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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 30, 2015 4:15am-4:30am PST

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something al jazeera refuted in this phone call. >> the start date we have where we signed for him was 10-17 of '11. >> reporter: the reporter saying they did 27 hours of undercover recordings with charles sly, adding he's the one who named manning. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> that reporter's now asking was he lying then or is he lying now with his backtracking? was he lying when he didn't realize that he was being recorded or now that he puts out a youtube comment? >> right. >> a lot of leg for this story. coming up, t minus one day to new year's eve. >> and don't even think about throwing a party without checking in with america's favorite tupperware lady.
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advice for reena coming up next. new year's party or will be attending one as a guest you always need something to hold all the food and drink. it doesn't stop there. back with us again america's top salesperson with tupperware and an all-time favorite guest, aunt
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>> oh, reena, yay! new year's is coming! i love any excuse to party. i do. >> and you have the best containers -- >> at tupperware we have something for every occasion. absolutely. and i can't think of a better way to start new year's than with our chip and dip container. >> who knew that tupperware did this? >> there is fantastic. look at the size of that. isn't that great? now, you put your chips in here. you get two side dip bowls here. and they clip onto the sides. you can put them wherever you want. now, we have salsa in here and cheese in here. you could easily use this as a punch bowl and put your fruit toppings in there. or you could use it as a salad bowl and put some croutons and some cheese, toppings, whatever you want to do. it's very versatile. and here's the lid. look at this. the lid that you can put on there to cover them can also be used as a tray. >> that's fantastic. you're always doubling everything.
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tupperware and you get eight uses. >> tupperware's got so many uses, reena. speaking of which, now, these look at that. okay? flexible cutting boards. those are really versatile. and we have cutlery. a lot of people don't realize. look at this. look at those beautiful knives. yeah. and they have those wonderful colorful sleeves on them to keep them nice and safe. >> especially if you have children. so good. >> sure. and for new year's i can't think of a better way to cut up all the garnishes that you'll be throwing in your drinks and using that. and speaking of which, this, reena, has been around for many, many years. this is the serving center from tupperware. and you can use this for all sorts of crudites. some people take it and put vegetables in it. you put your dip in the middle because you get this nice little dip bowl. look at that. that comes with a seal. and again, taco toppings. ice cream toppings. right? but for new year's eve we're going to put all our garnishes in there for the bartender. >> oh, i love it. >> bartender's friend. >> fantastic.
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the tupperware corkscrew. everyone knows this is one of my favorite items, right? the tupperware corkscrew. this is so easy. all you do is put it down. look at this. all you do is screw. and what do i say? that cork rides up faster than a prom dress. and it's done. okay? really easy. really easy to use. all right? so think about that. wonderful. and after we're done doing all the partying, reena, everyone's on a diet. am i wrong? >> you're right. >> so i brought this piece of revolutionary tupperware. this is the tupperware smart steamer. this is a true steamer in the microwave. you put the water in the bottom over here. this material is all made from encapsulated metal. the microwaves cannot penetrate this. they can only heat the water. therefore steaming your food. >> wow. >> and what's great about steamed food is that it holds its nutrients, color, and texture better than anything. it's really the best way to eat and the best way to go on a diet if you have a new year's
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>> so easy. i swear i can't steam over the stove. >> no, no. and you're not using the stove. you're not heating up the house and using all that electricity. you're doing it right in the microwave oven. i can't think of anything that's >> best tips, best tupperware. lady with the mostest. >> absolutely. you're looking forward to new year ps. >> let's start now. aunt barbara, she is really the you really are. best ideas. >> happy new year's! >> for all of her great ideas make sure you head to our facebook page, you're watching "world news now." cheers. >> cheers. >> this is non-alcoholic, right? >> yes. facebook page, you're watching "world news now." cheers. >> cheers.
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that never sleeps and find i'm a number one frank sinatra on the charts so we're now less than 48 hours from 2016. >> and from where we're sitting square, preparations are shifting into high gear for the nation's biggest new year's eve bash. >> okay. so frank said it's the city that pretty like comatose there right now. and this morning we're going to find out that still you can get some of the best seats in the house in times square but for a price. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's a view like no other. new year's eve and times square. this week the last of those 2,688 waterford crystal triangles added to that ball. and one last confetti check. and behind me people are writing
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pieces of confetti that will fall from the sky on new year's eve and way up there, 50 stories up, that's where the ball will drop. and restaurants here selling front row seats for big bucks. how big? at the olive garden a $400 ticket to their new year's eve party will get you multiple open bars and a full buffet. but as for those famous breadsticks -- >> both with unlimited breadsticks -- >> reporter: they weren't always part of that buffet. we found out they will be served. and at ruby tuesday's tickets for the couples vip table sold for $1,600. but it won't guarantee you a view of the ball dropping. >> would you pay that? >> no. no. >> reporter: but so many others will. to be at the cross-roads of the world. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> and be sure to join ryan on abc for "new year's rockin' 7:00 central, followed by "world news now." so $1,600 for ruby tuesday. it is a diamond. so i can kind of understand
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>> yeah. 400 for the olive garden. or you can just tough it out with all the crowds down below. have you ever done that? >> no. what are you going to -- gown. >> yeah, looking good for new year's eve this year, guys. 1900. that's what you're dressed like. >> don't be a hater. >> wherever you -- >> a little on the conservative >> yeah.
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