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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  December 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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time to finish their shopping. take pkg: hundreds in the valley took to the streets of town square in order to put a check mark next to every item on their christmas shopping list. "oh we're just picking up a couple last minute gifts. and jalyn is from out of town and lives in louisiana and she's here so we're christmas shopping for her! "i might get something skate related for my brother. and like a mug for my dad i don't know" some people just need those last few times.... others....well...they're just getting started "i haven't really had time to get out" "i can't find anything!" retailers are excited for girls like these ones... hoping for a rush of procrastinators as they offer deep discounts and stay open late. nats of train?? scout is excited to get her christmas scout is excited to get her christmas shopping done.... because this year...her gifts really are to say thanks. "my dad and my brother kind of do a lot for me and i don't like to show them that they do but they do a lot for me so i
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something" with so many differences amongst shoppers between who they're shopping for and what they're buying.... most have at least one thing in common. and that's their favorite part about christmas. just dinner with the family. opening up gifts. that's it" to cater to all the last minute square will be open until ten p-m through wednesday.... toys r us will stay open until 2 a-m. and walmart and kohls will be open around the clock. reporting live gina lazara channel 13 action news. now an update to a story we first brought to you as it was breaking... authorities say they have found five bodies among the wreckage of a plane that crashed near bakersfield, california yesterday. the victims still haven't been officially identified. the single-engine aircraft with tail number n-36-402 ....was heading from san jose to the
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was last detected on radar about 10 miles south of bakersfield. officials from the faa and ntsb are currently on scene trying to determine what caused this crash. we have an update on the woman convicted of crahsing into a man pushing his grandchild in a stroller galina kilova's sentencing is scheduled for tuesday. kilova's case sparked outrage...after the woman waited six days to turn herself in following the crash.. the baby only suffered minor injuries...but that grandfather died at the scene. a man has been arrested for hitting and killing a man riding a moped in north las vegas last night. police arrested 35-year-old david coleman. coleman faces several charges, including driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. officials say coleman was speeding down las vegas boulevard when he struck the 24-year-old man on the moped. police are investigating a shooting at a park near cashman
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witnesses say they saw two or three males arguing then heard a gun shot. one victim was taken to umc trauma and immediately taken into surgery. no word on his condition. no one is in custody at this time. new at six.. police in berkeley, california are calling a man's death inside a fraternity house "suspicious." officers found the 20-year old dead early yesterday morning inside the pi kappa phi house. we're told they tried to resuscitate the man using c-p-r but they were not successful. we've been talking to witnesses, members of fraternity, examining evidence at the scene, to figure out exactly what happened police say the man was in his early 20's. autopsy results are pending. we're getting new information on a bear attack in new jersey. three kids and one adult now in the hospital. we have the communication between police.... leading up to the rescue. "we have a gentlemen in the
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been injured by the bear." "alright chief on an update from medical, he is bleeding from his neck, his arm, and his head." reports of a bear attack sent first responders scrambling to the scene. friends reportedly lit fires to send smoke signals alerting emergency crews to the location in rockaway township. be advised that we have the youth yelling out loud and they also have started a fire possibly for a smoke signal." "we have the helicopter hovering above them, we have the party here, all of us are going to go with those kids." all those involved were airlifted to the hospital. there is no word on their conditions. the attack happened just one day after the state of new jersey ended an official black bear hunt... 510 bears were killed over the ten- day hunt period. suggested script: a walk in the woods turned in to a walk on
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three children in northern new jersey. ((take sot)) credit: broadcastify "we have a gentlemen in the cave with the 63-year-old spencer anderson died yesterday at the southern desert correction center in indian springs. an autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death. anderson was serving 10 to 40 years after being sentenced in december 1995. anderson was the second inmate to die yesterday. just hours before, another inmate died at the "northern nevada... corrections center's... medical facility"... in carson city. inmate "anthony daniels"... was a 53 year old male serving 24 to 72 months for coercion. authorities say an autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death. . now to the scare at a mall.. smack in the middle of the holiday rush. we're a getting the story from all angles. cell phone video here shows the aftermath. on the ground is a man shot in the leg.
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multiple calls. near the boston store and hallmark store in east towne mall. reports of at least one shot being heard, people running everywhere madison, wisconsin police say it started saturday morning... a brawl breaking out between roughly a dozen people. causing one person to pull out a handgun and opening fire. a very scary moment for the united states, already on edge....following the terror attack in san bernardino. thankfully, this scene, much less tragic. and police say there is no link to terrorism. new at six.. belgian police arrested another person believed to be involved in last month's attacks in paris. 130 people died in that terror attack. the belgian raids went down near the same building where suspected ringleader lived... "abdel hamid.. abaa- oud". officials are not releasing any more information.. though they are expected to give an official statement tomorrow. new york is honoring two police detectives killed in the line
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the city dedicated plaques today to officers "rafael ramos" and "wenjian liu"... outside their precinct. family members and fellow officers also laid a wreath at the site of their shooting in brooklyn. the officers were shot in their patrol car by a lone gunman, who later killed himself. mayor bill de blasio says the entire city still remembers that day. one year ago, two of new york's finest were attacked, they were attacked because of the uniform they wore, because of the badge they wore, and that was therefore not only an attack on these two good brave men, but an attack on all of us, an attack on everything we value and everything we hold dear." the gunman, ismaaiyl brinsley, had made angry social media posts about police killings of two black men. officers ramos and liu were posthumously promoted to detectives. if you're feeling the holiday spirit, here's your chance to
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comedy-magic-duo ...penn and teller... are asking you to donate blood now through friday at select united blood services locations. here's the best part. aside from making las vegas a better place to live.. you'll also get two free tickets to penn and teller's show. you'll find the locations to give blood on our website, still ahead...your post office is getting ready for the busst shipping day of the year. thousands of packages are headed for las vegas. plus.. a crash landing with a miraculous ending. but this isn't the first washington home owner. then from contact 13. is a new drone sitting under your christmas tree? new rules from the f-a-a may have
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up near a tacoma, washington home. and get this-- it's all caught on camera. take a look... . first debris .. then there it is. landing just feet from the owner... "lance anderson" says.... he heard the driver screaming as the man stumbled off into the darkness.
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tires blew and i couldn't figure it out and there was something still making noise the driver has some minor scratches and bruises but that's it. lance says this is not the frist time a car has tumbled down his hill. a warning now for anyone considering buying a drone for christmas. starting tomorrow, you'll have to register the aircraft.... with the government. abc's devin dwyer explains why the f-a-a wants to keep tabs on the little flying machines in tonight's consumer alert script: (nat - drone take off) they're one of the hottest gifts of the season (nats - drone flying) and biggest headaches for law enforecement (nats - drone crash) starting monday, if you own a drone weighing over half a pound you'll have to register online (sot - u.s. transportation sec. anthony foxx) this is about having a national registry of folks who are owners of drones and users of drones. it'll cost five bucks to sign up, but the f-a-a is making registration free for the first 30 days.
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address, email and credit card information. the feds give you a tracking number to clearly display on your drone. and kids as young as 13 will have to have their parents register for them. (nats buzzing drones) as more drones swarm the skies, the government wants greater "accountability and responsibility" for pilots?after growing numbers of dangerous close-calls. (natsot - pilot to atc) we almost got hit by a drone, just to let you know up here, just abotut 20 feet. above california's forest fires forced the grounding of tankers battling the blaze. they've sent the white house and startled spectators at the u.s. open back in september. (sot - commentator) "that's gonna cause a halt in play for a moment" if your drone goes rogue, its new tracking number will help authorities -- or even your neighbors -- hunt you down....a new searchable public database will list your full name and home address. we're tracking a developing
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officials are still trying to figure out what caused a cargo train to derail this morning near rockledge. some of the train's 3-thousand of it. but authorities say they have the spill. we have new developments following a landslide in china. at last count 22 people are still missing....according to the associated press. the slide buried buildings around an industrial park in shenzhen.. a town in southern china. authorities say they have rescued seven people so far. it looks like fargo, north dakota's ready for a white christmas. kids and adults broke out their sleds this weekend. more snow is expected for fargo just before christmas eve. ad-lib a series of systems will bring us on and off cloudy
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through tuesday, the precipitation associated with these systems will stay to our north, but that will change by wednesday afternoon, ahead of a system that will pass through the area for the holidays. in the short term, expect high temps in the mid 50s tomorrow, then upper 50s on tuesday and wednesday. expect breezy winds on tuesday. a slight chance for rain begins wednesday, then chances get better on christmas eve and christmas day. conditions will pick up to windy on thursday and stay in the windy category on friday. high temps drop a little to the mid 50s on thursday, then to around 50 for christmas day and
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the winds will be down to breezy on saturday, but wind chill factors will still be in play with the cold temps expected. by sunday, the system will be completely out of the area and a warming to the mid 50s is expected with calmer wind and a
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50s is expected with calmer wind and a lot more sunshine. ((adlib wx close)) mother nature put up a
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this morning near spokane, washington.... these are images of the northern lights... just east of the city...the best time to see the lights is usually in winter... from places like northwestern canada or alaska....however they can sometimes be seen as far south as new orleans. turning now to your red, white & blue 2016 political coverage. just off the heels of the final democratic presidential debate.. cnn's reid binion explains.. what seems to be getting a lot of attention isn't the content of the debates... but rather.. their scheduling.
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the third and last debate of 2015-- democratic presidential bernie sanders and martin o'malley battled on key issues -- like gun control and national security.. this time in new hampshire. while many of the g-o-p debates saw high ratings with prime-time weekday slots, the last two democratic debates -- scheduled by the democratic national committee -- for saturday nights, haven't gotten as much attention. c-n-n's jake taper asked candidate martin o'malley for his take on the scheduling. (jake taper / cnn) "i want to ask you about the role that the dnc is playing in this election, which senator sanders is focused on. do you think the reason two of the three democratic debates have been scheduled on saturday nights is because the dnc wants to limit the audience and thereby under the theory help hillary clinton?" (martin o'malley / (d) presidential candidate) "yes, in fact, that's also why for the first time ever they limited the number of debates." indeed, at this stage in 2007, democratic presidential hopefuls had debated 17 times. the last televised democratic debate on c-b-s, also aired on a saturday and averaged 8.5 million viewers...
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cnn democratic debate, which aired on a tuesday a month earlier and averaged 15.3 million viewers. more complete ratings from saturday night's debate will be available monday. meanwhile, the next democratic presidential primary debate is set for sunday january 17th in charleston, south carolina. i'm reid binion reporting. in another contact 13 consumer alert. tomorrow is the united states postal service's busiest day of the year. more than two-point-six million pieces of mail will be delivered in southern nevada... that includes 205-thousand packages. all of its going to your mailboxes tomorrow. an estimated 30 million parcels will be deliverd nationwide. "the force".... awakened in theaters across the country this with the release of the new 'star wars' movie... and it pulled the record for the biggest box office opening ever. disney estimated ticket sales at 238 million dollars. that blew previous record holder 'jurassic world.... into another galaxy...
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the top sellerthis weekend. fox's 'alvin and the chipmunks: the road chip' landed in second, with an estimated 14-point-four million dolllars in ticket sales. third place went to 'sisters,' starring tina fey and amy poehler, which made an estimated 13-point-four million dollars. coming up.. good news for your wallet. gas prices just hit the lowest price in six years. plus.. the spirit of christmas! what a bus boy does with three thousand dollars. action news wants to help you stay informed 24/ sign up for breaking news ealerts at you'll need to go to the member's page...which you can get to by clicking on the
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breaks a bottle of champagne... on the new u-s-s omaha.. christented this weekend in mobile, alabama. the combat ship is the fourth u-s. navy ship to be named after omaha, the largest city in nebraska. a bus boy is busy at work when he finds three-thousand dollars cash. but johny duckworth doesn't keep the money. he took straight to the bank in grand junction, colorado. johnny "thumper duckworth busboy at randy's southside diner these people who come in here our family to us, we take care of them." turns out the money belonged to a diner regular.. darrell cox. the bank tracked cox down and at the randy's southside diner.. he handed duckworth 300-dollars. christmas came early at the gas pump this year. .the nationwide average for a gallon of regular dropping to two dollars a gallon, according lucky. our average is closer to $2.53.
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at 6:30 outrage tonight after the release of new video in a deadly police shooting. the disturbing clip is raising questions about what really happened when california sheriff's deputies were trying to handcuff a suspect. and we'll have an update on the crash of small plane on it's way to henderson when it crashed just outside of bakersfield, killing everyone onboard. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
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the family of a man who died after an altercation with police in calling for the case to be reopened. good evening... and thanks for joining us. i'm jacqui heinrich. disturbing new video of a fatal shooting involving two l-a sheriff's deputies... has been released. the video is raising new questions about what actually happened when they shot and killed a man they were trying to handcuff. the attorney for the man's family is now calling that execution. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. nats - arrest video (hitting his hand) trk= 10 seconds , newly released cell phone video showing the critical moments leading up to the fatal shooting of twenty three year old noel aguilar (a-gee-lar) in long beach california last year? trk= 5 seconds watch as these two deputies struggle with aguilar on the ground attempting to make an arrest? nats - arrest video trk= 5
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at aguilar?but accidently shoots the other deputy? nats - "ahhhh" nats - officer: "i've been shot." trk= 3 seconds moments later aguilar is shot multiple times? nats - shots trk= 4 seconds those deputies continuing to hold him down even as he's shot? nat/aguilar - "i'm dying." trk= 3 seconds this video?heartbreaking for aguilar's family? sot//mary herrera, fianc?e he was just so happy waiting for our daughter//when he got killed i was 5 months pregnant?" trk=3 seconds and now at the center of a pending legal battle? sot// angel carrazco, attorney "do i believe that my client was executed? absolutely?"//the officers are not supposed to lie on your body, especially when you're dying? trk= 5 seconds according to the family lawyer, a similar video was given to the los angeles district attorney. trk= 12 seconds (((gfx ))) the da concluded in february that aguilar had been under the influence? "of marijuana and methamphetamine." and that the deputies "acted in lawful self-defense and defense of others when they used deadly
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the family thinks otherwise? sot// angel carrazco, attorney what everybody wants to see - my clients and including myself - is prosecution. new information tonight on another deadly police shooting in california. authorities say a police officer shot and killed a man in a hospital emergency room yesterday. according to authorities, the 26- year-old suspect picked up a stool and reached for an officer's gun police tried to transport him to jail. he was pronounced dead on the scene at harbor-ucla medical center. police say the man was first transported to the emergency room after an altercation with day. a busy shopping day turned terrifying after a gunman wisconsin mall yesterday. this happened at the east towne mall in madison... police say a fight involving around ten people broke out in the center court of the mall and that's when shots were fired. (mos man) "my wife and i were inside and i saw a flood of running towards the back."
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gunman tonight.. officials say an employee at one of the kiosks near the shooting...was grazed by a bullet but he is expected to be okay. a number of people were detained but no one was arrested. police are still looking for the suspect. action news is tracking some developing weather conditions as we head into the holiday week. a live look outside right now where its pretty mild....but we could see a chilly christmas. meteorologist karla huelga ...has a look at what's headed our way. karla? a series of systems will bring us on and off cloudy conditions throughout the week. through tuesday, the precipitation associated with these systems will stay to our north, but that will change by wednesday afternoon, ahead of a system that will pass through the area for the holidays. in the short term, expect high temps in the mid 50s tomorrow, then upper 50s on tuesday and wednesday. expect breezy winds on tuesday. a slight chance for rain begins wednesday, then chances get better on christmas eve and
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authorities say they have found five bodies among the wreckage of a plane that crashed near bakersfield, california yesterday. the victims still haven't been officially identified. thuy lan nguyen from our sister station has been following the updates all day.
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an air france flight from the
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en route to paris...was forced to make an emergency landing in kenya after a suspected bomb was found on board. hundreds of passengers evacuated... many of them parisians... still traumatized by that isis attack just a few weeks ago. chief foreign correspondent..... terry moran... has the latest air france flight 463 was headed for paris overnight when it was forced to make an emergency landing in mombasa kenya after crew found a suspected bomb on board sot - 5527 aptn 0930 - lucienne benoit lucchini it was like something wrong in the toilet, like a, it could be like a bomb, something like this." shortly after midnight, 459 passengers and 14 crew members evacuated by the plane's emergency slides, then whisked away to a nearby hotel--where, this morning, kenyan police are questioning several passengers are being questioned. ganyard sot - "if this device was found 3 hours into the flight its likely that somebody onboard that aircraft placed it
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police to thoroughly scan the passenger manifest?screen everyone on board." military bomb experts have retrieved the device, according to police taking it away (gfx) "...for dismantling and are determining whether the components contained explosives." a frightening close call for shaken parisians, and for aviation officials still on edge after isis fighters claimed credit for detonating a bomb on board a russian air flight in october. ganyard sot - "these third world air ports can be attractive to terrorists because its much easier to get a bomb or get a device through security at a third world airport, at a smaller airport, than it is at a larger on like paris or new york." an explosion has devastated an apartment building in a southern russian city, sending eight people to the hospital and leaving about 150 residents homeless. the blast started on the seventh floor of the nine-storey structure and was
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to officials. much of the building's exterior wall on one side was blown off. those forced to leave were brought to a local school for temporary shelter. a contact 13 consumer alert for anyone who has a young child in the house.. the crib mobile you see on your screen is being recalled right now. it's the "skip hop moonlight and melodies mobile" -- and the crib can break.. causing it to fall on your child! it's already happened eight times. these mobiles were sold at "babies r us".. so far....there are no reports of injuries, but if you have this mobile, you can return it to the store for a refund -- or contact the company. and "dollar tree" is recalling... burn relief gel... the packaging is not child resistant... as required... by the poison prevention packaging act. the medicine... contains lidocaine... which poses a poisoning risk... if swallowed. you can take the gel... to the store where you bought it... for a full refund. now for a story that's positively las vegas
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parnering up with the salvation army to provide sandwiches to more than 300 homeless and low-income residents subway officials and employees will be giving out the sandwiches tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the salvation army location... on west owens free of charge. over the past year, local subway restaurants have donated nearly 4,000 fresh sandwiches to the needy through the salvation army. coming up in tonight's financial foucs more layoffs are coming for morgan stanley. how many employees will be affected and what's behind the job cuts. plus, do you have any old star wars toys laying around the house? up next.. we'll explain why it would be
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morgan stanlely reportedly plans to trim its stock-trading employees.... by five percent. the wall street journal reports...the cuts are expected early next year. according to the paper, the cuts will affect about 100 based. these cuts are not related to the firm's plans to cut a
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and sales people". pay-pal is doubling "parental leave".... for new mothers who work at the company starting in january. new moms will get 16 weeks of fully paid leave...that's up from the previous policy of eight weeks off with 80 percent pay. new dads will get eight weeks, a perk previously offered only in california. the online payment service is the latest in a slew of benefits this year. several tech giants made unprecedented example a decision from netflix to give new parents unlimited paid leave. just in time for the holidays, a houston company has given each of its employees a $100,000 bonus this year. "hil-corp energy" announced that it is doling out the six-digit gift to its almost 14-hundred workers. the bonus was given after the company met its annual goal. the company is one of the largest privately-held oil and gas exploration companies in the united ranked 20th.... in fortune's "best companies" list and also ranked high in
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workplaces for diversity." that's tonight's financial focus. let's go to karla huelga and weather first. a series of systems will bring us on and off cloudy conditions throughout the week. through tuesday, the precipitation associated with these systems will stay to our north, but that will change by wednesday afternoon, ahead of a system that will pass through the area for the holidays. in the short term, expect high temps in the mid 50s tomorrow, then upper 50s on tuesday and wednesday. expect breezy winds on tuesday. a slight chance for rain begins wednesday, then chances get better on christmas eve and christmas day. conditions will pick up to windy on thursday and stay in the windy category on friday. high temps
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thursday, then to around 50 for christmas day and saturday. the winds will be down to breezy on saturday, but wind chill factors will still be in play with the cold temps expected. by sunday, the system will be completely out of the area and a warming to the mid 50s is expected with calmer wind and a
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((adlib wx close)) the new star wars film is breaking box office records and generating a lot of buzz. that means it's also a good time to check if you have any tells us..
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actually increase the value several fold." but if there's no box or it's in rough shape, it's probably only worth a few bucks.> if you're checking values on e-bay, look for the selling price, not the asking price. you can get the best idea of what your item is worth, by seeing what other toys sold for. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: at 7 -- the sound of music at 11 -- action news coming up in tonight's health report. scoliosis affects many kids, coming up, find out what it is,
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tt2w`tsi`r4# bt@qr l tt2w2w`tsi`r4# "a@qb,( tt2w`tsi`r4# bm@qi'$ tt4w`tsi`r4#" dztq $$\ tt4w`tsi`r4#" entq t < tt4w`tsi`r4#" gzt& m'd tt4w`tsi`r4#" hnt& ])( tt4w`tsi`r4#" iztq 7@p tt4w`tsi`r4#" jntq %00 tt4w`tsi`r4#" lzt& =]l in tonight's health report. as a parent, you want to stay on top of your kid's health.. and watch them closely to make sure they stay healthy. million americans.. and the first signs usually pop up during adolescence. in tonight's health minute, holly firfer has the details about this chronic condition and what you can do about it. (dr. brian ouellette/scoliosis specialist) "scoliosis is a lateral curvature in the spine." it is not a disease, but rather a condition in which the spine continues to curve abnormally over time. although doctors don't know the exact cause of most cases- they believe there is a genetic component to the condition.
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degrees or more.. may need surgery to fuse the spine or add implants for support.. with curves less than 15 degrees, often doctors will monitor the patient to be sure the curve is not getting worse. with moderate curves of the spine, a brace needs to be used to keep the curves from progressing. (dr. brian ouellette/scoliosis specialist) "often times we will see them in a ridged brace - a body cast- but they will rotate inside so the curve continues to get worse." (dr. brian ouellette/scoliosis specialist) "we can pull the ribcage and de-rotate it. we can create a de-tortion by pulling the shoulder back. we can pull the ribcage forward and shoulder back. we can pull it down.. we can shift the spine right to left or left to right." there is no cure for scoliosis... but doctors say.. once the spine is finished growing.. a brace is no longer needed. for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from karla. you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we
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and that's the legend of the cheddar onion buttery jack. crispy, grilled and caramelized-onion aioli. the cheddar onion buttery jack.
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we'll be back for action news live at 11.
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