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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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durango near edna is closed. police are redirecting traffic. now to our top story.
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yes.. plural...more than one. and they're bringing rain. meteorologist karla huelga's tracking them now. karla? ad-lib we've already seen a few sprinkles around the area today, ahead of the first of several systems that will bring the las vegas valley showers this week. the center of the first system will pass to our south tomorrow and will bring scattered showers to the area starting tomorrow afternoon. highs will reach the low to mid 50s tomorrow, all the way rain to the area starting around the lunch hour. hundreds on the strip have been in the dark .. since early this morning!
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tonight .. the power outage at mandarin oriental is impacting 20 floors of condos. action news reporter mahsa saeidi ...spoke with folks dealing with it....she brings us this story. "i'm sure there's worse conditions in the world." true - the view is spectacular with the lights out. the problem with no power though: their frozen chicken is the ventillation system...that we even noticed. "(it smells a little funny) it smells a little funny the air
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is really stale." the outage at mandarin oriental...floors 24 to 47....happened early this morning. in a letter to residents - the director of operations says: they're working hard to investigate the cause! but aren't sure when the power will be back! adam lewis and merrille stanley were understanding at first! "they were very nice last night they offered to give us a free hotel room." but then management allegedly took it back...stating in that email... the outage is considered a maintenance issue! so foks should contact their home owners insurance to cover hotel costs. tonight lewis and stanley say they can't stay here. to them, this all amounts to: "you're on your own...f you." "i don't want to incur any more costs because of somebody else's inability to solve the problem." new tonight.. action news is hearing from the family of the man found dead in the street near rainbow and craig. this is 72-year-old james harrington. according to his family.. he fell off his segway just down the road from his house. the family says he had problems
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with blood clots.. and didn't like to drive. the segway was his way to get around town. morgan edwards, james harrington's daughter part of his retirement celebration thing was the segway so he can get back and forth to go to subway, domino's pizza, grocery store. a cause death has not been determined. hundreds of thousands of people from around the world rang in the new year.... right here in las vegas.... but now the fun has come to an smoothly now.. but this was not the case this afternoon. action news reporter gina lazara felt the bumper to bumper blues...she joins us now live on the highway and gina...thank gooodness the worst is over. jacqui - the road looks ok right now..but it was a much different story earlier. take pkg: bumper to bumper traffic. easily described as madness....
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their way through this headache...and out of las but the new year has been great" le oudorn and his five friends definitely had a good time this past weekend... tyrone: "we enjoyed ourselves you know, just gamble, win a lot of money, we hit big. ancient chinese secret. winner winner chicken dinner. but now....they are just itching to get out of the car. le: "we just wanna go home. that's all we wanna do." a common theme among these drivers. some too anxious and in a hurry to use the proper roadway!....taking to the shoulder and some even off- roading to get ahead. sergio: "i was on my phone and then my dad looked at me and he's like....look at this. and then i fell asleep and after a while i was like wow we're still not even at whiskey pete's i was like omg this is horrible" sergio torres - his cousin jorge - and their family killed a little time at the mall to let some traffic pass them. the cousins say it's just too boring in the car. jorge: "netflix haha we're just on our phone texting.
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i was here for an hour. it's super slow here and it's really boring in the car." despite the headache the traffic has caused everyone.... they all agreed they would come back again next year. "totally do it again yeah. so it was worth it? it was worth it yeah" tbd based on when sergio and jorge get back to california. they are keeping me posted action news is staying on top developing news in oregon. where it appears....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. a group of armed protestors
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have taken over a federal wildlife of their leaders is ammon bundy.. the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy. scripps reporter... lacey darrow.... is in burns, oregon where those protestors have vowed to hunker down til they get their way. an update to breaking news.
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now four people are reported dead after a 6.7 earthquake hit northeast india. according to the associated press.. at least one hundred more are injured. new tonight... a story that's positively las vegas. a local fire department is giving a much needed christmas to a family that needs a little extra joy this season. just after the holiday.. the cain family's home went up in flames. they lost everything. enter.. the henderson fire department and operation fire heat. the crew delivered christmas presents this morning to three kids. for the parents.. a shopping spree for the things they need most.. toiletries.. clothes and school supplies. it means so much to us, even the little things. the toothpaste, somebody to bring us dinners. these gifts are going to be amazing for my children. all i can really say is thank you. this latest donation makes seven families this year who have been helped by operation
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the good news keeps coming. one local teen got the surprise of his life today...and it came after a very rough journey. efrain juardo was diagnosed with a life threatening tumor...and never thought he'd see his favorite soccer team play in spain...but thats all about to change.. i filed this report earlier tonight. efrain juardo, a recent graduate from mojave high, thought he was heading to game works to play a fifa video game soccer tournament...turns out...this was just the warm up. "i just didnt know what to say to it, i was surprised" he was greeted by volunteers with the make a wish foundation...and they had a big announcement. pack your bags efrain, you're going to see your favorite team play in the flesh. "its extremely difficult for a parent to not know how to help your child through the pain and the suffering so for us and for make a wish its extremely rewarding to go to these families to say were gonna grant your wish, and make this a possibility and a reality" efrain was diagnosed with a
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germ cell tumor...and will have to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy to treat his life-threatening condition. seeing real madrid play was something he hoped he would be able to do one day...but with his poor health, became more of a dream than a possibility...until make a wish steppped in. "it was, they left me speechless i didn't know what to say" game works hosted the surprise party....catered and all....starting the two week countdown...until wheels up and takeoff. "anytime you can give back to the community its a special thing, especially around the holidays, its a special thing" coming up.. a home is destroyed. left looking more like a tinderbox than a house. and fatal flooding. a very full mississippi river is expected to cause weeks of damage from illinois to tennessee. then coming up from contact 13. an air b-n-b nightmare. visitors are in las vegas all the time...and most would love to share your home.. and treat it well, too.
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but these travelers are the
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shattered by a powerful explosion. one man shooting this video. now you see what's left. fire officials say the local gas company was working on a meter near the home.. when a fire started. moments later.. the explosion. we've seen dangerous gas explosions before.. like this one that obliterated a home in new jersey.. now from contact 13.. how to keep that from happening to your home. safety experts say if you smell natural gas at home..
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or in your neighborhood.. that means immediate danger. "get out" "do not turn on any lights" .. an electric spark can ignite the gas...and as always, call 9-1-1. tonight.. new year's eve party that one couple is still recovering and they weren't even there. turns out--their home became party central after they rented it out on air b-n-b. when they returned.. it was trashed. abc's lauren lyster reports.. the police looking into the incident as the homeowners are having second thoughts about ever using the service again. script: tonight, this oakland california couple cleaning up and recovering from a new year's party in their home they didn't throw. sot kgo reshma: "tons of booze in the kitchen - there's beer cans and broken glass in the house" remnants of a rager - thrown by their airbnb guest. reshma vasanwala and her partner jim renting their home to a man who said he was would be in the area visiting family and friends sot reshma vasanwala airbnb host i've had generally good experiences so i didn't feel too concerned and he sounded mature and
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responded and was very polite" but in reality, the couple says the renter was a teen who was throwing his 18th birthday party. nats 'if it had gone on for two or three hours they could have burned the house down' luckily, the couple got a text from a concerned neighbor. police were already on the scene. a spokesman for the company, telling abc news [gfx] "we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior"..."we have banned this guest from airbnb ... and problems like this for $1 million in property damage says it's working with the couple to cover their losses. but the company recommends hosts follow some simple rules of thumb [gfx] 1. rent only to users who have verified their identification with air-b-n-b 2. hand over your keys in person - remember, you the host have final say on if they stay and airbnb says to read the reviews of guests posted on the site...the party boy in oakland was a first-time renter with no one to vouch for him. anchor sig out an action news update
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back at home. police have arrested two people in connection with the fatal shooting of a california man outside a 24-hour fitness center. authorities say 27-year-old kyle staats and 19-year-old megan hippie are being held on several charges including first-degree murder. police say 42-year-old neil brian gandler was found shot in his vehicle just after 1 a.m. on december 29th outside the 24 hour fitness on rainbow boulevard near alta drive. tense moments this afternoon for residents in one valley neighborhood near maryland parkway and tropicana. metro was called out for a domestic violence call. when officers arrived a woman came running out of the house. a man said that he was not going to come out and that he was going to kill himself. he eventually did come out and was arrested for suspected domestic violence. turning now to your red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. donald trump is going after his toughest political rival.. hillary clinton. saying as secratary of state she spread terror.. not diplomacy.
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with obama. trump is also shrugging off his appearance in a recruiting video from the al qaeda affiliate al- shabaab, which shows him calling for a ban on muslims entering the us. meanwhile, clinton's laughing of trump's latest charge.. cracking jokes in new hampshire at this weekend's rally. now the mid-west.. and the massive cleanup after historic flooding. neighborhoods are turned into islands.. some homes are only reachable by boat. abc meteorologist indra paterson reports.. all that water is rolling south.. threatening millions downwtream. script: roof after roof peaking from the swollen mississippi. tonight the toll from these devastating floods is growing. in illinois, authorities recovering the second body of two teenagers whose truck was swallow last week by rising waters. 3 still missing. 25 lives lost and more than 100 homes destroyed. hardest hit this weekend, alexander county , illinois where the ohio river and the missisippi now meet.
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the mississippi now threatening sot :gov bruce rauner: "here in alexander county it's the worst that we've seen.." indra bridge: the mississippi is 4 miles in that direction across what should be corn fields and today it is lapping against this house for many here it's a traumatic flashback to the record floods of 1993- some of the same families dislocated more than 20 years ago -- now manning pumps to defend their homes all over again the reynolds family manning a boat to check on their mother: sot dawn reynolds olsen mother's home flooded "my mum is elderly this is where she wants to stay and we are going to do what we can to make that happen map gfx: v/o the vicksburg, mississippi and baton rouge, louisiana in the next two weeks? a rare we've already seen a few sprinkles around the area
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today, ahead of the first of several systems that will bring the las vegas valley showers this week. the center of the first system will pass to our south tomorrow and will bring scattered showers to the area starting tomorrow afternoon. highs will reach the low to mid 50s tomorrow, all the way through next weekend. our second system moves in tuesday afternoon and is expected to bring widespread rain to the area starting around the lunch hour. this second system will also bring snow to our higher elevations, and a winter storm watch is in effect for the spring mountain and sheep range from tuesday morning until wednesday morning. this system makes an exit wednesday morning and another follows quickly behind on
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this will kick our winds up to breezy wednesday through thursday afternoon and continues scattered showers across the area wednesday evening through thursday. a fourth system will pass to our south on friday, keeping chances for scattered showers in the forecast. another system will push in directly from our west on saturday. this system looks to be a dryer one, but the chance for a stray storm will remain in the forecast over the weekend. coming up.. the maker of takata airbags is
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plus.. one the largest money makers
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action news reporter david schuman has more on what it means for the city's tourism pkg intro: "ces comes at a critical time in the yearly tourism schedule. january is typically one of the slowest times of the year when room rates are cheap...but this week those numbers jump up because of all the demand."
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room this week costs about double what it will next week. you can stay the three nights of the show for somewhere in the low to mid 100 dollars a night range. on the strip...the lowest rate we found was 312 dollars a night at the flamingo. and that's if you can even find a room. several casino hotels including circus circus and treasure island are booked up. at the d...managers say twice the number of people are coming for c-e-s this year than there were two years ago. 13:07:37 mike palm, the d vice president of operations "helps us with our occupancy which of course also drives our gaming revenue and the revenues at our bars and restaurants and entertainment." tag: "this year ces is moving to a wednesday through saturday schedule, which will further boost the economic impact because there's a friday night in there. in previous years the show has more now from contact 13. honda is blaming "takata air bags".... for the death of a driver near pittsburgh. a 13-year old boy crashed a family car last summer.. a recalled honda accord. the government found a ruptured
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piece of the airbag killed the boy.. not the crash. takata says they are working with the government and honda on the case. coming up.. two hero scouts with a story to tell. i thought this was a serious situation. he might not make it alive a bear traps their troop leader in a cave. and these boys..
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underwater video of el faro.. the ship lost at sea off the coast of florida... during hurricane joaquin. the ship disappeared in early october.. making it's weekly trip to san juan, puerto rico. 28 americans were on board as well as five polish nationals. two brothers.. are heros tonight. when their scout leader was attacked by a bear--they could have run off, but the brothers, just 12 and 13 years old- stayed calm and knew exactly what to do. at first i thought he was joking, but then i heard the bear and heard him 'call 9-1-1 brothers frankie and vincent lepore were part of small group hiking two weeks ago in new jersey - saying their scout leader christopher petronino was near a cave - when a black bear grabbed petronino by the leg and pulled him inside. instead of panicking - their boy scout training kicked in . do you want us to make a signal fire- would that help? yeah if you can start a fire
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leader made it out alive. karla has another look at your work week forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you
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the american red cross needs to re stock their blood bank after the holidays, so action news is making it easy for you to help. to give you a little more incentive to donate, we're giving away three fabulous freddy cards worth $100 each. everyone who donates will be entered to win. a big thanks to our sponsors fabulous freddy's for providing the prizes and to red rock resort for hosting. live at 11. thanks for watching.
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have a great week.
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