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tv   Christian World News  TLN  June 26, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>> today on "christian world against nigeria's christians. the deadly group that wants to drive the church out of northern nigeria. represents a major step forward movement. a freak accident, even from his hospital bed, steve saint is encouraging others to give god your all. >> welcome to "christian world news" i am gary lane, george thomas and wendy griffith are out this week. religious violence. suicide bombers targeted three
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churches killing at least 21 people. boko haram took credit. charlene israel has the story. >> reporter: on june 17th, suicide bombers attack three nigerian churches killing 21 people. >> the terror group boko haram claimed responsibility. government with muslim extremism. >> they want to bring in sure ree yoo law in the country. churches in kaduna. christian south and muslim north. >> i knew many leaders ghandi, martin luther who have achieved so much through peaceful means.
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and i would love to see that this approach should be addressed to a peaceful one, through peace cannot be achieved through guns. >> it appeals to christian retaliated. >> youths, hmm, i know it is painful to keep being attacked. at the same time, when the lord sees how patient you are, and when the lord sees your heart because the word of god says to take a life is an abomination to god. to take a life that is not god's will. >> u.s. state department has formerly labeled boko haram as a
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terrorist group. >> i don't know. it is one where we are helping anyone who has called a terrorist. there must be a step further. >> ambassador hopes the cycle of violence will be broken. >> this is where we continue to violence, to hear the voice of mothers, voice of young ones, voice of the people who are less privileged to stop this violence >> charlene israel, cbn news. >> these are just the latest attacks against christians by boko haram. the group is fighting to impose radical islamic law known as sharia. nation. george thomas has that story. ♪ ♪ >> 250 miles from the capital
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sits the sprawling city of kano. >> i would prefer not to talk about boko haram's activities. >> is that because you are afraid? >> we are all living in fear. >> they are killing our people and want to divide us. >> boko haram's name means the jihad. suddenly attack. stop. country. movement that has the same ideaologist as al-qaeda, taliban
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and al-shabab. they want to set up a radical islamic state and declare an emirate across nigeria. split between christians in the south and muslims in the north. islamic laws more strictly theology has little traction in the south. >> now the group is trying to spark a religious war. >> founded in 2002, boko haram has terrorized nigerian christians by attacking homes, christians and killing scores of believers. this bishop has received several death threats. warning of an impending attack against churches here.
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>> my biggest worry is about the >> this imam used a recent followers to remain calm and seek peace. he refused to directly criticize or condemn actions by boko haram. leaflets not to criticize their actions. haram is a muslim group or not. >> many of the attacks were for mar coordinated than anything linked than before. >> that has gone beyond a local radical group.
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>> it has nigerian and western officials worried about international groups and links to al-qaeda. a nigeria newspaper traced arabia and further plans to turn nigeria into another afghanistan. members have met and received training from senior al-qaeda figures in north africa. reports of boko haram sympathizers within nigeria's police, intelligence services and judiciary worried about the future of africa's most populous country. >> this goes beyond politics and much of things, it is spiritual. kano, nigeria.
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respond? you can post your thoughts on our cwn facebook page. southern baptist convention overcomes its man that is over the largest protestant denomination. testing
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>> southern baptist convention is the largest protestant convention in the u.s. it has 5,000 missionaries serving in other countries. churches that feel the title southern baptist maybe a turnoff. supporters say it will help missionaries and churches reach more people. 44 percent say knowing a church of southern baptist would make them less likely to visit and join. southern baptist have a new president. efrem graham tells us. >> reporter: southern baptist
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convention's annual meeting drew estimated 17,000 people this year, most came to witness this. >> and i nominate for the next president of our convention, native new orleansian would be a saint -- pastor fred luter. >> vote that followed moved his wife to tears as the only nominee, luter one by unanimous vote>> to see what god through grace and mercy has allowed something like this to happen in my life and see it being embraced by so many people, so many backgrounds, so many ethnic groups, to just affirm the vote it is a moment i will never,
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ever forget. >> also a moment members of his congregation, like angela adams will never forget. >> when i was in there i felt like wow, i am standing here witnessing something and feeling something. i was thanking god he sent me to this church. >> fred's convention happened here. it is a fact many leading up to this event. >> why would you want to be as an african-american president of a convention started as a result of slavery? my answer has always been, all of us have a past. i have a past, every last one of you has a past. all of us have done things we are not happy about. i know i have. i am not going to tall y'all,
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but i have. >> luter moves his focus to the future and growing the membership. country's largest evangelical nomination has seen fifth straight year of decline, under 16 million members. >> we percent can't reach this do-rag wearing, tattoo wearing iphone generation with 8-track ministry. we can't do it. >> luter is looking for new ways to reach the new generation, jesus christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. efrem graham, cbn news, new orleans, louisiana. up next, from exploding national debt to dwindling home prices, we'll talk to author about america's last best hope.
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>> a rep recent poll found that have will go bankrupt. can america survive? here is erick stakelbeck with author joel rosenberg. >> reporter: americans see the federal debt exploding and government that won't reign in on it. leaving them asking if america will survive. >> we are heading for a collapse of catastrophic proportions. >> reporter: new york author joel rosenberg. >> this is where i think the last best hope of america is not washington, not the white house, it is not congress.
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they are necessary, they are insufficient to save this country. the church has to step forward. >> in his latest non-fiction book "implosion" he asks if america can recover to avoid disaster. >> you say america is facing an implosion. christians can save the country you say, what would you say the state of the church is right now? >> i am not sure. let me be clear. that is how bad it is economically, spiritually, morally, we will not see a third grade awakening if we don't beg and plead christ for it. we are not promised anything as americans, we are promised individuals in the scriptures, if we repent, christ will adopt us, purify us, give us his holy
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spirit and walk through us through the fires. as a country, we don't show up as america in the last days. egypt does, israel does, iran, russia. we are not in there. i want to be clear in this new book implosion, we are in deep trouble, christians need to be purr fieing the church and asking god to breathe life, revive us first. put the oxygen mask on ourselves before the rest of the country as they would say on a plane. even that might not save us as a country, as an entity. it starts with the church beginning to get literally on our knees on our faces, lord, the country is in huge trouble, we can't fix this. they could make some positive
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change. lord, we are approaching 60 million abortions. this will be 10 times the number of human beings murdered here in america than in nazi, germany during the holocaust. we have to beg god for a revival. what would it look like? exact opposite thing we are seeing. >> i want to turn our focus overseas, what will that look like for america's involvement, what difference can americans make? >> god has used united states in a beautiful way, matthew 24:14 this gososl shall be preaed a as a t ttimony to all nationons an c2ee end will come. that verse doesn't menention
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america. trainining misissionariies, sen missionaries, atm machine for global missions. i think god, if we had a dramatic revival, we would see more missions, not to be the church in foreign countries but strengthen what god is doing among nationals. that is the key in foreign missions, we come alongside believers in israel, in iraq, in africa, in asia, not to do their job for them. we can preach, we can teach. to strengthen, disciple, encourage as they grow and reach their own people for christ. >> talking about standing with them, arab spring hasn't been much of a spring for christians in the middle east, what do you see happening in the future? >> god is allowing them to suffer tremendous persecution to
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purify it. we are seeing a -- there is a wonderful strong remnant church in the middle east. also a historic weaker version theologically and weaker in terms of understanding the power of the holy spirit. gentleman, ladies, hold on to jesus or nothing. you can't drift through your national life any longer. process coming, wars coming, judgments coming, specifically to the middle east, you will not be able to endur unless you are totally dependent on christ like he did in china, the church burned down now 120 million faithful followers of christ when there were very few believers there before. i hope that god, you know takes america through a slightly
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gentler purification process. if you look at what he has done, you would have to start preparing for really hard times here in the united states if he is out of his grace. >> hard times but victory in the end. >> christ is coming. that is what we are getting closer for. keep our eyes fixed on jesus. >> good final note. we are out of time. joel rosenburg, thank you for being with us. coming up, serving god no matter what, missionary saint encourages people to give up everything for god from his hospital bed.
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>> operation blessing giving children in a haitian village a challenge for an education. volunteers helped build a community center that serves as
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a school for 60 children. this is the first time many of the children have been able to go to school. steve saints, son of martyred missionary was in an accident that left him paralyzed. from his hospital bed, saint continues to push involvement in the great commission. >> homemade cards and drawings line the walls of steve saint's hospital room in florida. saint is recovering from a paralyzing head injuring suffering while testing a new aircraft wing. >> i have been through more pain than ever imagined possible. but honestly, not one time have i wonder eed or wanted to ask g
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why. >> accident left saint without use of hands and feet. >> i can tell you i have never felt this helpless. >> surgery to drain fluids allowed him to briefly stand up bringing hope for at least a partitial recovery. saint was a boy living in ecuador's jungle in 1956 when his father, the pilot was killed by indians. a movie captures his life. >> my dad being a pilot, i grew up with that gene. christ commissioned to us to go to parts of the world where the gospel hasn't reached and his church doesn't exist to plant the church, airplanes part of, the go in missions.
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>> saint has made a career in providi providing jungle friends and others simplified tools. he recently d developed a flyi car "the maverick" also medical tools, dental laboratory fits in a backpack, solar powered electric drill. saint has trained people on four continents how to fix teeth. >> ways to help missionaries who haven't had health care background into the drive's seat so they can meet people's felt needs. >> although he is now immobilized, saint continues to promote his vision. >> i think for one to tell the world about jesus, we have to do it in new and creative ways. if god is prompting you to get out there and get involved and
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to pray, then please do it. >> stan jeter, cbn news. >> one of god's great missionary servants, please remember to pray for steve saint and check our website at that is all for "christian world news" thanks for joining us, george and wendy will be here next week, until then, good-bye and god bless you.
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