics. >> president barack obama will do something next month that no u-s president has done in nearly 90 years. he's going to cuba. the president confirmed it by tweet this morning. he'll go to cuba to meet with president raul stro and d th groups that are advocating for cnge in cuba. that's a condition that obama had laid out publicly for such a trip. the white house formally reopened ties with cuba in 2014. president obama emphasized that even though relations have thawed there are still differences between the two governments. and he says he's not turning a
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concerns. he says he plans to adadess those concerns "directly." the visit is already drawing criticism. republican presidential candidate ted cruz, whose father fled the communist island in the 1950s, says obama shouldn't visit while the castro family is still in power. and marco rubio, another child of cuban immigrants, doesn't like it, either. sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate "and i will say i was saddened to hear but i wasn't surprised. this was foreshadowed for a long time." anderson cooper / town hall moderator "is that as president you would ever do?" sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate "not if it's not a free cuba and i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government is it's not just a communist dictatorship, it is an anti-american communist dictatorship." "i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change, but it has to be reciprocal." a white house spokesman says president obama will raise i iues of human rights and political freedoms in discussions with raul castro. president obama says his visit
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only two days left until the democratic caucuses in nevade, and new polling indicates a very tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. cnn's reid binion reports.
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a range of top issues, but the poll results suggest that divided opinions on the economy are responsible for the tight race. another factor - race itself: ... as the nominating contests shift from states like iowa and new hampshire... to states with more diverse electorates. sanders is getting support from the daughter of eric garns killed in a confrontatio n with new york police in 20-14. (erica garner/eric garner's daughter) "i think we need to believe in a leader like bernie sanders." (senenbernie sanders/(d) presidential candidada) "the rican american community knows that on any given day some innocent person like sandra bland can get into a car and then three days later she can end up dead and in jail." while sanders invoked sandra bland... clinton got the backing of bland's own mother: (geneva reed-veal/sandra bland's mother) "i have been blessed to be able to introduce this fantastic lady right here to my right." i'm reid binion, reporting >> governor dennis daugaard's office says he'll meet next week with members from a sioux falls group who want to introduce him to some transgender south dakotans. "the center for equality" requested the meeting in reaction to a bill passed by the legislature that would require s sool
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lockererooms that correspondndo their sex at birth. governor daugaard has not said whether he will sign the bill into law. if he does, south dakota would become the first state in the nation with such a law. supporters of the bill say it's meant to protect the privacy of students. a los angeles hospital paid 17-thousand dollar to hackcks to get its computete up and running. hollywood presbyterian medical the ransom in bitcoins, a form of internet currency. staff started noticing a problem ago. malware had locked access to certain systems and was preventing electronic communicatio ns.s. administrators decided the quickest way to get back up and running was to pay the "ransom" and the system was restored monday. the f-b-i is investigating. a sergeant bluff, iowa man who is battling a life-threatening form of muscular dystrophy is getting close to come true. if all goes as hoped, tony lukken will be going to las vegas this spring. ktiv's sam curtiss has his story.
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duchenne's disease has beaten up tony lukken for years. "he's been really ill lately, the last, probably, year," said mandi lee, tony lukken's cousin. his symptoms are getting worse by the day. the muscular dystrophy condition cemented him in a wheelchair. he's soft spoken...using his cousin to relay messages. "venilators [and] feeding tubes, we have a lot of medical equipment," said lee. the 33-year-old's dying wish is to the city of lights....aka las vegas. "it's his dream," said lee. "the excitement, the lights [and] the glory about vegas." and this will certainly help get him closer to it.....a $2,000 dollar donation from winnavegas. because lukken would need caregivers by his side. "it's not a trip where we can just get our group ofriends and grab our tickets and go," said lee. "it takes 24/7 care." dan lewis has l the charge in fundraising efforts.
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eats at from time-to- time. "from my side, it means more for us to actually make it happen in his lifetime," said lewis. in a few months time, donations are juststouth of $7,000. but lukken's w wh, currently, is grounded. plagued because lewis says commercral flyings not an option. "hhas to fly in a private plane," said lewis. "that's our biggest hurdle is for him to be able to recline and fly in his chair." to get this many donations certainly y hitting the jackpot.t. friends ananfamily just hope ey can cash-in his winnings. "it will be his last trip," said lee. "we're just really excited to try and see as a community, as businesses and everything else, and as human beings, trying to make a last wish come true for somebody," said lewis. sam curtiss, ktiv news four. >> if you'd like to help tony realize his dream of going to las vegas, there's a "go fund me" account online. we've built a link to it inside this story at ktiv- dot-com. the warm-up is underway,
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short on sunshine today. but meterologist ben dorenbach says that will soon be changing. stay tuned for his forecast, next! here's the from spencer where
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cover/patchy f along with a few rays of sunshine and a brisk southeasterly wind, so it won't exactly be the prettiest of days, but hey, warmth is warmth! a cold front off to the west will plow through the area tonight which could pop up a rain shower or two and increase/shift our winds to the west that could initially gust uu to 50 miles p pr hour late tonight//rly tomorrow morning keeping lows close to 40 degrees. friday will bring more warmth, wind and sun pushing highs further into the 50s to near 60. now if i were to choose one day that stands above the rest of the next seven, it would be saturday because, while it won't be quite as warm as friday, it will bebe calmer, still mild with a decent amount of sunshine. the rest of the weekend/early next week will bring us more
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highs in the 40s, a decent mix of clouds and sun and hardly any see graphics.
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the farm markets are coming up next... and ford adds pothole protection to one of its cars. how does that work??
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anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. melburn schmidt of cherokee, iowa is celebrating his 99th birthday today. ron and jerane hayworth of anthon, iowa are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. pleaea make sure to have a the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday and happy anniversary
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>> stocks are edging lower in midday trading after several companies posted disappointing results, including walmart, which cut its sales forecast. ford motor company is touting the pot-hole protection technology on the 20-17 fusion v-six sport sedan. the company says the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when sensorordetect a thole. thth allows the system to keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the hole. some luxury cars, including
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m-k-z, have similar technology. ford says the fusion is first mid-sized car in its price range that has offered the feature. a fly infestation has an arizonana ighborhood buzzing. they're called midge flies and they have overtaken a phoenix neighborhood. despite spraying to kill the tiny flies, they continue to pester homeowners. midge flies live in water, but bloom when the water and weather heat up. some say the problem is so bad they can'n'go outside at dusk, when the flies are most active. midges aren't harmful and don't carry disease. they will however fly in your ears, mouth and nose and are all around just annoying. still ahead: celebrating "national drink wine day"... and a man loses his wallet at a concert. then a good samaritan returned... some of his stuff... along with a bluntly honest letter of explanation that is
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enjoy a glass of vino after work -- it's national drink wine day! you can even justify it, if you need: wine consumption does have some health benefits -- moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease, type two diabetes, heart attack, stroke and some cancers. wine can also reduce "bad"
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increase "good" h-d-l cholesterol. a new yorker who lost his wallet at a concert got some of his valuables back... after the robber decided to kind-o-o sort- ofofo the right thing. most of the items were returned, along with a brutally honest letter that's been called "the most 'new york' note imaginable"... and as jeanne moos reports: it's got the city laughing.
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(kelly ripa/host, "live with kelly and michael") "i kept the cash because i needed weed (laughter)." (reieiy flaherty/lost wallet) "the metrocard because, wellll the fare's two-75 now and the wallet cause it's kinda cool." at least the wallet-napper has good taste, it's a handmade leather wallet. reilly posted the letter on social media, writing "thanks...i think." (jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "next thing you know the letter is on the frontntage of the paper and it''being read aloud on national tv." (kelly ripa/host, "live with kelly and michael") "enjoy the rest of your day. toodles. anonymous (laughter, clap)." toodles? what kind of half good samaritan, half thief talks like a teenager. (nat sound) "toodles." (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "the ironic thing is that we could have been good friends. we both like wilco, indie music, same taste in wallets." it's such a new york thing. a little selfish, a little selfless. (kelly ripa/host, "live with kelly and michael") "anonymous' honesty is actually kind of charming?" (reilly flaherty/lost wallet) "you know we've gothis pot smoking modern-day robin hood that's out there." sending a hand scrawled letter with a charlie brown stamp. maybe that's a clue. maybe charlie brown did it. (peanuts) "good grief!"
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an event from the heart and for the heart. still ahead on
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thanks so much for being here. thanks for having us. the big day is coming up for this year, give us some of those details lynn. it's going to be on saturday march 19th at the le mars middle school. there's going to be an area to walk inside, it will be mapped out for everybody so everybody knows where to go, which directions to walk. it's a simple walk bubuit's climate controlled inside. something everybody can do, everybody can participate in. registration starts at 8 and the walk starts at 9, it doesn't take very long to walk it. it's usually a very pleasant wonderful thing. then there are other activities going on that kindndf fill the time, like with the kids. sweet pepethe clown will be there, we'll do some face painting, uncle grandpa will be there doing some magic. it's a lot of fun, a nice saturday
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for a great cause, heart awareness. yes, heart health is so important. it is the number oneneiller of womemein this country. it s affected our family a lot. for us it is a very important cause and in the last number of years, my son was four when he was diagnosed. there's been so many improvements and it's because of the funds that are raised fororhe cause. jerry, why do you hopoppeople will register and sign n for the heart walk? it is near and dear to us. she had an aortic valve replacement and james, our youngest, he's had the replacement done twice and two years ago, or two and a half years ago, we almost lost him. thank goodness for cpr. this raises money, raises awareness about heart health. that is march 19th, saturday. to register go to thank you both so much for being here. do you have a couple seconds so we can name our honorees? sure.
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this year, scott, tonya, hannah, alex, and my son james. very important people. alright, thank you both for being here. thank you for having us here and helping with this cause. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >> finally this afternrnn, here's somemeing you don't see every day a police chase... involving heavy machinery! a 59-year old man in florida is facing a list of charges after this joy-ride in a back-hoe. police say it started when the man dumped boulders on the seven-mile bridge i ithe keys. he then drove up andndown the bridge for an hour and a lf, damaging the road and sides of the bridge. police gave chase. the back-hoe was eventually stopped with spike strips. the driver was examined at a hospital and taken to jail.
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>> shawn: so the money you've been spending like water, that's, uh--that's the money that sami stole from the dimeras, right? >> belle: you don't think she
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for everything they've done to her? >> shawn: look, i don't think it was right that she drdrged you into it. but, hey, you know, you've got some mad money now, and what could go wrong with stealing from the dimeras? >> belle: they don't know. >> shawn: did it--did it ever cross your mind that you would be putting our family, our daughter, in their sights? the dimeras, they are not picky about how they exact revenge. >> belle: do you hear yourself right no i mean, maybe, maybe i would listen to what you had to say about this particular issue if you hadn't judged everything that i've said and done for the last two years. >> shawn: okay. [stutters] oh, i'm sorry, am i supposed to just not care that you had an affair? >> belle: [chuckles] okay, shawn. you know what? you're right. you're right, right right, and i'm wrong, wrong, wrong, but that was true before i strayed. you and everyone who says that they love and trust me think that i'm incapable of making a good decision. >> shawn: look, did you think that aiding and abetting sami in an embezzlement scheme


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