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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i'm told the man who was killed was patrick fleming. you can see him in this picture right here that his brother sent to us. north las vegas police say the man was 44. investigators tell us the shooting happened inside an apartment after an altercation the suspect ran off shortly after firing the gun. police say there were other people inside when this happened -- including children. none of them were hurt. no ones been taken into custody for this killing but they may have a good lead in the case. the victims brother says witnesses in the apartment have told officers exactly who they should be looking for. reporting live...david 13 action news. right now.. a state of emergency as flood warnings stretch from texas to illinois. tonight.. the swelling mississippi river is threatening homes and businesses.. and for many.. the worst is yet to come.. in saint louis.. powerful flood waters ripped a home from its foundation and sent it floating down the mississippi. sot karla miller / fenton, mo, resident it's historic. it's devastating. butt to
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the governor declared a state of emergency as another body was pulled from the floodwaters there. that brings the death toll from the severe weather in illinois and missouri to at least 23. the floodwaters are finally starting to recede in missouri.. but the damage is done.. and the cleanup could take months. we want to turn now to the latest weather developments here in the valley. a live look outside tonight where it's still cold.. but warmer temperatures could be headed our way this weekend. action news meteorologist karla huelga is in the weather center with what we can expect. karla. a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west coast starting tonight. those storms will start to throw some thick high level clouds over the west coast with moderate rain to california north into washington. las vegas will see some of the effects of that moisture but it'll only be in the form of will concede some progress and allow highs into the low 50s for the first time since christmas day. sunday will see even thicker
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temperatures thanks to warm overnight lows and a steady flow of slightly warmer air in from the south new tonight... we've learned the name of one of the men killed in last night's fatal crash on the 15 near craig road. jacob varner was just 22 years old and an airman up at nellis, according to his friend. he died on impact after rolling over 4 lanes of traffic, his car bursting into flames. the crash killed him on impact, she was told. desiree cruz lived with 22 year old jacob varner...and got the chilling news friday morning
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in the new year...varner would not be returning home. "he would buy the groceries, i would cook him dinner. he would do the laundry, i would fold it. he would feed the dog at night, i would feed the dog in the morning. we were a team, and now its gonna be hard being in the house by myself." varner was an airman at nellis...according to cruz...and was enjoying his last few months here in vegas before returning to his home in oregon to say goodbye to family....before deploying to korea for a year. cruz spoke with varner's family early friday...relaying the message his sergeant had told her. varner was speeding, impaired, hit the median, rolled over 4 lanes of traffic, and came to a fiery stop that ended his life and the life of his passenger. "they were very hysterical as i could imagine. so i told them you know im sorry, im in shock, i cant believe this happened. i literally was talking to him 15 minutes prior to the
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things can happens so fast." as she prepares for a memorial service on base next week, now cruz is just trying to wrap her head around the haunting thought that one of her best friends and gone forever. "i mean its just weird coming home and knowing hes not coming back" authorities have not released the identity of the second victim. new information tonight on metro's search for two murder suspects who shot and killed a man in the parking lot at a 24 hour fitness. take a look at this video showing the car police believe the two suspects were driving. it's a mid 2000 2-door coupe with a spoiler and non-tinted windows. police responded to the scene near rainbow and alta around 1:00 in the morning on tuesday.. where they found the victim's body in his car. quite a sight today at clark high school.. where a metro patrol car slammed through a fence and cinder block wall. the officers in the vehicle
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into the school parking lot. that's when the police cruiser got out of control and slammed into the wall.. giving the suspect time to escape. a man who lives across the street says the crash was so loud, it woke him up. "i was a little bit shocked because how can a police car in a school parking lot run through a fence? i didn't here any sirens or anything like that so.." neither officer was hurt. in tonight's red, white & blue political coverage a terror group is revealing its new propaganda video, featuring republican presidential candidate donald trump.. the video uses his call to ban muslims from entering the united states... as a recruitment tool abc's senior national correspondent jim avila has a look at the video. the terror group revealing its new propagana video featuring donald trump -- using his call to ban muslims from entering the u-s as a recruitment tool. the very issue brought up during the last democratic debate.
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correspondent jim avila has more script: it's not from isis but the muslim extremist terror group al shabaab... the al quaeda arm in somalia has posted recruitment video using donald trumps famous vow to bar muslims from traveling to the us sot trump: donald j. trump is calling for a total paradise and encourages african americans in the united states to convert to muslim and join the jihad. who was killed in a us drone strike 4 years ago. he says "the west will eventually turn on its muslim citizens and seems to use trumps words to support his premise. hillary clinton said isis would use trumps muslim travel ban as a recruiting tool but until tonight there had been no evidence of anything even close to that. jim avila, travelling with the president in hawaii. employees at a summerlin store are shaken after they were robbed by two people wearing distinct disguises.
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store near rampart and charleston.. they came-in with a gun. one wearing a star wars mask.. the other had a ninja turtles mask. manager kevin robinson says they came in just before it closed wednesday night and held up the employees. at one point.. they pressed the gun to the back of his head and ordered him to lead them to the safe in the back. kevin robinson party usa manager 13.03.53 i had made peace in my heart 56 i did not cash from the register and the safe. metro is still investigating. the fireworks have been set off and the strip is back to normal.. tonight, las vegas boulevard shows no remnents of last night's new year's eve celebrations.. crews started cleaning up the strip moments after the countdown ended. more than three hundred thousand people were out there partying... some people are staying the weekend... others left on flights home first things this morning.. all roads opened back up by six a-m. also good news--- there were no
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night's new year's eve celebrations. according to authorities, 8 people were arrested on the las vegas strip, one for a felony. over on fremont street, just two people were taken into custody. not bad for a crowd of 300 thousand. the new year arrived with a new milestone for clark county: 5-thousand marriage licenses have now been issued to same sex couples. now.. local chapels are hoping to cash in on those numbers for 2016. in the past decade.. the city's wedding industry has dropped by 40 percent. but.. some chapels have seen an increase in same sex marriages even though some ministers think it has less to do with court rulings.. and more to do with pressure from unions. 21:44:41:04 heidi walls, minster vegas weddings the culinary and the teamsters have put a letter out that if they weren't married by the end of the year they would lose their dependent benefits 21:44:47:19 walls is hoping that momentum can continue through the new year. a packed flight is forced to turn back after a passenger spots something creepy on the
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passengers lifting their feet off the floor.. and it's not the first time it's happened.. plus, blacklash over billboards for a new dating site.. we'll tell you why some say the site for a select group of people is racist, but others don't see a problem.. stay with us.
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all caught on camera. police say an armed man walked into the store and demanded cash from the clerk. but moments later, a citizen with a large flashlight rushed into the store and hit the robber in the head several times. the armed man was knocked to the floor and eventually stumbled away before police came. they found him in the attic of his home a short time later.
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linked to two other armed robberies in the area. he is being held on a 75-thousand dollar bond. the new year is underway with some heated new debates over gun laws. in the coming days.. president obama expected to announce an executive order to expand background checks. but in texas.. gun owners can now legally carry firearms.. openly.. in public. abc's ryan owens has the latest. some texans spending their new year's day proudly wearing their weapons in public and as of today, it's all perfectly legal. nats from rally: "a very historic day for texas" registered gun owners here can now legally wear their guns in a holster in church, in banks, and in many other businesses. as long as they show their license, gun-toting texans can even visit the state capital without going thru a metal detector! sot mos i think the bad guys have gun so we should arm ourselves too. the lone star state just became the 45th and most populated state to allow registered gun owners to "open carry"--as its known.
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it will make the state safer--that bad guys will think twice if they see a good guy with a gun. not everyone is convinced. sot mos "i dont want to be a victim of someone's idiocy because they gonna try and be like rambo or something to try and save people." some police department are worried too-- that 911 will be flooded with calls-- psa nats- "they have a gun" one department even producing this video to educate nervous citizens. psa nat: "is the gun out of its holster? is the person acting reckless? be open care aware. abc's ryan owens reporting. hoverboard use now to a consumer alert from hoverboard use now to a consumer alert from contact 13- we've seen the video and heard reports of people falling off
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now, california is trying to cut down on those injuries. starting today, under a new law, you must wear a helmet while using the device.. not everyone is happy about it.. (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "i just got this board and now you're going to come up with a law two days later like who does that?! and i'm not going to wear a helmet like i gotta look cute doing this." along with the helmet law, california riders also have to stay in the bike lane on roadways. the new law also prevents children under 16 from using the boards. many say the laws go too far since many of the hoverboards don't go more than ten miles per hour.. the penalty for breaking any of the new laws is up to a 250 dollar fine. forget snakes on a plane--how about rats?? an air india flight headed from mumbai to london was forced to turn around after a rodent was reportedly spotted on board.. a passenger thought they saw the critter on the flight, but the airline wasn't able t find it.. the flight's 240 passengers were later flown to london on
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rats can cause safety hazards if they crew through mechanical wires. back in july, another air india flight was forced to turn back because of a report of a rat. site new billboards for a dating website are turning heads in utah. it's called "where white people".. which is running the ads along a highway in west valley. the dating site might appear to have some pretty clear but in 'fine print'.. it claims to be open to everyone. mos: "even though they say that anyone can sign up for it, what are they trying to hint at, like, they are technically saying it's just for white people." another person pointed out there are also dating sites for african americans.. latinos.. jews.. catholics.. mormons.. muslims and farmers. the website says it's based in utah and has fewer than 100 members. parade thousands of people around pasadena, california saw a different kind of ad today during the rose parade. 6 planes were used to write a message that read..
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message.. and said it could be seen across a 10-mile radius. the company also started tweeting before the event.. promising a surprise for parade-goers. now to the newest developments coming in on severe weather hitting missouri... take a look at all this flooding the state is seeing.. workers at the liquor store you see here had to build their own flood wall topped with sandbags to keep the water out.. for now, it's working. they've also set up generators on top of the building to run pumps to get rid of whatever water does get in. a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west coast starting tonight. those storms will start to throw some thick high level clouds over the west coast with moderate rain to california north into washington. las vegas will see some of the effects of that moisture but it'll only be in the form of will concede some progress and allow highs into the low 50s for the first time since
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sunday will see even thicker high clouds and slightly warmer temperatures thanks to warm overnight lows and a steady flow of slightly warmer air in from the south. monday is where things change for the wetter - a weak low pressure system will miss vegas to the south but could toss enough moisture towards the city to spark off a few showers in the afternoon. that storm is the first in a line of storms headed towards southern nevada with models forecasting up to 1.25" of rain by friday night. the heaviest rain looks to fall tuesday into wednesday of next week with another whopper coming for thursday and friday. each successive storm will be cooler than the one preceding it, which will push snow levels lower and lower with each system. snow levels will eventually fall to about 4,000 feet by friday afternoon. temperatures all week will hover in the upper 40s to low 50s, low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. coming up..
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plus, a case surrounding several women who accuse bill cosby of sexual assault will go before a judge next week.. still ahead, who's being forced to take the stand..
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has beagainst her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order.. scheduled for next week. the case involves 7 women who've accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. they say the 78-year old comedian portrayed them as liars after they went public with their allegations. bill cosby is also facing felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvania over an alleged incident in 2004.
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cole has passed away at the age of 65. reports say the daughter of the iconic.... nat king cole... reportedly her struggles cocaine and heroin. her most memorable hits include "this will be," "unforgettable" and "inseparable." her most memorable hits include "this will be," "unforgettable" and "inseparable." unwelcome visitor in their an early morning surprise when a group of people spot an unwelcome visitor in their neighborhood. and.. the new year has arrived with some newborns. we'll introduce you to the first babies born in las vegas in 2016. stay with us. neighborhood tree
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year with a tt0w t+o(m! %4@-e5d tt0w t+o(m! el@-o2( tt0w t+o(m! ed@-i0l tt0w t+o(m% )8h-)n0 tt0w t+o(m% kzh-4!l tt0w t+o(m% n-h-ah@ tt0w t+o(m% 0ph-_/x tt0w t+o(m% s"h-o]8 tt0w t+o(m% ueh-l?h tt0w t+o(m% 7hh-p=< ing high in the tree on a busy street in new jersey.. neighbors all came out, some in the pajamas to snap pictures. police put up a barrier to keep people away until they could get the animal out of the tree and to safety.. people who live in the area say they have seen bears wandering
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say hello to one of the first babies born in 2016 in las vegas. ramon hernandez was born at 12:04am at mountain view hospital.. about halfway through the fireworks show on the las vegas strip. ramon weighs 6-pounds 5-ounces.. and entered the world at 18-and-a- half inches. his proud parents say the delivery was smooth.. and they couldn't believe all the attention. jazmine mejia // mom 14:59 - 15:07 "it's very overwhelming...for the rest of his life." "it's very overwhelming...for the rest of his life." the hospital gave him a gift basket for the big honor. we have learned however.. ramon has some competition for that 'first baby of 2016' title. centennial hills hospital tells us a boy named julian was also also born at 12:04am.. weighing-in at 5-pounds 10- ounces and 18 inches long. word on which one actually arrived first so we'll call it a tie. we'll be right back with a
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weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after action news. ((verbatim)) a series of low pressure systems will skirt the west
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tonighclouds over the west coast with moderate rain to california north into washington. las vegas will see some of the effects of that moisture but it'll only be in the form of high clouds. that does it for this edition of action news live at 11.. but stay with us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next. our next reports begin at five-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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