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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  December 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am PST

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(joey cell sot) "what the heck!" (butted) (sot) "dude holy crap!" was it a u-f-o... or a meteor? or a plane on fire? we heard all kinds of theories about what the mysterious light in the sky could be. we'll have the answer for what it actually was in a minute... but first greg... we're getting ready for an extra chilly christmas? we are on track with a new front coming in christmas eve into christmas morning! today, heavy clouds will be common with highs temperatures in the mid and upper 50s along with a normal 5-15 mph wind out of the throughout the day. by 9pm thursday night, the front will begin to interact with the valley. snow chances will drop to through the night into early during this time frame. lower elevations 5500ft and activity than snow or flurries will only reach into the upper the low and mid 30s so bundle up and add more wood to the people) during this time. winds look to die down by sunday late morning.
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breaking news... we want to get right to that
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a nasty crash leaves one car upside down... and the car it collided with... was a police car! take a look at the aftermath from the accident near buffalo and smoke ranch. metro says around 1 this morning, the woman tried to make a left hand turn... right in front of the police car...and the two collided the suv actually flipped over. both the woman and the officer were taken to the hospital. the cop has since been released, but the woman is still under observation. in just hours... the woman now charged with plowing her car through crowds of people on the strip... is set to appear in court for the v lakeisha holloway's public defender is telling the media she will be pleading not guilty. he says she hasn't had a psychiatric evaluation, and it's too soon to say if her mental condition will be part of her defense. holloway is facing charges of murder, felony hit and run, and
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that killed one person, and injured more than 30 others. she is currently on suicide watch in jail. she's due in court at 8 this morning. meanwhile, her family is now opening up to us... saying what they're seeing on t- v... isn't the person they know. her cousin, lashay hardaway says she's known hollaway her whole life. she says the young mom just wanted to help people, and loves her 3-year-old daughter. she tells us there were no signs she was struggling and that family is totally shocked to hear about the crash. 07.15 i would want people to know that....i dont know....that' shes an amazing person 19 and that whatever happened for that to happen, we'll just have to wait it out 32 hardaway would not tell us where why hollaway was in las vegas, but she said their family is cooperating with detectives. an amazing job... the best they could do...
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describe their efforts sunday night... as they tried their best to block out the chaos, so they could treat the dozens of people injured. the first crew got to the scene a minute after the first emergency call. they came from the station right behind the comsopolitan. they said the second they got their, they declared it a mass casualty incident, immediately there, they declared it a mass casualty incident, immediately requesting more resources. "this call came in as an autoped and it completely escalated before we could even think about it." fire officials say they'll be reviewing their response to the crash... because there are always ways to improve. that tragic crash sunday night is having a heavy impact not just on our community... but our visitors- who tell us they're now worried about their safety while their on the strip. dorothy christensen, visiting from canada. 10:04:37:00 i don't feel safe, it kind of gives you a sick feeling that something like this could happen and a lot of was more that should be done to
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pedestrians. commissioner steve sisolak says they've made a lot of improvements over the years, like adding pedestrian bridges.. and barriers at major intersections. he says putting barriers all down the strip is impractical, but they are looking at other improvements like more fencing, and bridges. did you see it? the mystery in the sky? all night long our newsroom was getting flooded with calls and messages from people, all wondering what it was! many of you even sent us your great videos! (joey cell sot) "oh my gosh there's another one! is that a plane?there's another one!" (butted with) (joey cell sot) "this is going on channel 13, ey! this is going on the news!" the answer-- not as exciting as some of the theories we were getting. according to the u-s strategic command it was a russian rocket re- entering orbit. still... it made for one very exciting night! (joey forslund) "it was just an
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especially around christmas time." a henderson family is devastated this morning, after a thief steals their u-haul truck.. filled with all their stuff! angelina anderson tells us she moved here from california sunday, and monday-- the truck was gone. inside, was all their furniture, clothing, plus their christmas tree, lights, and all of the gifts. anderson is a single mother...and her teenage son flew in to las vegas tuesday night. he says it's his job now to be there for his mom. 20:18:46 joel sanchez "i came here because christmas was coming and i wanted to see her. we were supposed to live here with our new stuff and start our new life here." if you want to help we posted a link to their donation page on our website, now this story aired for the first time on our 11pm show last night, and immediately we had people calling and messaging us on facebook
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other things. instead of celebrating the holidays, a woman is scared for her safety. first, her car is stolen, then her home is almost broken into... and get this -- the woman says she thinks it's the same guy! also coming up, graphic new footage released of a deadly confrontation between a suicidal woman and police. the video is jaw-dropping! ((ad-lib)) we're now getting a look at the
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officers fatally shooting a woman in front of her home.. the images are hard to look at. metro says last monday brenda kimberline posted videos online and told her friends she was suicidal. officers spent 3 hours trying to get her to come out of her home near craig and las vegas boulevard. she kept coming out with a gun, and the final time she had a 12-gauge shotgun. you can see she has it under her chin, before finally pointing it at officers. that's when two snipers opened fire. a woman's car is stolen... she's able to track the car down, but it's what the thief did next, that has her worried about her safety this morning.
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dropping off a car seat at her mother in law's last wednesday and she left the car running. suddenly she heard the door shut, tires screeching... and her car was gone. she grabbed her spare key, and kept pressing the panic button... and hours later she tracked it down. then monday, arellano says she thinks the crook came back, and tried to use her keys to unlock her door. thankfully she had already changed the locks. the guy did grab a package from the front door and took off. now she's worried he'll try again. "the package, the car, it's just materialistic stuff, but the fact that he could come back. he knows where i live." there is no way yet to tell if the man in the video is the same guy who took her car, but metro is investigating. a family's apartment goes up in flames, just days before christmas. and they say the fire was management's fault! up next, find out how management is responding.
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difference in cost of living between a man and a woman. you won't believe how much more researchers say it costs to be a woman!
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front comia family left with nothing after their apartment goes up in flames... now they're upset because they say management knew they didn't have smoke detectors... you'll remember we brought this story to you yesterday morning,
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answers for them. we talked to management for the apartments near maryland and flamingo parkway. they say this isn't entirely their fault. they claim they just bought the complex last week, and there were a lot of incomplete work orders. but they did assure us they will be inspecting every smoke alarm. we contacted the previous management, and they said they weren't aware of the smoke detector issue. the red cross is now helping the family, and they're staying in a model apartment. the man charged with shooting a metro officer won't be getting out of jail anytime soon. bail has now been set at one million dollars, for teag fox. he's facing several charges including attempted murder of a police officer, for the shooting last friday. the officer who was hit is expected to make a full recovery. family and friends are now remembering the 6 american soldiers... killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan, just days before christmas. listen to how their loved ones describe them. ( joel taub / father of staff sgt. peter taub ) "he was funny. he was thoughtful. he was a really good family
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pennington / staff sgt. chester mcbride's high school football coach ) "he had great compassion for others and he man. a man's man. a gentleman. he was a real soldier. a real hero." the victims came from all across our country, many of them had families. most of them were in their late 20's or early 30's. the oldest was 45. they will be laid to rest in their home towns. army sergeant bowe bergdahl goes to court for the first time, and decides not to enter a plea. bergdahl is being put on trial for the desertion and misbehavior charges he is facing. he faces life in prison, if he's convicted. army officials say bergdahl abandoned his unit in afghanistan, which led to him being kidnapped and held captive by the taliban for 5-years. he's due back in court january 12th. trump 20:06:51 : she was favored to win and she got schlonged (bleeped), she lost, i mean she lost. donald trump is now responding
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about hillary clinton were sexually derogatory. the billionaire tweeting out the phrase was not vulger. and that he meant clinton got beaten badly in the 2008 presidential race. the former secretary of fired back saying "we shouldn't let anybody bully his way to the presidency. while the two continue to battle-- now their fellow contenders are weighing in on their fight. other presidential hopefuls are now weighing in on the back and forth.. (chris christie / (r) presidential candidate) "the two of them should stop bickering about their personal disagreements with each other and who should apologize to who and we should get back to talking about the things that victimology status. this is what she loves doing. trump is not going to be president because he says these things that turns people off." meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is coming to town next wehe's hosting a campaign event
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school. the event is free and open to the public. admission is first come first served. doors open at 5. the event starts at 6-30. do you ever feel like it costs more to be a woman? well you're right... and we have the numbers to prove it! a new study from the new york city department of consumer affairs found that many products cost more for women than they do for men! like this scooter-- the female version is 25 dollars more. as for razors.. women are paying around 3 dollars and 50 cents more. overall, products for ladies had a higher price 42 percent of the time! one middle schooler is being called a comeback kid. the basketball player has been battling an illness for months... and his return to the court is now trending. he makes a shot you have to see to believe. plus, one part of the valley is notorius for people breaking the simplest traffic rules. what police are doing to keep them on track, and make the area safer for everyone. police are fed up with people
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basic traffic rules.. so now they're doing something about it! they decided to spread the message about the dangers of jaywalking.. face to face with people in the community. here you see them handing out safety pamphlets near boulder highway. 14 people have died on that road just this year, and police
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fatalities. sot owen all of those so far have been related to pedestrian error officials say they are working to get more crosswalks in the area and make the ones already in place a little more visible. right now... extreme weather is hitting the country, just as millions of people are getting ready to head home for the holidays. 40 million will be in the storm zone. and whether your'e flying or hitting the roads... it's not going to be an easy trip. take a look at these 80 mile an hour winds in california... taking down more than a dozen big rigs. nats - oh my! (wind noise) utah... is looking more and more like a winter wonderland this morning. snow blanketing roads and houses. and if you're getting ready to head to the airport, a reminder... just one storm and a few flight delays can have a massive ripple effect!
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front coming in christmas eve into christmas morning! today, heavy clouds will be common with highs temperatures in the mid and upper 50s along with a normal 5-15 mph wind out of the northwest. we will continue with the mid and upper 50s tomorrow with with the valley. snow chances will drop to through the night into early christmas morning. lower elevations 5500ft and below expect a trace to only flurry action. snow has been increasing and between 10-20 mph with gusts between 25-35 mph. the weekend will below freezing so make sure you check the but mainly sunny to partly sunny skies will return and winds look to die down by sunday late morning. the newest addition to an aquarium in california...
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getting all the attention this morning! the adorable baby otter... is now trending. (logan phares, aquarium visitor): "the otter like is so cute and lovely and all that kind of stuff and its just so good." take a look at the little ball of fluff just hours after the pup was born. you can see the mom puffing up the baby's fur... that's so it will be able to float. 13 year old christopher hupp's from tuscon arizona, loved
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was put on hold when he was diagnosed with a debilitating illness, leaving him paralized on his left side. after surgery and months of physical therapy.. christoper regained his strength just in time to watch his team play another game. but they didn't just want him to watch. :48-:57 "all my friends told coach that i should play because i deserve it. and im like no there's no way. cause i can't run. i didn't even practice. i'm rusty." with seconds left in the game, christoper set himself up on the three point line-- released, and watched the ball sink through the hoop... while everyone else rushed on the court cheering for him. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, a strange sight flying over las vegas -- coming up at -5-... if you missed it, we'll show you what had hundreds of people
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newsroom... plus we'll tell you what it was.
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