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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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stratosphere at that party that's underway. we are just under one hour, as you can see from the countdown clock on the bottom right-hand part of your screen, the most spectacular fireworks show in the world. >> let's go to the weather center. we want this to go on without a hitch. >> you noticed the tops of trees were not moving. boy, i'm happy about that. we're an hour away from lots of fireworks, sure, burr the winds have calmed down nicely. we'll knock on wood. the only place i can find stronger winds is summerland. in the colorado river valley there is a wind viz through tomorrow morning, there is a wind advisory for laughlin,
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expecting much in the way of wind. many areas will fall into the 20s tonight. if you add a little wind to that, it pulls heat away from your body, but we're not seeing much of that. >> thank you. 300,000 people are packing the las vegas strip to see the fireworks. we're confident they will. thousand of locals will be able to see the fireworks from a distance. here is a list of the hotels that will serve as the launch site for the fireworks, from the stratosphere all the way to the mgm grand. >> we have more coverage. action news anchor dayna roselli is at the pbr rock
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>> reporter: this is good. there is lots of security, escalators have been shut down for the night. people starting to make their way out, and really enjoying themselves, getting all bundled up. they have the new year's eve hats on. we have great music out here, i'm not going to lie, at pbr rock bar and grill. i am joined by dan coming who drove in from san francisco? >> flew down, came home for the holidays to visit my family and friends. >> reporter: you're from here, and you say las vegas is the place to be. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you love about it. >> there is nowhere else you're going to get a million people and the biggest fireworks all on one big street. >> reporter: people who live here say i don't want to
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that. >> it's hard to get my own friends to come down here because of what you said, follow me. hey, coming from another city that's not nearly as exciting on new year's eve, got. this is the place to be. >> reporter: have a safe trip back to san francisco. we're watching a lot of people who are super excited seeing us on the big screen, channel 13, and they keep waving. there was a snowflake or two i saw. a couple of people have stopped by saying hey, is it snowing? no, it's not, but i think we have found the culprit. we're across the street from the cosmopolitan ice rink, they have an ice machine, and i believe the wind is fwloe blowing it our way.
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it is not snowing. we're bundled up here. my nose is running. we keep getting hot coffee over here. it's part of it, and it's fun, and it's not unbearable. lel's do it. we're excited for the firework. we're here at pbr rock bar and grill, we have heater lamps, and everybody's having a great time. >> thank you, dayna, and good sleuthing there in solving that. now we know what it is. another big party right now going on in downtown las vegas. let's go live out to rikki cheese and megan telles joining us from the fremont, having more fun than two grown-ups should be allowed to have. >> earlier i had on the leopard gloves.
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of one of them. the fans are rocking investigateas. >> there is a good 25, 30-song set going on. people are coming and waving their hands, some that we know, some are friends, some are family members, some are people that you know as head of marketing. >> from the fremont, bernie had amazing numbers. >> 22,000 people are expected to hit the fremont tonight, tonight. >> and think about this. what's going to happen is within the next 15 minutes or so, you're going to see people streaming out of the hotels under the canopy, and they're rocking hard. this is a great party for
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tourists as well. people want to take their selfies with us. >> it's under an hour! >> we have seen some of the craziest. >> look right now, cowboy hat coming here with the light. camera in hand. this is a good party. the feathers. we're going to have the full party experience. it's a treat to be out here. >> keep in mind, this party doesn't end at midnight. it goes on until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, and it's free. if you can't make it down to the party tonight, you're watching at home, you know you're missing the fun, you can still have the fremont experience. [ audio not understandable ] big celebrity show at
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current mayor of las vegas, and probably there will be showgirls involved. >> right. the showgirls actually have some clothes on tonight. i don't know if that's more feather. i don't know what that is. >> last year was colder than this year. >> that is a true art. give it up to the ladies. i hear next coming up we have van halen, and who did they pay tribute to? van halen, van halen. it is really cool. we have 13 tribute bands. this is just one of those 13. three different stages, one behind us. we have another stage, to our right and left. we are surrounded by the sound, we are surrounded by music, and i'm surrounded by miss rikki cheese. >> and megan telles. >> our new name is what? >> mac and cheese.
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have to give her a shout-out, she said you guys are so funny because every time they toss to or from you, it sounds like you're saying "mac and cheese", megan and rikki cheese. we're going to see if they have the fireworks under the canopy. it's amazingly exciting. there is so much to do down here. you can go and eat in the hotel, relax, get out of the cold, just come out here for that big, defining moment, and of course we will bring that to you live. >> we will, megan. we have one person who asked what is your new year's resolution. did he give you an idea of what his was? >> he wanted to take a
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we kind of have to earn megan just got married, she's got to buy stuff for the new house. she's taking a selfie with him. >> we have feathers, cone heads. hey, wave for the camera! oh! fantastic! there's another one. >> the guy over there with the purple hat on, beautiful! >> shout out to channel 13! [ cheering ] >> we have a guy back there with strings. >> the red string, got something going there. come on, come on, share the party. you guys are live! girlfriend right here as a green sparkly dress. fantastic. bare legs! hello! so much!
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>> down on fremont street. you have plenty of time to get down here folks, 21 and older, $40 to get in, totally worth it. everybody is having a great time. you heard randy talking about security. security down here is amazing. they have metro officers, security from all the hotels, canines. >> big, furry dogs. >> this is just a really, really fun time, folks. come down, and we'll take a selfie with you. >> and van halen is coming band. thank you for joining us! we're going to have fun, and we'll see what we can gather up. >> okay, mac and cheese. you know you're a true celebrity when --
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cheese". meanwhile, a few miles away, party continuing for hundreds of thousands of people on the las vegas strip. >> jacqui heinrich is at the cromwell overlooking the strip. how is it going out there? >> reporter: it doesn't feel too beachy right now. as you can see, i'm double layered. it's picking up a little bit with the wind chill factor, but the party is heating up. you can see the beautiful dancers on the stage up there, and the crowd is just getting packed right in. it is hot on the dance floor, unlike this little balcony podium thing i'm standing on here. if you want to come down and join in the fun, that's the place to be. still tickets at the door, $300 for guys, $200 for girls, but there is an open champagne bar, so lots of folks getting in on that tonight, and if we come back
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you, behind me where the action on the strip is really starting to pick up. look at the crowd down there, about the thickest crowd we've seen. doesn't look like the wind's going to be too much of a problem, but we're starting to feel it, but maybe i'm just feeling it. i don't have on the beer jacket. i'm probably the only sober person on the las vegas strip. happens every year. if we can just pan all the way thataway, check out the party at caesars, and it's just really heating up, the lights are flashing, and seeing more metro presence, from our eagle eye, more blue and red lights going off, keeping things in order, so when crowds really come out for the fireworks, that
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everything stays safe, calm, and of course we're celebrating. back in the studio, i'm hoping you guys are a little warmer than we are, because i'm looking at the countdown clock, 64 minutes and 27 second. i don't know if i can wait, guys. i don't know if i can wait. >> stay warm out there. unfortunately, we have breaking news. a deadly accident happened on the i-15 just noemts moments ago. let's go to video. two people dead after a nasty crash there. at last check, all of the lanes heading south on the highway on i-15 at craig road are shut down right now. you have to exit on lamb if you're traveling southbound on the i-15 and making your way to the las vegas strip. here's what we know according to clark county fire department. this car actually burst into flames when this accident happened. you can see the emergency crews that were out there on scene. the fire department had to
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then, of course, police out there still investigating what led to this deadly accident. again, two people dead on the i-15 at craig. unfortunately, i'm the bearer of bad news. a reminder for everyone to be careful out there on the roadways. >> thank you. slow down and do not drink and drive tonight. we will take a quick break and get back with team coverage on new year's eve in las vegas. if you look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, that's the countdown clock, the official time, it's tied to the satellite, so it's spot on. we won't let you miss one second of 2016. stay with us.
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america's party. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors.
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>> one man is dead after officers mistake a cell phone for a firearm. it napped a residential neighborhood about 2:00 p.m. the u.s. marshal service was conducting surveillance on the man wanted out of arizona on a number of violent felonies. he took off on foot. he appeared to be holding a gun. police told him to drop it. he started walking toward them still holding the item. they believed it was a firearm, and they shot him. i knew dayna wouldn't
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jacqui, maybe. no, kidding. two-degree change from this time yesterday, two degrees warmer. it's hard to believe. maybe mid to upper 30s. that's where we are. the winds are dropping. these temperatures will drop any faster. expecting a 10, 15-mile-an-hour wind would have kept those temperatures up a little more. this is where it's all happening. look at that. this mess right here will come through, it will start by the weekend, increasing the cloud cover, but truly come into the picture to give us rain by next week. look at the weekend. a lot of cloud cover more than anything else by sunday. but monday, tuesday, wednesday, maybe a little bit of thursday, a procession of storms come through the area. overnight, 20s and 30s. some areas, just into the teens, not bad. we'll warm up foromorrow, maybe getting closer to 50. not getting much of a
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if anything, we stay on the mild side. next week is unsettled. we'll see a breeze, but the next few days seem very nice. back to you guys. >> all right, bryan. the party is getting started on the las vegas strip tonight. >> this is where jacqui heinrich has been manning our post along the las vegas strip, live like from drai's down onto the trip. the crowds are really starting to build, as we are now 40 minutes away from 2016.
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we'll be right back. >> welcome back. we are inside 40 minutes to 2016. this is the vantage point we have from drai's, and you can see the crowds are really starting to build. because they know in a few minutes, along with it being 2016, people will see seven
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fireworks show known to man. david joins us from the gameworks arcade, not a place you generally think about when you're thinking about new year's eve festivities. >> reporter: this most traditional place to expect people to be spending new year's eve, but when people do this, they're excited, they're passionat, people are focused on what they're doing. people might bring their kids here, but we have met some people, parents who are here to have fun or their own. their decided to leave their kids at home. what is your name? >> kelly. >> reporter: where are your children right now? >> hopefully at school in college and not partying. >> reporter: why would you kids come here -- >> we're the kids! >> reporter: i wish i was doing what you're doing right now. why come here as opposed to
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traditional party? >> are you kidding? this is way more fun than the strip. less traffic, there's kids -- it's fun. >> reporter: he wants to shoot. i understand that feeling. any resolutions for the new year? >> oh, just to be a better person. i'm going to be a humanitarian. so when you meet me, i'm going to say, hey, my name's kelly, i'm a humanitarian. >> reporter: she wanted to be in this shot. happy new year. may it be a healthy 2016. >> you, too. be safe. >> reporter: we're having a lot of fun in here. i think i might go play some of the games. in gameworks, channel 13 action news. >> he was riding the bull a little while ago. chopper 13 has been off the decks all night, and this is just one of the many beauty shots that they've provided for us.
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air-to-air, literally. looking at the stratosphere, the top here. this is going to be one of the locations for the fireworks show. this is something to behold.
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>> what a great shot. >> we are down here live on fremont street, downtown countdown to 2016. >> it's just minutes. this is going to be really g. we still have the band up here.
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>> well, we are seeing wind in a few locations but not the strip. at knelless air force base there is wind, but not here. 22 in parrump. in laughlin, there is a wind
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so far, so good. >> that's all we care about. >> 27 minutes and 25 second. coming up, all right, america's party is getting started. we're taking a live look
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>> and welcome back. happy new year. america's party well underway in las vegas. live picture from chopper 13 right now, as we look down at our fabulous city. we're less than a half hour away now from 2016. >> action news crews spread out all over the place as we
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