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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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what experts say needs to be done to make things safer. looking back on 2015, one thing that's jumped out to many people in the valley is the
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the past year. the numbers aren't pretty.... especially for pedestrian deaths. a traffic expert tells us there are a number of dangers that have made this problem worse. action news reporter david schuman has a look at the sobering statistics and what can be done to make sure 2016 is a safer year on the roads. have to know the extent of the problem. 2015: 207 crash fatalities -- up from 174 in 2014. pedestrian deaths? 61. 13:36:04 erin breen, unlv traffic safety expert "we had almost a record bad year for the highest we've had in 20 years." so what's going on? it's not very scientific...but expert erin breen has a theory -- selfish drivers. 13:37:29 "you see people driving like idiots all the time. they're darting in and out of traffic, they're speeding through and you think 'wow! how is that person not going to kill themself?" another theory she floated is that an improving economy means more people on the roads driving to work and just being out of the house. but that doesn't answer the most important question of what's being done.
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trouble spot in the valley. a group of police officers and lawmakers are meeting this week to discuss...and hopefully implement...changes. 13:41:22 "it sounds like they're going to lower the speed limit from 55 in the areas where it's 55 and make the speeds uniform along boulder highway which would help a great deal." long-term...breen expects more crosswalks and better-lit crosswalks. ultimately though it's up to individual drivers. she urges people to put the phones down and leave plenty of time to get where you're going. there are apps you can download that will automatically respond to text messages and calls while you're driving. it can be tempting to get that urge to check the phone but now with the help of technology you don't have to. right now metro is investigating the death of a man who was found in the street near rainbow and craig. according to authorities the man was riding a segway when he somehow fell off and died from
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not much more is known at this time, but police are continuing to investigate and we'll, of course, keep you updated. a scary scene yesterday out a red rock canyon. at around noon an adult male hiker fell at "man's best friend trail." the extent of the his injuries are unknown at this time, but you can see in this video rescuers taking him on a stretcher to an ambulance. it is now known how far the hiker fell. friends and family are mourning the death of a man shot and killed by metro police. 23-year-old keith childress junior was gunned down after police tried to arrest him on a warrant. police say.. he appeared to be holding a weapon... which turned out to be a cell phone. "i just feel like he's another victim of police brutality" us marshalls were hunting for childress after he skipped out on a phoenix court date. he was to be sentenced for multiple felonies including burglary, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. las vegas police say they were called in to help take him in on an attempted murder charge after he surfaced here.
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golden cypress...told him to empty his hands...but they say he started walking toward them.... they fired when they believed he had a weapon. "this is heartbreaking, devastating, theres not a word in existence to describe the amount of pain and devastation this has caused" childress was a father of a young boy and had another baby on the way. the officers who shot him are now on paid administrative leave. a developing story this morning authorities say singer chris brown is suspected of misdemeanor battery and theft... after an incident inside a suite at the palms yesterday morning. according to police.... an altercation took place over a cell phone when a woman began taking pictures of brown. the victim is alleged to have suffered minor injuries after she says brown took her cell phone. at this time, metro has not been able to speak with brown about the incident. the investigation is ongoing. an action news update on a fatal attack at a las vegas doctor's office. authorities say 43-year-old ..."mario chism"... was arrested in north las vegas
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the scene of a deadly shooting. police say chism and a woman believed to be a patient wore ski masks... attacked the doctor and robbed his office. according to investigators... chism ran off after the woman he was with... 45-year-old "veronica clay".... was fatally shot by an office employee. chism is facing severall charges including burglary, robbery and kidnapping. good morning everyone! coming up... a group of armed protestors have taken over a federal building this morning....we'll tell you why. plus, 2016 is off to a devastating start for the midwest....historic flooding is causing major problems. we'll tell you if there's any relief on the way...
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time now for a look at your problem solver traffic.
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on this first weekend of 2016, millions of americans are living in fear of the weather. the mississippi river is
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in fear of the weather. the mississippi river is starting to subside after extreme flooding caused by more than ten inches of rain. the floodwaters have brought destruction and misery to illinois, where -9- have died. in missouri, -15- have died and recovery is a long way off. this morning--the worst is yet to come for some places as the waters are moving south. abc's richard cantu has the latest. from the sky, the breadth and the depth of this disaster are sending its waters seeping and swamping their way in all directions.
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louisiana -- rivers are rising ... floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. blake: they are in shock , water at bay. or came too late for many homeowners. sot dustin koerber cape girardeau,mo fire department "they go to work in the morning, everything's fine, and they come home eight hours later and we had water rise four feet." the floods have claimed hundreds of homes -- and at least twenty- four that drove into water in suburban st. louis, matt kraichley told abc's indra petersons he could only watch helplessly as the rising waters battered his house from this ... to this ... and finally dismantling it to driftwood. sot matt kraichely lost home to flood but you guys are all safe? everyone did get out okay? yes, everyone got out. my dog's all right. so... they are the important things [map] the threat of major flooding from cresting rivers will move down the mississippi and hang over the region for weeks. meaning scenes like these are an ominous preview of the new year for many communities. richard cantu, abc news, new york
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right now missouri is under a state of emergency. president obama signed a federal emergency disaster declaration for the state yesterday. the action allows the department of homeland security and fema to coordinate necessary relief efforts. federal money will also be used to help pay for the clean up. missouri governor jay dixon, who you just saw in that report from richard cantu, toured much of the area affected by the floods. embassy vo some international news breaking overnight... there's a lot of backlash and protests happening in the middle east after saudi arabia executed 47 people, accused of terror acts. crowds in tehran ransacked the saudi embassy in the capital city of iran. you can see some of the demonstrators after they broke into the embassy... some 40 people have been arrested there. turning now to a developing story .. a group of armed protesters have taken over a building in a federal wildlife refuge in oregon.
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members of the bundy family. they are accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land. the protesters occupied part of a national wildlife refuge near burns after a march and rally supporting dwight and steven hammond who are ranchers convicted of arson after a controlled burn got out of hand. after yesterday's march. the armed protesters broke into the refuge's unoccupied building and refused to leave. "it is the people's facility, owned by the people, and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and united and making a hard stand against this -- this overreach. this taking of the people's land and resources." ammon bundy says the group is armed, but said he would not describe it as a militia. he's the son of cliven bundy, a rancher who engaged in a standoff with federal officials right here in nevada. breaking overnight in colorado springs... police responded to a shooting at the citadel mall. cops say a man and woman were shot near the hooters
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both have non-life threatening injuries. one person is in custody but police are searching for an suv in connection. this shooting comes on the heels of a deadly shooting at a planned parenthood clinic not long ago, in the same area. three people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a cemetery before killing himself in ontario, california. the shooting happened around 3 yesterday afternoon. police say the three people appear to have known each other, but it's not clear what their relationship was. detectives are working to determine what led up to the shooting. straight ahead... incredible video coming out of oklahoma this morning...we'll tell you what caused this massive explosion. you're watching good morning las vegas on channel 13. we'll be right back on this
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exploded in oklahoma city. fire investigators say the scene looked like a tornado tore through the area an oklahoma natural gas crew was reportedly working in the backyard of the house checking a gas leak ...when a fire started near a gas meter, causing the explosion. fire officials say a man who was inside the home was thrown from his bed. he is being treated for minor burns. eight homes in the neighborhood were evacuated and two other people were taken to the hospital for difficulty breathing.
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this morning. a new push to shut down those popular daily fantasy sports websites. the two largest companies... sued... accused of illegal gambling. and if this new attempt succeeds... it could mean hundreds of thousands of players who bet big.. will get their money back. here's abc's marci gonzalez. a potentially crippling new setback for two giants of daily fantasy sports nat commercial if you've played fan duel or draft kings in new york, you sites reportedly taking in more than $200-million dollars in entry fees from at least 600- thousand customers here in 2015 (gfx) in a lawsuit, schneiderman is also asking those companies to pay a fine of up to 5-thousand per case (gfx)? nat commercial: "i've deposited a total of $35 on fanduel and won over $2,000,000." schneiderman accusing the companies of misrepresenting the chances of sot darren rovell espn sports business reporter the idea here is that these ny residents
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originally based on doubling money which is what - a false promise schneiderman- adding this to a lawsuit he filed in november...-- calling them "illegal gambling operations." draft kings responding to the newly proposed fines saying in a statement "like the nyag (new york attorney general's) original complaint, it is based on the fundamental sports competitions. " fan duel says we are thoroughly disappointed in the attorney general's ongoing actions and will fight this meritless, amended suit." marci gonzalez abc news new york good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... the nevada attorney general has issued a warning about a phone scam that could affect you....we'll tell you about it coming up. and a live look outside...thanks for waking up with us here on good morning las vegas. we'll be right back on this
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a man was shot dead at siegel slots and suites. and now, someone who witnessed it all is speaking to action news. plus, a church pastor accused of sexually assualting young girls will start his trial here in las vegas. good morning las vegas! i'm bryan callahan... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) metro is investigating its first homicide of the new
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after a shooting on the northeast side. one man is dead - another is injured - and now a witness is speaking out. it all went down yesterday morning at siegel "slots and suites" near nellis and craig. action news reporter michael burton has the story. looking ahead to this week, the trial for a former church pastor accused of sexually assualting young girls in his
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expected to start tomorrow. 56- year old otis holland faces life in prison for the charges against him. there's been many delays in getting the trial started. holland was known as "reverend otis" to many at the united faith church and he was also featured on the tv show "america's most wanted" before his arrest. everything is expected to get under way tomorrow. turning to the latest developments on a deadly shooting in north las vegas the victim's brother says the murder was not an accident. he sent us this picture of the victim, who we are told is 44-year-old patrick fleming. family members say fleming and his killer had a history that came to a head yesterday around noon. the victims brother says witnesses have told officers exactly who they should be looking for an action news update this
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eve crash the coroner has identified one of the victims... as 22-year-old "jacob alan varner". according to friends... varner was an airman at nellis airforce base. nhp says speed did play a role in the accident...they say varner lost control of the car.. slamming into the median.. before his car crossed 4 lanes of traffic.. then rolled over and burst into flames. varner and his passenger were both killed. "reno provisions", a reno cafe and grocery store that was tied to an e. coli outbreak is closing its doors for good. health officials say a dessert made and sold there was what caused customers at the twisted fork restaurant to become ill back in october. they say there were at least 21 cases of e. coli. a couple is currently suing reno provisions for $10,000 over the outbreak. a contact 13 consumer alert to tell you about... nevada's attorney general is warning nevadans..... about a new phone scam. callers are posing as representatives..... with the attorney general's office. it's similar to the ongoing i-r-s scam... the callers threaten arrest...
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and attempt to collect personal information... and money.... from their victims. remember... the nevada attorney general's office will never ask... or require you... to make payments by phone. an action news update... the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that left 14 people dead and 21 injured, is set to reopen tomorrow there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 6-hundred employees return to work. the center has been closed since december 2nd when syed rizwan and his wife tashfeen malik went on a shooting rampage. both were killed later in a shootout with police. good morning las vegas... coming up... a woman is being remembered for making the ultimate sacrifice...all in the name of saving her beloved pets! plus, an ongoing methan gas leak is causing problems for a lot of families. now, one family plans to take
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fighting acne is not just a job for teenagers, adults often face the problem. but there are ways of fighting back. there are lots of factors that cause adult acne... ranging from changing hormone levels, heredity to stress. so, doctors recommend taking oral medications or using topical creams to keep your
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and eating a healthy diet. welcome back.... a california woman is being remembered as a hero after she tried saving her pets from a fire at her mobile home. fire crews say 48-year-old laura doud originally made it out of the home safely and even dispatch told her to stay outside, but she resisted, thinking her pets were still inside the home...she braved the raging fire to save them unfortunately her dogs were already outside um and she apparently didn't know it and unfortunately went in there for no reason> the tight knit community says they are now focusing on healing and remembering doud as a woman who loved her family, friends and cared deeply for her pets. the animals have been taken in by doud's family. fire officials still haven't determined the cause of the fire. an ongoing methane gas leak has forced hundreds of people in southern california into temporary housing... at the expense of a local gas utility. one family is taking that utility to court over their
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paul vercammen reports. (nats) the katz family...a blended modern day brady bunch going on. i'm heartbroken, i mean we had to leave our beautiful home.. from a massive methane gas leak. (brian katz/ gas leak victim) "the smell can cause you to be nauseated, it can cause to give headaches.. nose bleeds which i have had; stomach problems." infrared video, taken by environmental activists, shows a noxious plume rising over porter ranch from the aliso canyon storage facility owned by southern california gas. the utility says the underground leak first detected in october may not be stopped until late march. (mike mizrahi/ socal gas spokesman) "we're drilling a relief well. that relief well is going to go way down, about 85 hundred feet, it's going to intersect with the leaking well, and then pump liquids and muds down there to stop the flow of gas,
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abandon the well." while so cal gas drills, it's paying for residents of 22 hundred porter ranch homes to stay in temporary housing... including yitz dekel (yitz dekel/ gas leak victim) "it's a slow moving tsunami of evacuees, more and more people.. have nose bleeding.. and people realize this is serious stuff." the gas company adds more than 6-thousand people are seeking financial aid.. due to the leak. many of them applying for help at a community center it established. some government agencies are now taking extreme precautions.. the f-a-a invoked a no-fly zone to 2- thousand feet and a half mile around the leak site... in response to fears gas fumes could be ignited by aircraft above. the l-a unified school district closed two schools below the leak... and is transferring almost 19-hundred students that means two of the katz boys will start class on a new campus after winter break... and the family says two-year-old ava has suffered the most.. the katz's claim -- in one of several lawsuits against so cal gas -- the leak resulted in
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left ava in intensive care for four days . the suit adds ava had no prior health problems and experienced some form of seizure. (christine katz/ gas leak victim) "you know even though we're so upset and saddened and stressed, (we're) trying to hold it together for them.. it's hard .. we're a big family. just one family moved out by a gas leak disaster that might be unseen.. and is still months away from being undone. paul vercammen cnn los angles. turning to this morning's red white and blue political coverage republican presidential candidate donald trump doesn't seem to be fazed by reports that a terrorist group is featuring him in a recruiting video. the republican frontrunner spoke to supporters at a campaign stop in biloxi, mississippi yesterday. during the rally, trump blamed both president obama and democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton,
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they have a bunch of dishonest people they've created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama." trump later went on to say hillary clinton should be in jail because of the ongoing email scandal she's facing. vo gop presidential candidate marco rubio continues his run on the campaign trail. yesterday he took the stage in south carolina and talked some college football. the state is filled with south carolina and clemson fans...clemson is playing in this year's national championship game. rubio also took time to shake hands and talk about barbeque. when good morning las vegas returns... we don't see much snow here in the valley...but head to the mountains and it's a different story. we're talking ski and snowboard month when we return.
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snow-intv-vo month... here to talk about it is jim
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lee canyon. jim seely, marketing manager, lee canyon ski resort (questions) 1) january is ski & snowboard month - what offerings do you have for guests? 2) tell us about the
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3) we heard that kids can start skiing at age 3! what kid - friendly programs do you have this year? 4) snow tubing is back for a second year - why do you think this has been a popular addition to the resort? 5) tell us about the charity program you have with the boys
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6) can people get lift tickets online? times you are opened?
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good morning america is up next. and join us back here at 8 a-m for another full hour of the day's top stories and weather headlines. new developments this morning in the case of the so-called
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good morning, america. new overnight -- danger downstream. devastating floodwaters surge south. >> the crash we had today was the highest crest in history. >> divers capturing incredible images. communities completely under water. our new tour of the disaster and the major cities in the danger zone right now. also new this morning -- trump's tough talk. the presidential candidate not backing down after terrorists use his comments in a recruitment video. he's now turning the tables on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> how will this affect the campaign? road rage murder. the popular college student gunned down after a new year's eve party.
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light lead to violence?
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