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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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>> he's on snapchat right n just started.fbi director james comey says the issues raised in the justice department's dispute with apple represent what he calls the "hardest question he's seen in government." comey was appearing today before the house intelligence committee, a week after a california judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino gunmen. comey says apple has been "very cooperative" in the dispute and that there have been "plenty" of negotiations between the two sides. director james comey, fbi "increasing situations where we cannot - with lawful court orders - read the communications of terrorists, gang bangers, pedophiles, all kinds of different bad people and again with lawful court orders and search warrants, increasingly unable to make that search warrant effective." apple ceo tim cook maintains that unlocking the iphone would be bad for america. he says he is prepared to take his case to the supreme court.
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have filed a lawsuit against the obama administration over the affordable ce act. the suit takes issue with the fee assessed to insurance providers to pay for federal subsidies. the complaint claims nothing in the affordable care act made it clear the states would have to pay the fee. the states hope to put a stop to the rules that say they must pay the fee - and- get reimbursed for what they've already paid. texas, wisconsin, kansas, louisiana and indiana are also part of the lawsuit. if donald trump's republican rivals are going to step up their direct challenges to the party's front-runner, tonight's their chance. the republican candidates meet in houston for the last debate before next week's slate of super tuesday contests. a republican operative who is leading one of the anti- trump movements says there is still time to stop him -- but "not much." marco rubio enters tonight's debate with some fresh momentum, after two straight second-place finishes and a series of endorsements from republican leaders, the latest coming today from tennessee gov. bill haslam.
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after many saw a snow dusting last night, some roads might be a bit slick this morning. besides a few lingering flurries early today, the rest of the day will be on the cloudy side with a few peeks of sun thrown in with a bit more sunshine later this afternoon. regardless, temperatures will struggle to make it out of the 30s with a brisk northwest wind. we'll calm that down tonight and tomorrow which will bring more sunshine and warmth with highs returning to the 40s. expect an even bigger boost in temperatures on saturday with highs near 60 before returning to the 40s and 50s sunday and monday. with that cooling comes a slight chance of shower or two sunday along with a strong northwest wind. after a mild monday, another push of cold air is expected to move through on tuesday that will bring us a chance of seeing a rain/snow mix with highs returning to the 30s.
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a court date has been set for the o'neill, nebraska man charged in the stabbing death of his wife. 37-year old eduardo barajas quintero will be arrainged march 9th on second degree murder charges. he was arrested monday and charged in the stabbing death of his wife, guadalupe verdin quintero, at their o'neill home on saturday. investigators counted 34 stab wounds on her body. quintero told investigators he stabbed her because he suspected she was having an affair with another man. an inmate who walked away from sioux city's work release facility is back in custody. the iowa corrections department says jacob petty was caught by sioux city police and is being held in the woodbury county jail. the department listed perry as escaped when he didn't return january 26th from an outpatient treatment program. perry was serving a 10- year prison sentence for robbery. he was transferred to work release last october. iowa lawmakers are looking to put more teeth into the state's
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is now, so-called "peeping tom" cases must meet strict criteria for the "peeper" to be charged. a new bill would change that. stephanie moore reports.
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peeper was aroused by spying on the victim... ruth lapointe/ victim "we still found out it was relevant to his guilt whether or not he had been aroused during the act of viewing us. so we were asked question like was he blushing around you or was there any signs of arousal when we thought guilt had been fully admitted and this was an irrelevant point." this criteria makes it difficult for prosecutors to ke their case... it's an issue senator kevin kinney wanted to fix.... sen. kevin kinney/ (d) johnson county "this adds a code section within that language for someone entering in upon a property and filming somebody that doesn't have a right to be on that property or filming those persons." today, the senate unanimously voted to eliminate that specific criteria. sen. kevin kinney/ (d) johnson county "it's adding it to the toolbox that law enforcement can use." and lapointe says it's a step in the right direction.... ruth lapointe/ victim "i definitely think this bill is going to help future victims by clarifying it." >> south dakota governor dennis
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sales tax increase to help boost teacher pay has been sent to the senate floor for debate. the appropriation s committee approved the measure by a vote of 7-to-2 this morning. it takes two-thirds support in each chamber to pass a tax hike. the house hit the exact number of required votes earlier this week. supporters say the state needs a sustainable funding source to increase teacher pay. opponents argue that education could be prioritized in existing tax dollars. a u.s. coast guard vessel capsized while responding to a fishing boat that ran aground off the coast of the new york this morning. five members of the coast guard were on board the 25-foot vessel when it capsized off queens at about 4:45 local time. the coast guard crew members, wearing protective gear, swam to shore. a helicopter with a rescue basket was used to lift the fishermen to safety. seven people were on the fishing boat when it ran aground. no injuries were reported. an australian icebreaker has run aground in antarctica. it happened after it broke free
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blizzard wednesday. the "aurora australis" was was on a mission to resupply australia's staton the icy continent. none of the 67 expeditioners and crew on board were injured. the ship remains watertight, but poor weather has hampered a full assessment of the damage. dr nick gales/ australian antarctic division director "our hopeful scenario is that we are able to get aurora off the rocks relatively easily and that there is very little damage. there certainly is no evidence of any serious damage at this stage." ships traveling to and from antarctica "aurora australis" itself came to the rescue of a russian ship and its 52 crew members in 2014. we might have seen this one coming, but marijuana- related visits to the emergency room rose in colorado after that state legalized recreational pot four years ago. research published in the new england journal of medicine says the incidents are increasing more dramatically among out-of-state visitors.
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marijuana-related symptoms rose 109 percent in the first two years. for colorado residents, such trips rose 44 percent. experts say the results show more education is needed for consumers at pot retailers. not much excitement in today's forecast.. but our weather is about to get quite nice. meterologist ben details after this. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, where it's and degrees
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the "flying scotsman" set off from london today on its first journey following a ten-year, 5- point-8 million dollar refit. thousands turned out to watch the train as it left platform one of london's king's cross station. originally built in 1923, it was the first train to break the 100 miles per hour barrier in 1934. the national railway museum in york bought the locomotive 12 years ago for three million dollars. work began on its restoration in in 2006. "it's just iconic, it's a great british thing - i know it's the flying scotsman - but it really is a british train, a tremendous piece of history." aboard the flying scotsman for today's five- hour trip were 297 passengers made up of v- i-p's, fundraisers and people who had won a competition for a seat on the train. coming up: a new survey reveals the nation's "most-hated retailer."
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market will be open before we know it. last night, a session for some of the vendors who will be selling their home- grown goods.
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>> a bill that would relax weight and load restrictions for farm equipment on nebraska roads will be debated in the full legislature. the measure approved by a committee unanimously today would exempt tractors, combines, fertilizer spreaders and other heavy farm implements from the restrictions on nebraska's highways. weight and load restrictions
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bridges. some producers complain the rules have not kept pace with modern farm equipment, which is larger and heavier than in the past. cargill has signed an agreement with the government of ukraine for constuction of a 100- million-dollar grain terminal. ukraine's government hosted the signing between cargill and the m-v cargo company on the planned investment in the construction of a grain terminal at the black sea trade port of yohjz-nee. the prime minister of ukraine says it means additional jobs, enhanced export potential of ukraine and further proof of a real partnership between ukraine and the u-s. the sioux city farmers market held it's first organizational meeting of the year last night. the meeting was open to vendors interested in joining the market this year. organizers are looking for vendors of all kinds, including fruit, art, and dairy products. "it's a really great place for people to launch their products, so i think that's enticing for vendors. it's also a place that they can get their name out there." said stacy orndorff, market manager for the sioux city farmer's market.
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may 4th and will run each wednesday and saturday through october. > stocks posted slight gains in early trading as several companies reported encouraging results and outlooks. who is the most-hated retailer in america? a new survey says it's abercrombie and fitch.
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customer satisfaction index, abercrombie earned a score of 65. that's almost 10 points below the entire retail sector's overall score. walmart is close behind at 66. walmart had ranked the lowest for nearly 10 years. when it comes to retailers scoring high marks, customers love nordstrom, costco and amazon. still ahead.... she is only 9 years old, but she's making her mark in the boxing ring... and---it's a pizza burger... that's an actual burger between two pizzas. and the folks of joplin, missouri are eating them
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... the latest addition to the menu at a missouri restaurant is getting worldwide attention. it's a pizza burger with a literal twist. "midtown pizza kitchen" in joplin has created the new sensation called the "townie." its a hamburger patty between two mini pizza "buns." after just a week on the market, more than 200 townies have already been sold! ellie soderstrom / customer "it is like all the delight of a pizza mixed with the joy of a burger into one huge pleasure." the pizza burger is all the buzz on social media. there are two versions of the townie, but because it's os popular, midtown pizza kitchen is in the process of creating more. a young girl from new jersey is
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hazel sanchez shows us how she hopes to inspire other girls.
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and for myself too so i can become something big when i get older." this 74 pound phenom works out for nearly two hours, 4 days a week. but with very few female boxers her age she usually sparrs with older boys like the 10 year old in this video. she's only had one sanctioned fight... her championship belt hangs in the bergen police athletic league boxing gym where she trains. "when i won my first match felt so good when they put up my hand because it was like my first match and i one and i'm undefeated but it's only one fight. i can't wait for my next flight." jesselyn is now training for the golden gloves in march. her coach, don somerville a former pro boxer with nearly 30 years experience says he's never seen a talent with jesselyn's discipline at this age. "i don't ask her to do anything twice. she's done she's right on me 'coach what do i do next?' so she has that desire to be different and that's the uniqueness of nine years old to want to be different now she has that work ethic." "you're a role model to a lot of little girls." "yeah i know i have a lot of little girls followed me on instagram and it feels good that i'm inspiring a lot of girls." >> still ahead.. a scale model of
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kids ages 3 up to when they're ready to go to kindergarten. so kind of like pre-school? kathy you're with the early head start, with even younger children then. yes, we serve children from 6 weeks to 3 years of age. there are scholarships to pay for this program for the families too? that's correct. all parents need to do is come in and set up an appointment to come in and fill out an application for a scholarship. where and when can they do this? they can come to either the dakota city location, the siouxland family center, call 402-494- 1282 or they can come to the dakota avenue location and they can call 402-494-6755 to set up an appointment for that. kathy, nimcap offers other programs too? yes, we're actually celebrating our 50 years of service and we also provide services in weatherization, family services, health services, wic, and our early head start and head start program. there's a lot going on. as you mentioned, the kids are there during the school year for head start or all year round for early head start, what do the kids do during the day? we have a very good quality program. lots of activities during the day for the kids, they spend time outside, they spend time at small group, we have nutritious meals and snacks that are served. there's learning opportunities built into every
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like a great program. it's time to get signed up for the next school year. that's right. kathy and sissy, thanks for joining us today. thank you for joining us around siouxland. >> finally this afternoon, the world's largest-ever model of the titanic has gone on display in spain. it measures just under ten yards long! it's 6-and-half feet wide and almost 8 feet tall. it's lit up with more than three-thousand fiber optic lights. it offers view inside berths and the captain's bridge and shows how cruise ship passengers lived before the iceberg ended the party. it's on display, along with personal effect that belonged to the original titanic passengers. the giant model will set off on a world tour that will eventually bring it to new york and san francisco.
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>> ava: get her away from me. get her--get her away from me! she's trying to kill me again! >> kayla: oh, come on. >> roman: easy, meryl, easy. >> ava: you are her brother. you are her brother.
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sweetness as anything but, but she stuck a needle full of morphine right here in my arm. >> steve: as much as you deserve it, kayla would never do a thing like that. >> ava: you saw her try to attack me in horton square earlier. i want to press charges. i want to press charges, and i want her thrown in jail! >> kayla: you are a lying psychopath! i'm gonna destroy you! >> steve: kayla! >> kayla: let go of me! >> roman: kayla, calm down! kayla! [intense music] [relaxed club music] >> victor: tell me the truth, belle. why do you really want to buy this place? >> belle: it's a business transaction. i don't need to discuss my personal motives with you. >> victor: oh, your "personal motives" wouldn't happen to involve my son, would they? [intense music]


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