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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  December 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this car was on the 15 this evening. nhp says it just caught fire. no one was hurt. the right line of i-15 is back open near silverado ranch. here's a live look at the area now. it appears traffic is moving smoothly . we have more breaking news now. the 95 south of las vegas is closed in both directions. several motorcyclists are being airlifted to area hospitals after a crash near searchlight. their conditions are not known. we'll have the latest information for you as it comes in. a c-c-s-d custodian who shocked parents.. is expected in court this week. michael skelton's accused of gross lewdnes.. for what he was caught doing on surveillance cameras.... in a classroom... after hours. police arrested skelton almost two weeks ago. the principal of dondero elementary, where skelton worked.. says they don't think he had any contact with students.
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out of texas. passengers are left crowded.... at "love field airport" in dallas. after storms blowing through the state leave many flights grounded or delayed. tornadoes ripped through parts of texas on saturday. in their wake.. damages to hundreds of structures... and the lives of at least 11 people lost. cnn's... reid binion us a look at what's left. --reporter pkg-as follows-- a sunday.. aerial views of destruction where homes once stood.. now reduced to nothing. (greg abbott / texas governor) "our key focus is this. first rescue and recover. second, aiding and assisting those who need to get to shelter. and third is helping families and communities." late saturday, severe storms and dallas... with winds traveling between 150-200 miles per hour.. according to the national weather service. the storm blew off roofs, mangled vehicles, downed power lines, toppled trees...
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big, big, strong tornado." areas like garland and rowlett took the brunt of the unrelenting weather.. nat pop - "oh! there's stuff flying in the air." at least 11 people were killed -- some along interstate 30 where police say cars appeared to have been thrown from the road. many watched the nightmare unfold from their homes. (witness) "it was a just a dark funnel and it was a big roar. it was really scary. it scared me. i don't scare that easy but it scared me." nat pop others now trying to salvage what's left. (witness) "like out of nowhere it happens. you're left without words. left without a home." i'm reid binion reporting. -----end-----cnn.scri pt----- the severe weather already moving on to other states like oklahoma and new mexico - where a historic blizzard is pounding those areas with heavy snow. chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking that storm for us tonight. bryan what are you seeing?
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california. firefighters are making major progress. the 12-hundred acre fire is about 70-percent contained. the blaze started friday night in ventura county. crews closed the 101 for a while. that highway is now back open. fire officials say a downed power line likely started the fire. the ventura fire department arson investigation team was out at the scene and discovered that a downed power line was the cause for this incident. and we could surmise that the winds certainly had something to do with that but that is our primary cause at this time." six hundred firefighters worked on containment over the weekend. hundreds more are still on scene. staying in california. nine people.... including two children.... are injured after a tour bus crash last night in san francisco. police say the driver of the black s-u-v see here
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cutting the bus off. some passengers were treated immediately on the sidewalk before being taken to three separate san francisco hospitals. amy van artsdalen/witness there were a lot of police cars, ambulances, people being taken away on the stretchers and put into ambulances. the most severe injury was a broken ankle. both the driver of the tour bus and the s-u-v passed drug and alcohol tests. the general manager for "big bus" says... the tour company's driver has a solid record. the driver of the s-u-v will be cited for making an unsafe lane change. a small plane crash in under investigation in arizona. it crashed shortly after take off at an airport in southern arizona. four people were injured but are doing okay tonight. new at six... the woman who survived a shooting caught on live t-v four months ago is going back to work. vicki gardner was shot once in the back in august ....while
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alison parker in roanoke, virginia. parker and her camerman adam ward died. the shooter was a former employee of the t-v station "w-d b-j". (vicki gardner, virginia shooting survivor) "and as he approached, i could see it. and i was a little distracted but i was not concerned. and when he opened fire, it was still very difficult to even comprehend what was happening. it was something that one does not expect to happen, and your mind very quickly goes into a lot of scenarios. but it was very horrific." gardner says she's not haunted by the shooting- instead enthusiastic for the future. she plans to return to her job at the local chamber of commerce in late january. rolling stone magazine is trying to get a lawsuit dismissed....after it was filed by three former university of virginia ...fraternity members. the three students say they
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about a rape...which the magazine now admits never happened. the students were never identified in the article.. but they allege they continue to face backlash over the report. the suit does not specify the amount of money sought in damages ....but the magazine is also facing a 25- million-dollar lawsuit by the fraternity. also--- a... u-v-a ....dean ...who was named in the article.... is suing for seven-point-five million dollars. it's a busy day on the 15. las vegas visitors are headed take a look. this is the 15 near the state border right now. it's straight tail lights. if you're headed that way.. expect delays. in tonight's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. senator bernie sanders is in las vegas. it's at canyon spring high school on alexander and fifth. it starts at 6:30 p-m. coming up.. a racy heist. how did these women get away with thousands of dollars in jewelry from a new york nicks basketball star? plus backlash in chicago. police shooting.
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should have to bury her child. people tonight are mouring the loss of two people killed. ad lib traffic on the 15 going to california ad-lib
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africa. the blaze destroyed five cars at the "cape town"... rail station. thankfully nobody was inthe carriages at the time. local media reports this is the third burning train incidient in just three months. police are hunting for a pair of women who may have pulled off an audacious heist. they met a pro basketball star at a club, and partied with him until the wee hours of the morning... abc's marci gonzales reports.. now police are investigating
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serious loot.. after leaving his home script: - police are looking for these two women- they say may have pulled off a racy heist: stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from new york knicks player derrick williams? nat knicks game according to police, the 24-year-old nba forward- met the women at new york city's 'up and down club' last weekend?releasing this surveilance footage of the two women leaving the club, just before investigators say williams brought them back to his home. after an hour and a half - the women left. (gfx) williams says he later noticed 617 thousand dollars worth of jewelry including a 50-thousand dollar rolex, three diamond rings three gold chains -all gone. sot 00:00:31:07 mos 1: he should've had this locked up, and you shouldn't bring random girls home especially if you're a celebrity. police still haven't identified the women - for now calling them just "persons of interest". but investigators believe- this may not be the first time they've pulled off this kind of crime. sot brad garrett 17;34;35;10 - "i'd be shocked if this is the
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done" the nypd explains they're seeing it more often - women intentionally targetting men in bars and clubs - to get into their homes. sot - brad garrett - "a large majority of the time it doesn't get reported because people have been caught in a compromising situation and they don't want anybody to know about it." a few accused boat thieves are behind bars. lee county, florida police called in the coast guard to track them down. the 345 mile chase ...ended mexico. officials believe the men arrested are part of an organzied boat theft group. anger and frustration in chicago today. police shot and killed a 19-year-old black man this weekend while responding to a 9-1-1 call. caught in the gunfire.. a 55-year- old mother, who also died. bettie jones shared a home with 19-year-old college student "quin-tonio le-grier".
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domestic disturbance call at legrier's home saturday. legrier allegedly threatend his dad with a bat. police say the mother of five was "accidentally" and "tragically killed." "while i'm tempted to feel hate for all chicago police officers - // i think we've gotta show the police officers and family a lot of compassion." the shooting is sparking new protests against the already troubled chicago police. so far, mayor rahm emanuel has resisted calls to resign. sot - ja'mal green / protestor "i want the mayor to understand - this is a message to you: you failed us before. now is your time to step up, or step down." the officers involved in saturday's deadly shooting... are currently on desk duty. police in pomona, california arrested a man they believe... burned a woman to death on christmas. authorites sat clarence duwell doused the 41-year old victim with gasoline.. then set her on fire.. possibly with a cigarette. witnesses say they saw the
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fully engulfed in flames. the woman died at the hospital. action news is staying updated on a shooting near the stratosphere. two suspects are still on the run. they shot a man near the 7/11 near las vegas boulevard and sahara. police believe it started as a robbery in the allyway. they say the two suspects held up the victim... shooting him twice, once in the head, once in the ankle. the victim is expected to be okay. we're learning more about two people who killed in an overnight crash on charleston and decatur. jose santiago and deshawn walker died. police say their car hit two light poles before coming to a stop....back on the roadway. this all happened just after 11 o clock last night. metro says speed appears to be a factor. new at six.. flooding caused by el nino has displaced more than 150-thousand people in south america. most of them are in paraguay, the worst-hit area. this video is from argentina where 20-thousand people were evacuated.
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to tour the area today. a massive snowstorm is causing problems from west texas to new mexico. this is amarillo, texas right now. to the west of amarillo, much of new mexico is dealing with huge snowfall as well. more than 16 inches have fallen in some parts of that state. new mexico's governor has declared a state of emergency. forecasters say up to 18 inches of snow will fall across much of west and northwestern texas by sunday night. up to 24 inches of snow is forecast for parts of new mexico.
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((adlib wx close)) 'star wars the force awakens' is still rocking the box
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today the film hit a new milestone.. earning a billion dollars in global sales faster than any film in history. it also scored a record for christmas day box office sales on friday. and it all happened without the help of china...the second largest film market in the world. star wars opens there in two weeks. as for the other films this weekend-- 'daddy's home' featuring will ferrell and mark wahlberg finished second with weekend. and 'joy' starring jennifer lawrence came in third. comedy-magic duo penn and teller are asking you to donate blood now through this friday locations. here's the best part. aside from making las vegas a you'll find the locations to give blood on our website, a christmas surprise for one milwaukee family -- just weeks after fire ripped through their home. the city is selling them a new
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unbelievable price. just one dollar. earlier this month...a fire destroyed dakeela burkes'.. she was part of a "rent-to-own" program.. and was so close to owning her house. now her dreams of homeownership...are coming true.. dakeela burkes to see everybody to help me is wonderful, so i can't express how i'm feeling right now the mother of four will move in in february. it's deja vu in las vegas. right now a gallon of gas will cost you about the same as it patriots captain matthew slater has a brain fart during the coin toss. action news wants to help you stay informed 24/ sign up for breaking news ealerts at you'll need to go to the member's page...which you can get to by clicking on the contest tab on our homepage.
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opportunity has no slow season. no off-days, or downtime. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage ofour season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with
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the national average price for a gallon of regular is sticking at two dollars a gallon. in las vegas it's closer to $2.55. it was almost the same price this time last year. an oopsie in new jersey.. it's the patriots and the jets. new england calls for heads.. wins the toss at metlife stadium.. but mistaknely elects to kick off instead of receive. matthew slater tries to correct the mistake...but it isn't allowed. the patriots ended up losing to the jets.. 26 to 20. an estimated 332-thousand people are expected in las vegas for new year's eve. for the first time this year.. the las vegas monorail will run
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and get this.. a ticket for locals is only one- dollar. you can ride the train all night long! coming up on action news live at 6:30 tornados ripped through the state of texas overnight, claiming the lives of at least 11 people. we'll have the latest on this devastating storm. after more than 6 months of silence, we're now hearing from the leader of isis. stay tuned to hear who he's threatening now. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv
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news live at 6:30 tens of millions of americans are in the danger zone tonight - as a massive weather system moves across the country. good evening... and thanks for joining us. i'm jacqui heinrich. those storms overnight turned deadly - killing at least eleven people in the dallas-fort worth area. there are reports tonight that at least 9 tornadoes touched down. abc's jim ryan is in texas with the latest. natsot - "that's it, oh my god that's it!?that's a tornado!!" pure panic as the storm roared in - under cover of night. power line flashes and lightning revealing the massive tornadoes as they tore into texas. natsot - "oh my god - did you see that? oh my god!" after the twisters passed - even in the
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destruction was often total. natsot - "it's completely gone dude. completely. there's nothing left." sot - ian mccroan?? "i looked out the window and saw the funnel // just dove into the hallway." sot - becky drain "it was spinning right towards us // all you hear is debris hitting the house and hitting the house and hitting the house." sot - tony hickman?? "just thankful to be alive." by daylight - the scope of the devastation - ripped into tiny pieces. natsot - "this is the restroom where we all hid." this family in rowlett, texas emerged to find the roof collapsed in every room of the house - except the bathroom where they were hiding. natsot - "three kids, three adults." for others? being away at holiday parties - saved lives. sot - mos "i was devastated, cause everything we own was in the trailer? christmas. everything is gone. we're just here to salvage what we cak." sot - mos "i just want to find some of the memory stuff. everything else can be replaced." the system igniting
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stretching from southern texas - to the canadian border. bringing everything from tornadoes to flooding rain - to ice and snow. look at these scenes from new mexico. and now, those crippling blizzard conditions - are moving into eastern texas. more severe weather that this battered state does not need. jim ryan, abc news, , texas. the governor of new mexico has declared a state of emergency in her state. it's as a massive snowstorm has blanketed a good portion of new mexico. a blizzard warning is in place for all of eastern new mexico. the winter storm has dumped up to 21 inches of snow in some areas. snow drifts as high as eight feet are making many roads impassable. that includes interstate-40, which is closed from east albuquerque to the texas state line. officials say more than ten thousand homes are without power in eastern new mexico. governor susana martinez's emergency order activates the national guard to help stranded
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action news is tracking the latest weather developments. here's a live look outside, where temperatures have been down right frigid. action news chief meteorologist brian scoffield has a look at what we can expect. bryan? ad-lib a local family continues to
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72 year old wallace inkenbrandt has been missing since christmas eve. he was last seen near the intersection of lone mountain and decatur in a silver nissan sentra with license plate p-h-b-0488. police have tracked his cell phone to the california state line, which he used to text his wife he was almost home. he hasn't been heard from since. according to the family, wallace is terminally ill and has missed some of his critical medicine. new information tonight. we are hearing from perhaps the most wanted man in the world,
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he is breaking a more than six month silence with an audio recording ... on which he specifically threatens israel. abcs jim avila has the latest. tape----this is believed to be the voice behind isis. a 23 minute long audio statement delivered by a man claiming to be isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. sot nats in arabic after 7 months of silence? baghdadi appears desperate to rally his beleaguered fighters who have lost ground and leadership.. 2015 has not been a good year for isis. the us led coalition has killed his second in command, the isis emir in charge of oil and gas in the terrorist controlled parts of syria and iraq. isis oil trucks and and their supply lines have been heavily damaged by american and other bombing runs. isis troops have been forced to retreat from tikrit and parts of ramadi. in this message baghdadi appears to be issuing a call to arms among the world's 1.5 billion muslims. sot nats quote? waging this battle is a duty upon every
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he also threatens israel directly ? promising to liberate palestine? and boldly claiming that "islam will dominate the world anew until the day of judgement." one administration source dismisses the message as more isis propaganda. we're still following breaking news. police are investigating a body found in a car near the 15 and action news reporter gina lazara is ther now. gina. a developing story out of the
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in iraq, government troops say they are now in full control of the central government compound in ramadi. the hard-fought victory comes after intense fighting. iraqi soldiers have defused a large number of bombs and rescued more than one hundred families who were trapped by the combat. isis had been using it as their main stronghold in the city. the militants are said to have fled the complex. the budget bill passed by congress last week includes
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taken hostage in iran in 19-79. spouses and children would receive a one- time payment of 600-thousand dollars. the former hostages were held captive for 444 days 36 years ago. they were prevented from suing iran as a condition of their 19-81 release. a texas judge shot and wounded last month outside her home in austin is out of the hospital. julie kocurek is the presiding district court judge for travis county. she was attacked after returning home from a football game november 6th. no motive or suspect has been named in the case. however, a 28-year-old houston man in custody on an unrelated murder charge is a person of interest in the shooting. muslim leaders want authorities to investigate the apparent firebombing of a california mosque - as a hate crime. fire damage was discovered at the tracy islamic center yesterday morning.
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what looked to be a molotov cocktail tossed over the gate at the building's back door. the council on american-islamic relations, or cair says there's been a recent spike in hate incidents against mosques nationwide. the group notes this is the latest of more than 70 incidents targeting american mosques this year. a series of incidents led to the closure of a mall in kentucky. according to police, between 1,000 and 2,000 unruly teenagers began disrupting the mall and overwhelming police. police believe much of the incidents stemmed from social media and had to call in 50 officers from 4 different agencies. it took police several hours to get the area under control. a developing story tonight an upcoming documentary implicates quarterback and n-f- l legend peyton manning in an illegal doping ring . the al jazeera report alleges that manning and other athletes received human growth hormone from an anti-aging clinic. the report alleges that this
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manning was recovering from neck surgery. a former employee claims the h-g-h was sent to manning under his wife ashley manning's name. the pharmacist later recanted his story, saying he made it all up. needless to say, manning was not happy with the accusations. peyton manning "it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage, there's more adjectives i'd like to be able to use. it really makes me sick, makes me sick, makes me sick that it brings ashley into it, her medical history, her medical privacy being violated, that make me sick. i don't understand that." the clinic employee told e-s-p-n that he made-up information about manning to test the knowledge of a man who turned out to be an investigative reporter. the n-f-l did not start testing for h- g-h until last year. so far no player has tested positive. coming up in tonight's financial focus. good news for home buyers tonight as mortgage rates
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why the latest drop was a surprise to economists. a contact 13 consumer alert tonight. sprint and verizon are refunding money to consumers for unathorized third party messages. but, there's a deadline to
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on the heels of the federal reserve's decision to raise interest rates, mortgage rates appear to be defying the odds. according to freddie mac the average on a 30-year fixed mortgage fell slightly to 3.96% instead of going up. the drop is a reminder the fed has an indirect effect on long-term mortgage rates. it's also expected a few additional rate hikes won't have much of an impact . hyatt hotel officials are advising customers to monitor their payment card statements, after discovering malware hackers may have used to access customer credit card numbers the malware was found on hyatt hotel computer systems used to process customer payments. the chicago-based resort chain
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security experts to figure out what happened. hyatt officials have not confirmed whether any sensitive information was stolen by hackers. the company is now using stronger security measures -- and says customers can feel confident using payment cards at hyatt hotels worldwide. that's tonight's financial focus. let's go to action news chief meteorologist bryan scofield and weather first. ad-lib breaking news now. the northbound lanes of the 95
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the northbound lanes of the 95 south of las vegas are still closed. several motorcyclists were airlifted to area hospitals after a crash near searchlight. we have now learned that one of those riders has died. investigators are stiill on scene and we'll have the latest information for you as it comes in. we have a consumer alert tonight from contact 13. sprint and verizon customers may have unclaimed money waiting for them.. but there's a deadline to claim it.. this thursday.. both wireless carries are
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unauthoriezed third- party messages.. like horoscopes or sports scores. they're refunding 158- million dollars. current and former subscribers who paid for unauthorized texts beginning july 1st, 20-10 can file a request. verizon and sprint both have online claim forms. fiat chrysler is recalling nearly 450-thousand suvs. they include more than 350-thousand jeep grand cherokees and dodge durangos sold between 2011 and 2012 which contain faulty wiring in the vanity mirror. the other involves more than 93- thousand 2015 jeep compass and patriot suvs because a clamp may be out of position. here's a look at what's coming up tonight in primetime on channel 13. at 7 -- america's funniest home video's at 8 -- the first of four straight episodes of the muppets. at 10 -- shark tank at 11 -- action news coming up in tonight's health
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with the new year fast approaching... one resolution you should consider is improving your heart health... and experts say it may be easier than you think.
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. head start on your health resolutions.
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suggests taking those steps may be easier than you think. with more, here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. script: that christmas dinner... a few short weeks after the thanksgiving meal. add in the new year's champagne and all of the other seasonal goodies... and it is hard to deny that this is the season of indulgence. but with all of this decadence, you may not have given much thought to your heart health. fortunately, getting back on track might come down to seven simple steps. together, they are linked to a reduction in heart risk of 60 percent... or more. those seven steps... quitting smoking... achiving a healthy b-m-i... exercising... eating a healthy diet... keeping total cholesterol low... maintaining a healthy blood pressure... and managing blood sugar levels. but as simple as these steps may be... sticking to them may require a disciplined approach. so as you put down that champagne glass and draw up that list of resolutions... consider a few of these
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start... of a healthier heart. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from bryan. you're watching channel 13 action news... where you ask and we
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ grunting ] [ laughter ] [ laughs ] [ laughter ] woman: don't do that! [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro! [ applause ] hey!
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