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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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devstating call from his daugther. 18:45 your son made a mistake? yea (butted with) 19:21 my point is whatever the police is whatever the police want to do for him i don't care (track) th 17 year old senior's mother died in 2008 -- but as asingle father dilhomme says he provided him with everything -- always warning him to stay away from trouble 20:27 if i have to be mad i have to be mad with my son becauise i don't teach you to steal i teach you to go to school and play football. the search is on for suspects after a man was shot in the
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the search is on for suspects police say someone opened fire near a gas station and then took off in a sedan heading north on the 15. the man who was shot is in critical condition right now at umc. officers found multiple shell casings from a 45-calibre handgun. if you have any information... you're asked to call metro or crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. three people are in custody after police say they tried to rob a local jewelry store... it happened at amigos jewelry near eastern and owens. that's where action news reporter stephanie zepelin joins us live with the story owner... stephanie? when we got here, detectives were still on scene looking at surveillance video. the store owner says a woman came in asking about a piece of jewelry. she left,, but when she came back she brought two guys with guns with her. as soon as don lee figured out what was going on he hit the
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from the inside. trapped inside, the would-be robbers fired several shots into the windows and ran out. 12.03.27 everybody gets scared with a gun you know? but im ok now 32 don lee owner, amigo jewelry metro police say there was another woman waiting in their getaway vehicle. police caught three of the four suspects, but one man is still on the run tonight. live at eastern and owens, soc a live look outside right now where temperatures are starting to drop as a cool front begins moving through the valley and that brings with it a small chance at a white christmas! let's head over to meteorologist carlo falco in the weather center who's tracking the snow. a stormy christmas is in store for las vegas with the action starting tonight. an upper level low pressure
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city from the pacific northwest bringing a ton of wind and very cold air along with it. there won't be too much rain or snow associated with this low as it will dump most out over tahoe and the sierra in california but a few rain showers and even some very light and brief snow showers could move through the las vegas valley late tonight. state office workers got to celebrate christmas eve early... after heavy
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up shop around noon today. check out these photos that governor brian sandoval tweeted out showing snow at the state capitol. he also thanked his groundskeepers and building staff for putting together the state holiday display. hundreds hit the streets today - getting that last minute christmas shopping done! a lot stores close early today - so it's been a race against time for procrastinators. action news reporter michael burton got a front row seat to the chaos this afternoon. he joins us live from town square. rikki - i was expecting chaos - now that we're down to the wire, here - but take a look around. the crowd has been pretty big, but not nearly as big as the crowds on black friday - but remember black friday is for people who want to get ahead of the game. the people i spoke with today are just a little behind. "the last day to shop. did you wait till the last minute? you know what, no, not really. let me stop lying. okay, yes." "yea, last minute
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i think we're doing pretty good." "i've been working double shifts lately so i haven't had time to go shopping." being late isn't the worst thing in the world because...look at all these deals! some stores - 40 percent off of everything. one store - 75 percent off everything. we're reaching the end of the year here. store managers tell me this is the time when the hope to get rid of unsold stock. so the larger items like tv's may not be half off like on black friday - but consumers, today, enjoyed somewhat similar deals - without all those lines. "i feel like i get just as good of a deal on the day before christmas than i do on black friday." alright, you heard her say it...some of the deals are just as good as black friday. but i'm told some of them are a little beter. we'll tell you why - coming up at 6. reporting live from town square - michael burton - channel 13
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another busy place right now? mccarran airport. parking at terminal one.. long-term and the economy lot about full. tammy dieringer, traveler 1:40:53-1:41:00 "i came in early cause i've lived here in vegas for 36 years and i know you have to come early to get parking so it wasn't too bad i'm on the third level." getting to the airport at least 90 minutes ahead of time is because.. now.. everyone has to go through a full body scan at security. t-s-a says the scanners can pick up banned items more efficiently. and the extra security is a must. still to come... a christmas miracle just in time for the holidays... it's a good christmas present, probably the best christmas present we could get, oh that's for sure, that's for sure a family reunited with something they lost nearly six years ago... and it's a story you won't believe! plus...
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streets near a major shopping area... we'll tell you why this group wanted to put an end to christmas shopping. and here's a live look at the official norad santa tracker... looks like kris kringle is on his way right now to (ad lib about santa tracker and toss to break)
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a mall in charlotte, north carolina today.
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fight between two groups at the mall when police responded and ended up shooting one person. that man died at the scene. no one else was injured and s far there's no word on what led up to that shooting. the war.... of words ....between donald trump and hillary clinton.... shows no signs of slowing down. trump slammed clinton on twitter today.... saying he deplored, quote "the death and destruction she caused." in another tweet he warned clinton to be careful..... after she said he had "penchant for sexism"....he also bragged that he has great respect for women. it all started monday after trump used a vulgar ...yiddish ...term to describe clinton's last presidential campaign. more protests in a major shopping district in chicago. the activists are loosely affiliated with the black lives matter movement.. and they're calling their march "black christmas." the goal is to disrupt holiday shopping.. and hit chicago in the city's wallet. (15) rahm -- resign! rahm -- resign! rahm -- resign! (21) for weeks, the group has called
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emanuel's resignation. they say emanuel helped cover for a police officer who shot 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times at point-blank range last year.. (40) "if you're a police officer who's morally upright, professional, courtesy, treats everyone with dignity and respect, there shouldn't be any problem. i'm as pro law enforcement as anyone. but you know, you have to be respectful." (55) that officer.. jason van dyke.. was charged a couple months ago, after the video of mcdonald's death was released.. a year after he was gunned down. mayor emanuel fired two city officials.. but refuses to resign. at least 11 people are dead after dozens of tornadoes touch down in the southeast... we'll take a look at the damage left behind as families are now forced to spend their holiday picking up the pieces. plus... a major consumer alert about one of the most popular christmas gifts... we'll tell you how thieves could be stealing money off your gift cards before you even
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people around the valley are going home for tge holidays-- but one family in northwest las vegas is being reunited with a member of their family for the first time in six years. action news reporter marissa kynaston tells us how the marks
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sot david marks, willie's owner he's got a story to tell, but all i can say is he's glad to be home its a story you'd normally only see-- in christmas movies-- nats- 'take a a treat' sot alison marks i would have loved to know where he's been all this time willie-- lost from home-- for six years. sot david marks april 3 2009 the marks were vacationing up north in pioche. sot david marks i was out in the mountains when willie-- suddenly ran off. sot david marks willie didn't come back david and alison desperately searched all day-- sot alison marks there was just nothing we could do about it and all night. sot david marks i had no sign of where he was at sot alison marks we were expecting him somehow to come out of the woods and run towards us like we never left him, but i knew it was impossible six years went by-- sot david marks we never heard a word until last week-- sot david marks they
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saying willie was at a shelter in elko-- sot david marks unexpected to be honest with you, we never thought we'd see him again willie had somehow traveled nearly 300 miles-- until he was picked up by another family. but willie was brought back home to alison and david-- the same way he had left them-- by running. sot a shelter was able to find the marks through willies microchip-- sot and now-- they're calling it a miracle-- sot david marks it tearing across the south. at least 11 people are dead including a child. many more are injured ....making this a devastating christmas for so many families. at least 24 reported tornadoes have touched down across seven states including mississippi... arkansas and tennessee. the twisters- ripping homes apart and flipping tractor trailers onto their sides. the area hardest hit -holly
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where a monster tornado left a 7-year-old boy dead... and left residents scrambling for safety. gwendolyn jones/ tornado survivor: and we all closed the door and laid in the floor (11:30:46) it lasted- we heard this great big whooo- train, and then it was gone (11:30:55)and it was over. a state of emergency has been declared in tennessee and mississippi. forecasters say the threat of mostly over ... but heavy rain and flash flooding is a continuing concern across southern alabama and northern georgia. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a stormy christmas is in store for las vegas with the action starting tonight. an upper level low pressure system will dive towards the city from the pacific northwest bringing a ton of wind and very cold air along with it. there won't be too much rain or snow associated with this low as it will dump most out over
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california but a few rain showers and even some very light and brief snow showers could move through the las vegas valley late tonight. the best shot for rain showers will be up in the mountains but a few drips and drops may make their way down from the higher elevations after around 10 tonight. the shot for snow will be very brief, and there won't be any accumulation in the valley. there may be a few particularly determined snowflakes that could live for a couple minutes on grassy surfaces but that's about it and they'll melt very quickly once the shower has passed. behind the showers will be some breezy winds and much cooler temperatures. highs on christmas will only be in the upper 40s with about 50 for the warmest areas in the valley. cooler weather is coming for saturday with the main core of cold air associated with the upper level low directly overhead for then. high pressure will start to push in from the west and will
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saturday making for a very blustery and raw day. winds could gust to 45mph in the las vegas valley and wind advisories are possible in the valley. high wind warnings are expected for the colorado river valley and from searchlight southwestward. temperatures moderate to start next week, but stay about 5-8 below normal for this time of year. new year's eve looks sunny if not a bit chilly. expect highs to be right around 55 and mostly sunny skies. (ad lib about santa tracker)
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13... gift cards a popular gifts.. they're also targets for scammers.. who could take the cash off the cards before they're used. here's how it works.. thieves copy a card's information.. sometimes using handheld skimmers.
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and you load cash onto the card.. the crooks use the cards online.. and steal your money. (1:07) "the safest way to buy cards is online or from a locked drawer in the store" (1:12) experts say it's easy to tell if a gift card has been compromised. just look for rips in the packaging -- specifically on the scratch off area in the back. contact 13 is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just call one of our volunteers any weekday between 11am and 1pm at 368-2255. we'll be right back with a final check on your christmas forecast from carlo. you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we investigate... stay with us. a stormy christmas is in store for las vegas with the action
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tonight. an upper level low pressure system will dive towards the city from the pacific northwest bringing a ton of wind and very cold air along with it. there won't be too much rain or snow associated with this low light and brief snow showers
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vegas valley late tonight. coming up tonight on action news live at 6... with the cold weather ramping up... so is flu season. we're learning tonight about the first two deaths of the season in clark county. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep from catching the virus. before we go... here's a look at what's coming up later on abc in primetime... (ad lib about santa tracker) that's our news for now.. but stay with us for abc's
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we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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tonight, that tornado outbreak wreaking havoc over the holiday. the mounting death toll and destruction in several states. more than two dozen twisters. one that touched down may have traveled more than 100 miles on the ground. >> oh, wow. looks like there's two. >> the storms so powerful, a tractor trailer hurled off the road. tonight, the stories of survival. white-hot christmas.
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along the east coast.
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