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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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to about 70mph at the hoover dam. the hard freeze warning is in effect saturday night with overnight lows expected as low as 10 for pahrump, primm and searchlight. (r0 carlo tosses to david you said it. its been cold and windy out here all night. but come on, it's christmas, this is what its supposed to be like right? take a look at that wind blowing -- its not even that strong but you combine it with these cold temperatures out here and you really got
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our friend carlo in the weather center told me overnight winds in henderson will be about 25 miles per hour and tomorrow they could get up to 40 miles per hour. for people who have lived here their whole lives, these weather conditions are an unusual -- and welcome -- change. barrett munson "its awesome actually. started snowing last night....once every four or five years you cant complain" run 13 we asked that man if the weather changed any of his plans and he said no, it fit right in. all he wanted to do this christmas was curl up on the couch with his family and watch movies. not bad, huh. live in henderson..david 13 action news. mother nature served up the perfect gift for some in southern nevada---a white christmas! get this.. our photographer spotted flurries this evening in summerlin! take a look at some
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news room today. the snow started falling late last night into this morning with areas from henderson to the northwest seeing accumulations. some dreaming of a white christmas, got their wishes today. parts of southern nevada welcomed santa with snow showers this morning! action news reporter marissa kynaston has the latest. take pkg nat wow a white christmas must have been high on many peoples wish list this year-- nat it's snowing because its the first time it has officially snowed in las vegas
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since 2008. these are videos sent in to us from viewers all across the valley-- especially in the northwest. sot braiden it was really cool thats where this family lives-- nat basketball i caught up with them in their front yard-- nat basketball just as they had finished opening their christmas presents-- sot braiden basketball, a basketball hoop nat basketball but these siblings said what was just as cool as their gifts this year-- nat basketball was waking up to snow. sot alexee it was crazy to see in vegas and even though the snow didnt stick long enough for them to ...??? sot alexee it felt more like christmas marissa tag the dusting of snow recorded-- tied a christmas day record set back in 1941. reporting in ?? mk-- ch13an. (giant) r (l) right now rescue workers are racing to free anyone trapped in their
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crushes birmingham, alabama. the city's mayor is telling abc news there are no fatalities that they know of.. and only one injury. a church is opening up tonight as a shelter for anyone who needs it. a state of emergency is in affect for the entire state tonight following several days of excessive rains and flooding. roads and bridges in some places are completely washed out or impassable. firefighters and paramedics have been going door-to-door in some neighborhoods to reach those trapped by flood waters. the flooding is dangerous! this is in cullman, alabama near smith lake. you can hear the water rushing in this video posted to twitter and shared with our sister station in birmingham. there's storm damage in georgia too. flooding in fayette county pound the southeast through the weekend. people across the mid-west are picking up the pieces after this week's deadly pre-christmas tornadoes. at least 14 people died in
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a mississippi bank surveillance camera caught this compelling image of a wedge tornado as it roared through holly springs. at least 14 tornadoes slammed the state, killing seven people. now to a developing story we're following. a valley woman is praying for a christmas miracle after her husband went missing! 72-year-old wallace inkenbrandt was last seen around 10am when he left his home to run an errand. the search has led police all the way to the california state line. action news reporter michael burton has the family's plea for help. looklive insert: that's right - buffalo bill's casino is one of the many casino's at the center of this search. not only is it near the state line where police say his phone may be - but it's where i met up with wallace's family - desperately seeking answers - hoping for the best. "crying (for 9 seconds)" -take vo- as you can imagine, it's been a very emotional last two
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he wanted to buy food for relatives visiting from out of town. at about noon - she got a text from him saying he was almost home - but he never showed up. family members immediately began searching the area for hours - found nothing - and then called police. police traced his phone to an area near the state line - and began searching casinos, hotels, and other businesses in this area - but they have yet to find the phone. his family is extremely worried about his heath. he has dementia and cancer. he was supposed to get a very important shot yesterday - and i'm told he could die without it. "he's going under chemo treatment and he needs medication and he's very weak." livelook tag: wallace's family says he comes to the state line once a month to buy lottery tickets. his family thinks someone
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him and his things out - or he action news. we're also following a story developing near downtown. tonight police arrested maria escalante.. accused of shooting and killing her husband at the plaza hotel. it all went down last night just before midnight...we're told the body was found somewhere on the sixth floor of the south tower. as you can imagine, this was quite scary for guests staying on that floor. they had to be moved to other rooms. we are following this story and bring you the latest information as we get it. fire crews in north las vegas are looking into arson as the reason for a house fire that broke out around two this morning. it happened near lamb and the fifteen. here's the weird thing...firefighters aren't really sure who lives here. they didn't find anybody inside or around the home, but they say it's supposed to be occupied. no other homes were damaged but
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23:44:38-23:44:45 "pretty impressive fire. they did a wonderful job making sure that the other neighbors not have any significant damage whatsoever." fire crews are working to locate the people who live there. damage is estimated at 300 thousand dollars. but, thankfully, no body was injured. spending the holidays with family is something that sometimes....we can take for granted. for those who are elderly or critically ill...its sometimes not possible. thats why the folks at american medical response volunteer every year make christmas wishes come true. "each time we take someone home i see the enjoyment of the families on their faces, saying this person hasnt been home for so long and am so grateful that you are bringing them home to me." every year during the holiday season, american medical response holds their annual "home for the holidays" program...operating a free ambulance transport to help critically ill patients travel home...or go out on the town...under the care of amr paramedics....and its all on a volunteer basis. many of these patients wouldnt
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without constant medical supervision...and for some in their twilight years...its none other than a christmas miracle. "it is awesome. absolutely awesome" santa dropped about six inches of snow over mount charleston this christmas. it's not going away soon. still ahead...we've got a look at the fun you can still have in the snow. did santa stray from your wish list? coming up from contact 13. make the most of any unwanted packages under your tree. when their home burned down days before christmas...
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expect any presents. but santa delivered... in a big way today action news reporter parker collins was their for the heartwarming surprise. the tears of devastation have stopped. these tears are of sheer joy. (nats of unwrapping) so and so watches his daughter unwrap gifts m. mejia (too short to super) 2:23:39-2:23:44 "i got clothes, a tablet, coloring pages." they would've never come... if it weren't for these guys. the same firefighters who were trying to save their home during a fire just two weeks ago. 2:23:07-2:23:12 "my parents were inside and i got really it was way too big for that. they ended up losing almost everything. richard tull, firefighter 2:07:57-2:08:02 "it sucks and it hurts. it hits you in the chest, but you come and you do the most good for the most people you
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like these guys have helped families all around southern nevada piece their lives back together when it shatters... during what's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. 2:18:00 gracias gracias thank you so much! the firefighters who last saw this family on the worst day of their lives... 2:16:02 laughter ...are now key to making this day one of the best. 2:15:42 look gabby look! the girls didn't know what to think when firefighters they saw a few weeks ago knocked on their door. gabriela mejia 2:22:38-2:22:43 "i was like is there something burning? what's happening. i want to know, but then they stop here and i get so suprised." this season, half a dozen families will get the same surprise... giving joy and hope to those who thought they had lost both. near bonanza and bruce parker collins channel thirteen action news. now to a consumer alert from contact 13. maybe you didn't get exactly what you wanted for christmas. you're not alone. americans typically return about $60 billion-dollars worth of gifts over the holidays. the most returned gifts..
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sot mark ellwood, author "bargain fever: how to shop in a discounted world" don't assume you can return any gift any time, but most retailers are very forgiving around the holidays// they often offer a 90 day window, when usually they'd only offer 30. and while the most wonderful time of the year may technically be behind us it's the best time of the year for deals on all things christmas. target... walmart... even many grocery and discount stores are now offering 70% off holiday merchandise. it's also a great time for major markdowns... on winter-wear... furnitureand mattresses. christmas morning has come and gone. the presents are open, and the empty boxes are outside for recycling -- right?! as one minnesota police officer tells us, that's exactly what thieves are counting on. criminals can take notice of what big screen t-v's and other electronics you have... by the trash you leave outside your home. officer rob zink st. paul, mn police "they drive up and down the alleys and the streets right after christmas and they take notes of addresses whether they're gonna come back in a day, come back in a week or come back in three
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burglaries. they've set up a recycling container in the western district parking lot. people can drop off their empty boxes -- day or night -- until january 8th. fedex customers took to twitter and facebook to complain about delieveries not arriving in time for christmas. the company says they're doing everything they can to get shipments delivered. a spokeswoman says heavier than planned last minute shipments are to blame---along with the severe weather outbreaks. over at u-p-s, a spokeswoman said as far as she knows, there hasn't been a big problem with packages arriving on time. we got snow on christmas -- and plenty of people celebrated by heading up to mount charleston to play. action news reporter david schuman didn't want to miss out- he brings us this story. pkg intro "before anyone got up to where the actual snow is, they had to deal with the traffic to get there." vo a white christmas made for long lines of you can see right here in this video.
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officers directing traffic and keeping order as well. once families made it to the top though, they sure were having fun -- throwing snowballs and building snowmen. tag: there was a father and daughter we met and the little girl was just loving the snow. dad told us it was her first time seeing the stuff so today was definitely a very special . a hard freeze warning is in effect for the northwest and southern corners of clark county for saturday night with temperatures expected in the teens and a high wind warning is in effect for lake mead and the colorado river valley through tomorrow. winds are expected to gust to 60mph down the colorado river valley and there could be gusts to about 70mph at the hoover dam. the hard freeze warning is in effect saturday night with overnight lows expected as low as 10 for pahrump, primm and searchlight. for las vegas there is a chance for sub-freezing temperatures tonight, but strong winds will keep temperatures at or just
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the winds will increase tomorrow as a secondary low pressure area passes from our northeast to our southeast. the winds, along with a reinforcing shot of cold air mean that wind chills will be in the 20s to start out, and 30s for the majority of the day. the sunshine won't do too much to warm things up as highs will be in the mid 40s, and some areas outside the valley won't but very cold air aloft will keep temperatures chilly around the valley. highs will in the upper 40s lows are expected in the upper 20s around the valley. freeze watches and/or warnings are possible for the las vegas valley sunday night into year's eve. high temperatures will remain near normal and new years day looks very pleasant with sunny skies and highs in the mid 50s. still is
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coming up.. holiday traditions from the vaitican to the land down under. welcome back and thank you for
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here's abc's elizabeth hur with more on the christmas traditions and messages from leaders around the world.. liz pkg: ((nats)) singing from santas singing in south korea.. to surfing in australia and even swimming in germany.. christmas traditions came in many forms.. but the common theme.. spreading smiles.. like these volunteers feeding the needy in italy.. 33 years and counting.. ((nats)) christmas cheers also took over countries rocked by violence.. with parades in syria.. and prayers in bethlehem.. currently the center of the violence between israelis and palestinians.. ((nats)) "israelis and palestinians.." prompting pope francis to deliver a message of peace.. not only in the holy land but
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in britain.. a message of love from queen elizabeth.. ((sot)) queen elizabeth: "christ's unchanging message was not one of revenge or violence but simply that we should love one another.." and a message of gratitude from president obama.. ((sot)) president obama "during this season, we also honor all who defend those values in our country's uniform. a tribute for soldiers including these men and women.. celebrating christmas in afghanistan. ((sot)) adonis jimenez, us army: "it is kind of sad because i am not with my family at this time. but i have a job i have to do, so it is sacrifice i have to make." liz hur tag: meanwhile.. bracing for potential attacks.. we are told there was increased security at christmas festivities around the world.. with the us and british embassies in china even issuing a warning about a terror threat. eh, abc news, ny. christmas leftovers. where you're keeping your extra food could make you sick. plus.. the christmas spirit is in las
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the ultimate holiday gift. not everyone has a home to go
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that's where catholic charities of southern nevada comes in. today local volunteers served about 15-hundred meals. the dinner included pork loin.. stuffing.. twice-baked potatoes, broccoli polonaise..biscuits and pie. the dignity and compassion of being seated and served a meal by people that care enough to be here is a wonderful gift. catholic charities of southern nevada has been serving our communities less fortunate since 1965. well the leftovers are aplenty during the holidays...but you want to be sure to eat them safely to prevent yourself from getting sick. here's some tips to keep you safe...don't leave your food out for more than two want to make sure bacteria doesn't multiply, especially on meats. also, your fridge temperature should be set below 40 degrees and when you're ready to eat the leftovers, bring them back to the temperature first needed to cook them. the academy of nutrition and diet- etics says we should eat the leftovers within 3 - 4 days. and if you're in doubt---throw
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we'll be right back.... with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) that does it for this edition of action news live at 11..
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us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- maya rudolph, adam scott, "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from andrea bocelli, with cleto and the cletones!
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