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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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celebration in las vegas and are now headed home. although - as my photographer pointed out - one of the cars had an ontario license plate. were currently headed to the gas station at the california border to talk to some of these drivers. we will have an update on the roads for you later! reporting live from i-15 gina lazara channel 13 action news. action news is following the latest developments out of oregon a group of armed protesters have taken over a building ,,,,in a federal wildlife refuge,,, in oregon. the group is being led by members of the bundy family. they are accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land. the protesters have occupied part of the "mal-heur national wildlife refuge".... near burns... after a march and rally supporting dwight and steven hammond. the hammonds are ranchers who were convicted of arson after a controlled burn torched 127 acres. prosecutors say the hammonds
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poaching. they were sentenced to five years in prison and begin their sentences tomorrow. ammond bundy, the son of cliven bundy, a rancher from here in nevada who you may remember... was engaged in a standoff last year with the blm...describes the grpi[ as armed, however wouldn't go so far as to say it is a militia. (ammon bundy, spokesman for protesters) we have no intention on using force or being aggressive or going on the offense. but just as all people have the right to defend themselves, that's exactly what that means. bundy says the protestors plan to stay in burns until the county steps in and offers a safe haven for the two ranchers. an action news update police have arrested two people in connection with the fatal shooting of a california man outside a 24-hour fitness center. authorities say 27-year-old... "kyle staats".... and 19-year-old "megan hippie"... are being held on several charges including first-degree murder.
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gandler".... was found shot in his vehicle just after 1 a.m. on december 29th outside the 24 hour fitness on rainbow boulevard near alta drive. tense moments for residents in one valley neighborhood near maryland parkway and tropicana this afternoon. metro was called out for a domestic violence call, and when officers arrived a woman came running out of the house. a man said that he was not going to come out.....and threatened to kill himself. he eventually did comply.... and was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.. an action news update tonight on a dedly new year's eve crash the second victim in that horrific crash has been identified as 24-year-old "darren thomas". thomas was the passenger in a car driven by 22-year-old jacob alan varner. varner was an airman here at nellis airforce base. n-h-p says speed did play a role in the accident. they say varner lost control of the car.. slamming into the median.. before crossing 4 lanes of traffic.. flames. varner and thomas were both killed. looking ahead this week, the
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tomorrow for a former church pastor accused of sexually assualting young girls in his las vegas-area congregation. 56- year old "otis holland"... faces life in prison for the charges against him. he has been in jail since his arrest in january 2012 in tijuana. there have been many delays in getting the trial started. holland was known as "reverend otis" to many at the united faith church....he was also featured on the tv show "america's most wanted" before his arrest. action news is tracking the latest weather developments. a live look outside right now where we've been seeing some warmer temperatures the last couple of days. but will those temperatures stick around? let's check in with meteorologist karla huelga and weather first. karla? we've already seen a few sprinkles around the area today, ahead of the first of several systems that will bring the las vegas valley showers this week.
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will pass to our south tomorrow and will bring scattered showers to the area starting tomorrow afternoon. highs will reach the low to mid 50s tomorrow, all the way through next weekend. an action news update tonight nevada energy regulators are
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whether to hold off on those new rates for solar power customers. the new rates were set to take effect january first. the changes would raise the service charge for customers by about 5 dollars. they would also reduce the amount the utility pays to buy power back from rooftop solar panels. the public utilities commission will hold a hearing on thursday for the rates. in tonight's red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. candidates for president are entering the final stretch before the iowa caucuses - now less than a month away. and today, new finger pointing after a terrorism recruiting video has surfaced, featuring donald trump. abc's mary bruce has the latest from the campaign trail. "?woman shouting at hrc?" in new hampshire today, hillary clinton standing up to a heckler. nats "you are very rude and i'm not ever going to call on you." as she comes under attack from donald trump. (biloxi, ms - saturday night) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "they created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama." the billionaire
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spent his weekend firing shots at clinton - at a rally in mississippi? on twitter.. and on t-v. (cbs face the nation) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential this video by the terror group al shabaab: the al qaeda affiliate using a clip of trump in one of its recruitment messages. sot - "donald j. trump is calling for total and complete shutdown?" on c-b-s news' face the nation - trump made clear he's not changing his message about muslims in america. (cbs face the nation) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate john dickerson: "does it concern you at all that you're being used in essentially a recruitment video?" donald trump: "what am i gonna do? i have to say what i have to say." (abc debate) sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidates "he is terror groups like isis - but provided no evidence. sot - rick klein / abc news political director "hillary clinton has to be tempted to say "told ya so" when this video emerges, but she has to be careful because she did overstate the facts on the debate stage a few weeks ago." clinton's democratic rival,
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address the video - but he did say trump needs to be called is over the edge. the guy just comes up with things off the top of his head that are lies and someone has to got to say he is a pathological liar." new fire in the fight for the white house. mary bruce, abc news, washington. a manhunt is underway in texas tonight... after a popular college student is gunned down while sitting at a traffic light. we'll have the latest on the investigation. a consumer alert tonight for anyone who plays fantasy sports. why a new lawsuit against draft kings and fan duel could mean big bucks for players. an eight week old kitten is
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tt0w t+o(m! %4@-e5d tt0w t+o(m! el@-o2( tt0w t+o(m! ed@-i0l tt0w t+o(m% )8h-)n0 tt0w t+o(m% kzh-4!l tt0w t+o(m% n-h-ah@ tt0w t+o(m% 0ph-_/x tt0w t+o(m% s"h-o]8 tt0w t+o(m% ueh-l?h tt0w t+o(m% 7hh-p=< consumer electronics show. the annual event brings in thousands of people which means a big boost to the city's economy. action news reporter david schuman is live with the story at the d casino downtown which feels the show's impact. david? managers here tell me right now we're smack dab in the middle of the traditional slow time of
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from new year's day to the super bowl in february is tough -- but the week of c-e-s changes all that. the show's website says last year more than 170-thousand people attended from 153 countries around the world. for the d -- the huge influx of visitors means their room rates about double. the vice president of operations says you can get a room for about 50 to 70 dollars a night during slow periods. this week that jumps to somewhere in the low to mid 100's. 13:07:36 mike palm, the d vp of operations "conventions are revenues at our bars and restaurants and entertainment." he went on to say the number of people staying here for c-e-s this year is twice the number it was just two years ago. at 6...i'll have a closer look at room rates at more downtown hotels as well as on the strip. reporting live..david 13 action
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an eight week old kitten is causing a lot of people to talk nd the country. this kitten was dropped off at a san jose animal shelter on christmas eve. someone dyed the cat blue, so the shelter staff named him "smurf." but there's something more disturbing about this story... you can see the welts on his fur...those are puncture wounds from apparently being abused. he has 20 of them and some are pretty deep. "he has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat. he's very sweet and very gentle and loves attention. and he's relatively strong considering what he's been through." smurf will have surgery next week to repair his wounds. now to a developing story out of texas investigators are scrambling tonight to solve a new year's eve homicide. the hunt is on for a gunman who opened fire on a car driven by a popular sorority sister. she was the designated driver
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from a party, but they drove straight into trouble. abc's aditi roy has the latest. - police on the hunt for the men who they say gunned down this college student on new year's eve -- turning a night of celebration into a road rage murder mystery. sot - shane kizer - pio, denton police department - we've got a lot of people that we're wanting to talk with at this time. according to investigators, university of north texas junior sara mutschlechner was acting as designated driver but while the twenty-year-old's car was stopped at a red light, an s-u-v pulled up alongside it -- a confrontation ensuing. sot - shane kizer - pio, denton police department - five to six african american males were inside that vehicle exchanged some words with them moments later, one of the men in the suv opened fire-- hitting mutschlechner in the head, causing her to lose control of her car, hitting another vehicle then crashing. mutschlechner, along with another passenger, was rushed to the hospital. sot - shane kizer - pio, denton police department -
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she later on passed away overnight - mutschlechner's parents gathered with hundreds of students and friends to mourn their loss sot - clay & gloria mutschlechner - there are so many people that knew her that she touched their lives//she never met a stranger. she was friends with everyone. remembering the tv & film major as selfless, spirited, and fun-loving sot - chris chaillot - she was just one of those people that always had a smile on her face, never said no to an adventure now, police hoping to bring her killers to justice -- saying at least two of the men in the suv were at that same new year's eve party, and asking for any attendees who may have taken photos or videos to come forward. sot - shane kizer - pio, denton police department - we're sure that a lot of people at the party would've recognized who was in that vehicle and maybe be able to tell us who they were. a gunman during a sermon about gun violence. pastor larry wright was talking to his small flock about shooting deaths in his
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that's when a man walked in the church, carrying a rifle. wright says he walked up to the man and asked, "can i help you?" the gunman asked the pastor to pray for him. wright then took the rifle and gave it to a deacon, then hugged the man and prayed with him. the man said he wanted to hurt someone, but he felt compelled to seek help within the church. the man was taken into custody after police arrived. missouri is under a state of emergency. president obama has signed a federal emergency disaster declaration for the state. the action allows the department of homeland security and fema to coordinate necessary relief efforts. federal money will also be used to help pay for the clean up. missouri governor jay dixon requested the federal disaster declaration after touring areas affected by the floods. we've already seen a few sprinkles around the area
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of several systems that will bring the las vegas valley showers this week. the center of the first system will pass to our south tomorrow and will bring scattered showers to the area starting tomorrow afternoon. highs will reach the low to mid 50s tomorrow, all the way through next weekend. our second system moves in tuesday afternoon and is expected to bring widespread rain to the area starting around the lunch hour. this second system will also bring snow to our higher elevations, and a winter storm watch is in effect for the spring mountain and sheep range from
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this system makes an exit wednesday morning and another follows quickly behind on wednesday afternoon. this will kick our winds up to breezy wednesday through thursday afternoon and continues scattered showers across the area wednesday evening through thursday. a fourth system will pass to our south on friday, keeping chances for scattered showers in the forecast. another system will push in directly from our west on saturday. this system looks to be a dryer one, but the chance for a stray storm will remain in the
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wx chat a contact 13 consumer alert tonight. it's a big day in the n-f-l... today marks the final games of the regular season. but, there's a new twist off the field in the fight against the top fantasy sports sites. could losing players find themselves big winners? s maci gonzalez is here o exlan.antasy sorptsfcing a new,
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cha t a eof ill new r's 0million doll in entry fees from at least 600-thousand
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the lawsuit - aims to heavh 5-thousd dollar penalty orf ea violatio. nal he our foeca from k. you're watching channel 13 action news, where you ask.
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it's national spaghetti day! how to make macaroni grill's world famous mom's ricotta meatballs and spaghetti at home plus a glimpse into the future with mystic mona! monday at 2 on valley view live.
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here's a look at what's coming up tonight in primetime on
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at 7 -- america's funniest home video's at 8 -- galavant at 9 -- quantico at 11 -- action news the american red cross needs to re stock their blood bank after the holidays, so action news is making it easy for you to help. this tuesday, simply drop by crimson in the red rock resort between 1 and 7pm to make your donation. to give you a little more incentive to donate, we're giving away three fabulous freddy cards worth $100 each. everyone who donates will be entered to win. a big thanks to our sponsors fabulous freddy's for providing the prizes and to red rock resort for hosting. thank you for joining us... we'll be back for action news live at 6.
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welcome to "world news tonight." developing right now, the armed standoff. a militia group seizing a federal building. the fight over land. their vow to use violence if they have to. and their call to arms for others to take on the government. counterpunch. donald trump taking on hillary. after he appears in a terror propaganda video. something she said would happen. he says hillary is to blame. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. embassy attack. angry protesters in iran, storming the saudi embassy, setting it on fire. saudi arabia, now severing ties. tonight, iran threatening divine vengeance. new year's nightmare. renter.
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turning the property into an animal house.
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