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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  December 15, 2015 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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angeles unified school district today. this, after administrators say the district received an electronic threat they're calling "credible". the school district's police chief says the threat is still being analyzed... but it was serious enough to keep more than 660-thousand, kindergarten through 12th grade students at home. the closure also affects some 250- thousand adult education programs. all l-a-u-s-d personnel have been instructed to stay away from schools. the district's superintendent is calling on area employers to be flexible with parents being forced to find emergency childcare. the fbi is investigating the threat. hello and welcome to action news live at midday, i'm jessica janner. and i'm dayna roselli. pete rose strikes out again... major league baseball won't recognize him as a member of its league. he's speaking out about this latest ruling at the pete rose las vegas bar and grill near the m-g-m grand right now...
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you may remember, rose was stripped of his accolades in baseball due to his betting on the game. rose is a fixture you often see around the las vegas. he's frequently down on the strip selling autographed baseballs. rose had asked to be reinstated into major league baseball... but remains banned for life. the commissioner says he continued to bet on baseball when playing for the cincinnati reds. and officers open fire on a man overnight... metro officers say this all started with a robbery! but they don't know if the man they shot was the robber. marissa kynaston is at the scene near alexander and
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a late night robbery on north nellis-- ended with one man being shot and killed by police officers. the shooting happened on king pa street-- toss and thats where we find action news reporter marissa kynaston-- with the latest details. marissa intro officers just left the scene about an hour waiting for some family members to arrive here at the house. about ten family members officers. 21:54:48:22 sgt jeff clark, metro the male raised the firearm and pointed it at officers, at which time one officer fired several times, striking the male 21:54:55:22 that man did die-- but police do not yet know if he is the also overnight... a valley neighborhood was put on lockdown-- after a woman claiming to be suicidal, barricaded herself inside her home near craig and nellis. officers swarmed the home and tried to get a hold of her on
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they say three times she came out with a gun and pointed it at officers. the final time she had a shotgun and when she pointed it at officers, she was shot by a sniper. metro believes the woman had orchestrated the whole situation to be killed by police. an armed robbery an attempted armed robbery leave workers on edge overnight. we're told two black men wearing black clothes hit up the tropical smoothie on warm springs and durango. they were armed with a gun... then they walked across the parking lot and tried to hit up the subway, but didn't get any money there. police are looking for these suspects... call them if you have any information that may help their investigation. in today's red, white and blue political coverage... the countdown is on... to the next big republican presidential showdown, and all the action is happening right here in las vegas! heading into the debate, donald trump has a huge lead in the latest national poll. he's getting 40-percent of the vote, that's more than his next
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3 competitors combined. here's another reminder of the lineup. trump will be dead center in between carson and cruz. the first debate starts at 3, and the main debate will follow that at 5-30. ahead of the big debate... two candidates tried to boost their support here in town by holding events with the public... but not everyone greeted the candidates with open arms. :05 seconds of hecklers. (cut to) nats of trump saying byebye the hecklers were escorted out of donald trump's rally... but they didn't seem to bother trump at all. he kept right on talking to the massive crowd, taking a dig at president obama and his democratic challenger hillary clinton... but he did want to focus a lot of his speech on his tough stance on immigration, and the wall he plans to build to separate the u-s and mexico. this is a big building. you see that ceiling? that we have a real one. and i know how to build it. and i know how to get them (mexico) to pay for it. it's very simple,"
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just hours before that... florida senator marco rubio spoke to a packed room... talking about his childhood, and growing up in las vegas. sot 23:33:57:00 they were never rich people they were never famous, my father was a bartender, he worked banquets at sams town, you know sams town and my mother was a maid at the imperial palace. rubio went onto say that he hopes the debate focuses on national security. he talked about the dangers of isis, as well as the attacks in paris and san bernardino... and said that now is the time for america to build up its military. 23:38:51:00 we need to have the strongest military in the world, so we can confront any enemy anywhere at any time that threatens our national security and instead we are in the midst of the most dramatic defense cuts in a generation. and before tonight's big debate.. you can see another one of the candidates in person.
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holding a stand with rand meet and greet, at his campaign headquarters here in the valley near sunset and paradise. you just have to register online. the main debate starts at 5-30 tonight.. our crews will be inside. so make sure to stick with action news on air and online. we'll have all the big moments and highlights for you throughout the night, and of course tomorrow morning. as for the democrats, we do want to take this time to remind you that abc news will be show the democratic debate happening this saturday in new hampshire that will air right here on action news at 5 o clock. so mark your calendars. right now... have you seen this woman? police reported her missing just hours ago. they say she was last seen at bally's hotel yesterday around noon. her name is sharon neal, and her family is visiting from colorado. they are staying at the hotel. she is on medication for bi-polar and depression and has early onset dementia.
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if you see her please call police. we now know when former county commissioner tom collins will face the judge... for his recent drunk driving arrest. collins is due in court january 11th. prosecutors say they haven't filed charges against him, because they're waiting for his blood-alcohol test results and the police report for his arrest. our crews went to his home to talk to him about what happened, but no one answered. collins was taken into custody friday night, after a multiple car crash at flamingo and koval. red rock search and rescue is releasing new sketches of a missing teenager, in hopes it could help them finally track him down. take a look at these artist renderings of 17 year old macin smith. he was last seen more than 3 months ago, trying to hitch hike from saint george to las vegas. red rock has led several searches for him here in the valley and in utah. his family is also also offering a one thousand dollar reward for anyone with information that can lead them
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it sounds like something out of a movie... a family of four is stuck on a mountain overnight... no way to get out of the deep snow that prevents them from moving. find out what happens next. there.... and how it's affecting air
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news the woman says junk from an abandoned house nearby blows onto her property whenever it's windy. she says the house has been vacant for about two years. she and her landlord have both reached out to the h-o-a for help, but say nothing has been done. 11.37.53 i feel trapped because
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can't really say much 57 they're not going to listen to me because i don't own it 38.00 so i don't have much of a voice about whether they're cleaning the property up, or holding the owner accountable. but they did say that mary and her landlord should make sure all her complaints are submitted in writing. now to a dramatic rescue on mount hood. now to a dramatic rescue on mount hood. four members of an oregon family -- including two young children -- trapped overnight in deep snow. they spoke to the good morning america about how they survived until help arrived. what should have been a fun family day out turned into race against the clock for survival. braving 20 degree temperatures.... jose correa took his fiance, and his 2 little brothers to a park near mount hood in oregon... looking for the best hill for sledding. but with 44 inches of snow falling over the last was dangerous. their truck got stuck and they
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had no cell service. the group...hunkered down in their truck over the night ((sot) jose correa, stranded if i would have panicked, they would have panicked, too. so, i was calm, i was, you group of snowmobilers who got the group to safety. a heavier-than-expected storm hit the denver metro area overnight. drivers woke up to roads covered in four to five inches of snow and plenty of ice. the weather forced several schools to close for the day. about 130-flights were reported canceled at denver international airport tuesday morning because of the inclement weather. plows are out clearing roads to keep traffic moving. the white stuff is expected to continue falling through noon, followed by some showers. before it's all over, denver may see about eight inches of snowfall. low pressure has moved on but we will still be feeding in a northwest wind and with it comes cold air.
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conditions between 10 and 20 mph will be common this morning through the afternoon; slightly weakening into the overnight with clear skies. temperatures continue to drop now into the mid and upper 40s today and tomorrow. with the wind, temperatures will feel like they are in the upper 20s and low 30s so take steps to keep you and your family warm through the day and be sure to have
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pipes wrapped, potted outdoor plants brought in along with any outdoor pets and be sure to prepare your elderly relatives for the chill. tonight, temperatures will drop to freezing conditions and will continue for wednesday night as well. thursday will yield a warming into the 50s. by the weekend low 60s and adlib at desk
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still ahead on action news at midday... in today's health report-- vending machines don't have to be full of junk food. we'll show you. plus... a new way to get drinking water from the ocean. could it help us here in the
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exchanges - if you want coverage to begin new year's day. should you miss the deadline
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though, don't worry. you'll still have the chance to get obamacare for 2016, if you register by the end of january. your coverage however, would begin later in the year. the affordable care act requires americans to carry health coverage or pay a fine. people who choose not to get coverage will face steeper fines this year...with an average penalty of almost one-thousand-dollars. vending machines don't have the best reputation for healthy options... but one soft-drink company is working to change that. pepsi has unveiled the new hello goodness vending machine that offers "good-and-better-for-you product choices." those products include naked juice drinks, lay's oven baked chips, doritos and gatorade... as well as gluten-free and fat-free options. the hello goodness machines have touch screens that display the nutritional information of the products and can also suggest food and beverage pairings based on the time of day. the company says it will place thousands of machines in a variety of locations throughout 2016, including healthcare, governmental and educational facilities.
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there's still more to come on action news at midday... including a way to put your christmas tree to good use long after the holiday is over. we'll explain. and a you've heard of a show stopper...coming up see how one man stops traffic in order to propose to his girlfriend. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate.
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our community. drop it off at any of the henderson parks on your screen from december 26 through january 14 to have it recycled. there are more parks on our website. the trees will be chipped.. then used as mulch in parks and around city buildings. you can't, however, recycle fake trees. what we really need to do is recycle water! and another step in that direction... the largest desalination plant of its kind in the u-s was dedicated yesterday in carlsbad, california. the billion-dollar plant promises to convert water from the pacific ocean into drinkable water.
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the project is a partnership between poseidon, a company specializing in water distribution, and the san diego county water authority. they have agreed to a 30-year water purchase agreement. ((mark weston/ san diego county water authority) "this facility will provide about 10 percent of our water supply serving about 400,000 people and producing about 50 million gallons a day.)) proponents say the entire process is environmentally responsible. but not everyone agrees. a policy manager for the surfrider foundation says desalination is not only expensive, but it will disrupt protected areas and waste energy. in other news... the mob museum is getting ready for a big surprise to honor its one millionth guest! the unsuspecting visitor will be greeted with balloons, a confetti launch, a special proclamation by oscar goodman accompanied, of course, by show girls. there will also be a champagne toast and cake for everyone there! the celebration will be around 11-30 this morning....
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so any minute! it's said love can make you do crazy things. for one houston man over the weekend, a plan to propose to his girlfriend - stopped traffic. c-n-n's chauncy glover introduces us to the couple in love. ahhh...young love. (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "we meant to be for each other." a love story that starts here at cafe laya.l (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "in my head i was like who is that guy with the loud voice." 23 year old- michelle wycoff "he asked me to go out with him and i said sure." and so it was a date. (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "this is exactly the same place...i stopped on my motorcycle here, and since then she loved the view." the perfect view of houston's lit up sky line. a year and a half later... (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "why not stop traffic for like a couple minutes and just propose right there?" on a highway? risky, but worth it said vidal. (vidal valladares, groom-to-be)
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her to get her nails done too." sunday afternoon... (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "i picked her up from the house after that with all my friends and then everybody followed me." (butted) (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be)"i was like babe, you have people following us." (butted) (vidal valladares, i-10.. (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "that's my favorite view." (butted) (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "there were about 8 cars with me and then we just lined up, 4 and 4 and we michelle got out. (cell video nats) (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "i was just in shock, so i really didn't know what to say." somehow she fixed her lips to say yes. (cell video nats) (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "just love makes you do stupid things." (butted) (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "i will never forget...forever." a match made in houston. (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "it was like the best moment." right in the middle of i-45. (michelle wycoff, bride-to-be) "i love him, i do." (butted) (vidal valladares, groom-to-be) "and i love you too babe." still to come on action news at midday... all eyes will be on las vegas tonight... as republicans get ready for
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debate this year. and estimates show that you'll spend more than 800 dollars this holiday season... but we'll show you where to find hidden cash. and remember to get breaking news, weather and traffic updates on the ktnv mobile app, anytime, anywhere. to get it, search ktnv in your
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former vice presidential candidate sarah palin weighs in on the latest republican race for president. and speaking of that race... the candidates are here... for their last debate of the year. we'll have the latest. hello and thanks for joining us on this second half of action news at midday, i'm dayna roselli. and i'm jessica janner. in just a few hours, the republican presidential candidates will take the stage for 20-15's final debate- right here in las vegas!
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donald trump may be the front-runner, but he's likely in for a fight with ted cruz. dianne gallagher is here with a preview. heading into tonight's republican debate, donald trump has a huge lead, at least in the national polls. he has crossed the 40-percent mark in a national poll from monmouth university. that's more than the next three competitors combined. the polling began last thursday, just days after trump announced his plan to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u-s. it's a move that may have gotten backlash, but as we've seen with trump before, that just strengthens his support. take a look at this poll from abc news, suggesting nearly 60-percent of republicans back the proposal. it's no surprise to the billionaire businessman. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i have many friends that are muslims, and i will tell you, they are so happy that i did this." coming up fast on trump is texas senator ted cruz. a pair of polls shows him leading trump among iowa republicans. (rep steve king/(r) iowa) "i would say that they're not
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voters, the primary voters, and the iowa caucus-goers, so what matters in this, it's about the nomination." if cruz does get the nomination, many critics say he's too conservative to win in the general election. (jeffrey toobin/legal analyst) "he is someone who believes, to the core of his being, that republicans fail when they move to the center." meanwhile, the rest of contenders will use the debate stage to try to win back some of their lost momentum. and former v-p candidate sarah palin is weighing in on tonight's debate. she spoke with c-n-n's jake tapper at a "politics on tap" event at the double barrel roadhouse in las vegas. she doesn't plan to endorse any time soon, but said donald trump and ted cruz are win-win options. ((sarah palin/ fmr. alaska governor) "what a nice problem to have it came down to cruz and trump. what a good problem for voters to have, because we know that, as you say, they are both strong and very decisive and someone who would take the initiative.
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that is what we need today, and both of those candidates fit that bill.)) palin's daughter willow, who attended monday night's event, did announce an endorsement. she says she's backing trump. a 19 year old is now behind bars in the valley.... as we're learning more about what police originally thought was a deadly domestic dispute. police are now saying it all started with a fight with several people in a convenience store parking lot near craig and mlk. the brawl ended in gunfire and 20 year old tineshea antovia adams was killed. norman smith is now under arrest on a murder charge. investigators believe the two knew each other, but they are not saying their exact relationship. north las vegas police also revealing new details in the other woman's murder, near lamb and the i-15. officers say they believe the woman was a passenger in a car
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stopped on the i-15 off ramp. they say witnesses told them the woman and another person got out of the car, and that's when she was shot multiple times. officers haven't given us a description of the suspect, but they are looking for that person. new developments on the dozens of sexual assault claims against famous comedian bill cosby. woman after woman has sued him-- and now he's suing some of them back! cosby filed a lawsuit against 7 women who who've accused him of sexually abusing them. he says these particular women have been "malicious, opportunistic," and have made false claims against the actor for "their own financial gain." the 78 year old has consistently denied all the allegations against him. he's seeking an unspecified amount of money in damages. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will have to go through a military criminal trial, on the charges he deserted his post... and endangered his fellow soldiers. in 20-09, bergdahl disappeared in afghanistan, and was held
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captive by the taliban for 5 years. the u-s released 5 taliban prisoners for his freedom, and 6 u-s troops died after he disappeared. the deaths were during missions partly aimed at finding bergdahl. if convicted, he could face life in prison. salinas, california police are helping investigate after two kids, ages three and five, were found dead in a storage locker in redding. a third child -- a young girl found severely abused -- is fighting for her life after undergoing surgery. plumas county authorities have arrested 39-year-old tami joy huntsman and a 17-year-old male monday on charges of felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. the investigation has led to an apartment complex in salinas. investigators would not say what they were looking for there. new this midday... a maryland man is arrested for
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helping isis--- but he says the fbi has it all wrong... he was actually trying scamming the terrorist group! the man told agents he believes isis gave him 9-thousand dollars to finance an attack here in the u-s. authorities say the man spent some of the money on a laptop, pay as you go phones and personal expenses. he told the fbi he felt he should be rewarded for his success, and they should offer him a job. investigators are still looking into whether or not he was scamming the group. pastors, rabbis and imams came together in minneapolis last night to talk about ways to combat islamaphobia. muslim leaders in the city say somali- americans have been targets of hatred because of community leaders and representatives from a variety of faiths packed one of the oldest mosques in the city for the meeting. they discussed the fact that muslim extremists are a tiny minority and that the actions of a few do not represent them
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a man in new mexico has confessed to killing a four-year-old girl in a road rage incident. police say tony torrez shot lilly garcia in october, while she was riding in her father's pickup truck. and now father haley rush has heard the recording of torrez's confession to police. ((voice of tony torrez, road rage murder suspect): "so when he forced his way in i honked at him and flipped him off.)) torrez says he then zoomed in front of that car -- slamming on his brakes. torrez claims he thought things were over... but they escalated. ((voice of tony torrez, road rage murder suspect): "i was in fear for my life. he was trying to run me off the road.)) torrez says he tried to get having no idea kids were in it. and as for lilly's family --- he tells detectives to let them know he's sorry. a wild scene inside an oklahoma courthouse.. after a suspected armed robber escapes from police not once but twice! only to be tackled to the ground!!
11:31 am
here you see the suspect... who was getting ready to face the judge. he's arguing with an officer... then he takes off running. he goes down the hall, and realizes he's trapped. officers surround him, then.... he takes off again! that's when the district attorney sees what's going on and intervenes. he grabs the man by his leg and tackles him to the ground. sot prater: you know working in this courthouse is like being in the wild west you just never know what is going to happen. and as you can imagine, once he finally got in front of the judge... they were quick to send him back behind bars. some lucky star wars fans have received the ultimate treat... an advanced screening of the movie out this weekend. that's coming up in today's now trending report. plus... find out why a shirtless jogger is creating quite the
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what the disney princess is doing now! plus....the search to find the best chefs to rep the u-s-a
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today at 2 on valley view live. hey las vegas- coming up this year. this midday we've got some ways you can make some of that money back -- by finding the hidden cash in your home. abc's mara schiavocampo shows us how. music + family shot standing in front of their house (or playing in house) for the mulders, the gift of giving can come with a hefty price tag? nats - kids playing ?thanks to yeah. we want them to have a really good christmas morning nats - christi reading receipts 13;05;12;00 ?362.17. the family - spending about a thousand dollars last year ?but money saving exert lauren greutman. lauren greutman what we're going to do is find hidden gems in your own house that you can sell and make some big bucks. [christi] ok let's get to it! first, greutman says -did you know - there's money in old toys? clothes, too. lauren greutman you're going
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timeless toys, things like ninja turtles, barbies, my little ponies and electronics. nat looking at kids toy using the website swap dot com, the mulders fill two boxes with toys in good condition and clothes that are in season. the company pays for shipping and once the boxes arrive at their warehouse they'll be put up for sale on the website?on average sellers earn about $150 per box!! keyable: $150 per box and bonus points? save the boxes your toys come in -- those can be worth cash, too?an american girl doll box can fetch as much at $30 on ebay. keyable: $30 and then another keyable of the ebay logo (in crackle) next up?old electronics-even broken ones. check out websites like kiiboo dot com ?just box up your items and send it to their california office where they will inspect, price and post your electronics? two smartphones and an airport express.. expected to fetch christie around $100 keyable: $100 nats and finally -even old books can make a buck. nats using the amazon seller
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barcodes to find out how much they're worth. then, she sets the price before sending them off to amazon, who will sell them lauren greutman 13;34;49;24 anybody can do this in very few hours. bringing in a whopping $196 (keyable: $196) in total, the mulders found $656 keyable nats wow! making this christmas a little merrier. 11;51;49;54 [mara] how is that going to impact christmas? [jeremy] well it's going to help out a lot. // [christi] maybe we'll make sure we get gifts for each other this year. [laughs] low pressure has moved on but we will still be feeding in a northwest wind and with it comes cold air. partly cloudy and breezy conditions between 10 and 20 mph will be common this morning through the afternoon; slightly weakening into the overnight with clear skies. temperatures continue to drop
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into the mid and upper 40s today and tomorrow. with the wind, temperatures will feel like they are in the upper 20s and low 30s so take steps to keep you and your family warm through the day and be sure to have your exposed outdoor pipes wrapped, potted outdoor plants brought in along with any outdoor pets and be sure to prepare your elderly relatives for the chill.
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to freezing conditions and will continue for wednesday night as well. thursday will yield a warming trend with highs bouncing back into the 50s. by the weekend low 60s and upper 50s will be common but another disturbance by saturday night will bring back the wind sunday and monday of next week. now let's take a look at today's top stories now
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santa is banned... a jogger loses his shirt... and fans go crazy for star wars... these are the stories that are making today's trending headlines. audiences excitedly embraced the new "star wars" film at its worldwide premiere last night. they cheered new and old characters as the franchise returned to the big screen for the first time in a decade. those who watched "star wars: the force awakens" at the t-c-l chinese theater cheered the appearances of familiar characters such as han solo and chewbacca and new characters rey and captain phasma. disney rolled out the film at three hollywood theaters monday
11:41 am
evening for around 5,000 invited guests. the premiere featured a red carpet lined by stormtrooper costumes and other memorabilia. "the force awakens" opens to the public on friday and has already broken pre- sale ticket records. a t-v interview with a shirtless jogger in chicago is getting a lot of online love. a reporter caught up with ethan renoe sunday night as he was running, shirtless, along lake michigan in the warm and rainy weather. the resulting video got more than 27- thousand likes, more than 17-thousand shares and thousands of comments on facebook. on monday, renoe visited w-g-n and reacted to all that online attention. ((ethan renoe/ shirtless jogger) "i mean it's really been crazy. i have about 900 friend requests (on facebook) right now that i have to sort through." (anchor) "'cause they could see your heart just in that short clip..." (anchor) "don't spare any details, been married five years (500!) and
11:42 am
tell us all about it." (ethan renoe/ shirtless jogger) "3,000 comments last time i checked." (anchor) "whew!)) in the video, renoe said it was too wet to wear shirts and he loves running in the rain. he also mentions that he's single. commenters on facebook later praised his looks and tried to get dates with him. renoe said he was surprised about how quickly the video took off. santa is welcome most places... but not in a new york public school... that is until parents got involved. parents and students heard the principal in brooklyn say "no" to santa... so they let their opinions be known. parents weren't happy about it... claiming santa is not a religious figure... just someone who makes kids happy. the principal caved and santa made a comeback. for more stories trending right now.. go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending
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news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. she's my apple pie glass: mason jar technique: shaken ingredients: 2 oz fireball cinnamon whiskey 2 oz apple juice 1 oz pineapple juice oz monin salted caramel 1 oz hard cider whipped cream, teaspoon cinnamon and favorite cinnamon cookie or graham cracker for garnish directions: shake ingredients
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top with hard cider. garnish with whipped cream, dust with cinnamon and add favorite cinnamon cookie or graham cracker. enjoy! low pressure has moved on but we will still be feeding in a
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10 and 20 mph will be common this morning through the afternoon; slightly weakening into the overnight with clear skies. temperatures continue to drop upper 20s and low 30s so take steps to keep you and your to freezing conditions and will into the 50s. sunday and monday of next week. here's tonight's primetime lineup on channel 13... it starts at 8 with toy story that time forgot... followed by shrek the halls at 8:30... then i want a dog for christmas, charlie
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it all wraps up with action new at 11. that's it for us here...
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