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tv   Christian World News  TLN  October 25, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> today on "christian world news" ousted leader moammar gadhafi is killed after rebels take his hometown. what impact will this have on libya and its christians? >> plus historic elections in tunisia, will they choose democracy or islam? >> finding faith in finland, how the church has launched an aggressive media campaign to lead people to christ>> welcome everyone to "christian world news" i am wendy griffith. >> and i am mark martin. revolutionary fighters have captured and killed moammar gadhafi. the dictator that served in mercy in his reign was begging
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for mercy. we warn you the video maybe disturbing, begging for his life as rebels overtake him and died from bullets to the head and chest. cbn news, tyler james james shows us this ruthless dictator was outspoken. >> libyan fighters chanting in arabic, god is great destroying posters of moammar gadhafi and burning his flag. >> we have done a great job for all the country and libya is now facing a challenge. >> gadhafi killed after revolutionary forces overtook his hometown. last major fortified position for ousted leader and fallen regime. the libyan leader ruled for 42 years promoting islamic
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socialism. he quickly became the most outspoken antileaders. he used the country's oil revenue to fund terrorist. in 1986, he targeted a popular disco popular with american soldiers. >> u.s. retaliated with an air strike on gadhafi's compound and then two years later he blew up flight pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland. >> coronel moammar gadhafi publically confirmed commitment to disclose and dismantle all weapons of mass destruction programs in his country. >> the libyan dictator couldn't escape recent up riseings in the
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middle east. gadhafi responded with a bloody crack town killing thousands and forced from power with the help of united states and nato. now cheers and celebrations spread through libya, gruesome pictures are broadcast. they still continue to fight and even attempt to organize an insurgency and vast amount of weapons in hideouts and remote desert areas in the country. tyler james, cbn news. >> gary lane visited libya and joins us now. gruesome pictures for sure. >> disturbing. what does it mean now? >> as long as he was still alive and there was a possibility he could come back to power.
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libyans were telling me he had stock piles of weapons in the desert and feared he would come back to power. now we know there is no way he will come back to power. he is gone, he is dead. the question now will be is there an insurgency? >> what do you think will happen next? >> without him in power, it is hard to have someone lead an insurgency. the country is not the same as in middle east or north africa where that would be easy. it depends on what the national council will do. >> they have to hold elections. >> the first thing, wendy, is unify the country. 140 tribes there. probably about 30 of them have a lot of pow er and influence in the society. they need to co eless those and
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if they do that successfully then maybe they can unify the country. >> gary how likely is this going to create a vacuum for muslim brotherhood to come into power? >> if this government that is formed, it will be a strong government. >> more islamic for sure, right? >> definitely more islamic, no doubt about that. what gadhafi did is held the extremists and islamic people, islamists at bay. >> is that bad news for israel? for america? you know, if gadhafi was the devil we knew? >> we'll have to wait and see, wendy, we don't know how this is going to flush out. probably be elections within a year or two, there are still a possibility that some of these militias will fight one another
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like we have seen in somalia and afghanistan. >> what about the christians? how will they fair? >> most christians in libya are expats. foreigners that have come in thousands of them. they have churches, russian and greek orthodox, coptic christians, many of them and some anglicans and protestants. there is a very small, 200-300 christians that worship privately in their homes it all depends. it will be more islamic. definitely. >> gary, let's turn to tunisia, a historic election will take place this weekend. >> first election since independence from france. team of u.s. monitors will be
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there and so will what will happen the tu tunisiaians -->> ten months have passed and they were now choosing representatives for a new assembly. those elected will draft a new constitution. >> we are proud, we are the first, we are the example, it is good. >> 80 political parties will be on the ballot. some of the strongest are islamist. 98 percent are muslim. many like this woman oppose a thee cattic state. >> all want to right to choose what they believe. you know, what is better for our
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life. >> eliot abrams at the council for foreign relations. >> i am optimistic for tunisia. it is the one with the best chance of moving reasonably smoothly to democracy. i am hopefully, as the islamist party turns out to be a reasonable and moderate party. that would be a good model for the rest of the reason. >> tunisia is a place to visit because of religious ruins. >> city of kat cart age was the center of christianity. there is a small indi general nows church.
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they allowed us to photograph one recent baptism only if we covered the face. most muslims are rejected by family, neighbors and friends. some like man have been interrogated by the police. they tried to persuade him to return to islam. >> he said are you talking about jesus to people. i said if they ask me. you are a police officer and you ask me, i have to defend my faith. he said that can make problems. >> remember thos on the street? they said tunis niec>> it makes hurts me a little bit. but it is her choice. >> the government, what do you
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think the government should say something? >> no.>> i am so proud to be a muslim girl. but i believe everyone has the right to choose what he wants. >> young tunisia people want better jobs and a better economy. 15-29 are unemployed. the war in neighboring libya has brought added economic pressures. tens of thousands of libyan women and children have poured over the border. >> we join these libyan refugee children. they are having lunch, beans and rice. three meals a day in this camp. >> how long have you been here? [ foreign speaking ]>> these ten
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libyan families were given temporary housing by this tunisia man. they were surprised by his hoes pi hospitality. the president in tatawine provided free medical care. while they are happy to help the refugees, community is nearing a breaking point. >> today not in a good situation in the arrival of the libyan refugee is a serious situation. think want a condition most tunisia come as the fighting in
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libya ends and guests return home and after the historic election. >> incredible pictures and see the christians are amazing. >> wonderful country, very welcoming and hospitable. they will be the first to vote in this so-called arab spring. >> fascinating times in the middle east. president of cans stan, the law is a blow to freedom of religion. supporters say it will help combat religious extremism and that has been an issue of islamic-linked attacks and require existing organizations in the muslim nation to dissolve and reregister and make it difficult on small christian communities and bans prayer in the work place. up next, iran's hatred for
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israel and u.s. the world is in
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>> islamic extremist have executed another christian in nigeria. less than three months after the murder of a pastor. northern nigeria is the top 25 nations for persecuted christians. latest killing is 36-year-old evangelist. the news reports that he and his family found out he was on a hit list in august and safely evacuated his family and decided to return to the area to teach a class. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. >> iranian leaders have promised to destroy the united states. now they are on the verge of
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requiring nuclear weapons and close to accomplishing that goal. >> iranian leaders call israel the little satan. america is the big satan. the iranians believe america is a declining power and bringing the fight straight to u.s. soil. u.s. investigators foiled a plot to assassinate saudi and israeli diplomats inside washington, d.c. iranian commander say the submarines outside the coastline and long-range missiles that reach the continental u.s. they could be nuclear tipped acco according to iran's nuclear
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weapons. >> israel has warned the military option is on the table when it comes to iran's nuclear weapons program and polls show the american public would support a strike but the obama administration has been very cold to the idea and caution israel against it as well. >> in his new book "tehran initiative" joel rosenberg invisions a government has the iranian nuclear menace spirals out of control. erick stakelbeck, cbn new, washington. >> rosenburg visited our studios and talked about how it highlights the need for christians to pray like never before. >> the novel shows how em
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boldened a radical islamic regime like iran will be when it doesn't see an american administration show decisiveness. americans have been killed by iran in lebanon, saudi arabia, iraq, afghanistan and there has been absolutely no decisive response. we are not taking out iranian terror cells operating inside iraq or afghanistan. that is read by the radicals in tehran as weekend. that political weakness with diplomatic. they feel like their messiah, 12 imam is coming and wind is at their back and brazen attempt to launch an attack inside our capitol tells the iranians have
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no fear of the american government right now. this is a dangerous place to be. >> also a hock for the underground church. we have a gentleman by the name of yousef nadarkhani, he is facing the death penalty. there has been reprieve because of the spotlight on his life and walking away from islam do you it could have spared his life, perhaps? >> christians all around the world are praying for pastor yousef nadarkhani, internatio l internationa internationals. i am trying to encourage that and pray the gospel is spread throughout all of iran. the most dangerous corridor is tel av
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tel aviv. strengthen the churches, the bible is being taught. people like pastor youssef and others are putting their life on the line for jesus christ. more muslims are coming to christ but it is not enough. that zone is such a dangerous zone. i don't have influence ultimately over what united states and israeli government does in that corridor. if we mobilize the church to do what our job is fearlessly proclaim the gospel and make discipl disciples, this is the key for this moment in history. up next, faith in fin lan land, a media media caaign is impacted the gospel.
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>> in one of europe's northern most cities, conversations on the street recently turned to jesus christ and his power to change lives. in new that was the message of a month-long media campaign in finland where protestant nation has been on the decline. now signs of a downward trend maybe reversing. stan jeter has the story. >> in downtown hillsinki carried church-sponsored ads prompting a city-wide discussion. it even had the secular media talking. in new they are asking why are the churches coming out in such force and through such visibility? what is the message the church want to give the society? >> media campaign was all about changed lives. ads appeared all over the capitol for an entire month and
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trained phoned counselors. the campaign printed thousands of booklets and brochures and lives changed through a relationship with jesus christ. >> we witnessed unprecedented 5 55,000 of stories. >> they hope it will revive this christian's lagging faith. less than one out of ten people attend church at all. many churches are reporting a change. >> this point in time, we received reports of 73 people that have come to know the lord jesus. we know of another church who has a second bap tis mall service will have. >> finland campaign follows
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similar media blitzes conducted by great ministries in cities around the world. he claims in the past eighted years they have reached 100 million people in 57 cities resulting in over half a million phone calls. printed and distributed over one and a half million books. he hopes to reach the 433 cities of the world with the population of one million or more. he believes media campaigns provide the best opportunity to reach the largest number of people with the gospel. stan jeter, cbn news. >> for more information in
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>> much of thailand, cambodia and vietnam are under water after continuous monsoon rains, flood waters reached central
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thailand including bangkok. cbn teams are on the ground and staff working with military officers and churches more than 2,000 bags distributed, canned food, noodles, water, milk, toothbrushes and other essentials. >> when it rains it really rains. >> great to see people coming forth.
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