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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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in the hospital where they hope to get a description of the two suspects..who remain out of custody tonight. reporting live..david schuman channel 13 action news. < > now on action news live at eleven. pause for siren a tornado smashes through texas. plus.. a windy day in las vegas. is it coming back for your new years celebrations? but first. police are searching tonight for two suspects involved in a held up the victim. he was shot twice -- once in police sources tell us mitchell and varonica green were home late last night.. when a relative came home. the couple thought it was an intruder and opened fire. the husband and wife reportedly fired multiple shots with seperate weapons... hitting the family member in the leg. a metro source tells us the family member was one of their mothers.. who had a key to the house. she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. neighbors say this street was blocked off for about ten hours this morning. police have ruled the shootings to be accidental and they will
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a wind advisory just ended for las vegas about an hour ago. but today.. it just seemed like it would never let up. and that hard freeze warning we're tracking.. that's still in effect. folks... it's cold. let's check in with chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan, when can i ditch the winter coat? ...wind advisory in effect until 10 pm pst this evening... .tonight...windy...c older...clear. areas of blowing dust in the evening. lows 23 to 27 on the west side of the valley...26 to 29 on the east side. north wind 20 to 30 mph decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight. all that wind made it difficult for rescuers to get to a fallen
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red rock canyon. that hiker died after falling almost 100 feet. so far authorities have not released that person's name....we will keep you up we work to learn more. new developments following a deadly texas tornado. look at this video just into our newsroom. you can hear tornado sirens blaring near garland.. and the storm lights up the sky. the tornado is right there in the middle. lla here's a picture of that twister r arlier inthe day. it's just massive. it destroyed homes.. and killed at least seven people. this has been a holiday weekend
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of the country. at least 21 deaths are blamed on tornadoes and other storms. abc's chuck siversten (see-vert- sen) reports.. the south is getting hit the worst.. and they're bracing for more. script: (nats up siren) (lightning flash ex kdfw feed) tonight, a tornado strike in the dallas area. sot mos "everything is gone over here downstairs." homes destroyed by a storm that menaced communities. in alabama ... the day after christmas, this santa's-eye view shows the aftermath of a holiday that will be hard to forget. sot mos: "we were in the house, having a good time. laughing and joking about memories of our family through the years .... " (damage) a quiet christmas at home - suddenly became a fight for survival. sot: " ... everybody said 'a tornado! get down'.and then the lights went out.// ... i almost fell to the floor." (damage) the holiday temperatures have been treacherously pleasant -- creating ideal conditions for storms and tornadoes. sot mos: " ... i don't know what all was flying. and we went in our room to try to duck some of that." the
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rains that caused flooding downstream. power company crews were on the job saturday trying to restore electricity. [maps] a major winter storm is about to strike the central u-s -- with the greatest threat of severe weather over parts of texas. by monday morning, expect ice and freezing rain to cause travel trouble. for now, some storm victims are clinging to the christmas spirit. sot gwendolyn calhoun birmingham, al "there's always a bright side, and the sun is shining now, so maybe this is the beginning of something better .... " chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york . overall, the death toll in the southtoll is at 25. severe weather... wreaked havoc... over the christmas holiday. flash floods took over parts of georgia and alabama. meanwhile a tornado smashed through birmingham on christmas day. it was like pouring down, heavy rain...and then all of a sudden the glass and the windows just broke out and then it sounded like someone was clawing the tin off of the house - the roof 190 roads across the state are still closed tonight due to
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governor robert bentley toured some of the most damaged areas today and spoke with families staying at an elementary school. the red cross is housing families forced to leave their homes. many of them... spent christmas here. governor bently has declared a state of emergency for alabama. meanwhile alabama police are searching for two gunmen... who they say ....shot four teenagers outside a movie theater in west mobile. police say... two 14 year olds.... one male and one female.... were both shot in the leg. two other ....18-year old... male victims.... are recovering from non- life threatening injuries from gunshots. witnesses say the victims got into an argument with the two gunmen in the movie theater parking lot just before five shots were fired. the fight broke it was like a one on one or something but then like just people like groups and different groups of the fight started happening and then people started shooting.
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away. they are believed to be juveniles. today friends and family gathered to pay their final respects to a teenager who died trying to save three friends. it happened just a week before christmas in knoxville, tennessee ...that 15 year old shielding three girls from a spray of bullets. more than 2-thousand people attended funeral services for the fulton high school football player, including his math tutor of three years. that was the ultimate sacrifice to say i'ma think about some other people other than myself with no hesitation. a lot us can't say that would've been our instant thought is to think about the others that we were with and to protect them over our own self." friends describe... zaevon dobson... as smart, funny, and a play- maker on the football field, as well as a hero in the knoxville community. police say the 3 male suspects responsible for the shooting... had gang ties and fired on a group of school kids
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new tonight.. police in vienna, austria are stepping up security. new warnings suggest the possibility of an armed attack on several european cities between now and the new year.. according to police. they say right now there is no concrete threat to any a particular city. nerves are running particularly high.. and rightfully so. just more than a month ago three groups of attackers, armed with guns and suicide vests hit six spots in and around paris. the attacks killed 130 people and injured hudreds of others. the iraq military says it is gaining ground around ramadi... where isis holds its headquarters. five days into its offensive.. iraqi forces say they have their sights set on a key government complex... iraqi soldiers say they now control an area south of the complex and a main road to the north. tonight republican presidential candidate donald trump's taking credit for the obama administration's plan... to step up deportations starting next month. trump says the move..
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calls on the campaign trail to deport the estimated 11-million undocumented immigrants in the u-s. the nationwide raids will reportedly focus on the hundreds of families that have entered the united states since 2014. the plan was quickly condemned by democratic presidential candidates. one of the remaining democratics racing for the white house is headed for nevada. senator bernie sanders is planning stops in reno tomorrow.. and las vegas on monday. his las vegas rally is at canyon springs high school on alexander and fifth. it starts at 6:30 p-m. shopping malls across the valley were packed all day long! you know's the day after christmas! everyone's got a little extra money in their pocket and stores are ready to take it. action news reporter michael burton spent the day in downtown summerlin. move over black friday - new competition has arrived. "we're going to spend as much money as we can right now." a recent study by american "banana republic has 60% off
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of the many deals that drew hundreds of shoppers to malls across the valley today. shoppers of all ages. "some purses were on sale, and then i got the other one for free." today is also the day we all return those gifts we didn't quite like - spending the money we get back on special bargains. "maybe off camera we'll talk about things i have to return, but as far as she knows everything was right on." american express predicts the average shopper spent 186 dollars today. "i think i spent more this year than i spent in years past." despite it being one ofthe coldest days of the year. "did you get a lot of money yesterday? yes. how much of it are you going to spend today? ummmmm....25 dollars?" looklive tag: holiday deals are expected to last for the next few days - if you wait any longer than that - you might miss out. reporting from downtown
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channel 13 action news. a winter blaze is burning in california. and a family gets too close for comfort. tonight.. we get a look inside the fire. plus.. another black mark for chicago p- d. an officer admits to a shooting that could spark outrage.
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california. the family says this was christmas night. there were no road blocks and one stopped them on the highway as they got closer.
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it is open tonight. hundreds of firefighters battled the blaze today. they have the 12-hundred acre fire about 60-percent contained. abc's kayna whitworth reports.. a downed.... private power line.... sparked the fire. pkg script natsot - "oh my god, oh my god. we are driving through fire." a holiday nightmare greeted drivers in southern california christmas night? natsot - "we can't see anything." fast-moving flames at first creeping toward the 1-0-1 freeway? natsot - "this is scary - like it's gonna jump the freeway. i'm really scared." then - it did? forcing many people to either turn back - or drive into the thick smoke. natsot - "?(engine guns) ?. ah-haha!!! crazyman! phew!" over and over - drivers passed flames right at the roadway's edge. fire officials say powerful santa ana winds gusting to 45 miles an hour - carried embers over the highway, pushing it across what should have been a
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nats - "?winds?" the state highway patrol shutdown parts of the 1-0-1? and the nearby pacific coast highway. county officials immediately put the solimar beach community under mandatory evacuation - and surrounding areas on voluntary status. sot - capt. steve kaufmann / ventura county fire dept. "make sure everything is buttoned up tight? if you leave any window or garage door open, that's just an entrance for one of these embers that our firefighters down the way are fighting." by daylight - the fire had grown - huge plumes of smoke filling the sky. on the ground, firecrews trying to contain the flames - but after four years of drought - there is plenty of fuel - the grass and bushes extremely dry. sot - norman plott / division this drought. six hundred firefighters are on the scene, with aid coming in by air? but the winds are still a concern. sot - norman plott / division chief, ventura county fire department "we're not out of the woods yet." kayna whitworth, abc news, ventura county, california. cell phone video shows the damage left to a texas mosque after it erupted in flames. muslims in the houston neighborhood gathered last night for prayers.
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afternoon and about 80 firefighters worked to put the flames out. arson investigators and the a-t-f are on the scene and looking into the possiblity this fire was started intentionally. (achref bava/ attendee) "a burned mosque, a burned church or a burned synagogue, or a burned temple. it's not good to see it like that." officials haven't determined the cause yet, but they are investigating it as suspicious because it happened at a religious building. staying in texas with new developments on an unsolved beating in texas. the judge wounded last month outside her austin home is out of the hospital. julie ko-curek is the presiding... district court judge for travis county. she was attacked a few weeks before thanksgiving. no motive or suspect has been named in the case. however, a 28-year-old houston man in custody on a murder charge... is a person of interest in the shooting. in illinois.. police accidently shot and killed a 55-year old woman.. according to a statement released by chicago police this evening.
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on the city's west side...after police responded to what they described.. as a domestic disturbance. a 19-year-old man is dead as well. a cross country christmas flight turning into a nightmare for nearly 200 people it took the frustrated flyers almost a full day to go from miami to l- a. passengers say it started with a thud felt around the plane. then the smell of smoke... and engine troubles according to american airlines. the airbus 321's.... emergency landing in lubbock texas is just the beginning. after spending 14 hours stuck only half way to their destination.... flight 295's passengers were told their new plane would have to make a stop in dallas for fuel.... before finally reaching l-a 20 hours after leaving miami. the fact is we paid a fare to get us there within a certain amount of time and they fell well outside of that range. passengers say flight attendants threatend to kick them off the flight if they pulled out ther phones to
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american airlines did not respond to those specific allegations. emergency crews had a busy night cleaning up the damage after a historic bridge collapsed in indiana. take a look, crews say the bridge, built in 18-80, gave way when a semi truck drove across it yesterday! the truck was almost six times over the weight limit. luckily, no one was hurt. some people in town are hoping the historic bridge can be rebuilt. either way, officials say it could be closed for months. new tonight.. we're just getting another look at the damage left behind by a tornado in texas. the awning of a gas station near copeville is turned into a pile of twisted metal. the storms killed at least seven people. trained weather spotters reported a large tornado near desoto, just south of downtown dallas. an hour later the national weather service says there was a report of a tornado in eastern ellis county. right now they say it could be the same tornado. a powerful winter storm system
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three-to-seven inches on el paso and more than a foot of snow in higher elevations. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for several areas in and around el paso through tomorrow night. officials are telling people to stay off the roads because this storm could bring in the most snow they've seen, at one time, in the past ten years. ...wind advisory in effect until 10 pm pst this evening... .tonight...windy...c older...clear. areas of blowing dust in the evening. lows 23 to 27 on the west side of the valley...26 to 29 on the east side. north wind 20 to 30 mph decreasing to 10 to mph decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight. north wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. .sunday night...mostly clear. lows 23 to 27. winds generally light. .monday...mostly sunny. highs 43 to 46 on the west side of the valley...44 to 48 on the east side. winds generally light. .monday night...mostly cloudy.
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of the valley...31 to 34 on the east side. winds generally light becoming northwest up to 10 mph after midnight. .tuesday...mostly sunny. highs around 47. .tuesday night through thursday...mostly clear. lows 30 to 33. highs 49 to 52. .thursday night through saturday...clear. lows 31 to 34. highs 49 to 52. do you have yourself a million bucks? a couple extra-terrestrial pistols are
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do you have yourself a million bucks? a couple extra-terrestrial pistols are up for grabs. plus.. a shipping snafu. customers are blaming fed ex for ruining christmas. fed up...
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media.. venting their frustrations over the company's shipping snafu. thousands of holiday packages didn't make under the tree in time for christmas. some people are blaming the company for ruining the holiday. fed ex tried making up for the delays overnight.. delivering thousands of late packages and opening offices early this morning....they're blaming bad weather and an overload of last minute orders.
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get enough credit - but big shout out to all of those fed ex drivers the company released a statement friday assuring customers that employees "volunteered to work" the christmas shift. and that priority was "given to residential shipments" and "re- attempts to customers who were not at home to accept previosly attempted deliveries." we have another consumer alert from contact 13. sprint and verizon customers may have unclaimed money waiting for them.. but there's a deadline to claim it.. this thursday.. both wireless carries are paying customers back for unauthoriezed third- party messages.. like horoscopes or sports scores. they're refunding 158- million dollars. current and former subscribers who paid for unauthorized texts beginning july 1st, 20-10 can file a request. verizon and sprint both have online claim forms. high-end handgun maker cabot guns is making a pair of pistols from a meteorite. cabot guns announced that its extra- terrestrial pistols are
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as the earth itself. you can have one all to yourself but you should start saving now. the guns are expected to sell for about one million dollars at auction next year. a coming up.. a christmas to remember. a single mom gets the gift of a liftime.. a home for the holidays. a stranded santa claus whose
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santa made some last minute deliveries early friday morning he had to ditch his sleigh for a car. while he was heading up a hill near salt lake city it caught on fire. a passerby called 9-1-1.. but by the time fire fighters got there.. the car was destroyed. fire crews helped santa deliver the last of his presents. new tonight.. a single mother of four's celebrating a very special christmas gift. barbra moore works for a dallas, texas food company but has struggled to make ends meet. she's spent the last year living in a small economy hotel after being evicted from her apartment. the family lost everything. this christmas the more than 11- thousand members of calvary church pitched in to help the family have a home for the holidays. they rented a brand new apartment, payed the down payment and first month's rent, and told the family they could move in in january. we said let's take the
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put it into restoration. that's what joy to the world is. let's help some families restore what they lost. church members surprised moore during a recent service by handing her the keys, comedy-magic duo penn and teller are asking you to donate blood now through this friday at select united blood services locations. here's the best part. aside from making las vegas a better place to live.. you'll also get two free tickets to penn and teller's show. you'll find the locations to give blood on our website, bryan has another look at your work week forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask. and we investigate.
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that's action news.. live at 11. thanks for watching. from all of us at channel 13..
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good night. police are searching tonight for two suspects involved in a
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