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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 15, 2015 7:00am-8:54am PST

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good morning, america. dramatic showdown on the las vegas strip as donald trump and his supporters face off against >> get your hands off me! [ bleep ]. >> as trump prepares republican rivals in that crucial debate tonight. >> it's gonna be big. and they're all coming after me. >> the gop front-runner reaching new highs in our latest poll. and why many are talking about what trump's doctor said about his health. the isis plot. a maryland man arrested for supporting the terror group charged with taking thousands of dollars from overseas operatives to plan an attack on u.s. soil. a successful financial adviser now a woman on the run wanted for attempted murder. this surveillance photo taken moments after she stabbed a random person at a subway station. the search for her right now.
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all the stars on the red carpet for last nikt night's world premier. tight-lipped about the huge movie, even luke skywalker. >> i'm afraid to talk about it because i'll leak things. i'm so paranoid. >> a whole new generation about to go to a galaxy far, far away. and good morning, america. "star wars" the main event in hollywood last night. there you see it right there, the stormtroopers going up the red carpet. and all you guys are going to a top-secret screening tonight. >> that's -- yep, cannot bring our phones tonight. >> nope. >> and our lips will be sealed tomorrow. >> no spoilers here. >> i'm on debate duty tonight. in las vegas, they're getting ready. take a look at the strip right there. hottest ticket in town. donald trump right now, the strong front-runner. they are preparing for a prize fight. >> and we'll take a look inside the venetian, where that debate will take place. nine candidates up on that stage. donald trump center stage once
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the gop front-runner growing even stronger in the polls topping our new abc news/"washington post" poll with 38%. but that trump rally last night got ugly and abc's cecilia vega starts us off in las vegas. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. because of those polls, for the very first time, ted cruz will be standing right besigned donald trump in just a few hours on the stage here. as you said, some very disturbing allegations as protesters were led out of the room last night. take a listen. overnight, a donnell trumpald trump rally in las vegas turning ugly. protesters repeatedly interrupting his speech as a man is being removed. it's unclear who but someone yells "light him on fire." >> light the [ bleep ] on fire. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: overnight donald trump lobbing a preemptive strike across the political bow
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close to his lead. >> trump 41%. [ cheers ] cruz, 14%. [ crowd boos ] and everyone else much lower, i mean, somewhere. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz now posing a very real threat to the reality tv star's front-runner status. and before a huge crowd in las vegas, trump ready for a debate night with unshakable confidence. >> i'll be honest, i think tomorrow night, i think it's gonna be big. [ cheers and applause ] oh. ooh. and they're all coming after me. so far everyone that's attacked me has gone right down the tube. so that's good. >> reporter: for now cruz still playing nice. >> i don't think the american people are interested in a bunch of candidates bickering like schoolchildren. >> reporter: but the stage now set for a showdown on the strip just hours away. florida senator marco rubio spending his debate eve rallying supporters in las vegas, too. going after president obama
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will share the stage with him. >> so last sunday the president spoke to the nation in an effort to calm us and make us feel more comfortable. i swear to you, i wish he hadn't spoken at all. >> reporter: 69-year-old trump says he's ready and healthy enough for the fight. the billionaire offering a clean bill of health as proof. well, sort of. after vowing to release his full medical report, trump instead offered up just this short note from his doctor saying trump's physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. and in true trump fashion, the doctor declaring that if elected, mr. trump, i can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that letter also declaring him astonishingly excellent. but there was one glitch. trump said that the doctor who wrote that letter was named
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the problem is jacob bornstein passed away years ago. his son harold bornstein wrote that ler letter. but a big political oops out here. >> i would say. let's dig into it now with jon karl and tom llamas. this lead for donald trump in our poll remarkably durable. >> this is no flash in the pan. just take a look at abc's polls going back to may. he was only at 4% before he got in. since july he has had a lead of at least 10% in every single abc/"washington post" poll now, of course, his lead more than 20 points. >> republican voters trust him on all the big issues, national security the top of the list. >> look at the attributes. in the same poll. on the question of who can handle terrorism the best, look at this. by far and away, trump wins that. and here's the one that amazes me, who has the best chance to win in 2016? and in our poll overwhelmingly people say donald trump. >> even though the poll also shows that hillary clinton would beat him more than any other candidate. >> more than any other candidate, yeah. >> you're out on the trail with
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he's been taking some jabs at ted cruz. expect that tonight? wants to see and i'm sure the fight that cnn, the host of the debate, wants to see. it's not the fight that cruz trump has been a counterpuncher. good guy and may be softening the blows. cruz said he doesn't want personal attacks and doesn't want to go down the gutter. the fight he wants to have is with senator rubio. he wants to attack him on obamacare and immigration. national security. >> rubio wants that fight with cruz, as well, and, jon, i'm wondering if chris christie will be the guy to take on trump tonight. >> yeah, i mean he's there and he fought his way back into this debate. and he's been playing that role. and, of course, he's the one who can be bombast as anyone on that stage with the possible exception of trump. >> rubio ready to go? >> his team said he's had four good debates, he's really worked hard in preparing for these debates and it's shown. family from vegas in the audience and the really prepared for several attacks from christie, rand paul and senator cruz. >> thank you, guys, very much.
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let's go to robin. the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter arriving in turkey this morning to meet with battlefield commanders and allies as the hunt for isis sympathizers in here in the u.s. intensifies. the fbi arresting that maryland man accused of supporting the terror group. and abc's pierre thomas joins us with the details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the allegations are chilling and if true involve an escalation in isis tactics, with the group trying to finance a terror plot against the homeland right here at home. the fbi claims that isis operatives in egypt and syria sent 30-year-old mohamed elshinawy nearly $9,000 to quote conduct an attack on u.s. soil. what's more, the fbi says elshinawy used isis-inspired techniques and set up his computer so it would not store any information about his activities, robin. >> that's the situation there.
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of the pond in san bernardino? >> reporter: the items have yet to reveal anything significant from the pond in connection with the case. authorities are trying to find the hard drive from the couple's computer which they hope will provide more answers, robin. >> that is the hope. all right, pierre, thank you. the latest on bowe bergdahl, the sergeant who abandoned his post in afghanistan, held captive by the taliban for five years is now facing a court-martial for desertion and a misconduct that could give him a life sentence behind bars. mary bruce has that story. >> reporter: bowe bergdahl is facing a court-martial and potential life sentence this morning. the 29-year-old was held hostage by the taliban for five years before being released in a high-stakes prisoner swap last year. but now the american sergeant could be heading back behind bars for life, charged with desertion and misbehavior for endangering his fellow troops. a preliminary hearing had recommended a lesser court-martial that would limit prison time to just one year.
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lawyer said he had hoped the case would not go in this direction. the decision comes as we're hearing directly from bergdahl for the first time. >> good grief, i'm in over my head. >> reporter: explaining why he abandoned his remote base in afghanistan in interviews broadcast by the hit podcast serial. >> all's i was seeing was basically leadership failure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally in danger. >> reporter: bergdahl says he walked away to draw attention to these problems. but he walked right into the arms of the taliban. critics say bergdahl should never have been traded for five taliban detainees held in guantanamo. but the white house stands by the decision. >> the commander in a chief feels a responsibility for everyone that puts on the uniform. that we're not gonna leave them behind. >> reporter: no date set for his next court hearing. he's currently at a base in san antonio, texas, assigned for a desk job for the
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to amy, you have breaking news out of paris. >> french authorities have we have breaking news out of los angeles at this hour. city schools there are closed today because of an unspecified threat. officials saying security concerns have forced them to close the schools for the entire day. all lapd personnel are ordered in uniform and on the street for increased presence. the fbi is involved as well. lapd is insisting the school closing is out of a quote abundance of caution. last week, we reported u.s. intelligence reported an unspecified threat of a terror on los angeles. matt gutman son the phone from l.a. we're talking about the second largest school district in the country. this has a significant impact on so many at this hour. >> reporter: it's a huge impact. 700,000 students are part of the los angeles unified school district.
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and dozens of school buses being pulled back. dispatchers telling bus driver to reroute their kids. if they picked them up, drop them back off. the entire school system is shut down. parents told not to walk their kids to school. a tremendous disruption for the life of, you know, the second biggest school district in the country. again, no specific word here of what -- >> matt, i want to let you know. we're listening in on a press conference in l.a. we have just learned that that threat apparently involves back pax and unspecified packages. it's understandable why we're hearing the director from authorities not the send your kids to the school bus stop or anywhere near the school. give me an idea of what you're seeing and hearing over there? >> reporter: mostly just parents being absolutely terrified. we had a bomb threat last week. it was unspecified in the wake
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an entire school kroezed in man manhattan beach. the alert coming before kids are going to school in the morning. early on in the day. so, it's going the cause a tremendous disruption. parents extremely concerned about this kind of thing. and, perhaps, the lack of specificity of the threat make it scarier. nobody knows what's going on. parents just keeping their kids home from school today for an undetermined period of time. a tremendous amount of unknowns. still waiting for word from the school district and the fbi and the lapd. >> and, you, obviously, were on the scene from the beginning in san bernardino. this is a state that's experienced terror first hand. obviously, authorities are not taking any chances here. talk a little bit about what you've seen and heard on the ground. we've had federal officials in
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to see if there is anything left to the terror plot that began in san bernardino that has been in the works for years. did that couple have help? that state has been the focus of so much law enforcement over the last few weeks. >> reporter: absolutely. did the cup until san bernardino play another attack? one of the problems is they destroyed the hard drives. seemed to have dumped everything in some place. we don't know what they were plotting. given how well-armed they were. how many pipe bombs they had prepared, in their house, it seems like a gun battle, the shooting at the inlands regional center was just the beginning. that was major concern. do they have op rat actives here or elsewhere? we're hearing that a bomb threat was called in to a school board
7:14 am
reports coming in for in particular tack. it is something specific. not the kind of thing we normally see, a blanket bomb call or some threat called into a school hotline or the actual school number. this is specifically to somebody on a school board. which i suppose made the threat authorities. so everything is closed here. from the day. and, the entire region is truly on tenter hooks. it's been two weeks almost since the attacks in san bernardino. everybody is concerned. the fbi has been working round the clock to try to crack that case and determine if there are additional threats or reasons to be worried. clearly they are here, still, i don't know if this is related to the san bernardino attacks. the tension is the result of the attacks just about 60 miles away from here. >> understandable, indeed.
7:15 am
throughout the day as federal authorities continue to investigate investigate. a recap, the second largest school district in the country, l.a., the school system has been shut down due to an unspecified threat. police saying they're hearing something about backpacks, suspicious packages. let's go to pierre thomas. this speaks to significantly to the threat environment in our country at this moment. >> exactly. authorities won't take chances. there's been general concern about copy cat takes since the attacks in paris. then you had san bernardino. if a threat like this comes in, if there's any degree of credibility, they're going the take cautionary steps. in this case, shutting down the school system. the fbi has been consulted. we're contacting homeland security to see what they've heard. clearly, the threat environment, with all the recent attacks, is playing a role here.
7:16 am
in san bernardino, we saw the department of homeland security on the ground within hours. the federal authorities there, so many agencies working, collaborating, trying to go through all of this evidence or in some cases lack thereof to see if there is a second plot. could this be related? mgt i think clearly, because they don't have all the answers related to san bernardino, that would have to be factored in here as well. given what happened in france. given what happened in san bernardino. law enforcement officials are not going to take any chances with any kind of threat. they are going to run this to ground, make sure there is no viable threat. and then reopen the schools. until they know, they're erring on the side of caution. >> is this the new normal? >> reporter: i think until law enforcement officials can get a better assessment of what the threat is. they know isis has been
7:17 am
i spoke with the homeland security secretary last week. one of the things he talked about is the fact that the new threat advisory system put in place two years ago, they had never used it because they never had a specific, and credible, threat. they're looking for ways to alert the public that come not eyes unite quite close to that. there's fear and concern in the los angeles area. it involves school. the threat comes in. they're not taking chances with the children. >> more than 640,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade spread across 900 schools. lapd is requesting the sheriff's held inspect the threat. they want to search every single los angeles school, pierre, that is quite a task. >> reporter: it's a huge task. you have to factor in mass
7:18 am
we're not just talking about terrorism. we're talking about mass shootings. everybody remembers columbine. newtown. they have to exercise caution. >> i want to turn back to matt gutman in los angeles. matt, as we mentioned, has been covering the san bernardino attacks since they began nearly two weeks ago. you're talking about the impact of that attack on the community. and now what's happening in l.a. this is a city on edge. >> reporter: absolutely, amy. terror disrupts the 1/2natural flow of lifestyle. that's what's happening here. they're clearing and searching every single school. hundreds of schools attended nearly 700,000 students. a tremendous disruption to life. that's what happened in san bernardino. the entire city government was
7:19 am
and still, many of the members of the environmental health division have not gone back to work. that's how big a disruption in the flow of life happened because of those attacks. just hearing that first call. the first threat came into police at about 5:00 a.m. loekcal time. a threat made to many school, not just one specific school in the district. as you mentioned, the backpack, and other packages. not clear what this specific threat was. but it was clearly credible enough for the lapd to urge the school system to agree to it. to shut down the entirety of the second biggest school system in the nation. >> a huge impact. they're now tracking whether or not there is any relation at all to the san bernardino attacks. that is the big fear. there was the promise of perhaps another attack.
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all schools in the los angeles area have been closed due to a bomb threat. police are working with the school district to investigate the threat. over 640-thousand students are enrolled in the l.a unified
7:27 am
join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at
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for the latest weather, traffic we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> and we're coming on the air right now to address a security threat the los angeles this morning. the los angeles schools have been closed today. after a bomb threat was called in to several schools. at around 5:00 a.m. pacific time. this morning. the police called in to the superintendent. they made the decision to close schools for the day. parents are to keep their kids home. let's go matt gutman. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. very fluid scene here. the entirety of the l.a. unified school district has been closed. nearly 700,000 students.
7:30 am
threats, not one, but multiple bomb threats were called into the school. out of an abundance of caution, the schools are closed. families are asked not to drop their kids off. buses ordered to turn around, drop kids off. if they're not en route, stay put. the threat is credible enough to be taken seriously. but apparently, not that serious that tactical alert has been issued. we're not seeing s.w.a.t. teams rushing to schools or anything like that. one thing we'll see today is that the entirety of the school district is going to be checked by the lapd and the l.a. sheriff's office. thoroughly, to make sure that the threat was not credible. we're hearing that bombs in other packages were the threat. left at school or placed there, not exactly clear. that is one thing that the lapd and the sheriff's office will
7:31 am
>> an electronic threat was transmitted to the schools. want to zpo to brian ross. it apoors this threat was targeted specifically at the schools, not any other targets in los angeles area. >> reporter: gnat's right, george. talking to senior law enforcement officials, they say they've not put the lapd on tactical alert. they do not think this is serious. was there have been a series of threats. it's a city on the alert after the san bernardino attacks. the high school in san bernardino, pictures were found on the phone of syed farook. there was ample reason to take this action. police officials say this was a decision made solely by the superintendent of schools. >> we want to go to pierre thomas.
7:32 am
out of san bernardino that this could have been part of a wider plot. >> law enforcement officials are not taking chances. again, senior law enforcement officials tell me that the federal government is seeking additional information about why the lapd and the school system took this particular position. their guidance is that the threat of some sort was phoned in. as you mention, we're talking about the threat environment right now. the attacks in san bernardino came on the heels of what happened in paris. there was great concern about the potential for copy cat attacks. also, we're looking at the anniversary of the newtown killings at the school system in connecticut. a few years ago. so law enforcement is simply not going to take any kind of chance, particularly with a threat involving children. >> not right now. president obama addressed the isis threat at the pentagon
7:33 am
everyone on the highst alert. we'll continue to monitor throughout the day. for now, let's go back to regular programming. for many of you on the west coast, that's "good morning america." >> announcer: this has been a special report of abc news. and we're back now on "good morning america." i want to go back to brian ross, who is with us on the phone. pierre alluded to this as well. so much concern here and around the world. because we have seen this series of attacks inspired by isis. >> reporter: that's right, george. in fact, ten days ago, there was another serious threat that was taken much more seriously by the lapd. they did raise the threat level. nothing came of that. but the information was considered part of a stream that came out of sources. this is much different. in in case, as you say, this is something that is widespread. lots of places in the country
7:34 am
attacks. >> lost brian there for a second. i want to go to steve fwoemz, a former fbi director in los angeles. now an abc news consultant. try to give us insight into what is going to be happening across the schools in the los angeles district today? >> well, because of the threat, they have to take every precaution. that includes deploying off inging all the officers and deputies involved. they have to make sure there is nothing to make the school vulnerable to an active shooter, some type of explosive, any type of threat to the teachers, students. >> thank you, steve. we're going to stay on top of this all morning long. for now, we'll be right a link between
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abreva. back now with that wild story of the texas plumber whose
7:39 am
phone number still on it somehow ended up in the hands of isis fighters. and in a propaganda video. he is now suing the dealer that resold the car. and abc's david wright is here with that story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. they say there's no such thing as bad publicity. well, let me tell you about this plumber. he's had free advertising worldwide of the worst sort. his pickup truck ending up on the front lines of syria featured prominently in isis propaganda, so he's now filing suit. the black ford f-250 still has his logo. but the dudes who now drive it clearly aren't interested in fixing any leaks. >> my secretary called me and said, you can't believe this. >> reporter: that's his old truck, now 7,000 miles away from texas city, texas, with quite the gun rack in back. there it is in action. isis militants firing the anti-aircraft gun, the logo and the company phone number as clear as the intentions of those
7:40 am
>> i really at first thought it was just somebody playing with us. >> reporter: the plumber, mark oberholtzer, says when he traded in the truck to a dealer, they told him they'd rather remove the decal so as not to risk scratching the paint. but when these pictures started popping up on extremist twitter feeds a year ago today, it became clear the dealer never removed it. tracking the truck on the used car site carfax, it went from an auction in houston, texas, to mersin, turkey, from there ending up somewhere near aleppo, syria, in the hands of jihadists. oberholtzer says death threats started pouring in over the switchboard. >> she was getting constant calls, threats, nothing about plumbing. >> reporter: now those photos pop up on his yelp page. they even made it on to the final episode of "the colbert report." >> a texas plumber's work truck showed up in syria although pickup truck, desert, machine
7:41 am
>> reporter: the plumber is now suing the dealer for a million bucks claiming mark-1's revenues were lost and the company's reputation was irretrievably damaged. the plumber says this was free advertising he could do without. >> i don't need this press and i don't need the threats to my family. >> reporter: well, the plumber was even questioned by the fbi and homeland security about this. of course, we reached out to the dealership auto nation which essentially blamed the auctioneer. they say the truck was sent out for auction as soon as it came in. the dealer adding, it is unfortunate that the customer has had to do through this. you don't say, robin. >> we're going to bring in dan abrams to see what he has to say about this. you feel for the guy. legally where does he stand? >> you can understand why he's furious, upset. there's no question there's sort of damages here. but that doesn't necessarily mean you can hold the dealership responsible. it's a tough legal case. they're throwing all sorts of
7:42 am
the key question is, was it negligent? meaning, should they have known better, in effect, than to allow this to happen? and one of the questions when you're talking about negligence is foreseeability. meaning could you have foreseen that these sorts of damages would occur? you could say it's foreseeable there would be damages and therefore, he's got a suit. you certainly couldn't have foreseen it would end up in the hands of isis is syria. >> no, you couldn't have foreseen that. but the plumber is saying that he was trying to take down the name and number and that the dealer stopped him from doing it. >> he said that the dealer said don't worry about it. we've got a better way to do it. that's the heart of his case, the heart of his case is about that decal. meaning, they should have taken it off. they should have known that no one should be driving around in this truck with this decal and that is certainly the strongest part of his argument. >> looking for damages, he's really looking for more here. >> he's looking to clear his name. he's looking for, every time someone says, hey, i saw your truck. or some jerk calls him on the phone and says, you know, what do you do? look, i sued them.
7:43 am
i think this is his primary effort to clear his name and there will probably be a settlement. >> i can't imagine being that guy and seeing your truck in that video. >> with your phone number. >> with your phone number. i can't imagine. >> let's hope this story helps him, too. >> thank you. coming up, ed sheeran quitting social media. no instagram, no tweets. a lot of reaction from fans this morning. caught on camera an angry customer, oh, boy, he was angry, rammed his pickup into a hotel lobby. >> wow. >> two workers running for their lives. they were okay. what drove him to do it?
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we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time
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i wish you could -- >> i'm in the locker room again! >> the girls locker room. not a bad place to be in. >> no, it's not. >> well done, george. well done. that's true. >> we are back with ed sheeran doing some thinking not out loud he's taking a break from his phone, his social media. his more than 20 million followers not happy about it. how long will it last? t.j. holmes is here with his speculation. t.j., what do you got? >> reporter: look, i have 120,329 twitter followers on my account. i could quit right now and nobody would care. but it's a big deal if ed
7:48 am
he's following a trend. if he is, he'll be back, oh, any minute now. i'll just keep on making the same mistake >> reporter: i love you the most in the world. how am i going to survive? my life won't be worth living. that's just a sample of some of the reaction to ed sheeran saying he's stepping away from social media. the grammy winner writes to his 5.5 million instagram followers that he's taking a break from my phone, e-mails, and all social media for awhile. explaining, i find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes, and wants to travel the world and see everything i missed. all by myself, i'm here again all by myself >> reporter: but fans don't fret, ed might be back on your twitter feed before you know it. and i'll be gone, gone tonight >> reporter: remember former one direction member zayn malik. he once announced he would quit twitter because of nasty
7:49 am
he even deactivated his account. that lasted all of 48 hours and he was back. i'm living in the 21st century >> reporter: kanye west seemed to be quitting when he deleted every one of his tweets in 2012 and said, be back soon. soon turned out to be the next day. i'll wait four months until our >> reporter: so how long will ed sheeran last? he writes to his fans see you all next autumn. or maybe next week. >> reporter: adele has done it. miley cyrus has done it. alec baldwin quit twice. most usually go on for a couple of months. then again, it's an emotional quick thing. >> or an addiction. >> john mayer quit because he said he was a tweetaholic. >> could you do it?
7:50 am
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on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. back here on "gma." 8.2 inches of snow in salt lake city, utah. more than they had all of last year. some of it so heavy it took down
7:54 am
"good morning america" is
7:55 am
we go further so you's a look at today's top stories from good morning las vegas.. metro is searching for a missing woman, they say, could be endangered. cops say 55-year-old sharon neal was last seen at bally's casino yesterday morning. she is on medication for bi- polar disorder and depression and has early onset dementia. neal's daughter told police she went downstairs to meet a family member and left her mother in the hotel room at ballys. when she came back neal was gone and officer and hotel security couldn't find her. suveillance video shows neal
7:56 am
we're learning more about what police originally thought was a deadly domestic dispute. cops are now saying it all started with a fight with several people in a convenience store parking lot near craig and mlk. the brawl ended in gunfire and 20 year old tineshea antovia adams was killed. 19 year old norman smith is now under arrest on a murder charge. investigators believe the two knew each other, but they are not saying their exact relationship. north las vegas police also revealing new details in a woman's murder, near lamb and the i-15. officers say they believe she was a passenger in a car stopped on the i-15 off ramp. they say witnesses told them the woman and another person got out of the car, and that's when she was shot multiple times. officers haven't given us a description of the suspect, but they are looking for them. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. we'll be back in a half hour with more local news and weather. < >
7:57 am
vegas this morning, here's a
7:58 am
this is not a serious threat and the lapd is not on tactical alert. they say this is not connected to any previous threats or the san bernardino investigation. let's turn to our reporter from los angeles. you're there at the head quarters. what is the scene there like right now? >> reporter: well, amy, a lot of the information coming out in the last hour or so. we can tell you that the fbi is assisting in this investigation, which is being taken seriously here at the hokelocal level. the decision to close school, some 900 campuses, affecting 640,000 students city-wide. the superintendent said that this threat was not made to one campus but to many schools. the district receives details about back pax and packages.
7:59 am
further this morning. the superintendent said the decision to close schools was based on precaution because of recent events. at this point, all 900 schools will be searched. anyone on those campuses is being told to leave. back to you. >> all right. mark cota-robles, a very busy week there. we want to turn to pierre thomas. he has more information on the terror alert system that the government is now working on. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. federal authorities are monitoring the situation very choosely in los angeles. you see these types of threats coming in from time to time. given what happened in paris. given what happened in internsan bernardino. this is also the anniversary of the tragic killings in newtown at the school system in connecticut from a few years ago. that's on everyone's mind, as well. the federal government issing look to make changes to the
8:00 am
they notify the public what to do about concerning threats. the homeland security secretary said he was concerned that in two years of putting a new system in place they never used it. he knows they have to figure out something in between to further update the american public on the nature of threats coming in to the government. >> this was out of an abundance of caution. they're going from school to school. law enforcement officials reiterating this is not connected to what we saw in san bernardino. >> reporter: exactly. this is a specific threat coming in about specific schools. they don't know how credible it is. they're taking no chances. >> thank you, pierre. we appreciate that. we turn now to lara and the morning menu. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." shannen doherty. did someone impersonate her to get her private information? and hidden cash in your home.
8:01 am
it made them more than $600. and a brand-new harry potter pre-quel trailer. it's fantastic the. what else is fantastic? one of my favorites, i know he's one of yours. will smith is with us. he's here signing autographs. >> it's fantastic.
8:02 am
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campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's. made for real, real life. welcome back to "gma." shannen doherty back in the headlines.
8:06 am
claiming the firm impersonated her to obtain confidential medical information. "nightline" anchor juju chang here with the story. hey, juju. >> good morning. you know, doherty is suing her former business manager for failing to pay her premiums allowing her health insurance to lapse, which she believes crucially delayed her breast cancer diagnosis. and now these newly released phone calls to the insurance company show that someone was trying to impersonate her. this morning, bombshell allegations in actress shannen doherty's lawsuit against her former management company. >> i have a tumor in my breast. >> reporter: the 44-year-old whose character on the hit show "90210" had breast cancer discovered she herself had breast cancer after being uninsured for a year because she says her former managers from the firm tanner mainstain neglected to pay her health insurance premium. >> hello, thank you for calling screen actor's guild health
8:07 am
help me. i know this might sound stupid. i need to know where my billing statement was mailed on january of 2014. >> reporter: overnight doherty's lawyer submitting phone calls as evidence in a new filing saying one member of her former management firm called the health insurance company falsely impersonating the star just days after doherty approached them about their failure to pay her insurance. >> can i get your name? >> shannen doherty. >> and your date of birth. >> 4/12/71. >> reporter: the caller asking the insurance company about her billing information but was denied after failing to provide sufficient information to confirm her identity as miss doherty. >> and can you verify the address on record? >> oh, gosh. is it no longer my business manager's? >> that's not what we have. >> i apologize for that. >> you can't verify the address? >> no. >> reporter: in the lawsuit, doherty's reps say the firm at one point admits it failed to pay doherty's insurance premium but later claimed the star's bills a
8:08 am
>> there's a lot you don't know about me. probably better that it stayed that way. >> reporter: abc news reached out to tanner mainstain but has not heard back. the company previously telling us her claims are patently false. doherty is seeking unspecified damages. now, you should know that her lawsuit claims that during the time she was uninsured, she didn't get medical care. and that, according to the suit, may have been the critical time breast cancer spread toot least one lymph node. doherty has reportedly been undergoing treatment. >> oh, juju. >> could be a landmark case. >> could be, could be, could be. >> absolutely. want to switch gears to "gma on the money." americans will spend an average of $805 on christmas shopping this year alone. abc's mara schiavocampo is going to show us how to find some hidden cash in your home to help pay for all those gifts. >> reporter: for the mulders the gift of giving can come with a hefty price tag. >> your turn. >> reporter: thanks to five kids under 8. do you want them to have the
8:09 am
>> yeah, we want them to have a really good christmas morning and a really fun time. >> reporter: the family spending about $1,000 last year. but it turns out there may be hidden holiday cash right in their house. enter money-saving expert lauren greutman. how much hidden money do you think most have in their home? >> about a thousand dollars. >> reporter: first she said, did you know there's money in old toys? clothes, too. >> things that sell really well are timeless like thomas the train, mr. potato head and my little pony. >> reporter: using the website, the mulders filled two boxes with toys in good condition and clothes that are in season. the company pays for shipping and once the boxes arrive they'll be put up for sale on the website. on average sellers earn about $150 per box. and bonus points. save the boxes your toys come
8:10 am
those can be worth cash, too. an american girl doll box can fetch as much as $30 on ebay. old electronics. even broken ones, check out just box up your items and send them to their california office where they will inspect, price and post your electronics. two smartphones and an airport express expected to fetch christie about $100 and finally even old books can make a buck. using the amazon seller app, christie scans the books' bar codes to find out how much they're worth. then she sets the price before sending them off to amazon, who will sell them. >> this book is worth $74.50. >> reporter: bringing in a whopping $196. in total the mulders found $656 making this christmas a little merrier. how is that going to impact christmas? >> well, it's going to help out a lot. >> maybe we'll make sure we get
8:11 am
very much. will smith has starred in many memorable movies, and he is about to add to that list with his latest, "concussion." he plays the brilliant forensic pathologist dr. bennet omalu. who was here yesterday. he discovered a connection between playing football and brain damage. >> if you continue to deny my work, the world will deny my work, but men, your men continue to die. their families left in ruins. tell the truth. >> well, we're looking up. the monitor is up there. so we're like looking. hello, will. how are you? >> i am so good. how are you doing? >> great to see you. i watched the screener. it is so powerful and it's really beautiful, his passion, and dr. omalu was here yesterday. congratulations on the golden globe nomination. >> thank you, thank you very
8:12 am
that's -- it's going well. this one, i was a little conflicted when i first took this film so it feels good that people are responding well to it. >> and i'm going to talk about how you were conflicted in just a moment but first, following him around, he performs autopsies. you really spent a lot of time to get the sense of who this man is, didn't you? >> yeah, he is such a beautiful man. he was here yesterday, so he is -- he's just sweet and brilliant. he has eight degrees. you know, so he's a man of science, but paradoxically he's a deeply spiritual man, you know, so it's like how he blends those two things that -- the science and the spirituality into one just gorgeous being. >> when someone is on his table he treats them as a patient speaking to them. >> yes, i saw him perform four
8:13 am
you know i take my work seriously, you know, so i'm committed. so, i went in there with him and an autopsy is aggressive, it really is. and i went and i watched him. and he sees himself as a deliverer of souls. you know, so he's playing music. he's talking to the person and he sort of sees himself delivering the soul from this world to the next, you know, so as an actor it was just ecstatic to find that depth of interesting character. >> so, we know how you feel about him. this is what he said about you yesterday. >> oh, okay. >> he took my story and the story of cte from the depths of the california central valley to the peak of the mountaintop of the american mountain and the american psyche and for this i'm profoundly grateful.
8:14 am
the globes, too. >> i love that guy. >> do you take on an added sense of responsibility? this is not the first time you've played a real-life character, as you did in two other films that received oscar nominations. do you approach it differently? >> i don't approach it differently as much as there's a little bit more weight to it. specifically with "concussion," we shot in pittsburgh. so, the families of a lot of the players were on the set. some of the locations we used were the actual places that the things happened, so there was an added burden and responsibility to the fact that these are people's lives that you're actually going to see and they're going to watch the movie. >> and as you alluded to earlier, you were a little conflicted in the beginning because dr. omalu took a lot of heat for this, especially from the nfl saying, you're anti-football. you're anti-sports, and you too
8:15 am
not quite sure about it because your son plays -- >> my son played for four years and it was some of the most beautiful time that we have had together. you know, this is not an anti-football movie. you know, i love football. i grew up in philly. i'm a football fan. my eagles, you know, so it was a very inconvenient truth, the reality of the science and as a parent, i knew that i didn't know when my son was playing football. i didn't know that repetitive head trauma from the game could cause long-term brain injury. >> and that's what dr. omalu was all about was just finding the truth. getting the truth. >> absolutely. people can make whatever decision they want. but for me, as a parent, i was impelled to deliver this film to the world. >> and you really did. you did that. i cannot believe it's been 25
8:16 am
>> oh, no. >> oh, yeah. this is how -- it all started here. this is where it all started. >> tragedy. tragedy. years ago it would have the legs it had. >> that does not look like a guy who's going to be nominated for a golden globe. >> oscars and that. you're going to hit the road. >> yeah, jazzy jeff and i, we never actually had a chance to go on tour because "fresh prince of bel-air" came on on in 1990 and our first real hit was 1988 so never really had a chance to go on tour. >> you're going to change that. >> we're going to change that this summer. >> all right. >> i'll see you out there. >> you're going to see my face in the place. >> throw your baseball cap on backwards and come on out. >> advantage your move. all the best to you, and to jada all this holiday season and the kids. >> a pleasure.
8:17 am
>> "concussion" opens nationwide on christmas day. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> that is a classic will smith dance. i love it. look what i found out here. this is roxanne and her grandmother katrina helped her make this and she said, we'll go on tv with this? you can't wear it on "gma" and not get on tv. welcome. from texas, roxanne. let's start the forecast. we go to oregon and the central oregon coast, seafoam blowing off. look at the people and dogs with all that coming in. you know it's been a ruckus couple of weeks out in the west and chilly one, freeze warnings and frost advisories from california to arizona this morning.
8:18 am
flagstaff.f. >> just chatting it up. all right, lara, let's get in for "pop." >> thank you, ginger. good idea. we begin with this. stars that dress together win together, at least that's what golden globe nominees jennifer lawrence and amy schumer are hoping for this award season. you know, it used to be a major fashion faux pas being caught wearing the same dress as someone else at the same event. >> true. >> not these gals. they are actually planning to play twins for the big night. j. law says since she's the face of christian dior, she has to wear the label but she'll have them make two of whatever they'd make for her, one for her and one for her bff. >> oh. if i must. >> oh, darnit. robin, if you have your label, make you something, i'm sure amy
8:19 am
as well. >> i'll keep that in mind. but, you know, we're thinking double trouble. both gals nominated for the same category, best actress in a comedy or musical, so that should be a great night. they're not taking over for tina and amy because nobody ever could. but this duo is pretty powerful and pretty fun so we'll see if they can pull off the twinsy look. >> why was it before a major fashion faux pas to wear the same -- >> oh, my gosh. because you spend so much time. >> you got 20 minutes? >> you know, as guys, we all wear the same thing. >> you got it easy. you got it easy. >> you do have it easy. we're wearing tuxes this year. twinsy. also in "pop news" this morning, it is a magical morning for harry potter fans, just a couple of hours ago the very first trailer for "fantastic beasts and where to find them" starring eddie redmayne appeared on twitter.
8:20 am
>> yesterday, a wizard entered new york with a case full of magical creatures, and -- unfortunately, some have escaped. >> it was open? >> just a smidge. >> just come in. >> uh-oh. just a smidge, but apparently a big enough smidge that a big hairy beast escaped. at least that's my interpretation. it is the first wizarding project by j.k. rowling since the last harry potter movie in 2011. something tells me this one, also starring colin farrell and jon voight, will cause quite a stir at the box office when it comes out. >> love harry potter. great books even for adults and not embarrassed to say. >> you're still like a child. >> you got it covered both sides. >> touche. and then finally everybody has different ways of recognizing their luggage at airports, especially during busy holiday times like this. you know, name tags, some people tie ribbons around the straps. we did not need a "pop news" investigation to recognize the most foolproof way ever to prevent your luggage from
8:21 am
take a look at this guy. >> bottom right. bottom right corner. >> to ensure his suitcase stays with him. you kind of can't miss it's his suitcase. he had a giant photo of himself emblazoned on the side of his satchel. >> ah. >> okay. >> we would love to tell you more about this unique and clever, i don't know, solution, however, the this was posted anonymously by someone at the airport who just thought it was brilliant. always here at "gma" to look for great ideas. >> we're never gonna forget that one. >> i will give you that suitcase with that guy. for christmas. we'll be right back.
8:22 am
don't know, solution, but this today's top stories.. a man is dead after he was shot by police near alexander and walnut. cops telling us this all started with a robbery... they were able to track the suspects down after they got a description of their car and the license plate number. when police arrived at a house, not far from that robbery, they were several people standing outside next to the car. that's when another man started
8:23 am
21:54:37:22 a male, adult male, emerged from the residence armed with a handgun, the officers have verbal commands to drop the firearm, but he refused, 21:54:48:07 that's when police shot and killed the man. they aren't sure if he was involved in the robbery. and just hours before--another officer involved shooting. police now say it appears to be a case of suicide by cop friends called police yesterday afternoon saying a woman was suicidal near craig and nellis. when police got there, the woman told officers she was armed and wanted a gunfight. this turned into an all day standoff until the woman finally came out of her house holding a shotgun. she tried to shoot herself and couldn't...then raised the gun towards officers and that's when two officers shot her. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour < > here's a look at today's top stories from good morning las vegas.. the countdown is on...
8:24 am
that smooth tennessee whiskey >> take it, boys. >> come on. you're as sweet as strawberry wine >> that was at the cmas this year, chris stapleton jamming with justin timberlake. and chris stapleton is going to be here live this morning right here on "good morning america." >> that is coming up but right now i was just handed something. we do need to tell you about this breaking news story. christmas is barreling toward us like a freight train and so is our ultimate entire's guide. one of the most popular things on it, adult onesies. nobody better to find out why they're so hot than becky worley wearing our lovely cheetah print. good morning, becky. >> rrr. this is the onesie i think of
8:25 am
and, you know, when google analyzed fashion trends and their searches for fashion gifts, even they were surprised. this is number one on the list. why? well, in a two-hour morning television program i'm not sure we could even begin to get to the bottom of that. but hey, let's try. >> maybe it started with that pajama family or ralphie in a "christmas story." >> you look like a deranged easter bunny. >> reporter: but these one-pieces for grownups are now a thing. google says searches for adult onesies is trending higher than ugly christmas sweaters selling at most of the retailers and on sale. these at macy's marked down from $40 target, $25. also kohl's and abercrombie & fitch have them, two retailers who often those percentage off deals regularly. >> on christmas morning, all you want to do is to not get out of
8:26 am
and i think a onesie is the best way to do it. >> reporter: whether you call them union sleep or footsie pajamas not just for bedtime anymore. khloe kardashian is trying to make a fashion out of them. and they're a big hit on social media sites like instagram. >> when instagraming, way more instagramable to put yourself in a cute onesie with a cute design than with a blanket. >> reporter: some of these styles are quite inventive. rrr. rrr. and this one even has built-in paws. i do have to say they are ridiculously comfortable and cozy. maybe the reason these onesies are so popular is that they take us back to our childhood and this time of year, that could be a really good thing. it's kind of the grownup way of being in your pajamas all the time. >> fashion. nostalgia. silliness.
8:27 am
>> you have great deals. >> $24 the one i'm wearing right now. >> that's target. >> we have some of the sort of styles really trending right now. >> this is really fashionable. >> who needs maverick, "top gun." >> nice, the one piece. will is modeling this aviator model. now, you'll notice it has a macho theme to it, pockets for comfortable and a zip from the bottom and zip from the top. you can figure out what that is for. >> keep those both zipped, please. >> back to work, will. >> all right, ariel has something on that's understated and subtle from one piece. on the back pockets for your wallet and your phone. i mean this is what's -- the kids nowadays are wearing them out and about. i know that it's sort of the ugly sweater party. but you get the idea. they have a little bit of style. >> i think that's cute. i think this is very stylish. >> jade is wearing a beautiful onesie and is that sweet or what?
8:28 am
>> go, jade. >> zippers very detail oriented. remember, you can sleep in this. and then you could throw on a pair of shoes or go to the grocery store. >> hopefully a shower. >> oh, that's a lot to ask, lara. i mean, come on. >> we want to thank all of our onesie wearers including our crew. amazing, this is what we're here for trying to give people great gift ideas at every price point. these run the gamut. >> how fun to put in on christmas morning with the whole fam? meow. >> i'm thinking about putting on the onesie. almost time for new year's resolutions. one company in utah got a head start, challenging its entire work forest last june to get fit. and they've met the challenge. collectively dropped 500 pounds and counting. jesse has their story. >> that's right. the 40 plus employees at sun war are halfway through their challenge an a few have lost
8:29 am
but they've all gained so much more by taking on this challenge together. take a look. this morning one company coming together to practice what they preach. sun warrior, a health food company in st. george, utah, committed to making plant based foods and supplements launching its first ever ambassador channel. a companywide competition where two employees will have the opportunity to become the face, or the body, of their brand. >> it's a great opportunity to create a culture for a company that puts a high value on health. here in the offices, we have created that environment. >> reporter: in the past ambassadors have typically been models fully equipped with six-packs and perfectly toned bodies. the competition kicking off in june. with sunwarrior employees meeting one on one with trainers
8:30 am
>> we have a trainer that comes in monthly. >> reporter: stocked with fruit and vegetables. the kitchen equipped with all the necessary ingredients to maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle. >> the cost of our groceries has gone up considerably as a result of the challenge, but we see employees in the kitchen constantly making smoothies or healthy meals that follow that plan. >> now six months later that hard work paying off. >> you have to be motivated and dedicated but once you start seeing results it's well worth it. >> reporter: this is jaren, a master scheduler. when he started the challenge. and take a look at the slimmer jaren now. several employees losing over 30 pounds, the entire work force losing 512 pounds combined. the two winners of the ambassador challenge will be announced in march. not all about winning for these hard workers. >> we just want to share that message. we have the power within ourselves to heal ourself and
8:31 am
>> such a great initiative and benefiting everybody there. we'll be checking back in to see how everyone did when they wrap up their challenge. >> they're already doing pretty well. >> i would say so, yeah. >> let's go back outside to ginger. >> george, how about we get in a little "ask zee." all brought to you by belfor and i've got annika from vermont. a live "ask zee," okay, get me your question. >> is it going to snow for christmas? >> and that is the question so many are asking, annika. i wish i had better news for you in new england. let's look at the forecast. what you see on that map is an average white christmas so should you on average, yes, but this year is not looking good. so mild and that jet stream next week really digs into the trough in the west and peaks up. it acts like a fence, fast-moving tunnel of air and blocks out the polar air and blocks out the chances of snow. i wish i had better news. we want more kids to ask questions. go to my facebook page and find us there.
8:32 am
hashtag. >> all that weather brought to you by belfor property restoration restoring more than property. george. >> thank you, ginger. coming up here we are
8:33 am
party. [ cheers and applause ] it's the most wonderful time to get dressed up and celebrate the holidays. and we're counting down to christmas with the best looks of the season. and all of these are going to be $150 or less. "good housekeeping's" style director lori bergamotto is here with the secrets to looking great for the holidays. so many getting ready for our holiday parties. ours might have been last night. we go to them. we have parties at home. sometimes at events. what's the one thing to remember when you plan what to wear? >> know your audience. take the temperature of the room. you don't want to be the girl completely overdressed for a casual gig. to that end we have some models to show you what to do. >> let's start with what to wear to the office party. alejandro, come on out. >> here she comes. >> a great look.
8:34 am
talk about basics. we tried to pick an outfit whether you work in a corporate or relaxed environment, you might have in your home. so a white shirt, black skirt. and it's all about jazzing it up with some accessories and gave her this amazing glittery belt from asos. get creative with your accessories. those are black pumps $20 from cupid and added a hair up clip. you can add clip-on earrings. you can do hair clips or go to the craft store. we are "good housekeeping" so we are crafty. this whole look, head to toe, under $150. >> i love the earrings. beautiful and elegant. next we have sasha. she's going to show us how to dress for a house party. festive and cozy. >> festive and cozy. >> you want to be festive but comfortable, think about a house party, it gets hot and everyone is standing near the kitchen. i don't know why that happens. but it does. >> yes, it does. >> you want to wear something
8:35 am
amy, the other thing we did here if you're going to shop for an outfit, there are bargains. an old navy sweater. >> isn't that so fun? >> the jeans here are less than two cartons of eggnog, $11 from forever 21 and give her these shoes, what we love, because they're gunmetal. they're a little different. and that heel gives her enough elevation to feel polished but really comfortable. you want to be practical. >> i really like this outfit. i might be stealing it. >> and it's a piece that lasts beyond january 2nd. >> yes, exactly. i love it. finally we have sara who is going to show us the best way to dress for a night out. >> okay, so far all seen the women that fall into the trap of the little black dress that might be a little too festive, let's say. what we loved about this, alternative to that black dress in the color of 2015 which was marsala. ending off with a bang from loft we loved that it was lace, because it's a little feminine.
8:36 am
it from lulu's, it's a little feminine. but with the shoes we paired, it's edgy. 85% feminine, 15% edgy and that's what makes great fashion. >> let's bring out all the models. all great looks and stressing, all of these under $150. >> head to toe, people. head to toe. >> so incredible. the january issue of "good housekeeping" is on newsstands now to find out where to buy these looks go to our website on yahoo! lori, thanks again. coming up, breakout country star chris stapleton performing live.
8:37 am
oh i can't very happy right now. our next guest skyrocketed into the spotlight after that epic performance with justin timberlake at this year's cma awards. and he also happened to win all three awards he was up for that night for his album, "traveler."
8:38 am
grammys. please welcome chris stapleton. ah, so how has life been since the cmas, my friend? >> a little different. holding up so far. >> all well deserved and the four grammy nominations, as well. i understand that you thought you were going to be seeing the nominations live but something happened. >> i watched -- i think what was the right channel but we got some bad information on the time to watch and then my sister-in-law walked in and she's like, congratulations. and then we were like, for what? we didn't know what so they had announced them online before they haired them on tv so we figured it out eventually and we got nominated for some grammys. >> you're just like the rest of us. you had to find out like the rest of us online. >> yeah. >> your beautiful wife morgan is here by your side and it must be nice to look over that shoulder and to see her there. >> yeah, it's always a comfort and a lot of fun to have her out here doing this so we have a good time singing together. >> and when you came out here you were fussing over him a
8:39 am
>> got to get the fuzzies off. >> i'm pretty fuzzy. >> yes, you are. fuzzy wuzzy. thank you all for being here. we've been loving the sound checks. now performing the song "more of you" from his album "traveller," chris stapleton. thank you. when i think of you and the first time we met and i heard the sound of your sweet gentle voice
8:40 am
me no choice and right then i knew it makes me want more of you again and again i fall more in love with you than i've ever been from the moment you wake me up till you kiss me good night everything that you do
8:41 am
when i think of you now years have gone by i think of the memories that time can't erase and all of the smiles that you've brought to my face your love's been so true it makes me want more of you again and again i fall more in love with you than i've ever been
8:42 am
till you kiss me goodnight everything that you do it makes me want more of you when i leave this earth you'll be holding my hand and it gives me comfort to know you'll be there and i'll thank the lord for
8:43 am
you're heaven to me it makes me want more of you again and again i fall more in love with you than i've ever been from the moment you wake me up till you kiss me goodnight everything that you do it makes me want more of you [ cheers and applause ]what the disney princess is doing now! plus....the search to find the best chefs to rep
8:44 am
today at 2 on valley view live.
8:45 am
okay, we had santa booked on "gma" tomorrow but his publicist canceled. sfw i'm philadelphia he's not here. because i would be nervous. >> so we got his biggest fan instead. live. and time for ugly sweaters. >> holy smokes. >> this week on abc's "good morning america." "good morning america" is brought to you by stanley steemer. first to be certified asthma and allergy friendly. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, chris, you make us want more of you. aw.
8:46 am
>> and the way you two were looking at each other. you and morgan. >> beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. >> inspiring to all of us.
8:47 am
have a great day, everyone.showdown, and all the action is happening right here in las vegas! heading into the debate, donald trump has a huge lead in the latest national poll. he's getting 40-percent of the vote, that's more than his next 3 competitors combined. here's another reminder of the lineup. trump will be dead center in between carson and cruz. the first debate starts at 3, and the main debate will follow that at 5-30. two candidates, marco rubio and donald trump both have their own ties to las vegas, well they came in a little early.. hoping to boost their base here in town. trump spoke to a huge crowd at the westgate, and rubio hosted his event at the renaissance hotel.. their speeches and style may be
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