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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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"i heard a noise outside, so i thought it was my neighbors." but then he walked outside and saw this. "i was a little bit shocked because how can a police car in a school parking lot run through a fence? i did't hear any sirens or anything like that so.." authorities were on the scene for about 5 hours assessing the damage and cleaning it up. police say two officers were inside of the vehicle - chasing a suspect around 10am. they say the suspect ran into the parking lot here at clark high school. they followed him into the lot and lost control of the car crashing into the wall. richard ward who also lives across the street says he's confused by the whole ordeal. "i don't know how you drive a car into a wall like that. it was head on." the officers in the car were not hurt and the suspect did get away. griffin is not suprised that police were going after someone in this neighborhood.
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out." looklivtag: clark high school was closed on holiday break - so there were no students or staff hurt in the incident. new information tonight on metro's search for two murder suspects who shot and killed a man in the parking lot at a 24 hour fitness. take a look at this video showing the car that police believe the two suspects were driving. it's a mid 2000 2-door coupe with a spoiler and non-tinted windows. police responded to the scene near rainbow and alta around 1:00 in the morning on tuesday.. where they found the victim's body in his car. while people were celebrating the new year... the employees at a local party store were not in the holiday spirit. a robbery this week has them all shaken. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin tells us about the strange and scary robbery. party usa has been helping people get prepared for their new year's eve celebrations. but they weren't prepared for what happened this week. 13.01.29 this is something that
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32 to actually go through 35 store manager kevin robinson says just before close on wednesday two people came in the wearing a star wars mask, one in a ninja turtles mask. he says they had a gun and pressed it to the back of his head, demanding he get them to the safe. they took cash from the register and the safe and left. couldn't call for help, i couldnt reach out for anyone 59 it's a very sad situation 03.01 he and his staff had to get right back to work, with new year's eve, the super bowl and valentines all on the party schedule. they're hoping images captured on surveillance cameras will help lead metro to the thieves. but now robinson is considering stronger measures to keep him and his staff safe. 13.04.47 up until now i would say people should not have guns 51 but how do you protect yourself if someone does? 55 """"""'robinson says he made peace with the assumptions that the thieves would shoot and kill him, so he's just glad to be alive. if you know anything about
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at charleston and rampart, soc.""""""" police are trying to track down the gunman who shot and killed a teenager.. just moments after midnight in an east valley neighborhood. action news reporter yasmeen hassan was at the scene for several hours today to get more information on what happened. ((nats fireworks)) a teenage boy shot inside his own home - but with all the celebration - neighbors just a few feet away had no idea anything was happening. 9:14:48 02 ((that's crazy. that's insane, no idea that was going on)) 9:19:56 03 pepper goldsworthy neighbor ((didn't know anything that happened last night. i didn't hear anything)) with ....but they think this may have been just a terrible accident. the teen was shot just minutes after the fireworks started... ....and officers say this may have been someone celebrating the new year - firing shots off into the air... ....but neighbors say that's no excuse. we should all know better 9:26:38 06 pepper goldsworthy
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involvement problem. it's an education problem on gun safety, on the respect for guns.)) 9:14:58 02 ((that's insane because there are plenty of kids out here that could have gotten hurt.)) neighbors say the area is pretty quiet....and people pretty much keep to themselves... ....but some say that is the problem. they are hoping this will help bring the neighborhood together - and encourage everyone to lookout for each other. 9:25:49 9 pepper goldsworthy neighbor ((nobody wants to take it. gotta start with the neighborhood. that's what i tell my kids. gotta start with you first.)) yasmeen hassan ((some good news this afternoon, we just spoke to officers and they tell us that the teenager was released from the hospital and he is expected to be okay. reporting near sahara and sloan yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news.)) a live look at the las vegas strip where fortunately we saw no major incidents during last night's new year's celebrations. but metro says 8 people were arrested on the strip... one for a felony. over on fremont street, two people were taken into custody. these are just preliminary numbers from metro. we'll get the full report monday.
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possible rain on the way within the next week... toss to karla) a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west coast starting tonight. those storms will start to throw some thick high level clouds over the west coast with moderate rain to california north into washington. las vegas will see some of the
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temperatures below normal, but will concede some progress and allow highs into the low 50s for the first time since christmas day. depending on how hard you partied last night... you might have had some trouble getting up today. the struggle is very real for some partiers... who came to vegas for new year's... and left on planes today. crews started cleaning up the strip moments after the countdown ended. more than three hundred thousand people were out there partying... some people are staying the weekend... others left on flights home friday morning. elsa vallejo, celebrated nye 00:21:47-00:22:02 "the crowd it was a bit overwhelming people were tossing each other, but i mean that's part of the experience. going from staying at home watching everything on tv and
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that's a whole different experience." cleaning up the strip didn't take too long... all roads opened back up by six a-m. up next.. the results of an unofficial competition in delivery rooms across the valley.. and timing is everything. we'll take a look at the newest arrivals for 2016. plus... five thousand. that's the number of same-sex marriage licenses issued here in clark county since it was legalized. coming up, we'll take a look at what it means for the wedding industry heading into the new year. say hello to the first baby of
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children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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take a look. he's ramon hernandez. he was born at 12-04 at mountain view hospital, during all those fireworks on the las vegas strip. he weighs 6 pounds, 5 ounces...and is 18-and-a-half inches tall. his proud parents say the delivery was smooth, and couldn't believe all the attention. jazmine mejia // mom 14:59 - 15:07 "it's very overwhelming...for the rest of his life." the hospital gave him a gift basket for the big honor. we have just learned however... ramon does have some competition for that 'first baby of 2016' title... centennial hills hospital is reporting this baby boy named julian was also born at 12:04 a-m weighing in at five pounds and ten ounces and 18 inches long.
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came first... for now, we'll just call it a tie. getting fit and losing weight are two of the most common new year's resolutions.. and hundreds of people around the valley started off 2016 doing just that. 'lifetime athletic summerlin' hosted a family 5k run and walk today.. as part of its "commitment day weekend." they'll be hosting other events through the weekend including an ironman indoor triathalon on sunday. more fallout from that deadly flooding in the midwest.. and why the worst is yet to come for thousands. in the midwest.. and why the worst is yet to come for thousands. plus... after a huge fire breaks out just before the new year at a fancy hotel in dubai... firefighters are still on the scene trying to completely
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tt2w`t+o md: bt@q8ox tt2w`t+o md: "a@q(c< tt2w`t+o md: bm@q#h0 tt4w`t+o md:" dztq 74 tt4w`t+o md:" entq g0@ tt4w`t+o md:" gzt& ^78 tt4w`t+o md:" hnt& n9t tt4w`t+o md:" iztq $p, tt4w`t+o md:" jntq 6 l tt4w`t+o md:" lzt& .m0 aftermath of last night's dramatic hotel fire. that blaze started around 9:30 kicak time.. and within minutes.. flames were shooting up the side of the 63-floor building. the dubai government says everyone got out alive. only 16 people were hurt. most were minor injuries and smoke inhalation.. and dubai's world famous fireworks show nearby went off as planned. the new year ushered in a
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five thousand marriage licenses have been given to same sex couples. and now... chapels are hoping to cash in on those numbers. action news reporter marissa kynaston talked with vegas weddings about what theyre hoping to see for the new year. marissa intro the county started issuing same sex marriage licenses back in october of 2014. chapels in downtown hope this could help the wedding industry get back on their feet. take pkg las vegas may be the wedding capitol of the world-- 21:57:19:28 to have and to hold a major blow for some chapels. 21:56:12:05 wedding song 21:56:13:15 so now-- just months after the supreme court ruling-- the local wedding industry is hoping lgbt couples can increase their business. 21:44:59:00 heidi walls minister, vegas weddings i think any love helps us out 21:45:00:25 heidi walls is the minister here at vegas weddings-- nat she says her chapel hasnt seen a decrease in marriages-- despite the countys numbers 21:46:29:23 heidi walls minister, vegas weddings we've seen an increase overall, in every wedding 21:46:32:27 and that goes for same sex marriages too-- 21:44:11:16 heidi walls minister, vegas weddings i've seen way more same sex marriages 21:44:13:29 she says-- some unions have put
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minister, vegas weddings the culinary and the teamsters have put a letter out that if they weren't married by the end of the year they would lose their dependent benefits 21:44:47:19 but she hopes that momentum can carry them through the new they're starting the year, they wanted to be together to start that year in love 21:47:46:15 marissa tag ?? the rare winter flooding that's devastating much of the midwest has now claimed at least 22 lives.. with at least four others still missing. many communities are still bracing for the mississippi river to crest. but to the north in the st. louis area.. floodwaters are finally receding.. allowing major highways to reopen. one man recorded this video of his flooded neighborhood.. and pictures of his home saved by the sandbags. the flooding was historic for the meramec river.. which crested 4 feet above the record set in 1993. ((sot)) dwight 48:40ish "once it started going down it just a huge weight off our shoulders? but we are not done yet there so the national guard will
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a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west coast starting tonight. those storms will start to throw some thick high level clouds over the west coast with moderate rain to california north into washington. las vegas will see some of the effects of that moisture but it'll only be in the form of high clouds. those clouds will work against the southwest flow to keep temperatures below normal, but will concede some progress and allow highs into the low 50s for the first time since christmas day. sunday will see even thicker high clouds
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temperatures thanks to warm overnight lows and a steady flow of slightly warmer air in from the south. monday is where things change for the wetter - a weak low pressure system will miss vegas to the south but could toss enough moisture towards the city to spark off a few showers in the afternoon. that storm is the first in a line of storms headed towards southern nevada with models forecasting up to 1.25" of rain by friday night. the heaviest rain looks to fall tuesday into wednesday of next week with another whopper coming for thursday and friday. each successive storm will be cooler than the one preceding it, which will push snow levels lower and lower with each system.
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fall to about 4,000 feet by friday afternoon. temperatures all week will hover in the upper 40s to low 50s, low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. (bryan back to desk) the fallout continues after bill cosby is charged with
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now... his wife has been ordered to testify against him. up next.. the legendary comedian breaks his silence following his arrest. more on what he's saying.. and how some are reacting. you're watching channel 13 action news.. where you ask and we investigate.
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husband's alleged sexual predatory behavior. and.. for the first time since his arrest on felony charges.. the comedian is speaking out on-line. abc's brandi hitt has the latest from los angeles. nats -- "no comment mr. cosby?" 2 just days after bill cosby's arrest... on a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault ... all eyes are now shifting to his wife of 50 years -- camille. nats -- a federal judge has ordered her to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven of cosby's accusers -- the couple's attorneys losing
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that the cosbys' private conversations were protected... under marital privilege. ((transition)) more than 50 women have now come forward -- accusing the comedian of sexual assault... drugging... or rape. many of them appearing in the a&e documentary "cosby -- the women speak" -- produced by abc's lincoln square productions." sot -- beverly johnson, cosby accuser // "i knew i had been drugged... no doubt in my mind." 4 sot -- (too fast to super) // "i don't know how i ended up in his hotel room." 2 sot -- charlotte fox, cosby accuser in the room - in a robe." 5 cosby has long denied the allegations... and sat down with abc news last may. sot -- bill cosby, comedian // "i have been in this business for 52 years, and i will... i've never seen anything like this." 6 wednesday - following his arrest... he posted on twitter -- "friends and fans, thank you"? only to be blasted with several angry responses. cosby's attorneys say he remains in good spirits. sot -- monique pressley, bill cosby's attorney // "he has confidence in his legal team's ability to bring about justice for him in this case." 4 ((on
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stood by her husband -- calling him a kind and generous man in criminal court the following week. brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. coming up next on action news live at 6:30.. it's the first day of 2016.. which means dozens of new laws are now in effect. we'll tell you what you need to know. plus... enough is enough... president barack obama is taking action on gun contol. details on the possible executive orders the president is considering to make it harder for some americans to arm themselves. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone
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president obama says he's tired of battling congress for tighter gun laws.. and now plans to do it himself with an executive order. but first... an update to breaking news we've been following all afternoon... police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in north las vegas... action news reporter david schuman is on the scene near centennial and lamb with the latest information... david, what can you tell us? a 41 yr old man is dead and the manhunt is on tonight for his killer. six and a half hours after the first calls came in to police...the scene was just taken down minutes ago --- the police tape is now gone. witnesses told officers there was some kind of altercation inside an apartment here in this complex. the shooter ran off without hurting any of the other people inside. investigators say this was not a random act of violence. they have not yet released a suspect description. very sad way for these people to start their new year. officers urge anyone with
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to call north las vegas police.
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