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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  December 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this happened just after 11 o clock last night. metro tell us they are in the very early stages of investigating this crash. we're expecting more information later this morning
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when we get it. right now.... police are searching for two suspects they say shot a man near the stratosphere. police believe it started as a robbery in the allyway. they say the two suspects held up the victim... shooting him twice, once in the head, once in the ankle. despite his wounds, the victim was able to make it to a nearby 7-11 where he asked the clerk to call police. that's not all he was able to do, police say he managed to take the gun from the suspects. metro now has that weapon as evidence. police tell us the shot to head was more of a graze and the victim was up and talking when he was taken to the hospital. at last check..police were waiting to speak to the victim in the hospital where they hope to get a description of those two suspects. an action news update to a shooting involving an off-duty police officer in north las vegas. police sources tell us mitchell and varonica green were home late friday night.. when a relative stopped by. the couple thought it was an intruder and opened fire. the husband and wife reportedly fired multiple shots with
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hitting the family member in the leg. a metro source tells us it was one of their mothers.. who had a key to the house. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. neighbors say the street was blocked off for about ten hours yesterday morning. police have ruled the shooting to be accidental and they will not be filing charges. new developments following a deadly texas tornado. at least eight people are dead this morning after storms ravaged parts or the south. . here's a picture of the twister that rolled through the dallas, texas area earlier yesterday. it's just massive. you can see here just how powerful the tornado managed to toss around some cars and you can see the aftermath of that right here. and here's some video of the tornado as it was rolling through that area. needless to say it was very big and very destructive. this has been a holiday weekend of dangerous weather for much of the country. at least 25 deaths are blamed on tornadoes and other storms. cnn's sara sidner has more... a deadly night in north texas. "oh its very big, it's massive,
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storms and tornadoes swept through the dallas area. this video captured a tornado as it moved through the city of rowlett. "there it is that is big, big, big. there is stuff flying in the air." at least 5 deaths were reported in garland after a tornado hit interstate-30. "i actually looked at the twister ... it was a dark funnel and a big roar, it was really scary. i dont scare that easy and i was scared" several homes were destroyed, lawns littered with debris and cars tossed. "my daughter's car is in the kitchen... her car was in the garage . it's in the kitchen. yes right now. and my husband's car was in the drive way it's out and around and in the alley. but her car is in the kitchen and it was in the garage. " when the storm hit, lafayette griffin huddled with his family under a mattress and prayed "it was terrifying, terrified. we didn't know if we were going to make it" the storms are all part of a severe weather system that devasted the south this holiday weekend, with deaths in texas, arkansas, tennessee and mississippi. residents assess the damage in
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this man lost his home.. "it's by the grace of god it wasn't worse. i am really grateful you know. my wife works not that far from here. if i didnt call her my wife and kids couild have been here." in sunnyvale, texas... the front facade was ripped off of this house. larry allen is grateful he and his family wern't home. sot-larry allen needs cover when it freezes "someone called and said i think your house got a direct hit and we are in your home looking for you.... our family, friends, church were all in our house cleaning stuff up. its amazing how people in this commnity just take charge." @23:11:33 - sot "reporter: when you first got to see the damage what did you think? you just think how lucky you are. tv is busted, but everyone is alive so you think how lucky you are." in missouri, heavy rains are
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kathleen jackson shared this video from republic missouri on facebook. you can the heavy showers flooded a ditch along the highway. the waters then spilled into a car dealership parking lot. several inches of rain have fallen in that area. the death toll from all the storms in the south now stands at 25... and that number could clime. severe weather... wreaked havoc... over the christmas holiday. flash floods took over parts of georgia and alabama. meanwhile a tornado smashed through birmingham on christmas day. it was like pouring down, heavy rain...and then all of a sudden the glass and the windows just broke out and then it sounded like someone was clawing the tin off of the house - the roof 190 roads across the state are still closed right now due to
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alabama governor robert bentley toured some of the most damaged areas yesterday and spoke with families staying at an elementary school. the red cross is housing families forced to leave their homes. many of them... spent christmas here. governor bently has declared a state of emergency for alabama. the search is on for a murder suspect... still ahead on good morning las vegas.....police are eager to catch the guy, because of how gruesome his acts were. plus, the chicago police department is already facing some heat---and now one of their own fired shots, accidentally killing two people. the latest developments on this story, next. ((ad-lib)) a hard freeze warning is in effect for parts of clark county and southern nye county including pahrump.
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highs will be right around 50 today helped out by the clear sunny skies around the area and all told today won't be too bad, just a little cold. valley. another storm system is rolling onto the washington coast right now and will dive towards las vegas by tomorrow bringing with it some more clouds and another bout of winds. this system doesn't look nearly as powerful as christmas eve's but will bring a reinforcing around 50 for tuesday through new years with generally sunny skies. new years eve and day look seasonably chilly with some 30s pretty much across the board. ((ad-lib at open set with live pic in mon)) time now for a look at your
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new this morning nine people, including two children, are recovering in a
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francisco hospital after a crash involving a tour bus. police say the driver of a black suv crashed into the double decker bus. people rushed out of restaurants to see what was going on. many of the victims were treated at the scene before being rushed to hospitals. we're told the the driver of the s- u-v will be cited for making an unsafe lane change. developing in southern california.... pomona police are searching for a murder suspect who they say burned a woman to death on christmas day. authorities say the suspect doused the 41-year old victim in gasoline and set her on fire, possibly with a cigarette. witnesses described seeing the victim running from the home fully engulfed in flames. she was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her
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police say the suspect, 51-year-old clarence duwell, is on the run and is considered dangerous. meanwhile, alabama police are searching for two gunmen... who they say ....shot four teenagers outside a movie theater in west mobile. police say... two 14 year olds.... one male and one female.... were both shot in the leg. two other ....18-year old... male victims.... are recovering from non- life threatening gunshot wounds. witnesses say the victims got into an argument with the two gunmen in the movie theater parking lot just before five shots were fired. the fight broke it was like a one on one or something but then like just people like groups and different groups of the fight started happening and then people started shooting. police say the two shooters ran away. they are believed to be juveniles. friends and family gathered to pay their final respects to a teenager who died trying to save three friends. it happened just a week before christmas in knoxville, tennessee ... the 15 year old shielded three girls from a spray of bullets. more than 2-thousand people showed up for the funeral for
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player, including his math tutor of three years. that was the ultimate sacrifice to say i'ma think about some other people other than myself with no hesitation. a lot us can't say that would've been our instant thought is to think about the others that we were with and to protect them over our own self." zaevon dobson... as smart, funny, and a play- maker on the football field, as well as a hero in the knoxville community. police say the 3 suspects responsible for the shooting... have gang ties and fired on a group of school kids celebrating the holidays. cell phone video is showing the damage left to a texas mosque after it erupted in flames. muslims in the houston neighborhood gathered friday night for prayers. the fire started christmas day and about 80 firefighters worked to put the flames out. arson investigators and the a-t-f are on the scene and looking into the possiblity this fire was started intentionally.
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burned mosque, a burned church or a burned synagogue, or a burned temple. it's not good to see it like that." officials haven't determined the cause yet, but they are investigating it as suspicious because it happened at a religious building. new developments on an unsolved beating in texas. the judge wounded last month outside her austin home is out of the hospital. julie ko-curek is the presiding... district court judge for travis county. she was attacked a few weeks before thanksgiving. no motive or suspect has been named in the case. however, a 28-year-old houston man in custody on a murder charge... is a person of interest in the shooting. in illinois.. police shot two people to death--they say were "accidentally struck and tragically killed." a 55-year old woman and 19-year-old man were both killed killed after police responded to a domestic disturbance call on the city's westside. the officer involved will be on administrative duty while and investigation takes place.
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a police officer is doing just fine after being attacked. next up, we'll tell you "who" is responsible for the act. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this morning. a police officer in louisiana crashes his patrol car on
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being attacked... but it's not what you think. the perp had wings and talons... and the officer now has quite the story to tell. (nats - traffic) it was supposed to be a routine overnight patrol for covington police officer lance benjamin... until he came across a perp
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(officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "one i couldn't put exactly put handcuffs on." you may be wondering who? (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "aw man he clawed up my shirt." who would do such a thing in a police cruiser on christmas eve?!? (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "started pecking the back of my head." this guy, that's who! (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "as i was exiting the so i'm thinking okay maybe it was a football or something. and then i felt some scratching on the back of my head and some pecking." that's right an owl flew right into his open driver's side window, and made himself right at home. (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "slapped me a few times with his wings, kept on going with his talons." the scene captured on officer benjamin's body camera. (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "there's an owl in the unit there." but only after benjamin's defensive driving training was put to good use. (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "i tried to keep control of my there he was just chilling out in the car." thankfully, no one was hurt and there was only
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cruiser. as for this perp... he's in the wind. (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "we rolled down the passenger side window. um and after about 45 minutes he finally flew out." now, thanks to his fellow officers, benjamin has a permanent partner in crime for those late night ride-alongs. (officer lance benjamin, covington, la police dept.) "that's my good luck charm from now on. hopefully i don't have to have any more owl encounters. yea, i bet he got a hoot out of that." officer benjamin got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics -- just in case. after all that, he returned to work the rest of his shift. post-christmas tree recycling is underway in the valley. the city of henderson is collecting trees now through january 14th at various parks. work crews will chip the trees into mulch to be used in city parks and other landscaping around henderson. the list of places you can recycle is listed on our website, and coming up in the six o'clock hour of good morning las vegas, henderson city councilwoman gerri shroder will
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all about the recycling program. we have consumer alert from contact 13. sprint and verizon customers may have unclaimed money waiting for them.. but there's a deadline to claim it.. this thursday.. both wireless carries are paying customers back for unauthoriezed third- party messages.. like horoscopes or sports scores. they're refunding 158- million dollars. current and former subscribers who paid for unauthorized texts beginning july 1st, 20-10 can file a request. verizon and sprint both have online claim forms. high-end handgun maker cabot guns is making a pair of pistols from a meteorite. cabot guns announced that its extra- terrestrial pistols are being made from a rock as old as the earth itself. you can have one all to yourself but you should start saving now. the guns are expected to sell for about one million dollars at auction next year. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this
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get us there within a certain amount of time and they fell well outside of that range. there are some very unhappy passengers this morning after their holiday was essentially ruined--and they're blaming it all on the airlines. plus, we have new developments in a big wildfire burning in southern california. stay with us. right now on good morning las vegas... deals, deals and more deals! shoppers were out in full
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tt2watz'@f4 bt@q6]h tt2watz'@f4 "a@q&q, tt2watz'@f4 bm@q-z tt4watz'@f4 " dztq ajl tt4watz'@f4 " entq 1n, tt4watz'@f4 " gzt& (it tt4watz'@f4 " hnt& 8g8 tt4watz'@f4 " iztq r.@ tt4watz'@f4 " jntq @^ tt4wz'@f4 " lzt& x3\ deals, deals and more deals! shoppers were out in full force searching for the best bargains. and the frigid conditions and heavy winds didn't seem to stop those shoppers. a live look outside..and it is very cold out there right now. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... it's been a windy 24 hours for residents in las vegas and southern nevada.
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it would never let up. not to mention it is freezing outside. there is a hard freeze warning in effect for portions of southern nevada right now so, let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) the day after christmas is turning out to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year.. especially here in the valley. the day after christmas is turning out to be one of the busiest shopping days of the
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especially here in the valley. shopping malls across the valley were packed with shoppers returning gifts and searching for sales. everyone had a little extra money in their pocket and
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"we're here to spend some money." "i got purses." "i bought a bunch of stuff unfortunately." "i'm getting them more presents right now." "i got a dress that was $170 for like...40 bucks." the day after christmas is right up there with black friday and christmas eve. it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year. believe or not, a recent study by american express predicts the day after christmas could out-sell black friday and cyber monday this year. it's also the day when shoppers return gifts - and use the store credit or money they get more out of special bargains. money are you spending today? all of it....hahahahahahaaha!" that same american express study predicts the average shopper will spent 186 dollars the day after christmas this year. an update to a story we brought as breaking news on good morning las vegas yesterday
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a dramatic wildfire is forcing evacuations in the west. we now know a downed power line sparked that fire which has now charred more over a thousand acres... but it is 60 percent contained this morning. abc's kayna whitworth is in ventura county, california with the latest. natsot - "oh my god, oh my god. we are driving through fire." a holiday nightmare greeted drivers in southern california christmas night? natsot - "we can't see anything." fast-moving flames at first creeping toward the 1-0-1 freeway? natsot - "this is scary - like it's gonna jump the freeway. i'm really scared." then - it did? forcing many people to either turn back - or drive into the thick smoke. natsot - "?(engine guns) ?. ah-haha!!! crazyman! phew!" over and over - drivers passed flames right at the roadway's edge. fire officials say powerful santa ana winds gusting to 45 miles an hour - carried embers over the highway, pushing it across what should have been a natural barrier. nats - "?winds?" the state highway patrol shutdown parts
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pacific coast highway. county officials immediately put the solimar beach community under mandatory evacuation - and surrounding areas on voluntary status. sot - capt. steve kaufmann / ventura county fire dept. "make sure everything is buttoned up tight? if you leave any window or garage door open, that's just an entrance for one of these embers that our firefighters down the way are fighting." by daylight - the fire had grown - huge plumes of smoke filling the sky. on the ground, firecrews trying to contain the flames - but after four years of drought - there is plenty of fuel - the grass and bushes extremely dry. sot - norman plott / division chief, ventura county fire department very dynamic fire - and it's going to resist our by air? but the winds are still a concern. sot - norman plott / division chief, ventura county fire department "we're not out of the woods yet." kayna whitworth, abc news, ventura county, california. back here in the valley all that heavy wind made it difficult for rescuers to get to a fallen hiker at red rock canyon. that hiker died after falling
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so far authorities have not released that person's name.... we will keep you updated on this story as we work to learn more. a short scare for passengers aboard a flight headed from new york to florida. passengers on spirit airlines flight 1-9-7 were evacuated yesterday morning because of smoke. the plane was at the gate, preparing for takeoff, when passengers started seeing smoke coming from the left side of the plane. noone was hurt but passengers say there was a panic onboard when they were told to leave. fire crews, weren't actually able to find any smoke. the airline says there were reports of sparks seen from the electrical unit when that plane landed. spirit airlines worked to rebook those passengers to get them on their way to florida. a cross country christmas flight turned into a nightmare for nearly 200 people it took the frustrated flyers almost a full day to go from miami to l- a. passengers say it started with a thud felt around the plane. then the smell of smoke... and engine trouble according to american airlines.
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emergency landing in lubbock texas is just the beginning. after spending 14 hours stuck only half way to their destination.... flight 295's passengers were told their new plane would have to make a stop in dallas for fuel.... before finally reaching l-a 20 hours after leaving miami. the fact is we paid a fare to get us there within a certain amount of time and they fell well outside of that range. passengers say flight attendants threatend to kick them off the flight if they pulled out ther phones to record the madness. american airlines did not respond to those specific allegations. good morning las vegas... coming up... european cities are being warned of a possible attack between now and new years. we'll tell if you authorities think any cities in particular will be hit. plus, we'll tell you why gop frontrunner donald trump is taking credit for a plan put forth by the obama administration.
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stepping up secucities between now and the new year.. according to police. they say right now there is no concrete threat to any a particular city. nerves are running particularly high.. and rightfully so. just more than a month ago three groups of attackers, armed with guns and suicide vests hit six spots in and around paris. the attacks killed 130 people and injured hudreds of others. the iraq military says it is gaining ground around ramadi... where isis holds its headquarters. five days into its offensive.. iraqi forces say they have their sights set on a key government complex... iraqi soldiers say they now control an area south of the complex and a main road to the north. in this morning's red white and blue political coverage... republican presidential candidate donald trump's taking credit for the obama administration's plan... to step up deportations starting next month. trump says the move.. only came ...after his regular calls on the campaign trail to
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undocumented immigrants in the u-s. the nationwide raids will reportedly focus on the hundreds of families that have entered the united states since 2014. the plan was quickly condemned by democratic presidential candidates. one of the remaining democratics racing for the white house is headed for nevada. senator bernie sanders is planning stops in reno today.. and las vegas tomorrow. his las vegas rally is at canyon springs high school on alexander and fifth. it starts at 6:30 p-m. when good morning las vegas returns... a very special christmas gift for a very deserving single mother..... ((ad-lib)) welcome back.. while much of the country enjoyed unusually warm weather
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with a rare snow storm. a powerful winter storm system dumped several inches on the region. the national weather service
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for several areas in and around el paso through tonight. it even made for a chilly game at yesterday's "sun bowl" matchup between the washington state cougars and the miami hurricanes. officials are telling people to stay off the roads because this storm could bring in the most snow they've seen, at one time, in the past ten years. a hard freeze warning is in effect for parts of clark county and southern nye county including pahrump. in effect for the colorado river valley where winds could gust to 45mph or so throughout the morning. winds will be decreasing through the morning in the las vegas valley and will eventually go calm around noon but temperatures won't increase too much compared with yesterday. highs will be right around 50 today helped out by the clear sunny skies around the area and all told today won't be too bad, just a little cold. low temperatures will be very another storm system is rolling onto the washington coast right now and will dive towards las vegas by tomorrow bringing with it some more clouds and another bout of winds. this system doesn't look nearly
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but will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air to southern nevada as highs will remain in the upper 40s. we'll see temperatures right around 50 for tuesday through new years with generally sunny eve. it'll be cold out there as low temperatures will be in the low 30s pretty much across the board. ((ad-lib at desk)) a single mother of four's celebrating a very special
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barbra moore works for a dallas, texas food company but has struggled to make ends meet. she's spent the last year living in a small economy hotel after being evicted from her apartment. the family lost everything. this christmas the more than 11- thousand members of calvary church pitched in to help the family have a home for the holidays. they rented a brand new apartment, payed the down
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and told the family they could move in in january. we said let's take the resources we have and let's put it into restoration. that's what joy to the world during a recent service by handing her the keys, santa, with the help of some city sanitation workers, made a 4-year-old's christmas wish come true. but this was no ordinary wish and his unusual request brought out the entire neighborhood. --reporter pkg-as follows-- it's a chore even on christmas there in the distance is little four year old jobiah wells putting away the garbage cans. his parents say it's an obsession that began two years ago. (rachael wells, jobiah's mom)
5:35 am
trucks each week and then they started waving back." now he not only pulls up his family's trash cans. he takes in his neighbors. (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) "i pull up their cans to make them happy." not just one or two but 17 neighbors. (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) "some people are outside so they say thank you and i sometimes say you're welcome." the truck drivers say they see it week after week. puts everybody's back and it just has to be perfect too." (rachael wells, jobiah's mom) "so you want me to write your christmas list? (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) "two blues." so when it came time to make a list for santa. (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) "one gray" "one new green" you guessed it jobiah asked for shiny new garbage cans. (rachael wells, jobiah's mom) "is there anything else you want for christmas? just trash cans. (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) just the trash cans. yes." (honk honk) it became jobiah's mom) "who do you think it might be." the folsom garbage trucks came back through to drop something off just for jobiah. (carter wells, jobiah's dad) "are they the right ones? look it's clean! the lids work!" at first he was a little the drivers on his route cliff and aaron (aaron wilson, truck
5:36 am
do i get a hug today? thanks buddy!" are like rock stars to the pre-schooler. (aaron wilson, truck driver) "he loves me. he loves garbage. he loves all things garbage. he loves the drivers. he can't get enough of the drivers." (cliff kallis, truck driver) "it warms my heart, it really does. heart set on four brand new garbage cans. (jobiah wells, 4-year-old) "i the city of folsom posted video of jobiah and his new garbage
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on their facebook page. still ahead on good morning las vegas.. janet jackson is set to perform in las vegas next may, but could that show be in jeopardy? welcome back...
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reach the unitedtt2w`t3n@24" bt@qc., tt2w`t3n@24" "a@qs"h tt2w`t3n@24" bm@qx)d tt4w`t3n@24"" dztq k6$ tt4w`t3n@24"" entq ;2d tt4w`t3n@24"" gzt& "5< tt4w`t3n@24"" hnt& 2;p tt4w`t3n@24"" iztq xr( tt4w`t3n@24"" jntq j"h tt4w`t3n@24"" lzt& ro4 here's a look at the massive cargo ship, "the benjamin franklin." it's longer than the empire state building at 13 hundred feet and can carry up to 18 thousand containers. the engine room has the
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ship made its way to l-a yesterday. in 20-15, some showbiz figures drew more attention for their off-camera exploits than their day jobs. cnn's david daniel looks at the entertainment stories that kept us...entertained. --reporter pkg-as follows-- (nat-crowd) transgender issues took an olympic- sized step forward in 2015, as kardashian step-dad bruce jenner officially became caitlyn jenner. (nat-applause) another '80s icon, bill cosby, saw his image go from father figure to accused predator, as more than 40 women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations... allegations he has denied. allegations of sexual misconduct also took down a recent t-v powerhouse: the duggar family of "19 kids and counting." josh duggar faced reports he'd molested girls as a teenager -- including his sisters... and used the adultery website ashley madison-- he apologized on both counts. "i have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage..." some of the sexual partners of charlie sheen expressed alarm when the hard- living celeb announced he was h- i-v and it was a devastating deja
5:40 am
died at 22, in a manner eerily similar to that of her mother, whitney houston: discovered unresponsive in a bathtub. brian williams lost his lofty perch as n-b-c nightly news anchor, for exaggerating a tale about a helicopter mission during the iraq war. "the last six weeks, it's been crazy..." 2015 also saw quite a shakeup in the late-night landscape: david letterman signed off after 33 years of top ten lists and stupid pet tricks... jon stewart moved on from "the daily show" after 16 years, in which he made the comedy show a cultural and political phenomenon... and stephen colbert left comedy central, too, shedding his faux-pundit persona to take over for letterman. after a year like this one,
5:41 am
or disappointed us, it's no wonder we couldn't wait to return to a galaxy far, far away, as "star wars" returned to theaters with "the force awakens." (trailer nat) "we're home." david daniel, reporting. here are today's stories... now trending... superstar, janet jackson announced over the christmas holiday she's putting her "unbreakable" world tour on hold so she can have surgery. she didn't give any information about the procedure but said the tour will be postponed until spring. she does plan to reschedule all of the dates and told fans to hold onto tickets. jackson is scheduled to perform in the brand new las vegas arena on may 14th. there's no word if that date will change. the washington redskins are trending in the sports world this morning. the team clinched their division with a win last night against the philadelphia eagles...that means they are guaranteed a playoff spot.
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postseason since 2012. the nfl season is winding down, but the matchups are getting heated as teams are battling it out for playoff spots. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, and click on "now trending" comedy-magic duo penn and teller are asking you to donate blood now through this friday at select united blood services locations. here's the best part. aside from making las vegas a better place to live.. you'll also get two free tickets to penn and teller's another full hour of news and weather starts right now... right now on good morning las vegas... police are looking for two suspects right now, they say shot and hurt a man near the stratosphere... severe storms are pounding the u.s., including a deadly twister that caused major damage in the dallas area. good morning las vegas! i'm the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco!
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