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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 5AM  ABC  January 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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news this morning... you are taking a live look out at the 15 and flamingo. that is where fire crews have
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fire. here's a look at the scene from earlier...this happened around 4 this morning. we're told nobody was hurt and all lanes are open right now. no word on what caused the fire. we are learning a deadly shooting in north las vegas may not a random act of violence the victim's brother says the murder was not an accident. he sent us this picture of the man who we are told is patrick fleming. fleming and his killer had a history that came to a head yesterday around noon. north las vegas police say the man was 44. investigators tell us the shooting happened inside an apartment after an altercation of some sort. the suspect ran off after the shooting - and is still on the run this morning. police say there were other people inside when this happened -- including children. thankfully - none of them were hurt. police say they may have a good lead in the case. the victims brother says
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exactly who they should be looking for we now know the name of one of the men who was killed in a new year's eve crash on the 15 near craig road. jacob varner was just 22 years old and an airman at nellis, according to his friend. he died on impact after rolling over 4 lanes of traffic - his car bursting into flames. the crash killed him on impact, she was told. desiree cruz lived with 22 year old jacob varner...and got the chilling news friday morning that after a night out to ring in the new year...varner would not be returning home. "he would buy the groceries, i would cook him dinner. he would do the laundry, i would fold it. he would feed the dog at night, i would feed the dog in the morning. we were a team, and now its gonna be hard being in the house by myself." varner was an airman at nellis...according to cruz...and was enjoying his last few months here in vegas before returning to his home in oregon to say goodbye to family....before deploying to korea for a year.
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early friday...relaying the message his sergeant had told her. varner was speeding, impaired, hit the median, rolled over 4 lanes of traffic, and came to a fiery stop that ended his life and the life of his passenger. "they were very hysterical as i could imagine. so i told them you know im sorry, im in shock, i cant believe this happened. i literally was talking to him 15 minutes prior to the accident, so its crazy how things can happens so fast." as she prepares for a memorial service on base next week, now cruz is just trying to wrap her head around the haunting thought that one of her best friends and gone forever. "i mean its just weird coming home and knowing hes not coming back" authorities have not released the identity of the second victim. metro continues their search for two murder suspects who
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parking lot at a 24 hour fitness. take a look at this video showing the car police believe the two suspects were driving. it is a mid-2000 2-door coupe with a spoiler and non-tinted windows. police responded to the scene near rainbow and alta around 1:00 a-m on tuesday.. that is where they found the victim's body in his car. it was quite the site at clark high school.. where a metro patrol car slammed through a fence and cinder block wall. officers were chasing a suspect yesterday - who ran into the school parking lot. that's when the police cruiser got out of control and slammed into the the ape. a man who lives across the street says the crash was so loud, it woke him up. "i was a little bit shocked because how can a police car in a school parking lot run through a fence? i didn't here
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a state of emergency as flood warnings stretch from texas to illinois. the swelling mississippi river is threatening homes and businesses.. and for many.. the worst is yet to come.. in saint louis.. powerful flood waters ripped a home from its foundation and sent it floating down the mississippi. sot karla miller / fenton, mo, resident it's historic. it's devastating. butt to in illinois.. the governor declared a state of emergency as another body was pulled from the floodwaters there. that brings the death toll in illinois and missouri to at least 23. the floodwaters are finally starting to recede in missouri.. but the damage is done.. and the cleanup could take months. good morning everyone! coming up... the federal government is launching an investigation on a popular ice cream company. we'll tell you why.... plus, we're getting a look at the "affluenza" teen's mexico
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new this morning... the department of justice is investigating how blue bell
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handled the ice cream contamination linked to 10 reported cases of listeriosis. three of those people died.. prosecutors ae looking into wheather the company did anything wrong while handling the outbreak. after weeks of gradual recalls, blue bell recalled all of its ice cream and other frozen treats across the country. that happened back in april of last year. they said listeria was found on the lid of a food service cup, but an investigation by the c-d-c showed the outbreak dated back to 2010. we are now getting a look at the hotel the "affluenza" teen,
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stayed at while allegedly hiding out in mexico. tonya couch, is now back in the u-s. he has been charged in texas with hindering the apprehension of a felon. meanwhile, her son was moved to an immigration holding facility in mexico city. his attorneys have filed paperwork to block mexican authorities from deportation. couch and his mother disappeared last month after he allegedly violated probation for killing 4 people in a drunk driving accident in 2013, when he was 16. new this morning... an already awful tragedy turns worse in florida. three people were shot at a funeral in tampa. they were gathering to remember the life of a woman killed in a car accident. police say an argument broke out over the crash and it ended with gun shots. two men and a woman were hit, but weren't seriously injured. "as you can imagine, it's probably the worst case
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suffered such a horrendous loss, especially right at the holidays." more crime scene. police are still working to identify the suspects and no arrests have been made. the wife of comedian bill cosby has been ordered to testify in a defamation suit against her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order.. scheduled for next week. the case involves 7 women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. they say the 78-year old comedian portrayed them as liars after they went public with their allegations. cosby is also facing felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvania over an alleged incident in 2004. a singer so many will remember...grammy winner natalie cole passed away new years eve in los angeles. she's the daughter of legendary singer nat king cole and her carrer spanned's tj holmes takes us on a look back. natalie cole inherited all the
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legend nat king cole her mom: a singer for duke ellington. nat- "this will be" but she would make her own mark. that powerful voice belting out with drug addiction ... and some serious health challenges eventually forced a kidney transplant. nats- "unforgettable" in 1991, her comeback hit. nats- "unforgettable" father and daughter --- those magicial voices woven into a seamless duet.. nats- "unforgettable" nats- natalie: "thanks, dad!" natalie cole was 65. straight ahead... homeowners open their house up
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....but it turns out the guests weren't who they said they were... you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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in a press conference, saudi officials said the executed men believed in "extremist ideology" and were members of terror groups. the executions happened in 12 different locations. among those executed..was sheikh "nimr al-nimr". he was notorious for heavily criticizing the saudi royal family. in northwestern india---security forces are fighting off a militant attack on an air force base near the
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four attackers have been killed, as well as a civilian and two security personnel. no group has claimed responsbility. this attack comes about a week after india's prime minister met his pakistani counterpart to launch peace talks. some are worried this attack will undermine the diplomatic talks. turning to this morning's red, white & blue political coverage a terrorist group is revealing its new propaganda video - and it features republican presidential candidate donald trump.. the video uses his call to ban muslims from entering the united states as a recruitment tool abc's senior national correspondent jim avila has a look at the video. the terror group revealing its new propagana video featuring donald trump -- using his call to ban muslims from entering the u-s as a recruitment tool. the very issue brought up during the last democratic debate. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila has
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but the muslim extremist terror group al shabaab... the al quaeda arm in somalia has posted recruitment video using donald trumps famous vow to bar muslims from traveling to the us sot trump: donald j. trump is calling for a total paradise and encourages between the recorded words of he says "the west will eventually turn on its muslim citizens and seems to use trumps words to support his premise. hillary clinton said isis would use trumps muslim travel ban as a recruiting tool but until tonight there had been no evidence of anything even close to that. jim avila, travelling with the president in hawaii. hillary clinton's campaign is getting more fuel this morning.. the democratic presidential candidate has raised 55-million dollars in the fourth quarter - topping her 100-million dollar goal.
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has collected 112 million dollars since its launch. the democratic front runner has put in alot of work to raise the money... she has headlined at least 174 fundraisers. thousands of people around pasadena, california saw a different kind of ad during yesterday's rose parade. 6 planes were used to write a message that read - quote - "america is great- trump is disgusting- anybody but trump". aerial advertising company 'air sign' took credit for the message. they say anyone in a 10-mile radius could see it. the company also started tweeting before the event.. promising a big surprise. turning now to an armed robbery caught on camera! a customer at a 7-eleven in new york took down the robber... police say a man walked into the store and demanded cash from the clerk .. ....but moments later - a citizen with a large flashlight rushed into the store and hit the guy in the head several times.
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and eventually stumbled away before police came. they found him in the attic of his home a little while later. police say the man has been linked to two other armed robberies in the area. he is now being held on a 75- thousand dollar bond. an oakland, california couple who put their house on air-b-n-b are still cleaning up a mess. they said their home was trashed during a party with dozens of under-aged guests. the couple was out of town for new years eve when they got a call from a neighbor, saying a big party was going on at their house. at the time - a guest was renting out their place through air b-n-b. "sofas were outside. the tv was in my bathroom. objects, photos, memorabilia. i have pictures of my nieces that are on my fridge that were completely on the floor, trampled on and torn, with shoe prints all over, their cute, little faces." a man claiming to be from chicago said that he and his sister were the only two who
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house. air b-n-b released a statement saying they have "zero tolerance" for this situation are "working quickly to make it right" forget snakes on a plane--how about rats?? an air india flight headed from mumbai to london was forced to turn around after a rodent was reportedly spotted on board.. a passenger thought they saw a ray on the flight, but no one with the airline could find it the flight's 240 passengers had to be flown to london on another plane.. rats can chew through wires and be a serious problem on planes. back in july, another air india flight was forced to turn back because of a report of a rat. good morning las vegas.. time now is xxx.....
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it's beautiful but cold! we have plenty more news and weather straight ahead...stay
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employees at a party store in summerlin are shaken up after a robbery... today, we are hearing what happened - from the store manager. and the new year bring along new rules for the silver state. we will get you up to date on some of the new laws hitting the books. plus, 2016 is also bringing a new milestone for same-sex marriages here in nevada. good morning las vegas! i'm yasmeen hassan... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. cloudy skies take over for today with an upper level low pressure system which will
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that storm will toss a very thick cloud deck our way, but that's as far as it'll get. so sunshine will be tough to come by today but air at the too bad though so expect highs to crack 50 for the first time in about a week. ((ad-lib)) a summerlin store is robbed - and the thieves are still out there. we are talking about the "party
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charleston. witnesses say two people walked inside with a gun. one person was wearing a star wars mask.. the other had a on ninja turtles mask. the manager says they came in just before the store closed wednesday night....and held up the employees. at one point.. they held the gun right up to the back of one guys head and ordered him to lead them to the safe. kevin robinson party usa manager 13.03.53 i had made peace in my heart 56 i did not think i was going to be able to walk back 59 i thought i was going to be executed 04.01 the thieves got away with some cash from the register and the safe. metro is still investigating. the strip is back to normal after a jam packed new years
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you can't even tell hundreds of thousands of people were out there celebrating... .....but one thing is for sure - the party did not disappoint. crews started cleaning up the strip moments after the countdown ended. more than three hundred thousand people packed the strip to watch it all happen. it might be a little crowded on the streets still. some people are sticking around through the weekend.... ....but others flew out of here after the party wrapped up. good news is - all the roads are back open - and everything is back to normal. some more good news - there were no major incidents during new year's eve celebrations. according to authorities, 8 people were arrested on the strip, one for a felony. over on fremont street, just two people were taken into custody that is not too bad considering how many people were out there.... ...but these are just preliminary numbers. we will get the full report monday. the new year means some new laws are in effect in nevada.
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childcare facilities are now required to provide private areas for breastfeeding. day cares also need to have areas for children to get proper physical activity. school boards now have to set aside money for teacher recruitment, training....and a program to reward teachers. body cameras are now mandatory for state troopers. ...and finally - you will now be able to get a sample ballot electronically instead of through the mail. the new year brought a new milestone for clark county - 5-thousand marriage licenses have been issued to same sex couples. now.. local chapels are hoping to cash in on those numbers for 2016. in the last decade.. the city's wedding industry has dropped by 40 percent... ....but - some chapels have seen an increase in same sex marriages. some ministers think this has less to do with court rulings.. and more to do with pressure from unions. 21:44:41:04 heidi walls, minster vegas weddings the culinary and the teamsters have put a letter out that if they weren't married by the end of the year they would lose their dependent benefits 21:44:47:19 walls is hoping that momentum will continue through the new year.
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las vegas babies born in 2016. ramon hernandez was born at 12:04am at mountain view hospital that was about halfway through the fireworks show! the little guy weighs 6-pounds 5- ounces.. and came into the world at 18-and-a-half inches. his proud parents say the delivery was smooth.. and they can't believe all the attention. jazmine mejia // mom 14:59 - 15:07 "it's very overwhelming...for the rest of his life." the hospital gave him a gift basket for the big honor. we have learned however.. ramon has some competition for that 'first baby of 2016' title. centennial hills hospital tells us a boy named julian was also also born at 12:04am.. weighing-in at 5-pounds 10- ounces and 18 inches long. no word on which one actually arrived first so we'll call it a tie.
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coming up... they are a very trendy item, but they are also causing alot of controversy. now, a new law hopes to crackdown on the popular hoverboards. a billboard for a new dating website is creating quite the controversy. we'll tell you how people are reacting to the billboard for "where white people meet dot com."
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consutheir hoverboards and getting hurt.. ....well now, california is trying to cut down on those injuries. under a new law, you have to wear a helmet when you are riding a hoverboard... ....the problem is - not everyone is happy about it.. (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "i just got this board and now you're going to come up with a law two days later like who does that?! and i'm not going to wear a helmet like i gotta look cute doing this." that's not the only rule for
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they also have to stay in the bike lane on the roads.... ....and you ve to be at least 16 years old to ride. if you break the law - you are going to have to pay up - big time. the fines run up to 250 bucks! some say this is taking things too far... ...especially considering the fact that some of the hoverboards don't go more than ten miles an hour.. new billboards for a dating website are creating a lot of controversy in utah. the website is called "where white people". the ads are running along a highway in west valley city. from the sounds of it - the site has some pretty clear intentions... but in 'fine print'.. it claims to be open to everyone. mos: "even though they say that anyone can sign up for it, what are they trying to hint at, like, they are technically saying it's just for white people." some people also say there are websites out there for african s...mulsims ....even farmers! so this is no different. the website says it's based in utah and has fewer than 100
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nearly 150 somali refugees in colorado are trying to get their jobs back. they say they were fired from the cargill beef plant. many of them are muslims...and need to take a break for prayer at sunset. one worker says this was never a problem until a new shift manager took over. ((they say, oh you talking about the pray? we don't accept any prayer here the company says this is all just a misunderstanding. they say the company is accomodating..... the problem is most of the workers are on the assembly line. if too many people leave at once - it creates problems for production. they say back in december, 11 people walked off the job. some didn't come bakc to work for three days in a row, so they were fired. the council on american islamic relations and cargill are in talks to see if there is a way to try and make things work when good morning las vegas returns... making those new year's resolutions is easy, but sticking to them is the hard part. next, we explore a way that could keep you on track this
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take a look at what happened near salt lake city yesterday. there was black ice on the road....and the driver just lost control. you can see the s-u-v just barely balancing on top of a barrier.... it looks like it could have rolled down the ravine at any moment. a trooper said the driver was extremely lucky. buckling up probably saved this guys life,. he could have easily been thrown right out of the car. cloudy skies take over for today with an upper level low pressure system which will skirt the west coast. that storm will toss a very thick cloud deck our way, but that's as far as it'll get. so sunshine will be tough to come by today but air at the
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a little chilly for this time of year. temperatures overnight weren't too bad though so expect highs to crack 50 for the first time in about a week. the clouds will thicken tomorrow as that pacific low continues to intensify and throw more moisture overhead sunday. despite the increased cloud cover temperatures will warm by
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couple degrees with a lazy southwest drift bringing slightly warmer air to the region. monday a surface low will shoot south of the mexican border and toss some moisture our way. that moisture will manifest itself in thicker clouds and may even cause a shower or two across the region but it won't be a widespread event. the better shot for widespread
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be basically tuesday through the end of the week where a series of 2-3 storms will roll towards southern california. these storms will bring light to moderate steady rain to the region which could accumulate to nearly 1 inch across southern nevada. snow levels will continually fall as well to around 4,000 temperatures all week will stay right around 50 but could get pushed lower depending on just if you have not gotten your flu shot - it is not too late....and it could actually save your life! new studies
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help prevent a heart attack or stroke! here's why. health officials say when you get the flu, your immune system attacks the virus.... ....but once the virus starts to go away.....the white cells look for something else to do... that "something else" is usually attacking plaque in your arteries. millions of people are trying to start of the new year on a positive note...but those resolutions are not always easiest to keep...., what if we made a new kind of resolution to keep us on track? cnn's sara ganim has more... keeping our new year's
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little balance to our lives. if you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may become a nice side benefit. if you want to lose weight, instead of subtracting certain foods, add something. eat a serving of vegetables at every meal or add glasses of water to your daily routine. over time these additions will leave no room for unhealthy habits. also step away from the screen whether that's the tv, computer or other devices. being sedentary is not good for the waistline. instead, step outside and get some fresh air. it's good for the mind and body. and stop multitasking, especially when it comes to eating. when you pay attention to what you put in your mouth this cuts down on mindless eating and may help you make better food choices. also, try choosing a theme as your new year's resolution - a word or phrase that describes how you want to feel instead of what you think you should do. for example, words such as authenticity, clarity, or kindness. when you focus on your theme
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positive impact on your behavior. for today's health minute, i'm sara ganim. still ahead on good morning las vegas.. we sit down with singer, songwriter "matt goss" who has called caesar's palace his home for six years now! stay
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songwriter....and he is originally from the u-k. goss performs -4- nights a week...and now - it looks like he is here with us for good! action news anchor dayna roselli sat down with him, and got an exclusive inside look of his home. matt goss combined with his live band, backup singers, and female dancers is a true vegas night out! stars from all over the world have been in the audience. jason statham, sharon stone, jerry lewis... and the late dick clark... who sent him a personal letter
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16:15:49 - 16:14 just wanted to drop you a short note matt.... ha ha i love that!" goss has had lunch with princess dianna, met frank sinatra, the rolling stones... and performed for 70,000 people at wembley stadium. but las vegas is home base now. he told me he's disappointed that in 2016 -- one of vegas' iconic shows will close and the famous jubilee showgirls will go away. 16:19:13 - :47 i was lucky enough... and save that show. goss has a lot of momentos that he holds on to, he met mohammad ali this year thanks to his friends larry ruvo and bernie yuman .... (16:49:53 mohammad ali) he has signed ballet shoes from the nevada ballet - since he performed a special show with them. (16:47:00 -- ballett shoes) matt's beloved mother carol
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away a little more than a year ago. 16:45:43 - :16 she was everything to me...she looks over the house so..... 16:52:44-:18 i guarantee he's down here right now practicing darts... yah,,., 16:54:04- :09 alright so why don't you...double top 16:56:00 - :07 throws ....... ha ha ha 16:55:09 up close shot 16:57:27 come on tone... the two have enough toys to keep them busy. upstairs is a bit more peaceful... this is one of matt's favorite possessions, it's from his mom. 17:00:40 - :52 when i'm in a meeting or get stressed out.. reset myself 17:02:04 - :19 i truly wish you .. nothing but love... blows kiss to camera and
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let's take a look at what's trending... motley crue fans got an interesting show on new years eve.
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playing the drums on a roller coaster - and shockingly - it didn't go well. he got stuck on the ride - in the middle of his performce! listen to his reaction! "it looks like the rollercoaster is broken..." don't worry. lee is okay... ....but a crew had to actually help him down from there. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, and click on "now trending" you're watching channel 13 action news. there's plenty more news and weather... straight ahead.
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tradition...well now indianapolis wants its own tradition.
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indy car was dropped! it was
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