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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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- and police say it all started with a fight. i spoke with a with a young man who was here last night. he says he saw it all. "some dude just started shooting, you know what i'm saying? dude got shot, and when i started hearing bullets i hit the ground by the machines and that's it." police say it happened around 3am - and when officers got to the scene they found two men with gunshot wounds. both of them were sent to umc where one of them died. the other is in stable condition. investigators say the victim was the one who started the fight - approaching two men killing him, and injuring another man. authorities are still trying to determine where the disagreement came from. the witness i spoke with says he didn't know the victim personally nor did he know his name - but, he was a familiar
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"i only met him like once or twice in here, you know what i'm saying? he liked to dance like me. we would be dancing and battling and stuff like that, but he was cool peoples though." police are still searching for suspects - and authorites have yet to release the name of the man who was killed. reporting live near nellis and craig - michael burton channel 13 action news. new information tonight on a deadly police shooting we now know the name of the man killed in a deadly police shooting well as the names of the officers involved. the victim is 23-year-old keith childress, jr. he was shot and killed on thursday near d-i and durango. the metro officers have been identified as 37-year-old... sergeant robert bohanon and 27-year-old officer ..blake walford. we're told u-s marshalls were doing surveillance on childress when he took off running. metro officers were then called in for help. when officers found him, they
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firearm. he was told to empty his hands, but police say he instead started walking toward them. that's when they opened fire. police say childress was only holding a cellphone. an action news update tonight on a deadly crash the coroner has identified one of the victims as 22-year-old jacob alan varner. according to friends varner was an airman at nellis airforce base. nhp says speed played a role in the deadly crash on i-15 near craig new year's eve. according to investigators.. the varner lost control of the car.. slamming into the median.. before he crossed 4 lanes of traffic.. then rolled over and burst into flames. the driver and passenger were both killed. new information tonight on a deadly shooting in north las vegas the victim's brother says the murder was not an accident. he sent us this picture of the man who we are told is 44-year-old patrick fleming. fleming and his killer had a history that came to a head yesterday around noon. authorities say the shooting
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after an altercation of some sort. the suspect ran off after the shooting - and is still on the run. police say they may have a good lead in the case. the victims brother says witnesses have told officers exactly who they should be looking for a scary scene earlier today out a red rock canyon. at around noon an adult male hiker fell at "man's best friend trail." the extent of the his injuries is unknown at this time, but you can see in this video rescuers taking him on a stretcher to an ambulance. it is now known how far the hiker fell. the severe weather isn't over yet in the midwest. those record floods are finally receding in some areas, but just beginning in others. abc's indra petersons is in missouri with the latest. danger is swiftly moving down river? sot - bob miller / resident "it's mind boggling." as historic floods in missouri sweep away homes and businesses? the mississippi river is still surging. sot - matt kraichely / homeowner "you never expect to see your house float away." nats - "?house crashing into
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louis area remain under 16 feet of water? but in other areas - the water is receding - giving we saw some warmer temperatures around the valley today. but will they continue? let's check in with action news meteorolgist karla huelga. karla? one more day of cloudy, but calm weather is expected on sunday, before a series of systems brings chances for rain and mountain snow to the forecast throughout the week. tomorrow, highs will warm to the mid and upper 50s and skies will be mostly cloudy with light winds. system number one moves in monday and will bring chances for scattered showers monday afternoon. highs will reach the mid 50s that day. that system makes an exit early tuesday, then the second system moves in tuesday afternoon bringing much better chances for rain area-wide.
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latest from the campaign trail. coming up, we'll have the coming up, we'll have the controversy....after his proposal to ban used in a terrorism recruitment video. plus, we'll hear the dramatic 9-1-1 calls from a utah teenager fighting to survive nearly 30 hours in single digit temperatures after getting lost
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tt0w t+o(m! %4@-e5d tt0w t+o(m! el@-o2( tt0w t+o(m! ed@-i0l tt0w t+o(m% )8h-)n0 tt0w t+o(m% kzh-4!l tt0w t+o(m% n-h-ah@ tt0w t+o(m% 0ph-_/x tt0w t+o(m% s"h-o]8 tt0w t+o(m% ueh-l?h tt0w t+o(m% 7hh-p=< action.....and it was all caught on camera. police say an armed man walked into the store and demanded cash from the 7-11 clerk. but moments later, a customer with a large flashlight rushed into the store and hit the robber several times in the head. the armed man was knockeddto the floor and eventually stumbled away before police came. but they found him in the attic of his home a short time later. (captain joseph carosi, town of tonawanda police) we would never advocate for vigilantism, that people go out and do this kind of thing or go out and look for it. this was just a specific example when the guy was in the right place at the right time and he had the means and the time to stop the act." police say the man has been
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robberies in the area. authorities say three people were hurt and at least 50 homes - damaged when a house exploded in oklahoma city. fire investigators say the scene looked like a tornado tore through the area an oklahoma natural gas crew was reportedly working on the home when a fire started near a gas meter, causing the explosion. fire officials say a man who was inside the home was thrown from his bed. he is being treated for minor burns. eight homes in the neighborhood were evacuated and two other people were taken to the hospital for difficulty breathing. in tonight's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. you may remember that not long ago, hillary clinton created an uproar when she claimed -- falsely, it turned out -- that isis was using trump in recruitment videos. we've now learned that another terror group -- al shabab, which is al qaeda's affiliat -- is now using trump in a video. abc's mary bruce has the latest. , a terrorist group is
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trump in a recruitment video. sot - trump from video: "donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states." the militant group al-shabaab -- al qaeda's affiliate in somalia -- highlighting trump's call to ban muslims entering the us. nats trump's words sandwiched between the propganda warnings of us born cleric anwar al-awlaki, who was killed in a drone strike four years ago. sot - al-awlaki: "the west will eventually turn against its muslim citizens." this is the first known instance of extremists using trump's language to attract followers? although not by isis, as hillary clinton predicted. sot - clinton from debate: "he is becoming isis's best recruiter." the democratic frontrunner ignited a war of words with trump when she warned that his rhetoric would become recruiting fodder. sot - clinton from debate: "they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical
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clinton, calling her a liar. sot - trump from grand rapids rally: "donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar." hillary clinton's campaign is getting more fuel this morning.. the democratic presidential candidate has raised 55-million dollars in the fourth quarter - topping her 100-million dollar goal. in all, the clinton campaign has collected 112 million dollars since its launch. the democratic front runner has put in alot of work to raise the money... she has headlined at least 174 fundraisers. an action news update tonight the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that left 14 people dead and 21 injured, is set to reopen on monday. there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 6-hundred employees return to work.
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shootout with police. police arrested a man near gillette stadium after finding a meat cleaver, sword, and stun gun in his car. it happened just hours before the nhl's winter classic. several people alerted police and say they saw bromson acting suspiciously in the stadium's employee parking lot. police say bromson was drunk during the new year's day incident and is believed to be living out of his car. after an unusually warm, record-setting month of december in new york, mother nature ushered in the new year in a big way. upwards of 10 inches of snow fell in parts of of the state. the snow made the roads rough for local drivers but good for those in the snow removal business one more day of cloudy, but calm weather is expected on
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series of systems brings chances for rain and mountain snow to the forecast throughout the week. tomorrow, highs will warm to the mid and upper 50s and skies will be mostly cloudy with light winds. system number one moves in monday and will bring chances for scattered showers monday afternoon. highs will reach the mid 50s that day. that system makes an exit early tuesday, then the second system moves in tuesday afternoon bringing much better chances for rain area-wide. high temps drop to the low 50s on tuesday, and remain there through next saturday. the second system moves out wednesday afternoon, and
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quickly behind it, continuing the cloudy skies and chances for rain. this system will be a much broader, slower moving system that will linger over the area through saturday morning. this means the chances for rain will continue through the early morning hours of saturday. also, this system will bring upper end of breezy conditions to the area wednesday afternoon through friday night.
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a contact 13 consumer alert tonight. nevada's attorney general is warning nevadans..... about a new phone scam. callers are posing as
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with the attorney general's office. it's similar to the ongoing i-r-s scam... the callers threaten arrest... or a lawsuit... and attempt to collect personal information... and money.... from their victims. remember... the nevada attorney general's office will never ask... or... require you... to make payments by phone. the department of justice is investigating how blue bell creameries handled the ice cream contamination linked to 10 reported cases of listeriosis. three of those people died.. prosecutors are looking into wheather the company did anything wrong while handling the outbreak. after weeks of gradual recalls, blue bell recalled all of its ice cream and other frozen treats across the country. that happened back in april of last year. they said listeria was found on the lid of a food service cup, but an investigation by the c-d-c showed the outbreak dated back to 2010. tonight we're learning more about a very brave teenager who survived nearly 30 hours in single digit temperatures while lost in the utah wilderness. his desperate 911 calls for
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and abcs mara schiavocampo has the details. call 3 brayden: i don't feel good. i feel like i'm gonna pass out. , newly released 911 calls of a missing 14 year old hunter's fight for survival. call 3 brayden: they're going the wrong way! brayden neilson, now recovering at home, spent 28 hours lost in 4 degree weather? racing against hypothermia and a dying phone, neilson desperately tries to guide search teams to his location? so close he can see their lights, even though they can't see him. call 2 dispatcher: are you still by the barn? brayden: it's not a barn, it's hard to explain... brayden: i see snow... branches... lights? cars... with his battery now dead, neilson's family, who he had also been calling and texting, beginning to fear the worst. sot - brian neilson "i went from calming my own mind to "i can't bury him" (emotional) five hours after the last word from the young hunter? another 911 call.
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away, reporting brayden was finally found-- disoriented and shaken? suffering hallucinations from hypothermia? but safe. sot - brayden neilson / survivor: "i really thought i should have been dead"// i think god led me that whole way through, all the way through there and i think he found me some help." coming up in tonight's health report. gestational diabetes is a common condition during pregnancy. we'll take a look at the risk factors for it and what you can
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affecting almost 10% of women and in most ways, it's just like regular diabetes. kelly bowman explains in tonight's health minute. diabetes is a condition where your body does not respond to the sugar that you're absorbing, whether that comes from carbohydrates, or sugars directly dr.sloane says experts don't know exactly what causes the disease, but there are some known risk factors. we know that it has a lot to do with demographics - which essentially means the patient's race and background. some of those risk factors can't be avoided, he says - like race - but others, like a mother's weight going into pregnancy, can be controlled. i hear often in my practice say
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have to gain a certain amount of weight for the baby - but that's actually a common misconception. the average caloric intake we recommend additionally a day is only 300 calories. in general, patients should gain approximately 30-45 pounds of they're of normal weight the biggest risk factor actually happens after delivery. once the baby is born, the baby who is used to being exposed to lots and lots of sugar now isn't getting any sugar in the maternal breastmilk, but it's still releasing the sugar absorbing hormone, so what ends up happening is that the baby's sugar actually drops which puts the baby at risk for seizure and coma. your diabetes will likely go away once the baby is born, but could return later in life. for health minute, i'm kelly bowman. fighting acne is not just a job for teenagers, adults often face the problem. but there are ways of fighting back. there are lots of factors that cause adult acne...
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levels, heredity to stress. so, doctors recommend taking oral medications or using topical creams to keep your skin clear...wearing sunscreen and eating a healthy diet. we'll be right back with a final check on your forecast from karla. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask.
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at 10 -- 20/22 at 11 -- action news did you know today is national science fiction day? it's not really an "official" holiday. but it is the "official" birthday of science fiction writer isaac asimov. he wrote constantly -- penning as many as ten books a year. he's most famous for his "foundation series" and for coining the term "robotics." science fiction geeks most likely know it was asimov who conceived the "posi-tronic brain." t-v shows "dr. who" and "star trek: the next generation" ran with it. thank you for joining us... we'll be back for action news
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welcome to "world news tonight." millions of americans starting this new year bracing for dangerous flooding. the record-high water on the move tonight, topping levees, destroying homes. right now, the slow-motion disaster and the race to protect the people in its path. president obama taking on gun violence by taking matters in his own hands. his promise to bypass congress. the reaction coming in. the blast in the middle of the night injuring a man asleep in his bed. >> this whole thing is gone. >> the entire neighborhood damaged and you one thing you don't ever want to do if you smell gas in your neighborhood. the new attack on daily fantasy sports. accusations of illegal gambling.
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