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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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a hot air balloon ride, especially during the winter. "the weather was beautiful that day," says paula. january 14th, 2015 turned out to be a perfect day for a hot air balloon ride. "if it was under 32 degrees he's not allowed to play in the snow, and it was 35 degrees that day so he figured what the heck, i'm going to go play in the snow," says paula. because paula rosenboom's husband, kim, had a special request from a very special young woman. "we were going to take kylie hayworth, we were going to take her and her mother and sister on a flight," says paula. kylie is battling brain cancer. doctors gave her six months to live. "i created a bucket list because i thought i was going to die," says kylie. "i wanted to try it." nats-balloon set up "we had the balloon set up and they carried her over to the balloon and put her in, we had a chair in there for her to sit," says paula. nats- bye, check it off your bucket list
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kim flew kylie and her mom above le mars, from the airport to the golf course. way up in the sky, the three talked about life... and death. "it was so peaceful up there and we were just like, "yeah, if something would happen to the balloon and we went down, it would be a good day to die," says kylie. when they touched down, kylie's mother got out, her sister got in and they took off again. nats-camera sound that's the moment this photograph captures. it was a ride to remember. "very cool," says kylie. "it was a once in a lifetime experience." "it was a good day," says paula. "as you can see smiles all around. it was a good day." little did anyone know that this perfect day was about to turn tragic. "he said he didn't feel right and i said, 'okay. do you want
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go ahead and go bowling,'" says paula. when paula got to the bowling alley, something didn't feel right. "i was a little hesitant about putting on my shoes and he called me shortly after and said he had called 911," says paula. she got home just as they put kim in the ambulence. (nats-door closing) "i said, 'how are you doing?' and he said, 'i feel a lot better now' and i said, 'okay,' and i met them at the hospital, but i never got to see him again," says paula. (nats-siren) doctors worked to revive kim for two hours, but it was too late. "his heart completely blew apart," says paula. "i was like it can't be true. i just saw him," says kylie. kim died about two hours after this photo was taken. "really?" asks david moore. turns out, the photographer, david moore, had no idea the significance of the flight when he captured the colorful balloon in the
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air balloon any time in january in the middle of winter so i made it a point to follow it and see what it was up to," says david. he snapped several that day. capturing kim's last moments without knowing it. "i don't know what to say, you hope as a photographer that your images have some kind of an impact on somebody, but you never know," says david. "it's a good memory for us it's hard to be sad when you see something like that and know how much it meant to so many people," says paula. nats-music? "he lived that day to the fullest extent and he was happy and he was happy and calm and content and peaceful and that's a good way to go," it's clear that kim's last day was also his best day. sarah te slaa, ktiv news 4. >> since she knows her husband would have wanted their balloon to be flown again, paula plans on selling it soon. as for kylie, she continues
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her. (matt) and if you wanted to take another look at that photograph, you can get one of our around siouxland calenders in stores around town. just call ahead to make sure the store still has copies. shifting gears... the wind is going to be strong tonight. in fact, parts of siouxland are under a wind advisory. chief meteorologis t ron demers high wind warning for holt from until noon friday siouxland we were feeling the warmer move in today with highs and the 40s and 50 for most of the rest of us. even more warming will be coming our way on friday but it will be at the expense of having to put up with very gusty winds. the cold front bringing that wind moves in tonight with only a northern siouxland. the wind could gust over 40 miles per hour tonight with gusts from 40 to 55 miles per hour during the day on friday and that's the reason for a wind advisory for most of the ktiv viewing area tonight and friday. holt county is under a high wind warning until noon on friday where they could see gusts between 50
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(matt) for the first time since his arrest in sioux city's first murder of the year, suspect elias wanatee went before a judge. (sheila) wanatee was arrested on a charge of second degree murder in the stabbing death of 50- year-old vernon mace. court documents says wanatee and mace were at a home near west first street and turner. wanatee left the home, and mace left a short time later. a woman, who said she heard the men arguing outside, called 9-1-1. mace then returned to the home saying wanatee had stabbed him. mace, was stabbed six times and died at the hospital. we have new details about the arrest of a man wanted for attempted murder in sac county, iowa. we first told you last night at 10, about the capture of
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police in fort dodge got a tip that werneburg was coming to the local wal-mart to pick up a prescription wednedsay afternoon. the responding officer was hurt when werneburg resisted arrest. werneburg's been on the run since sunday night when authorities say he intentionally ran a man down with his car outside this bar in carnarvon. the case has put social media in the spotlight. a post about werneburg drew 120,000 views on the sac county sheriff's office's facebook page. sheriff ken mcclure says their facebook page regularly posts information that is important public to know. students at the university of south dakota provided some pedal power for a good cause, today. usd's pi kappa alpha fraternity held the 6th annual taylor trudeau cycle for life, this afternoon. the day of cycling raises funds and awareness for blood cancers. the event was started after the fraternity lost one of its brothers, taylor trudeau, after a year- long battle with leukemia in 2008. members of the fraternity hope to honor him, while
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same fight. "biking for 30 minutes is nothing when someone out there is suffering for the rest of their life, so doing something for 30 minutes and paying money to help them out.. i don't see why you wouldn't do it," said richard culver. more than 130 pi kappa alpha chapters across the country take part in "cycle for life". still to come... the quest for a state wrestling championship stared today for wrestlers in nebraska and iowa. fresh highlights from late matches in class 2a, later in an
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high wind warning for holt county from until noon friday wind advisory for most of siouxland tonight through friday we were feeling the warmer weather move in today with highs reaching the 60s out in o'neill and the 40s and 50 for most of the rest of us. even more warming will be coming our way on friday but it will be at the expense of having to put up with very gusty winds. the cold front bringing that wind moves
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small chance of a shower in northern siouxland. the wind could gust over 40 miles per hour tonight with gusts from 40 to 55 miles per hour during the day on friday and that's the reason for a wind advisory for most of the ktiv viewing area tonight and friday. holt county is under a high wind warning until noon on friday where they could see gusts between 50 and 60 miles per hour. highs on friday will mostly be in the 50s and 60s with saturday also looking very mild with a lot less wind. we'll see a slow cooling trend beginning on sunday and heading into next week with no good chances of rain or snow in our 7-day
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coming home: next, in healthbeat 4 the local kid turned doctor. what pushed one of siouxland's newest orthopedic surgeons to
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you may have heard the saying "you can never go home" again. but, that isn't true for one local doctor as we show you in tonight's healthbeat 4.
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residency followed at the university of kansas, then a year-long fellowship at a prestigious institute in new york city. but, dr. althaus always knew he wanted to be back in the midwest. (good sot) :41 "the stars aligned. my wife's also from sioux city. we have two young kids and it's a great area to raise a family and come back and practice medicine. nat snd "i enjoy working with the big joints." dr. alhaus specializes helping people with everything from sports injures to shoulder, knee and hip procedures and replacements. 11:05 "you see them when they're essentially almost incapacitated. you can perform surgery. watch them recover. it is nice." and, his co-workers also are impressed with his bedside manner. 1:21 "very personable, very good with his patients. very willing to listen to their concerns and provide treatment accordingly,"
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coordinator. and, with an aging population in the siouxland area.. dr. althaus stays busy. 5:37 "being able to offer services to that population is very important. (cut out him and ha's) my mom and dad are baby boomers, so i want to be in a position as a physician to help those people." hometown help from a new generation of medicine. 8:35 "the two kids having them back in our old stomping grounds is great. it's going to work out well." or 12:02 "the other physicians, the staff, it's been great my whole experience so far." >> brad's here -- with state wrestling. the mats were busy for 12 straight hours in des moines and omaha. we'll have highlights and interviews from every class.
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the mats are busy from 9 a-m to 9 p-m at the iowa state wrestling tournament in des moines. day one ended with the class 2a guys in first round matches. you can see all of the siouxland wrestlers -- still alive in the winner's bracket -- at the bottom of the screen. but we'll start at106 with pocahontas area/laurens- marathon's shea ruffrudge - he wins 8-2 to stay perfect at 46-0. sergeant bluff-lutons rhyker sims wasted no time - he pinned his man at 120 in 52 seconds -- sims is 46-1. another warrior - brayden curry at 126 advanced in a 17-2 45-2. boyden hull/rock valleys austin rozeboom advances with a pin in only has one loss. at 138 - moc-floyd valley junior 6-2. another s-b-l guy - preston dunn won a close 5-3 decision at
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at 182 - undefeated daniel sommerlot of pocohontas area/l-m with an 8-0 decision. two sioux center guys move on - ko kieft at 220 -- he's a minnesota football recruit. and at heavyweight - elijah van't hof with a 3-2 win in a third overtime. "i really just go in there with a blank mindset," said rhyker sims, a sophomore at sergeant bluff- luton. "i'm just going in there to wrestle. that's it. i don't care who i'm wrestling, i just wrestle." "conditioning is a big key to that stuff, especially at heavyweight where it is all in your feet," said elijah van't hof, a junior from sioux center. "it's a good match when it's all in your feet instead of on the ground." class 3a took to the mats this afternoon. at 170 - sioux city north's deion clayborne is a four-time state qualifier - the takedown leads to a 10-4 decision. clayborne is 42-1. up a weight class to 182 - jacob wiley of east - the senior ranked second in the state wins 5 to 3. wiley's 43-4. and at 285 - nic hoefling of spencer pins his man and is on to the
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"i stayed focused more during my match," said deion clayborne, a senior at sioux city north. "the last couple years i was in the match but i wasn't really going hard or going all out." "i'm ranked number-two in the state and i deserve that ranking," said jacob wiley, a senior at sioux city east. "i haven't lost to a 3a kid yet and i really think this is my tournament. i can do well at this tournament." "i was a bit nervous considering he's a bit bigger than i am but i've taken down some `retty big guys this year so i didn't really let it get to my head," said nic hoefling, a junior from spencer. the 3a quarterfinals start at 9 am on friday. the class 1a grapplers were the first to hit the mats, early this morning. ktiv's sam curtiss reports. westwood sent 6 guys to state. of those 6, 2 are still in the hunt for a title. at 120 kody berg won a 5-0 decision and markes myers advanced in 126. he'll face this guy, tanner lundgren of emmestburg in the quarters. as lundgren escapes on his way to a 11-4 win.
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daniel bishop. he's top ranked in that class and had no trouble in a 17-0 technical fall. "getting that first one is really good," said daniel bishop, a junior from hinton. "[it] gets my confidence back in me. i didn't wrestle with all the central iowa kids and it's just able to show me that i can make that dominant move forward through each round to the finals and, eventually, hopefully, win it." nathan kruger of manson northwest webster advances in 182 with a 6-4 call. up to 195 - drake johnsen of logan magnolia is on to the quarters. two guys lookijng to keep their record perfect. in 220 - south central calhoun's rylan richardson did just that. and cole jensen of maple valley-anthon-oto at 285 showed why he's the top-seed and doesn't plan to take a loss now. "i hope not," said cole jensen, a senior at maple valley-anthon-oto. "i just got to keep taking it one match at a time [and] wrestle as hard as i can every match." on the opposite end of the spectrum in 106 - oa-bcig's kurtis krager took down seth wright of woodbine. sibley ocheydan sent seven guys. of them, dylan schuck, trent kruger, garrett saylor and matt naig advanced to quarters. which
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in des moines, sam curtiss, ktiv sportsfource. the four-class nebraska state wrestling tourney also started this morning in omaha. class b & c guys hit the mat at the century link center at 9-30. ktiv's mark freund is there. mark: by the end of day one at the nsaa state wrestling meet, the semifinals would be set in all weights, in all classes. grapplers from classes b and c were the first to take the mats for the first round and quarterfinals. just one siouxland wrestler advanced to the semis in class b. that was riley berg of west point-beemer, ranked 4th in the state at 126 pounds. berg picks up a third-period pinfall to advance. "i want it really bad," said berg, a junior. "every year i have a tough match in the quarters, i come out on top. i look to go past semis and go straight to the finals, and win." up to class c - o'neill gets three semifinalists, including top-ranked jason hahlbeck at 220 pounds.
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to 44-and-0 with a 2-1 win at heavyweight. tons of success for battle creek - freshman caydon mccracken with a pinfall at 106. another semifinalist at 132 pounds preston bussey eeks out a 7-6 decision to advance. and at 170 pounds, 2nd- ranked drew lanman gets an 8-4 decision - that's three semifinalists for the braves. "we all work hard," said lanman, a senior. "we work hard in the practice room. we do everything we can to get us in the position to win, and we had some underdogs win today." "this is my third trip to the semis, and this time, i hope i can come away with a win." in omaha, mark freund, ktiv sportsfource. let's check out first-round action from classes a and d. class d, 126 pounds - top-ranked christian miller of plainview wins his match with a second-period fall. staying at 126 - creighton's garrett zimmerer also sticks his man - both miller and zimmerer are defending state champions. winside's marcos escalera, ranked 2nd, wins quickly via fall to move to the 132 pound quarterfinals. in class a, south sioux city's jacob schroyer moves on at 145
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pin to win. and at 152 - norfolk's caleb licking - the defending champion - continues to roll - he's hungry for another title. "it's kind of surreal, coming back here for the last time," said licking. "i'm really trying to just enjoy it and have fun with it and just wrestle me." "there's been a lot of controversy this season, just trying to come back and win another one, and there's a lot of low points when you're trying to come back for that. winning another one uld just be awesome, going out my senior year." one last class d match at 152 - top-ranked drew loberg with a pin for randolph. the semifinals in all classes start at 5 on friday. sioux city native kirk hinrich has been traded by the bulls to atlanta for the second time in his career. the west grad has spent parts of 11 seasons with chicago. still to come, east and heelan close out the regular season, and districts continue for the smaller schools.
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we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. we serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod. this cod grows in water that is cold, clean and pristine, full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants. it's not pre-breaded. so not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america. "welcome to delicious!" the toy fair is happening in new york this week. friday morning at 5,5, take a look at some of the top toys this year.
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terminal disease has crossed an item off her bucket list. what her brother did to fulfill one of his sister's biggest dreams. when the post-season starts for the boys basketball teams at east and spencer -- they'll be ready. the 15-4 black raiders closed the regular season at home against 14-6 spencer. east has won 7 of their last 8, while the tigers are 3-3 in their last six. late in the 1st quarter, east's van rees gets the offensive board and makes the reverse layup as the black raiders go up by seven. spencer trying to make a run now, jake kluender gets the pass and beats his defender for the the easy bucket, the tigers still down eight. the tigers try to hang in there, riley maschino is left wide open and he makes the defense pay with a three, cutting the deficit to eight. the black raiders grab momentum back, jaylen rees puts up the
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shot that rims in, and east gets a big win over spencer tonight, 70 to 51. senior night at bishop heelan -- the crusaders saying goodbye to six seniors against #3 council bluffs abe lincoln. good start for heelan, deandre burnside protects the ball and lays it in. crusaders had a 5-point lead. heelan led after a quarter, 12 to 11 -- burnside with the 15-footer -- but a-l woke up in the second quarter. the lynx go on a 28-4 run to close inside. heelan falls to al, 62-39. class 1a districts -- lawton-bronson hosting westwood -- the eagles swept both games in the regular season. mid-2nd quarter, the eagles work the ball inside and nathan kneifl makes the short jumper, lawton-bronson goes up seven. later, the rebels with a big play as a nice save leads to jacob miller getting the bucket and the foul, but the rebels still trail by five. lawton-bronson continues to pull away, here the ball is kicked out to a-j lefler who drains the
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the eagles back up seven. l-b gets it done on the boards as well, kneifl gets the offensive rebound and the putback as the eagles take care of the rebels, 68 to 35. sioux city native kirk hinrich has been traded by the bulls to atlanta for the second time in his career. he also played for the hawks in 2011 and 2012. chicago get a second round draft pick in return. the west grad has spent parts of 11 seasons with chicago after being a first round draft pick of the bulls in '03. the bulls are reportedly saving over 3-million dollars in nba luxury taxes by trading hinrich. the 35-year-old is averaging 3-point-8 points per game this season, a career-low. averaged 11 points per game in his career -- and is less than 500
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tonight: partly cloudy and breezy. low: 40 wind: w 15-30 mph tomorrow: sunny, warm, and very
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mph [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vince vaughn. ryan seacrest. musical guest, dead & company. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 420 saint garcia. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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